Lakers News: MRI Reveals Pau Gasol Has Plantar Fasciitis Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Denver Nuggets, and to make things worse forward Pau Gasol is suffering from plantar fasciitis The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Denver Nuggets, and to make things worse forward Pau Gasol is suffering from plantar fasciitis Rating:
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Lakers News: MRI Reveals Pau Gasol Has Plantar Fasciitis

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Denver Nuggets, and to make things worse forward Pau Gasol is suffering from plantar fasciitis.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ersGasol went through an MRI on Thursday and it revealed that he has plantar fasciitis in his right foot, NBA.com reports. Gasol previously dealt with tendonitis in his knees which caused him to be sidelined for several games, and at this point it is unclear if Gasol will have to miss games due to the plantar fasciitis.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol has plantar fasciitis in his right foot.

He was examined on Thursday by a foot specialist and an MRI confirmed the diagnosis. Gasol is listed as probable for Friday night’s game against Portland.

This season has been very turbulent for Pau Gasol and he has not found any consistency with his game. Even though Gasol believes the Lakers are getting back on track, there is still a lot the team and Gasol have to do to get better. The Lakers are currently 14-15, and at this rate the team is nowhere close to championship form.

Gasol has been heavily criticized the past few seasons and there have been trade rumors hovering over him for quite some time now. At this point he is probable for the Lakers’ next game against Portland, but there is chance he gets sidelined for an extended amount of time once again. Gasol has not been performing well for the Lakers, and if he continues on this path, he may end up with another team down the road.

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  • lakers_824

    This is not looking good for the future i sau trade him asap b4 his value decreases. I would love to have a healthy pau but with knee and now foot problems ill pass on him

  • joe23

    Just trade this guy gasoft… he no play defense anyway…

    injury is just keep coming for this guy, trade him now before its too late…

    This situation its look like the past of kobe and shaq era, they can’t run for one more ring, kobe and gasoft era are done.

    Now, its kobe and d12 + nash era in la la land.

  • donttouchmybirdie

    forget about this season laker fans.. the game has changed now.. one guy cant take over games in the nba now.. especially in the playoffs.. you cant play hero ball like jordan and kobe used to do.. the defense is so much better nowadays with teams like the heat who prioritizes defense.. physical teams like grizzlies and the clippers are hard to beat if there alot of isolation.. i am one of he biggest kobe fan in the world.. but kobe at this point of his career can NOT make his teamates ‘better’ like lebron, durant, cp3, rondo, heck even a ballhog like melo make his teammates better because why??? because they are still young! they are all on their prime.. they all have the step that kobe is missing at this stage of his amazing career.. i mean kobe is still no doubt or atleast arguable that he is if not the best, he is one the best scorer in the league but being the best scorer just doesnt cut it anymore.. in today’s game.. ball movement, athleticism, teamwork, most importantly DEFENSE, and just a little bit of hero ball is what it takes to win championships in the NBA now.. before in the MJ era.. you could have gotten away with ALOT of hero ball but not anymore.. and from what i’m seeing.. all the factors that are needed as i stated above to win a championship.. the LAKERS do NOT have them THIS YEAR!.. i feel like even though dwight is not 100 percent.. he still should be able to give 100 percent EFFORT WISE.. but i just dont see him doing it.. i feel like even though kobe is having one of his best seasons.. i feel like he is shooting too much.. he needs to drive to the hoop more and make defenses collapse on him and make an easy pass to their bigs instead of getting a pass from nash and holding the ball and then shooting it.. if he makes it then great but if he doesnt.. it takes his teamates out of the game especially dwight and pau.. even if kobe makes his shots but at the same time he is shooting too much then he also is taking his teamates out of the game.. the lakers need more ball movement and kobe should take responsibility for that.. kobe will still get his points but he just needs try to distribute more.. i know people might say duh?! thats why they got nash… but people who say that is not getting my point.. do you expect the lakers to win a championship by playing pick and roll with nash and howard/gasol and then one pass to the open 3 or one nashty pass in the paint to the roll man? what if howard is fouled and doesnt make free throws? what if SOFT PAU canot finish an easy layup just because he thought he was fouled? all im saying is that NASH WILL BE NASH.. BIGS WILL BE BIGS.. BIGS NEED THE BALL PASSED TO THEM IN ORDER TO BE PRODUCTIVE AND IF THE LAKERS THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH ONLY NASH DISTRIBUTIN THE BALL THE THEY BETTER REALIZE THAT THAT STYLE OF PLAY WONT CUT IT.. THEY WILL WIN GAMES FOR SURE BUT DEFINITELY NOT CHAMPIONSHIP.. IN MY OPINION, IF KOBE JUST ATLEAST TRY TO DRIVE THE LANE A LITTLE MORE OFTEN.. MAYBE INSTEAD OF AROUND 3 DRIVES A GAME.. MAYBE HE SHOULD DO IT AROUND 6 TO 8.. HE HAS A HIGHER CHANCE OF GETTING CALLS BECAUSE OF ‘SUPERSTAR’ CALLS BY THE REFS SO THAT PUTS THEM IN A GOOD POSITION ESPECIALLY ON THE DEFENSIVE END BECAUSE THEY CAN BE SET AND ALSO IF THE DEFENSE COLLAPSE ON HIM THEN ITS ONE EASY LOB OR ANY KIND OF WHETHER IT BE A SICK NO LOOK PASS OR A SIMPLE BOUNCE PASS TO DWIGHT OR PAU THEN THATS GOOD BASKETBALL RIGHT THERE.. SO PLEASE KOBE!! STOP SHOOTING TOO MANY BEAUTIFUL JUMPERS!! WE KNOW YOU CAN MAKE THEM ALREADY! WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS DRIVE THE LANE MORE AND MAKE DEFENSES THINK AND COLLAPSE!! GET DWIGHT AND PAU MORE INVOLVED!! IT IS ALL UP TO YOU KOBE!! TIME TO GET YOUR 6TH RING!!

    • lakers_824

      lol u think any1 is gonna read that,

  • plantarfasciitisexpert

    Good thing everyone who visits this website is a doctor and we all know exactly what plantar fasciitis is!! =D
    That last sentence and the emoticon were sarcasm because know no one knows what the f plantar fasciitis is…
    Thanks for the informative article!! (yes, once again, sarcasm)

  • plantarfasciitisexpert

    With all the copying and pasting on this site, how about copying and pasting wikipedia so we know what the heck you’re talking about.

  • MATT BARNES,Remember Me?

    GASOL Playing good

    D;antoni will end his carrer play that type of retarded game!

    u gotta let Gasol do his thing!

    the problem here is DWIGHT HOWARD Weak overrated azz blaming everybody for his sh*t
    he sucks,he should play SF playing that weak Marcus camby boxed u out like nothing! lol
    TRADE HOWARD & FIRE Dfagtoni
    Sign Brian Shaw
    and then maybe we have a championship team,for now CLIPPERS will run L.A

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