Lakers News: Nick Young Felt His Teammates Didn’t Come To His Defense Reviewed by Momizat on . This Lakers season has been full of disappointments and not only did the Lakers lose to the Suns tonight, but Nick Young was kicked out of the game. To make mat This Lakers season has been full of disappointments and not only did the Lakers lose to the Suns tonight, but Nick Young was kicked out of the game. To make mat Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Nick Young Felt His Teammates Didn’t Come To His Defense

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This Lakers season has been full of disappointments and not only did the Lakers lose to the Suns tonight, but Nick Young was kicked out of the game. To make matters worse, none of his teammates came to his defense during the altercation. Young stated after the game that he felt it was one against five while his back was against the wall:

Young was fouled hard by rookie Alex Len and Young was very upset with the aggressive and unnecessary foul. Len targeted Young’s head and that is why he was so furious, but Young was never able to get to Len because he was surrounded by four other Suns. Young was shoved numerous times, but no Laker ever came to the rescue. Ryan Kelly was closest to the action, but just stood and watched it all unravel. Kendall Marshall was by the three-point line and never made any effort to diffuse the situation.

Bench players cannot enter the court otherwise they are suspended. However, the Lakers on the floor should have at least got in between Young and the rest of the Suns. Young felt he was taking the Suns on his own and the replay is hard to argue against. Although the altercation did not last too long, Young did take a swing at Goran Dragic, but would acknowledge that he lost his cool. Young will more than likely be suspended for one game.
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  • kobe24

    Sigh I don’t care how bad a team plays but it passes me off when teammates don’t support each other

    • kobe24


      • Jim213

        R Kelly was there and tried to get involved but Kaman, Meeks, and Marshall were spectators on the floor. But don’t see them 3 returning next season. This may divide them more given that Young is seen as a fan favorite.

        • e3bonz

          I thought the teams dynamics were good until this, shows that some are not team players just wusses…

          • Jim213

            Kelly (rookie) was there but the play moved to the Lakers bench. While Kaman, Marshall, and Meeks watched. Can’t say they were on the other side of the court when the whole Suns team is coming at Young.

          • e3bonz

            Well, this could be a blessing in disguise. Showing who’s a team player and who is not. A starting point for next year. I think I know which bench players if on the floor would of been in the mix.

          • Jim213

            Who knows inept FO may ink them to max deals while signing the coach to a life time contract too. But like I’ve been saying this is FO’s product on the floor. #rollwithit for now.

          • kobe24

            Can you please stop with inept FO?? We get it FO isn’t great but everything you say is “inept FO blah blah”

            This is nowhere near FO’s product what the hell is FO supposed to do when you have your 2nd/3rd string guys become starters because of injuries? I’m sure if all the guys were healthy and Lakers were on a win streak these guys would fight back but look, the guys are at their lows right now and although I dislike support their teammates you CANNOT blame FO on that

          • Jim213

            Defense and hustle has been a problem throughout the SEASON! Stuck to your head though that’s the main point to not forget down the line. Have to hold them accountable since they hire and fire STAFF AND PLAYERS! #message

          • Jack Hokage Handcock

            this looks bad on Young actually, dont see Kobe acting an ass on the court when he gets foul hard. Kobe would of flip it into beast mode and put up some crazy numbers and won the game. The beast way to get revenge in any sport is winning a game and cant do that getting ejected

          • AntRodrigues

            Only think that Young did bad was go after Goran….

          • Al Haldie

            That does not show me the Nick is a team player it shows me a boy that needs to grow up and start playing a team player..

          • AntRodrigues

            Excuse me but when you go to the rack and basically get smacked in the face like Nick did.. You have to make some type of stand…. What Nick did wrong was go after Goran…. That’s where everything went real bad for Nick… That’s why his TEAMMATES should have stepped in font of him at the very least to calm him down… Have you not watched 80′s basketball before?

          • Daryl Peek

            What I see is three Suns players up front and center following Young as they were laying hands on him in defense of their teammate. Not one Purple Jersey got into the middle of the skirmish to protect their teammate who was under attack right in front of their eyes. SAD!

          • Al Haldie

            And how many players on the bench for the SUNS mAYBE 10 HOW MANY ON THE LAKERS BENCH 3 – who do we have to play if there is everone pushing each around–it makes no sence – and no one was hurt—get a hold of your self…

          • Daryl Peek

            How often do these kinda skirmishes end up in fisticuffs once teammates intervene in helping their mate? Players don’t really fight in the NBA. It’s all posturing for the most part but you absolutely have to send the message were not gonna take that BS! This is why Matt Barnes always steps up for Blake Griffin. In the heat of the moment you always protect yours, PERIOD

        • LakersHeatBeef


          Lakers also privately concerned Jordan Hill will be suspended one game for leaving the bench during skirmish.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Breaking news LA Times is saying Jordan Hill might suspended 1 game for stepping onto the court.Well at least Jordan Hill backed up Nick.

    • Hahahahha!!

      Well would you agree that its better to get pissed off then pissed on? LMFAO!!!

  • mamba magic

    team lacks aggressiveness… softer than a cotton ball. If someone had helped him, there wouldn’t have been an ejection/ suspension. The way Nick reacted, rest of 4 on Lakers team are to be blamed as well. Grow some balls… smh

    • Jack Hokage Handcock

      you know what help gives guys that extra bravado. After that little confrontation Young would of went beast mode and won the game. You know something Kobe would of did

  • Lakers Fan

    This is what happens when you have a bunch of weak-minded, soft players as teammates. Yea we can say we were short-handed, but that’s your fucking teammate. Your supposed to ride-or-die for your teammates. That was messed up, and further proves why this team is pure shit. Taking up for your teammate doesn’t necessarily mean go out and fight the other team. They should take a page out of the Pacers handbook when the Malice at the Palace took place. Not saying they should go that far, but you get my point. Where is Shawn Williams when you need him?

    • mamba magic

      he was released a week ago… right on bro.. players on the court wearing Purple and Gold need to toughen up… I don’t think a single Laker fan would be mad a Nick Young for the way he reacted

      • Lakers Fan

        I was referring to Shawne Williams because I know he would have had Nick’s back. They had become real close, so I know he would have been there for Nick. He not a busta like these other fools on the team.

        • kobe24

          Agreed, although I don’t like Williams play he would’ve definitely backed Young up, not just for young but any player.

          Remember a month or two ago when farmar got fouled by cousins and Williams reacted??? Yeah thats what Young needed today

    • Al Haldie

      KOBE was on the bench , what did he do, NOTHING because he has seen so many of those so called fights – it does not take brains to see that was not going any where

    • Inkpadman

      Yo dude, you make great points and I can see you’re a real fan. I was thinking that too, if Shawne Wiiliams would’ve been in there he would’ve been right up in there, if Kobe would’ve been on the floor he would’ve been right up in there. Meeks Kaman, and especially Marshall need to get waived immediately.

  • e3bonz

    MWP would of been there, whether he was on the bench at the time or not.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      damn skippy!

  • brandon

    I understand that we are limited with players at the moment…but when your teammate is in a fight with 5 dudes you have his back PERIOD! young is one of the only dudes trying to keep us afloat so back him up

  • Sylvia Ross

    To Nicks, teammates what happened to all that togetherness you guys are always preaching? You guys left Nick out there all by himself. Man, you guys are cold . I
    been watching interviews and cannot believe some of you think you were right. Way to go NICK glad you showed some heart.

  • Timothy nguyen

    Nick Young and Jordan Hill are the only Lakers available right now that play with all their heart.. Shame that the Lakers from 4 years ago would have defended Nick Young all the way and the Lakers today did the exact opposite.

  • jimmy

    I have never seen such a lack of effort. Even trying to play defense. Im just sick. Fire jim buss, mike d , pau …..hell everyone except Nick young, Kobe, and Kendall. Im just sick at the lack of even token defense. What a disgrace to all the greats who have worn the purple and gold. Just sickening

    • kobe

      kendall stood watching with his hands on his hips..

    • Jack Hokage Handcock

      Kendall does not have concrete contract he is just filling in until the other PGs come back, he know this and being in his shoes on a losing Laker team. Why put up the effort. Just do enough to show the other teams what he can do so he can paid. The NBA is trying to get rid of the goons in the league dont put a target on his back

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers should have had the back of Nick Young tonight.I watched the game and i saw 5 Suns players getting in the face of Nick Young and not one Lakers player came to his defense.This is awful i hate losing but i can tolerate the losses and the awful record but i would love for the team to protect eachother during altercations on and off the court.I am not saying the Lakers are wimps i am just saying backup you’re top scorer and teammate.

    Alex Len should have been body slammed for doing what he did to Nick Young it was a uncalled for cheap shot.Lakers need to protect the Lakers name sake and fight for one another and hold onto being in it to win together as a team.

    Defend your teammates.I am disappointed and i feel sorry for Nick Young,he deserves better he has dealt with so much stuff in his life like his brother was in a mental facility for being traumatized after the tragic loss of their eldest brother,i read up on him and his family in the papers just sad and he needs his coaches and teammates to fight for him and stand up for him protect him next time please.I love you Nick Young and thank you for standing up for yourself.

  • fredmac

    If Matt Barnes was still a Laker, he would have got involved.. picked up a tee and been fined for fighting. We cant afford those technicals that might cost us the game, if we could only use some defense in the 3rd quarter. Shaq wouldn’t fight with his fist, he would injure the other guy badly.

    • e3bonz

      Damn straight on Matt.

    • ..

      haha “might cost us the game.” This season, EVERYTHING is costing us the game. It’s been rough watching our boys this year.

  • DoubleCupKing

    Nick Young is the truest Laker(besides Kobe) that we’ve had on our team for a long time! SWAGGY P!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack Hokage Handcock

      true Lakers would of stayed in the game and use that situation to have an amazing game. true lakers would never put the team in a bad situation knowing the lack of depth of the team.

  • Anthony Thomas

    I don’t blame Nick Young one bit. R.Kelly should’ve helped Nick but u gotta remember he’s a former Duke player. Soft ass check.

  • Sig

    This is what happens when you sign a bunch of 1 yr contract mercenaries. shame on d-league trash kendall marshall and scrub(and soon to be walmart cart pusher) r.kelly.

  • german

    Nice read. Got me fired up for something laker related for a change. I still can’t believe how much we suck

  • Ara

    Exactly right. They should have stood up for the guy. It’s not like their playing for a championship or even making the playoffs. Kendall Marshall answer in his interview disgust me. He basically started laughing and talking crap about swaggy. Kendall sucks Ryan Kelley sucks and Chris kamam sucks as well because they are not proper teammates nor do they know the laker way

  • Tyus

    Those guys on the floor who let Nick young fend for himself Areca bunch of punk sissies. At least Nick Young now knows never to gobout drinking or anywhere with those guys, because if the sh1+ hits the fan, they won’t have his back. They will just stand there watching.

  • Terrell

    These guys need to man up. Teams are taking liberties with the Lakers now given their sorry state. All those years of the Lakers winning with Shaq, Kobe, etc, teams are now getting them back. Still though, no matter how much they suck, they can’t let other teams just punk and bully em around like that. Seems like only Nick is the one on the team with a pair.

    • Jim213

      Nick needs to bulk up or this won’t be the last time but the team lacks bangers aside of Hill.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Bad idea to fight with this skinny frame Nick Young has.Lakers are getting punk’d by hated rivals since they waited years to see the monster that was once known as the Lakers become a mere mortal they can easily defeat.Lakers need to find out how to fix this mess.

        • Jim213

          Can’t fix this now but to patch it up best to start trading some FA players who won’t be returning. I’d still value 2nd rounder too given that they can be used and viewed as an asset for next season.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah i agree.Boston just traded Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks to the Warriors for a draft pick and they save money.Lakers need to make some salary dumping moves at this point we are way far back now to catch the 8th spot.Lets try trading players that make $3.5 million dollars and up.Candidates to be traded are the obvious.

          • e3bonz

            Mitch already hinted at a couple of players he would like keep.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            I think Nick Young is the guy Mitch wants to keep from what i read and also maybe Pau Gasol.Other than that he is keeping a very close eye on Kendall Marshall because he is putting up great assists numbers and some double double games,Mitch said in a interview last week he is watching him closely.Also Wesley Johnson is making shots and his defense is unquestioned Mitch never mentions him.

          • e3bonz

            I wonder though how much playing time KM would get with a healthy Blake, Nash and Farmar.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah i have no idea tbh.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            he should get none

          • Jim213

            Young was one so would it look bad if any of these players remained next season?

          • e3bonz

            I’m guessing the team will look as different next year as it did this year.

      • e3bonz

        I was surprised to see Sac sit out the whole game.

  • Matt Williams

    Ryan Kelly did seem like a pussy when Nick Young got clobbered. He just stood there like the rest of them. Wish MWP were still here.

    • Jim213

      Could’ve done more but give the rookie some leeway though not the other 3. MWP and Shaq I’d say.

      • e3bonz

        I agree, Kelly is young and it takes a few years to toughen up.

      • Daryl Peek

        Nah, I can’t roll with that. These guys have all been playing b-ball since they were kids and they all know the rules. Always help your teammate!

        The Suns are the youngest team in the NBA and they didn’t hesitate to defend Len. Hornacek was known as a gritty tough undersized SG when he was with the Jazz. I’m sure he’s toughening up his young roster.

        Another issue that speaks volumes is the lack of players running with Young on the break in the first place? If others were hustling they would have been closer to the action and could have been there to help Young like the Suns were. Keep in mind the Suns were hustling back to defend Young on a break. Think about that? Total failure on our guys part and with Young under attack they made no effort to get there?!? I can’t defend anything about this team or MDA anymore. Especially given many are saying Young overreacted?!? That’s some bitch made ISH! Doc or Pop would have risked a fine in the post game comments defending Young.

        • Jim213

          Agree and disagree…

          Sure Kelly could’ve done more but the scuffle quicly moved to the Lakers bench. Aside of that ALL THE 5 SUNS PLAYERS HAD MADE THEIR WAY TO BACK UP THEIR OWN PLAYER. YET AS THE PIC SHOWS ALL 3 MEEKS, MARSHALL, AND KAMAN WERE WATCHING FROM A DISTANCE while Meeks, and kaman ended up cuddling up behind the Suns players. Yet Hill may be suspended now? THINK ABOUT THAT!..

          Hope you’re happy with the team daryl cause you always wanted nash, Pau, and the coach.! (pun) lol#rollwithit Daryl!

          • Daryl Peek


            Can’t roll with the underhanded jab. SMH It’s Lakers first and foremost.

          • Jim213

            Agree now that all players have been brought up. No excuses to not making your way over there to support ones teammate.

            “can’t defend anything about this team or MDA anymore” SMH #rollwithit, need bangers foremost inside as feel bad for Pau getting man handled inside aside of getting stripped of balls constantly.

          • Daryl Peek

            Pau, Hill, Kaman, and Sacre just need to man up! They can fight. This whole debacle of not defending Young speaks volumes to this point. We don’t need different players brought in to be banger’s, we just need our guys to put forth that type of effort, I.E. protect yours! Fight for your brother. Don’t just roll over and let the opposition manhandle you.

          • Jim213

            ? now yes, but come next season will need a starting center aside of a solid PF.

          • Daryl Peek

            Who knows what next season will bring? Change is definitely on the horizon but as I’ve always told you, we can’t co-mingle today with tomorrows potential moves in assessing what the incumbents need to do.

            Tomorrow will be taken care of….

  • just being real

    I smh at all this comments the nickyoung lost his cool and went to acting like a ignorant nigger he needs to humble himself you cant expect people to defend ignorance but leave it to a bunch of laker fans to defend ignorant nigger shit no wonder california is infested with degenerate gang member and wanna be movie stars

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      You calling Nick Young ignorant is like George Bush calling somebody a liar

  • Shawne Williams

    I would’ve defended Swaggy.


      and they got rid of you!!! that’s BS…..you and Hill were the only ones who would’ve been tight

  • JohnC

    N. Young should be ashamed. This is not a Hollywood movie street-game, this is the NBA, if you are fouled hard you don’t lose control, you never lose control.

    You can argue + shout but you don’t hit back the defender, and you don’t hit Dragic either, because the game has its rules, the same rules that will allow N. Young get to the basket and score the next game he plays, on and on, without being punched. And if he’s punched, the aggressor will be ejected last yesterday the defender was.

    On top of everything, your team is struggling with injuries, the Lakers can’t afford to miss one single player for next game. Shame on you. You never lose control, you never lose the focus.

    And he should say ‘sorry’ rather than ”my teammates did not react like street fighters”. They are NBA pros. and N. Young is behaving like a street fighter. Luckily, he is young enough to learn the lesson: It’s sad to see a professional player behaving like this and giving this image of lack of control of himself, particularly disgusting in such a natural talent N. Young is.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    This team without the injured players… has taken on the persona of Pau Gasol… passive, non-confrontational, deplomatic approach to the game. On some nights, this might work, specially when the team is leading, but when the chips are down, and the moment calls for the team to stand their ground and battle, they would ultimately sink and back down. We need bangers and imposers on this team. The last one we had was an aging MWP. I don’t care what everyone might say… but this is on FO.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am shocked the old veteran Chris Kaman never got involved to help out Nick Young,he was on the court at the time yet he did absolutely nothing SMH.Kaman is a big guy he could have fended off the Suns players.Ryan Kelly should be cut after this incident,he has been worthless as a player so far and this just cements his fate as a Laker.

    Kendall Marshall was far from the play but he should have ran up on them from behind and protected Nick Young.Jodie Meeks was way closer on the play to Nick young he did absolutely nothing to protect his teammate.

    Then afterwards MDA and Kendall Marshall made no goodwill comments they just sounded like they didn’t care in their post game comments.Man up Lakers.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Those two are softer than a hostess cupcake

  • raif

    I’m guessing no one came to his aid because all anyone was doing was trying to prevent a fight…The Phoenix players camp to his aid and got hit….Man up Nick, “I got into it because none of my team mates broke it up” is as lame as it gets…

  • Terrell

    Shaq, Artest, Horry, Fisher, The Charles Oakleys, Barkleys, and Michael Coopers of the world would’ve jumped right in. Not necessarily to throw punches immediately, but to get in the Suns faces, chest bump or push them back, and jaw and exchange barbs at them. The teams sucks right now, but that doesn’t mean they just lay down and let others bully and clown em. The rest of the league is watching and they saw a bunch of sissies. They are going to take their liberties with the Lakers now that they are down (and ridiculously soft as evidenced by last night) as a way of payback for all those title years wherein they were the ones getting thumped on.

  • Al Haldie

    Nick made the mistake and should not look for the team to bail him out – he got what he asked for -and after that what good did it do , with him on the court the may have won that game – you act like a child and u get treated like one- he has a lot of growing up to do…

    • Malik

      Ain’t nothing wrong standing up for yourself. Teams are clowning the Lakers around because they know they ain’t pushing back and will just take it go back to the bench and mope like a bunch of sissies. Losing in the scoreboard is one thing, but don’t let the other team clown and piss on you like that.

  • Terrell

    At least now you know never to go out with this Laker team anywhere because when you get assaulted by some guy and his buddies, you will be left to fend for yourself.

  • Dre

    Funny thing is if it was Meeks or Marshall who got knocked down like that and NIck was on the floor, I have no doubt he’ll throw himself in the middle so fast and push back and jaw back at the Suns players.

  • Kaleed

    Nick is right. I play pick up games at the Gym every weekend with complete strangers, and one time one of my teammates got blatantly forearmed in the face going up for a lay up, and the rest of us on the team jumped right into it with the guy about that BS play. And that was us standing up and having the back of someone we really don’t know, he was just another guy on the Gym that day that rounded us all up to 10 so we can play 5 on 5 full court.

    Nick Young was right on the money here. Hell, if you had one of those old school players like the Oakleys, Barkleys, and Coopers in this team, they would’ve tore the guys on the floor a new one for not coming to Young’s side.

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