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Lakers News: New Coach Must Get ‘Most Productivity’ Out Of Kobe Bryant

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The search for the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers has officially begun with the team starting to interview candidates for the vacancy on the sidelines.

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Apparently, GM Mitch Kupchak has a certain priority that he wants in the search for the next head coach and it involves Kobe Bryant, according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Although Kobe won’t be weighing in on the Lakers’ search for the next coach, Kupchak prioritizing Kobe’s productivity is an interesting move. Kobe only has two years left on his deal with the Lakers and could retire after 2015-16 NBA season, but Kupchak and company want to maximize what they’re getting out of the five-time NBA champion in the meantime.

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Kobe will make $48.5 million over the next two seasons after signing the contract extension back in November of last year. Unfortunately, Kobe only played six games this past season before suffering a knee injury that would shut him down for the year.

With Kobe going down with consecutive season-ending years over the past two years, there’s no telling what the Lakers will get out of him over the course of his extension. As expected, Kobe is as confident as ever that he’ll return to form as an elite player in the NBA, but there’s no guarantee that will be the case.

Currently, the coaching candidates rumored to be considered for the job in Los Angeles are Byron Scott, Jeff Van Gundy, George Karl, Roy Williams, Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis, Mark Jackson and Tom Thibodeau.

A few candidates have already been crossed off the list with Steve Kerr and Stan Van Gundy finding jobs elsewhere in the NBA and Kevin Ollie recently signing a contract extension with UConn. Kentucky’s John Calipari has also refuted any reports of him leaving the university in favor of the Lakers.
NBA Draft Combine: Lakers Mitch Kupchak Talks Kobe Bryant’s Influence On Coach

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  • fuck the cavs

    still sick to my stomach the cavs got the #1 pick. DAFUK

    • Linkdeville

      You’re just sick…I actually can’t stop throwing up.

  • purp&goldpride

    So….you don’t want his opinion on the next coach, but you want a coach who can get the best out of him?…the Lakers FO has no clear cut direction. How about getting a coach who won’t play an older kobe 40 mpg.

    • vdogg

      well said.

    • Linkdeville


  • Lakers Fan

    Hollins should be the clear cut front runner for the job. What he did to that Memphis team cannot go unnoticed. He took them a step further every year, and it’s a shame he is not coaching right now. The defense that Memphis team played was tenacious. Lets not forget he lead them to the WCF without a go-to scorer. Im a Memphis native, so maybe I’m being a little biased. But his resume speaks for itself. Yea he might not have gotten alone with the FO in Memphis, but he knows what comes with being the coach of the LA Lakers. He knows he would be outta here in no time if he acts the same way. Plus, why would he commit the same mistake twice? I’m all in for Hollins, and hopefully the FO is too.

    • LAstory

      Hollins had a great run in Memphis, he had some run-ins with their FO staff and it got around the league, but good news for him he is the front runner for the Timberwolves job.

      • Lakers Fan

        The FO is pissing me off. If Hollins gets hired in Minnesota, ima be so mad. Why are they waiting so long to hire a coach? They haven’t even conducted any interviews outside of Mike Dunleavy who shouldn’t even be considered for the position. All the good head coaches will be gone by the time we decide who to hire. I know we shouldn’t rush to choose a new head coach, but we could have at least conducted interviews by now. I don’t know what this FO is doing.

        • comrade24

          Hollins isn’t in the running for Lakers coach. he’s never even been mentioned. He is a good defensive coach but i don’t know about offense. I would prefer Byron Scott.

          • Lakers Fan

            I don’t know why you all want Byron Scott so bad. I know he used to play for the Lakers and all, but I think Hollins is a better coach. Hollins worked miracles with that Memphis team. As far as scoring, he had no go-to scorer. That’s why they struggled on offense alot. His team had to beat you with their defense, and that carried them to the WCF. I’m not knocking Byron Scott because I know he is a beloved Laker, but if they want a hard-nosed head coach who won’t let Kobe walk over them, they need to hire Lionel Hollins.

          • LAstory

            1. Byron went to 2 NBA finals Hollins has never been there. 2. Memphis had scoring Z-BO, Gasol, Mike Conley all are terrific scorers and led that team with defense and scoring. 3. Byron was Kobe’s and Derek Fisher’s mentor Byron Scott’s last year with the Lakers and Kobe and Derek both hold him in high regard. Lionel Hollins was fired for getting into it with some of the players, which led to Rudy Gay being traded and ultimately his firing…. Byron is a defensive head coach, who has Kobe’s respect, has rings, took a team to back to back NBA finals… Young enough to coach this team for years to come and more importantly… he knows what this city is all about Rings.

          • Lakers Fan

            Hollins was fired because he and the FO didn’t see eye to eye. Rudy was traded because he was not getting alone with Z-Bo because they both wanted to be the star of the team. Byron was fired due to his team having a losing season and reports of him and Kidd not getting alone, although he did deny those claims. Scott hasn’t done anything special since leaving New Jersey. New Orleans couldn’t get passed the second round and Cleveland was awful while he was the coach. Z-Bo, Gasol, and Conley are not known scorers. They can give you a good game every now and then, but they are no go-to scorers. The team’s 2012-13 season average was 93 ppg while they held their opponents to 89 ppg. Z-Bo led the team with 15 ppg. They won based off of keeping their opponents to a low scoring average and playing team ball, which is what Hollins preached due to them not having a major scorer. The Grizzles got better each year under Hollins while Scott’s teams got worse.

          • LAstory

            Hollins has never been to the NBA finals, the guys on that team wanted him gone due to clashes with the players (look it up) and with the front office; Rudy Gay and Hollins had run -ins and was traded, the media based “he cant play with Z-Bo) is nonsense. And if you read what I wrote I said it was offensive along with there defense… they got it done on both ends… Byron took teams with great pg and nothing much more to the finals… Hollins had this “great” defese and could get them to the finals… Hollins will be coaching just wont be with the Lakers… Minnesota just interviewed him and the Cavs have reached out… Byron is a better coach period.

          • Lakers Fan

            He took them to the NBA Finals, ok great job. Did he win? No. And what exactly has he done since? Nothing. He couldn’t even get his team to the Conference Finals. Lets not even talk about his tenure with the Cavs. Rudy Gay is a known ballhog. Everybody wanted him gone. Did you notice how much better they played without him? Why do you think he is on his 3rd team in 2 years? Hollins had a plan and it was executed, but the FO didn’t agree with it. So they clashed. Hollins has an old school coaching personality. Yea he clashed with some of the players, but what coach doesn’t? It had nothing to do with Rudy getting traded. As for his “great” defense, he had the Grizzles top 5 in every statistical defensive category, but they eventually ran into the Spurs who are supposed to be the reigning NBA Champions if it hadn’t been for a Ray Allen three. I’m not saying Byron isn’t a good coach, but it’s hard to ignore what Hollins did for the Grizzles.

          • LAstory

            I’m not ignoring what he has done, at all… and to go a step further IF Kobe was retiring, I would want Hollins as a coach for the Lakers.. Yes coaches clash with players, Kobe v. Phil; Rudy v. Lionel; Byron v. Jason…. but you still have to get that player to at least buy into the program… and you’re critical of me ignoring what Hollins has done yet your first sentence ignores what Byron has done.. Did he win? No he didn’t …now ask you… has Hollins ever coached in June? No, so you at least have to get there, he hasn’t. What has he done since?? I’m not saying Hollins isn’t a good coach…he should have coached a team this year… my only concern is what would his style impact Kobe and his…. that’s all….I for one don’t want any drama for this team, we’ve had enough…

          • vdogg

            well written and thought out, as usual. what do you think about trading our pick for two lower first round picks and getting zach lavine and rodney hood?

          • LAstory

            Thank you vdogg, I extend that compliment to you as well… we are all passionate Laker fans and we are restless wanting to take back what’s ours… I am watching the combine as we speak… and I depending what the Lakers do in free agency will determine a lot… I would trade down for exactly that, Zach and Rodney…. Mitch is secretive as usual but though I think when guys come in too work out personally and from the 7th to about the 12th if they believe the talent ceiling is equal they definitely will… man bro, wanted to see Zach and Rodney again on NBA tv rerun of the combine they both have early first round talent their measurable is there with the 4,5 and 6th rated guys…

          • Lakers Fan

            My first sentence gives him praise for taking a team to the NBA Finals. You are continuing to overhype that though. He didn’t win. That’s what really matters. The season after their second trip to the finals he was fired because of the team’s record and a supposed clash with Kidd. Look, Im not trying to defuse anything you are saying. I completely understand your point of view. All I’m saying is Hollins could do a good job with our team right now. We aren’t competing for a championship this year, but I want the team to be as competitive as possible. I also want them to play hard-nosed defense, which is what Hollins would preach. Hollins has only been a head coach for 7 seasons(2 of which he was an interim coach) his entire head coaching career. Scott has been a head coach 13 seasons his entire career. In that time span, Lionel has a 51% win percentage to Scott’s 44%. Not to mention Byron getting fired from all 3 of his head coaching jobs because he couldn’t win. If we can’t get Hollins, I would be alright with Scott. But I think Lionel is the better coach as of now.

          • LAstory

            And I won’t be upset if they want to go with Hollins. I feel that the Lakers fans faith as been broken and just feel Byron can make it right.. though Byron has a better winning percentage in the playoffs…just saying bro…just saying, lol….

          • Lakers Fan

            Lol I’ll be ok with either one. They were my top two coaches who I wanted to see coach us. I just want a coach who will preach defense and not allow the team to give up 110+ points a game. That was dreadful and mind wrecking all this season.

          • LAstory

            Yes, me too.. either one I would be good with… watching them give up 110+ was cringe worthy at the highest level…

          • Sylvia Ross

            Byron Scott, all day long !!

          • Lakers Fan

            Byron has been fired from all 3 of his head coaching jobs because he was not able to win. I understand he used to play for the Lakers, but come on. He hasn’t even made it to the conference finals since he went to the NBA Finals twice in 2001-02 and 2002-03, which was 11-12 years ago. Lionel just took the Grizzles to the WCF last year off pure defense alone.

          • comrade24

            the only reason they got to the WCF was Russell Westbrook being injured. just saying.

        • Chrmngblly

          Neither do they.

  • TheTruthKills

    The new coach needs to get the most out of everyone; not just Kobe.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Either hire Lionel Hollins or Byron Scott end of story.Moving forward.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers FO needs to stop complicating matters they need to become much more cut and dry on basketball matters.Less indecisive and more definitive.Go with instinct.

  • Mark Rigney

    Poor basis for choosing a coach…

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      I doubt that is their only requirement for a head coach.

  • Lakers4Life

    Getting the “most productivity” out of Kobe — in other words “not overusing him and managing Kobe’s minutes efficiently.” Something Dumbtoni miserably failed to do as Lakers coach.

  • RebuildingMode

    How about the next coach should actually COACH and not spend most of his time trying to make sure he doesn’t get the Kobe Death Stare. You’re there to coach, not be somebody’s friend.

  • Linkdeville

    I really don’t think getting productivity out of Kobe should be a priority. Kobe is who he says he is…”The Mamba.” A healthy Kobe is a guaranteed competitor/deadly weapon. IMO the real focus should be on getting him some true help via a player who really wants to learn how to be successful.

  • RUDY T.

    This is the truth of the matter the Lakers are at their very best right now.Matter of fact this is the Lakers best chance at a championship and the reason i say this is they still have Kobe Bryant and he still might have something major left in the tank.Kobe Bryant is a top 5 player ever and he was one of the top players in the NBA before his injury.Now is the time to go all in and win with Kobe still on board.Kobe is a once in a generation type of talent.

    If it means hiring a coach special for Kobe Bryant then you do just that.Kobe is a very special player he is a superstar those guys are rare.I hear and read fans and media saying Kobe Bryant is hurting the Lakers and he makes too much money and they will never be good until he leaves well this type of talk is nonsense and wrong very disrespectful and idiotic.A player is never too old to win a championship unless they are 43 years old and over.Kobe is only 35 years old and he will have had almost 2 years off by the time the season starts.Plenty of rest to prolong his career and remember Kareem was winning rings in his 40′s yes it can be done and Kobe knows it and so do we.

    The real deal is Kobe is the Lakers only hope of any success on the basketball court and the Lakers FO knows this.Kobe has the numbers and championships to back up what i am saying.Lets build around Kobe short term and then after he is gone it will be whatever it will be lets not worry about him leaving he is staying for 2 more years so lets take full advantage of having one of the best players ever on our side helping us win games and aiming for a last run at the NBA championship because it’s now they must win the title window with Kobe is almost closed all the way.Time to keep on trying to make it to the finals.

  • k.

    It really doesn’t matter the Cavs owner will screw up their chances either way with poor decisions and poor management. Lebron, Coach Scott, coach Brown (twice!) have left and soon Kyrie will be jumping ship soon!

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