Lakers News: NBA Commissioner Urges Jeanie Buss To Be Aggressive

Lakers News: NBA Commissioner Urges Jeanie Buss To Be Aggressive


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The Lakers’ struggles this season have been well documented. The Lakers on track for their worst year in franchise history, and as a result, face an important off-season this summer.

Over the last week, Lakers president Jeanie Buss made various public appearances including interviews with TWC SportsNet and 710 ESPN Radio. These came off the heels of Phil Jackson joining the New York to serve as team president.

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New NBA Commissioner appears to have played a part in Jeanie becoming more vocal, according to BleacherReport’s Kevin Ding.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver, his own gavel shiny and new in hand, dined with Buss in Los Angeles Monday night and gave her a pointed message, according to NBA sources:

The power is hers to use, and those in the league office want and trust her to be more aggressive with it in leading the Los Angeles Lakers.

The timing of Jeanie’s interviews couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The Lakers seem to be in disarray, with many questioning the ability of the Lakers’ front office.

Former Laker and current Los Angeles Dodgers part owner Magic Johnson has made his opinions no secret, and recently urged the Lakers to take a look at Jackson before he went to the Knicks. Johnson also appeared on the Dan Patrick show and expressed his frustration with other former Lakers being involved with other franchises.

Most of the public perception around the Lakers front office is that Jim Buss calls the shots for personnel moves, and he is commonly seen as the scapegoat when things go downhill like things have this season.

During her interviews, Jeanie emphasized that she lies at the top of the Lakers decision making. While Jim and Mitch Kupchak are in charge of the basketball operations, they report directly to Jeanie.

These declarations seem to be the aggressiveness that Silver had pushed Jeanie to show. As the Lakers enter the off-season, there will be crucial decisions to be made. Jim and Mitch will do what they can to turn the Lakers around, but under the watchful eye of Jeanie.
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  • Chris Brown

    Even Adam Silver is looking out for Jeanie and the Lakers..i smell a top 3 pick in the upcoming draft! :)

    • X

      If that’s the case, it’s justified. The league screwed the Lakers with CP3 deal few years back and the fact that the top 2 biggest franchises (Lakers & Knicks) are struggling is going to affect NBA’s revenue. Like it or not, they have to give the Lakers a top 3 pick in order to make the team interesting again. A top pick talent is definitely going to draw the crowd to watch Lakers games again.

      • Alfred Luna

        The top 2 franchises are the Lakers and I hate to say it, the celtics

        • Walter Johnson

          I hate even more that I agree with you. I can’t even say their freaking name.

        • X

          I wasn’t talking about Championships: –

          “…top 2 biggest franchises (Lakers & Knicks) are struggling is going to affect NBA’s revenue…”

          Sorry, I picked the wrong word – it should have been top 2 VALUABLE franchises.

          • laguy310

            It would only affect the Lakers if stupid fans stop going to the games. We have to stop supporting them financially (not emotionally lakers 4ever) so they can feel it where it hurts but sold out games at the same price doesn’t help the cause. Just saying. Go Lakers!

          • Chrmngblly

            They said Laker televised game viewership has fallen by 50%. That is a spanking that is hurting the league right now in advertising revenue. The Lakers contract may be locked in but all the other teams who are not so lucky will get worse deals in their markets out of fear from their cable companies.

          • Valter Haineman

            There is no need of “sorry”
            The top 2 NBA franchises are the Lakers and the Knicks. The game of the basketball on US soil has started on the streets of Harlem.These are the two biggest market cities and that is why, NBA will do anything to bring them back to the throne.The glorious days of the Celtics are way over. They got 16 titles in the sixties and that was it. Medison Square Garden is always sell-out, same as the Staples Center. The greens can not say that for their arena.

        • jackmouve

          According to Forbes, its Lakers and Knicks. With Knick #1. Followed by Chicago, then Boston. Interesting note, Chicago just joined NY and LA, this year, in the billion dollar club. The top 5 valued team all suck, except for the Bulls.

        • Joseph Apohen

          In terms of what? Championship, yes. Market wise, New York and L.A.

      • Oscar

        Nicks are top two biggest?

        • MILF_connoisseur

          knicks hahah

      • Joseph Apohen

        Who are the top three? Jabari and Wiggins did not impress me as they did not perform well in the tournament. Neither did Randle. I like Ennis, but then we have a lot of those small guys already. I don’t think he is better than Farmar, Marshall, Meeks, or Henry. I have not seen that kid from down under, but he’s been mentioned as a food one.

    • Josh

      :) Of course, if the season ended today, they would have a 22% chance at a top 3 pick anyway…assuming the lottery is not fixed…

    • $99752914

      Yes he is, Silver knows it’s good for business having the Lakers and NY for the fact of the matter to be in the playoff race… I am concerned about Jabari’s statements, Joel statements about the draft… but we will see..

    • Imoni Jamail Adams

      Say the same thing

    • Valter Haineman

      From your mouth to the God’s ears. Amen.

  • comrade24

    Here’s hoping Jeannie takes charge!

  • Daryl Peek

    Another coup insistence. Jeanie is not going there. Everyone needs to get over it and let the FO find their way. This was Dr. Buss’s plan. Hopefully Silver will make up for the CP3 trade block and hook the Lakers up in the draft.

    • Josh

      A compensatory pick at the end of the lottery sounds good to me :)

      • Daryl Peek

        I can roll with that. LOL

        • Chrmngblly

          Yeah. It’s not good for the league for any team to end up with nothing. Too disruptive.

    • Chrmngblly

      F*ck Dr. Buss’ holy plan and all its priests, DP. I would think you, of all people, would quit sprinkling holy water on this wicked scheme. He can get away with sticking us with his black sheep son, by law in his will, but we can’t do as fans what he failed to do as a parent. The only “plan” is to give Jimmy a job that he has not earned and is not qualified by talent or temperament to succeed at. God save us.

      You want every fan to meekly accept the facts as they are—but you refuse to accept the facts as they eventually must be. Eventually, the Busses will have to deal with Jimmy and clean up their dad’s mess. Let us pray that this happens sooner, rather than later, but we both know it has to happen.

      If I understand this correctly, the Lakers gave up 4 first round picks and at least 2 second round picks to get Nash and D12, all told, plus other throw-in players. Regardless of why, this is a disaster.

  • Godfrey Uche

    I smell also a top 2 pick in the upcoming draft and signing Dante Exum without being drafted, Go Lakers go.

  • Doc

    He knows they got historically screwed

  • Rick

    If Jeanie is in charge like she said in the ESPN interview, and she wanted PJ to have a role on the team, again like she said in the interview, then when she was asked why Phil was not offered a position, she said the family agreed that he was not needed. Frankly, I see a team run by committee, and things run by committee typically run at half speed, tripping over their own feet. And many just go bust.

  • Victor Tellez

    Can’t have it both ways commisioner Either let them make deals or don’t go after Jeannie buess becuase your office screwed a deal that was in place and it hurt the NBA.

  • Cal

    Nice story.Yes hopefully their relationships remains strong hopefully Adam Silver is getting some putang from Jeanie Buss lol he he he.They make a great couple and yes i am now seeing the #1-#3 pick in the Lakers near future.Cute.

  • rik

    Lakers lineup next season:
    PG: exum farmar marshall
    SG: kobe meeks bazemore
    SF: Ariza young
    PF: Gasol Wes kelly
    C: Embiid hill sacre

    • LakersGyrl

      I sure hope they don’t keep Marshall :-(

      • Chrmngblly

        Better to hope he turns into Steve Nash.

  • William Davis

    Silver should be going out of his way to apologize to Jeannie and to Lakers fans for what David Stern did to ruin the Lakers and other big market/big budget teams.

    • Chrmngblly

      Does everyone in the world not know that Jim Buss F*cked that up by failing to get league approval before trying to sneak that deal through? Jeanie didn’t even know it was coming. There is politics in all this stuff, after all. Naturally, all the other owners were pissed and vetoed the Lakers’ deal after that. Or maybe he really didn’t know better.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am very happy to see Adam Silver and Jeanie Buss whining and dining together.I still predict the number 1 pick will end up with the Lakers come 2014 draft night.

    • rik

      Dante exum and wiggins parker or joel embiid

  • vdogg

    i agree, adam. go get ’em, jeanie!!!

  • Alex K Tatiracanal

    It seems like Adam Silver is trying to make amends for some of the things Stern has done. We know the Lakers current situation can be traced back to the Chris Paul trade that didn’t go through.
    Stern said the trade wasn’t “fair”, but what was the real reason he didn’t let it go through?

    • Chrmngblly

      The Laker talent drain is more due to the Howard and Nash trades and all the talent and draft picks we gave away for those two losers.

  • Lakerlife

    If the NBA didnt stick their nose in Laker Operations, We’d be well off and CP3 and Dwight would made a great Laker team alonfg with the guys we already have.. #hipocriteNBA

  • Gregory Gaylen

    Jeannie should wield an Iron Fist when presiding over Jimmy and Mitch… tolerate no BS.

  • Robert L. I.

    I threw-up in my mouth!!!!!!

    By far the best post ever in Lakers Nation history by Chrmngblly!

    Though I know the story behind the Lakers downfall well (right now the Clippers are “The Team”) reading Chrmngblly’s post in black and white makes one throw up in their mouths.

    The only chance to rid the Lakers of further buffoonery from the 6’1″ jockey2b dreamer is if fans stop going to games, season ticket holders revolt, and celebrity fans like Flea speak out loud and clear “This has to stop now!”

    Jeannie’s little interview seemed to me ridiculous and full of excuses. Somehow she’s stranglehold by her incompetent brother and has chosen to allow the Lakers to tank than make the correct decision. She fricken let her fiance walk away and leave town. WTF?

    I just keep throwing up in my mouth….argh!