Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Trade Front ‘Pretty Quiet Right Now’

Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Trade Front ‘Pretty Quiet Right Now’


The Lakers have been known for their amazing ability to consistently pull of trades involving All-Star players. From Wilt Chamberlain to Pau Gasol and most recently Dwight Howard, the Lakers seem to find a way to acquire marquee players in trades and put themselves in a position to contend every year.

While many have expected the Lakers to busy with the looming February 20th, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin talks have been slow:

The Lakers certainly do not have the assets to pull of a blockbuster trade, but people have expected the team to be searching for a way to get below the luxury tax line via trade. Gasol has been the center of rumors throughout the season, with the most recent linking him to the Phoenix Suns.

After years of being cash strapped, the Lakers will finally have cap space this off season to try to entice free agents to come to the city of angels.

According to Lakers Reporter Mike Trudell, GM Mitch Kupchak is keeping the future in mind:

The way the Lakers handle this trade deadline as well as the upcoming free agency could prove to be key in the team becoming title contenders again. With Carmelo Anthony being linked to the Lakers this offseason, and both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving being linked in the summer of 2015, the Lakers will want to make smart moves at the deadline to ensure they still have the flexibility to go after All-Star caliber players.
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  • Jim213


  • Sti1lmatic

    I have a weird feeling that the league is going to get MITCH SLAPPED……… again. Very soon.

  • gm jack

    Mitch was never a GM. He took over a team from Jerry West.

    This statement he made with respect to Nash, confirms that he has no clue.

    They spent so much money no Nash and Blake, they could have had Carmelo in 2011. He truly has zero basketball sence. It is not Jerry Buss. It is Mitch is the problem.

    Jeanie, please get a New GM.

    “No regrets,” Kupchak said before the Lakers played the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday. “You have to recognize where you are as a franchise and we felt we had a two-year window, maybe three, to go for a championship and that’s what we did.

    • vdogg

      you’re way off. mitch has done a fantastic job. it’s not his fault that the injuries have piled up and that the league nixed the paul trade. oh, and if you’re going to say someone has “zero basketball sence”, at least spell SENSE correctly!

      • gm jack

        Mitch missed James, in 2010. That was the biggest free Agent since Shaq. If West was in town. Lebron would be here today.

        Laker would have won in 2011, 2012 with Kobe and Lebron.

        Lakers did not even make a pitch.

        Is lakers thinking Durant now. ?????
        The Kobe was a Jerry West Draft.

        Oh, what did we get in exchange for Shaq. Nothing. They did not have to trade shaq.

        he missed KG, who was dying to get out of MN. He missed on some big time players.

        Kwame Brown, Grant Odom for Shaq. Then, he extends Gasol, for three years.

        Mitch should have been planning fro Lebrong, the whole Universe knew he wanted out in 2010. How did Pat Riley did it.

        This current Lakers Team, last Five Rings is a marvel of WEST. Shaq and Kobe.

        Shaq and Kobe are done. What’s in Lakers Horizon.

      • gm jack

        even if lakers were healthy, they are no match for OKC or the Heat or the Rockets or the Pacers right now.

        • vdogg

          please. no one, and i mean NO ONE, thought that there was any chance in hell for lebron to be a laker in 2010. the lakers had just won two titles in a row and were not going to shake up that core. and btw, kobe is not done. he’s got two years left on his deal.

          • gm jack

            Why not? Any basketbal expert could not argue that Lakers minus Gasol plus LeBron would have made the Lakers a better team. I would not have any one pick Gasol over LeBron in any basketball discussion.

          • niwdle

            Your comment is flawed sir. It’s easy to pick Lebron for replace players but after winning 2 straight championships then you’ll break the core? That’s what’s keeping San Antonio competitive year after year by keeping the core. Who would have thought that after 3 straight chances of playing the Finals that they would self destruct against the Mavs?

    • Michael Bromley

      Are you kidding me? Mitch orchestrated the trade that got pau here in the first place, which, despite his current worth, lead us to 3 straight finals and 2 rings. Mitch then turned an aging pau and an about to emotionally blow up odom into CP3, not his fault stern squashed the deal. Next he took Andrew Bynums bum knees and turned that into Howard, the best centre in the game today. Do you honestly think Howard would have left if cp3 were here as well? Kobe, Howard and cp3 is one heck of a lineup son! More balanced than miami’s big 3, for sure.