Lakers News: Nick Young Calls Kobe Bryant A ‘Good’ A–Hole Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="237"] During his 18 year career, Kobe Bryant has received the reputation for being a demanding teammate. Few NBA players share the same com [new_royalslider id="237"] During his 18 year career, Kobe Bryant has received the reputation for being a demanding teammate. Few NBA players share the same com Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Nick Young Calls Kobe Bryant A ‘Good’ A–Hole

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During his 18 year career, Kobe Bryant has received the reputation for being a demanding teammate. Few NBA players share the same competitive nature that has driven Bryant, and his personality often clashes with those who don’t push as hard as he does.

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In an interview with Ben McGrath of The New Yorker, current Laker Nick Young doesn’t seem to mind Bryant’s hard ways via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters.

With Bryant sitting out the majority of the season with his injuries, Young has filled the scoring void by contributing 17.0 points a game. The Lakers often lean on Young in late shot clock situations much like the team does with Bryant when he is available.

With the Lakers struggling, Young recently mentioned Bryant’s playful trash-talking to the team. While it’s been a difficult season, Young seems to have relished on the opportunity to learn from Bryant and sees him as great mentor. Through the admiration, Young knows being his teammate has high standards and doesn’t appear to mind Bryant’s leadership style.

With 12 games left in the season, the Lakers are currently 24-46. Although they are headed for a lottery pick, Young doesn’t want to be the worst team in franchise history. To avoid that, the Lakers have to win half of their games and it won’t be easy as they face numerous playoff contenders.
Lakers vs. Knicks: Nick Young, ‘We Wanted To Beat Some Haters Tonight’

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  • Coach Hollins

    Lakers should keep Nick Young and add to the roster.Imagine this roster next season many would go crazy if the Lakers made these moves.Check it out.

    PG Marcus Smart $3 million dollars per,Kendall Marshall $1 million dollars per
    SG Kobe Bryant $24 million dollars per,Nick Young $5 million dollars per,Kent Bazemore $1 million dollars per
    SF Lance Stephenson $7 million dollars per,Xavier Henry $2 million dollars per
    PF LeBron James $20 million dollars per,Udonis Haslem $2 million dollars per,Ryan Kelly $1 million dollars per
    C Marcin Gortat $5 million dollars per,Jason Smith $2 million dollars per

    • T

      Why would LeBron come to them?

      • Jade Baxter

        we don’t want LeBron……….thanks but no thanks…….he’s awesome, but not what we need………..can I get an amen for Kevin Love!!!!

        • Carters Room

          lol every team needs lebron james…

          • X

            The Pacers sure don’t

        • Jackie


        • bandit

          anybody who says they wouldnt want lebron is a liar straight up, im not a fan of lebron like that but if he came to the lakeshow i’d def get me a jersey

        • Joseph Apohen

          Add Westbrfook to that!

        • Nashir Mohammed

          we….ok mrs buss!

        • Erad

          If you don’t want LeBron there’s a very simple explanation. You’re an idiot.

          No thanks, I don’t need any of that championship action over here. I’m good with Nick Young and there’s a theoretical possibility of Kevin Love joining years down the line. You don’t know, he might!

          • Mr Dissagree

            Lakers would do great with young Guard Kev Durant over Lebron.Lebron is a big man in size and power and great numbers but will never be able to out play Kobe. Durant is younger and is likely to out do Lebron soon .

          • Erad

            First off let’s establish that nether player will ever, ever end up in a Laker uniform unless its one of those Karl Malone last hurrah seasons where the player is a fraction of their former selves.

            Next, nah I’ll take LeBron. Guards 1-5, aforementioned size, can be a floor general when needed.

          • Jade Baxter

            Oh nice………..real classy comment……..we all have our own opinions………..he is a baller but not a good fit for the Lakers and that’s my opinion…………so keep it respectable son

        • kermitdafrog

          Amen baby girl!!

    • ^^^^C.Hollins is a DUMBASS

      You sir are a moron.

    • lakers_824

      sorry but gortat would not play for $5 mill he would demand at least 8-13 mill…..and u have the right idea just swap lebron for melo or love and we can also get deng instead of lance. OR we can sign lebron and then trade him for love lol

    • 11Cut

      That’s a crazy thought. It’s nice but I don’t see it.

    • Joseph Apohen

      I prefer Farmar over Marshall. I’d rather have Jordan Hill over Haslem any day. As far as Marcus Smart did he not get eliminated early in the tournament? I don’t think he did well just like the two hotshots Jabari and Wiggins. I understand this guard from down under is a Kobe facsimile. Although he was not in the tournament, I think his stock should go up because of the two I mentioned who did not do so well. One player I like is the pg from Syrcuse Ennis. He looks polished and mature for being a freshman. By the way where is the Lakers going to get all that money for all the guys you mentioned? Here are the ones I like from the current Lakers, Farmar, Meeks, Young, Johnson, Pau, Hill, Henry, Kelley, and Bazemore. I think these guys with Kobe and another super star, say Love or Aldridge, they can contend. They may not win the championship, but I think it will be an exciting team and will make the playoff.

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      take lebron out please…. KD yeah.

  • Lakers4life

    I am not necessarily a fan of Lebron’s, but if he came to the Lakers, I think that would be pretty amazing. After all, what do we have to lose?

  • Jokobe

    Honestly, although I want Lebron to come to Lakers, I dont see it happening mainly because he wants to get more rings than Kobe and coming to Lakers won’t help him do that. What I CAN picture Lebron doing is calling Melo since he has no rings, and be like “Ayo Melo, you know how I feel about Phil J being in NYC, how about we go get that ring?”. I def see Lebron in a Knicks uniform.

  • Baltazar Costa

    What a stupid peoples are writing here. OMG!
    The topic is : IS KOBE AN ASS HOLE OR NOT and you are writing here about LeBron James, Lance Stephenson and Marcin Gortat.What a morons are you?

    • Runggi

      I know, huh…that’s funny!

  • Ed Chavez

    Makes me sick to see Laker fans on LeBrons nuts… stop slurping people. I want LeBron on the Lakers now about as much as I wanted Larry Bird on the Lakers in the 80′s… pffffft

    • Erad

      Great comparison. Nothing wrong with it at all

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