Lakers News: Nash Says Tonight’s Game Could Be Last Of The Season Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="132"] This season has been a disastrous one for the Lakers in general and Steve Nash in particular. Nash has played in only 13 games this s [new_royalslider id="132"] This season has been a disastrous one for the Lakers in general and Steve Nash in particular. Nash has played in only 13 games this s Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Nash Says Tonight’s Game Could Be Last Of The Season

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This season has been a disastrous one for the Lakers in general and Steve Nash in particular. Nash has played in only 13 games this season and his 14th could be his last.

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According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, tonight’s game against the Dallas Mavericks could be Nash’s final game of the season:

Nash’s season was destroyed because of injuries. He has dealt with nerve root irritation stemming from a leg injury he suffered at the beginning of last season.

He has played sparingly this season, and has shown flashes of the two-time MVP the Lakers thought they were getting. Unfortunately, he has been unable to sustain a high level of play.

There are sure to be a number of questions on whether or not Nash will play next season. There have been reports that Nash could retire at the end of this season, but Nash himself has said he plans on returning next year.

Nash is due to make $9.7 million next season, and the possibility of getting that money off their books is probably attractive to the Lakers. But Nash has shown he can play at a high level in spurts.

Nash also needs only 12 assists to pass Mark Jackson for 3rd on the all-time list. He has hit double-digits in two of the last three games, so passing Jackson could be a possibility tonight.

Nash is now the third Laker this week who could miss the rest of the season joining Xavier Henry and potentially Pau Gasol.
Lakers vs. Blazers: Steve Nash Has A “Blast,” Despite Rolling Ankle

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  • Zimmeredge

    he might retire after passing Mark Jackson and becoming #3. Who knows?

    • CAP

      Who cares? Stockton, Jackson or Nash have no rings. They are hollow statistics.

      • Zimmeredge

        a lot of people cares about that kind of thing as it is very rare and special to achieve something like that.
        malone never won a ring yet he is second all time scoring. a lot of people care about this. number three all time passer. do you know what it means?

    • hookedonnews

      He doesn’t care about stats. If he’s healthy, he’ll play.

      • Harvey Hirsch

        He doesn’t care about the team that is apparent. He wants the assist mark and the money. No cares about earning it or going out when his time comes, because it has already come.

        He out and out admitted it was the money and now it is the assist record and I have not seem any flashes of his style this season. Athletes as a whole want the money for past performance and take no responsibility for when things don’t go well. The rest of us would be fired for missing almost everyday or not performing, Nash thinks that is fine to keep grabbing the money and already declaring this as his last game. He if cared at all, he would be available for the remaining 6 games, let the coach decide if he should play.

        • hookedonnews

          You obviously don’t know a lot about Steve Nash. I suggest that you watch that entire video where he said he wanted the money. Then watch that first Grantland video where he’s getting those shots in his back and rehabbing for hours trying to get back on the court. Then you can watch the interview with Chris McGee, and you’ll know exactly how he feels about playing, about the money, and about the team. You can’t watch a sound bite and come to a conclusion about who someone is and what motivates them.

          The reason he said it was probably his last game was that he thought Farmar was coming back, and he wanted to give him the opportunity to play. He was asked about the assist mark recently and had no idea how close he was to passing Mark Jackson. He has never cared about his own statistics. I’ve seen him come out of a game one assist short of a double/double many times.

          No one is fired for being injured. He wants to earn his money, but has been willing here at the end of the season to let the younger guys get the time even though he wanted to play. If he cared about the assist record he would have been lobbying MDA to continue to play because there’s no guarantee he’ll be back next season. The Lakers can still waive him, although I don’t think they will. I suggest you watch those videos so you can understand who Nash is before you make these kind of judgments. He never said it was only about the money.

          • Harvey Hirsch

            So you don’t leave it open that maybe, just maybe Nash is just savvy enough know what to say? According to you we should believe everything an athlete says? You don’t find it amazing that he has just barely played over the 10 games it took to guarantee next year’s contract and make it so the Lakers could not retire him and get out of the contract even if just to help with salary cap.

            How much do you want to bet if he had only played 4 games so far he would be playing the next 6 games no matter how pathetic he plays so he could collect the money? And really how many athletes aren’t surrounded by handlers who tell them about every statistic.

          • hookedonnews

            You’re trying to make this too complicated. I’ve been watching Steve Nash for a long time. It’s not a secret that he’s the one of the most unselfish players in the league. He’s got a reputation, and it’s not for being a liar or some money-grubbing guy. He played in Phoenix for years at less than a max contract because he’s not a greedy player.

            You’re making an incorrect assumption about the medical retirement option (the 10 game thing). He was never eligible for that. That is only for players who are unable to play again. He didn’t qualify for that because he’s obviously still able to play. That subject is addressed in the Grantland videos also. I don’t find it amazing that he wants to play because he knows his career is coming to an end. The Lakers can still waive him and stretch his salary over 3 years, but they’ve indicated that they don’t plan to do that.

            They asked Nash about the assist record after a recent game, and he wasn’t aware how close he was to breaking it. Why would he lie? And as I’ve already pointed out, if he’s so worried about stats why did he say he would shut it down for the season so Farmar could have plenty of minutes? And he’s not a guy who’s surrounded by handlers. That’s pretty funny. Yes, he has an agent, but I don’t think he’s got a retinue of handlers.

            He was going to get the money regardless unless he retired, and he has no desire to retire because he loves to play and that window is closing. As I said in my last comment, you obviously don’t know anything about Nash. If you’ve seen him play the last few games he’s been in (and I’m guessing you haven’t because if you had you wouldn’t be talking about him playing pathetic) you know he can still play at a high level. And if you’ve been listening to Mitch Kupchak, you know that the Lakers aren’t planning to go after free agents this year. They want to wait until after next season when the better free agents will be available. Nash’s salary will be off the books by then. In the meantime, he has proven he can help the team. He’s also going to help Marshall and Farmar the same way he helped Steve Blake. There’s such an obvious difference when he’s on the court, it’s not debatable.

            Go to YouTube and watch the Grantland videos and google the Chris McGee interview if you want to understand the situation. If you want to know the facts you have to go to the source.

  • cyborgspider

    I’m a huge Nash hater, but why sit out? Get some burn, dude, at least 10-15 minutes every other game. Is Farmar coming back soon? Marshall can’t play 48 minutes and the Lakers struggled with X at the poi… oh right the tank is rolling. Just start Sacre, Kelly, Young, Meeks and Marshall for the rest of the season.

  • justin8135

    I at one time had much respect for Nash. I understand he’s entitled to his money, but how bout you earn your check, dude. He previously said on a espn interview that he wants to earn his check. Now that its obvious his body won’t allow him to play, he doesn’t want to retire because he wants the money. Stop saying it’s the Lakers origination/fans that your trying for, when really it’s only for (YOUR) best interest.

    • CAP

      He retires. He is still paid. He just likes the title of being the “Lakers”.

  • k.

    Hey Nash the signs are clear as day! You’ve had plenty of time off to heal and you continue to get injured. The time has come to bow out now that the season is over.


  • Big Hawk Connie

    Last game ever???

  • Big Hawk Connie

    One of the best players ever is cool to watch,much respect to Steve Nash.

  • http://www.mpmonroe.com/ Michael P. Monroe

    Cya Steve – its over. You’re a HOF player and the Suns will retire your jersey one day. D’Antoni can roll out with you. Thanks for the memories and the burn of the Buss $$$. We gotta get back to winning iron (championships) not listening to the “Nightly Nash” report as reported by cub reporter Mike D’Antoni.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Can’t blame the guy for how things turned out for him in purple n gold. Mitch tried to get us a ring with D12 & Nash but didn’t succeed. I only wish Nash could of won a ring here or in Phx. He deserves one for all he’s done in his career.

    • Jim213

      It is what it is but if FO keeps him around next season it’s likely he’d be pitched as an expiring contract next season. However, he’ll still be paid but if traded next year (as an expiring contract player) he’d likely be waived after IMO.

  • jeff

    Time for Nash to grow up and be realistic. Quit flogging a dead horse as they say.

  • Ico

    Could Steve Nash be coaching the LAL?

    • CAP

      Could a mule be coaching the Lakers? Could a donkey be hitting a three point shot?

      Anything is possible!

  • CAP

    That is a bitter-sweet rooting for your ex-team mate. The Dallas realized that Nash was not a championship material. They booted him out. Since, they went to the finals twice. They won one.

    What to the Lakers do, waste 2 first rounds and a prime spot for three seasons? GO MITCH!

    Sure Dirk.

  • CAP

    Is Nash done with the Lakers? Good I can watch the LAL again!

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