Lakers News: Nick Young Calls Drew Gooden’s Actions ‘Uncalled For’

Lakers News: Nick Young Calls Drew Gooden’s Actions ‘Uncalled For’


UPDATE (5:35 PM): The NBA has fined Drew Gooden $15,000 for his actions last night. No Laker was punished further according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

Sixth man Nick Young returned to the lineup for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night pouring in 21 points off the bench in a losing effort against the Washington Wizards. Although Young’s spark and presence off the bench was a welcome sight, the fiery veteran got into another altercation on the floor, but was not ejected this time around.

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In an attempt to box out Young, Drew Gooden locked arms with Young and yanked him violently from the key. Young reacted as most would by trying to get in the face of Gooden, but before he could get too heated with the veteran forward, Jordan Hill went after Marcin Gortat to get him out of the altercation.

Young spoke to the media after the game and was asked about the altercation with Gooden. Young said the following according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

As a result of their actions, Hill and Gooden were ejected from the game and might be disciplined by the league. Young was able to continue playing and will more than likely avoid any punishment from the NBA unlike the first time when he was suspended for one game after an altercation against the Phoenix Suns.
VIDEO: Nick Young’s Altercation With Drew Gooden, Plus Players Reactions

  • Sonya

    Missed the game but just caught the replay. SwaggyP has every right to be pissed. That play by Gooden was completely unnecessary and could’ve easily broken SwaggyP’s arm. He should be suspended a few games.

  • truth24

    Nick young finally comes back? Missing all those games was uncalled for. How in the he’ll did you play for the clippers, 76ers and never got hurt, your style of play is the same. Overrated!!!!!!!!

    • karasoon4

      So, you’re supposed to play with a fractured kneecap?

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      I see you’re one of those new breed of retards that are out now. I guess playing with a fractured kneecap is nothing huh?

  • Ico

    nick young is not overrated, I think most injuries are by design so our tanking would look justified, nash was gone for the season but he came back, blake had the best year then injury + trade, swaggy had a great year, then injury, farmar and xavier had great starts of the year as well then injuries, don’t u see a pattern in this? whoever get a good performance, suddenly got an injury, kobe with all his talks of uncertainty about playing or not, now throwing stuff like – i could have played even one month ago if there was a point of that, so I strongly believe most of this stuff is pre-organised

    • Sinbad

      I’ve liked nick young since USC, but seriously he can look like an all star in this laker line up, he is decent avg almost 17 ppg but has no d (couple charges don’t mean he plays d) don’t get me wrong I’d love for him to return but he gonna want that check and take the ariza, brown route and never be heard from again….I guarantee it

    • Al Haldie

      I see someone talking out of his behind..

  • Sinbad

    I want pau back next season, can’t believe this guy has been in trade rumors, he’s still productive avg double double since maybe start of 2014, his d May lack but his o had been decent despite gaytoni’s bullshit rotations and never ending staring line ups.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Drew Gooden actually is a inspirational story he was completely out of the NBA once the Bucks let him go.He had previously spent the last couple years stuck to the Bucks bench due to their tanking efforts and he just sat their the whole time being a pro according to his coach,he was very good to be around.

    Wizards picked him up they signed him and he has played some of the best basketball of his career as a Wizards player.Gooden is having a career revival in Washington as he is now he hitting face up jumpers and getting put backs in and even nailing 3 pointers and he is helping the Wizards out in the 4th quarter he comes up big in crunch time.

    Anyways about last night that was pure stupidity built out of frustration from a few previous trips down the court where he got hit a couple times and never got the call from the refs so he took things into his own hands and it resulted in a near ugly incident.

    Nick Young did nothing wrong to deserve that kind of rough house tactic and Gooden is lucky Swaggy P didn’t run up on him and cold clock him with a punch to the face,Gooden was in a very vulnerable position sitting on the ground.Hill and Gortat mixed it up,this tussle was quickly over no punches thrown.Things like this happen in the NBA.It is what it is.


    I dont get y hill is in trouble. He wrapped up a giant polish dude just to make sure he didnt escalade the situation…the same polish dude who a week earlier said he wished the nba allowed fighting.

    Dont get me wrong, im a huge fan of gortat. I want him and pecovic on the lakers. That duo would fuck up EVERYONE haha

  • APrince66

    F’r could have dislocated Youngs shoulder with that lock and pull.
    And love Hill, Gortat wanted non of him lol

  • Bubblewhack

    wow his teammates ACTUALLY had his back!!! wowwww

  • capo689

    Gortat came out saying he wants fights in the NBA… now his team mate gooden is acting out like this… the team has been worthless for so long, they range from uncompetitive to bringing guns to the locker room, asking for NHL style fights, come on Silver… this team needs to be taken away from ownership, disbanded or moved to a situation with professional owners, coaches, and players.

    • karasoon4

      Calm down.

      • capo689

        I’m not the idiot on the court that can’t tell the difference between a wrestling match and a basketball game. I’m really calm, just think it’s time to get rid of some NBA teams… WTF do we need Wizards, Bucks, Kings, Magic, Pelicans for? Too many teams in the league and not enough blue chip players to make more than a handful competitors. Just suggesting we start by getting rid of the ones that are vocally and openly trying to turn these games into fights while failing on every level to put a decent team on the court.

  • Allen Henry

    It is not good sportsmanship to fight on the court knowing younger kids are watching; however, as teammates it is important to not back down from nonsense “you win as a team and lose as a team”! I am glad Jordan Hill had his back as a Leo we never back down!