Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Mike D’Antoni Has ‘Done A Great Job’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="138"] The Lakers are currently sitting at the bottom of the NBA Western Conference standings with a 22-45 record. The team is set to potent [new_royalslider id="138"] The Lakers are currently sitting at the bottom of the NBA Western Conference standings with a 22-45 record. The team is set to potent Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Mike D’Antoni Has ‘Done A Great Job’

The Lakers are currently sitting at the bottom of the NBA Western Conference standings with a 22-45 record. The team is set to potentially have their worst season in franchise history since moving to Los Angeles in 1960.

And recently, Lakers star Kobe Bryant stated his concerns about the uncertainty over keeping coach Mike D’Antoni for another season.

With all the unfortunate turn of events this season, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak, spoke to with Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News about coach D’Antoni’s job performance.

I don’t want to get into that with those kind of questions, he’s done a great job and dealt with a year last year when he was here part-time and a ridiculous amount of injuries this year.

Most Laker fans have been irate about D’Antoni and the team’s performance for the majority of the season. Due to injuries, D’Antoni has never been able to coach the team to it’s full potential. The Lakers front office has an understanding of the situation and are willing to see how it plays out for coach D’Antoni.

It still remains to be seen how D’Antoni will perform with a healthy roster in the 2014-15 NBA season. There’s no guarantee that D’Antoni will be back next season, but he’s also not been reprimanded yet either.
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  • Zimmeredge

    the reassuring thing is that he speaks about him in the past….

    • Jim213

  • Vince Staley

    Mitch is just being Mitch……gracious. Sooner or later, Mike is a goner !

  • cyborgspider

    The day after the season: “Mike has done a great job, but the Lakers have decided to move in a different direction. We want to thank him for his tireless efforts and dedication and wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

  • cyborgspider

    Follow up question by Medina: “how about his defensive principles? Has he done a great job instilling a defensive mindset and intensity within the team?”

    “Oh hell nah. That’s a fucking joke. Uh… that’s off the record, don’t put that in the article”

    • ranfan

      LMFAO I’m dying man

  • Kay Carter

    i have nothing to say, im just speechless smh

  • Nashir Mohammed

    yeah remember when mike brown was safe? even if that was phil jackson he’d be gone with that record. people have been fired for franchise high wins….it’s a given that MDA is gone.

  • Jabari

    Tanking has found the Lakers franchise and Mike D’Antoni is the tank commander.The Lakers will tank for the next 7 years with Mike D’Antoni coaching.

  • Jabari

    Stay forever so we can keep watching the Lakers tank.Duke is a crappy team.

  • Raymond Co

    maybe mitch thought the clippers record was ours? -_-

  • lululicky

    if u have 8 players available at the nba level, you should find a way to at least be consistent, and compete. injuries are a bullshit excuse. every team has injuries. ours is kobe which sucks bad, but still there is no consistency or game plan as to how to win games. d’antoni is turning laker fans into clipper fans single handedly. thanks mitch.


    i smell some fishy sooner or laker that mike D’anus will be gone im just glad that mitch cupcake sees a little bright light in the dark place,, hmmm IMO JEF VAN GUNDY is a great coach his philosophy of coaching is admirable, he knows how to disect the organ that couldnt functioning well and Surgery it

  • Brandon Leong

    To be real honest as a Laker fan, I want to see how MAntoni *no D in his name* lead the Lakers next season, I know #LakerNation has been crying way too much to have him sacked but I feel its’ not entirely his fault; also the fact that Phil is unreachable now.

    Players have to take accountability and pride playing as a Laker. Our lineup this year is obviously not good enough, and with constant barrages of injuries, its really difficult to gather any momentum. When I watch Laker games, I am just very, very frustrated at the defensive EFFORT of the team. I think this has been addressed by Antoni during timeouts and post conferences alot!

    Yet..we still see lack of effort on D. I feel the Laker’s mindset is just to score more points than the other team, not making it harder for the other team to score against us.

    Defensive capability could be another factor affecting us. It’s not that we’re not trying hard enough to let the other team score, but we’re just not GOOD enough to stop them. Somewhat like “we know our limitations, but we still can’t rectify it to avoid constant criticism.

    That’s my comment but I do feel we should keep Xavier, Wes, Marshall, Meeks and Bazemore next season as they are high energy guys. Sorry JHill and Marshon, you guys have not been contributing enough to receive any consideration.

    Peace out!

    • Gary Schlager

      Stop speaking so logically. It will confuse most of the people who post on here.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Agree with you to keep Xavier, Wes, Marshal, Meeks, Bazemore….

      I think that Pau is a goner too…. we still have Kelly and Sacre, and of course Kobe and Nash… that’s 9 players… only 3 starter caliber, rest is only good for the bench…

      We need to address the PF position… I wouldn’t mind of we get ZBo…

      But I am not sure a lineup of Sacre, ZBo, Wes, Kobe, Marshal could be a good starting 5 that can contend…

      • Brandon Leong

        ZBo is too expensive for Lakers, at his age and athleticism, i think Lakers will look for a younger prospect.

    • magikwyrkz

      JHill & Marshon haven’t been given the chance because of Dumbtoni. I guess you missed the last game when JHill went off. JHill is a powerhouse defender and we need to keep him even though Dumbtoni knows nothing about teaching defense.

  • Mark

    If he is going to be the coach next season there will be no difference, we will be plagued with injuries!!!. His style of play, gives the players no time to rest their bodies.

  • X

    He’s done a great job according to Mitch because they asked him to tank the season in order to secure the top 5 pick and he’s doing exactly that. Mark my word, next season MDA is still the Lakers coach and the team “mysteriously” become a good team.

    It’s not a rocket science. Mitch & Jim told MDA to tank this season considering the depth of the talent pool. Once they get the player, MDA won’t be “restricted” anymore and the team will start winning.

  • Gary Schlager

    They will never get rid of him when they have no plans at all in making any moves to get any new major talent for next year. Why bring in a new coach to coach a team that will be more depleted than this year? Gasol will be gone and so will anyone on this years team that gets any real offers from other teams. The lakers are saving all there money till 2015. D’Antoni already got career years from just about every guy on this team this year. The headline of Kobe not knowing about another year is him saying he didn’t know because he said D’Antoni hasn’t got a fair shot since he has been here with all the injures to the team. Not some sort of slight at the coach that most of these writers spin it into.

    • cyborgspider

      Let go of the current big men. Sign Spencer Hawes. Acquire Love by trading Gasol and the Lakers pick (try not to give up the pick of course, unless absolutely necessary). Antoni now has a vaunted stretch 5 and stretch 4. Keep the bench and all the slashers/athletes. Get Kobe healthy. NOW you have a true Antoni squad, no more excuses for not having the “right” players. If he doesn’t find success with that roster, he doesn’t deserve another coaching job ever again.

      That’s the only situation I would want him back, having those two in the lineup and seeing what happens.

      • Gary Schlager

        You can’t trade Gasol. He is a free agent the second the season is over and will be leaving the team. Lakers have nothing to trade for Love. That’s why they are not spending money till his contract is up in 2015. They don’t particularly want any guys next year. All the major free agents are 2015 that they are interested in. Also, they won’t match offers that come in to most of the guys on the team now. They will get another roster next year of guys that will sign 1 year deals just like this year

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          Actually they can… via sign and trade…

          • Gary Schlager

            The lakers are not doing any deal with Gasol. They are not spending money at all. You really think someone like Minnesota is interested in getting rid of Love for nothing? They are going to have 15 teams trying to trade valuable guys for him next year. Lakers won’t be wasting time messing with Gasol in any sign and trade. I’ll be surprised if the lakers sign anyone next year other than more 1 year contracts exactly like this year. They are going to have all their money sitting around for 2015.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I hate to disagree with you…Kobe has a 2 year contract to try to win… expecting to build in 2015 all but ensure that that does not happen… a 1 year window is just too scanty to be excited about… I believe they have already started the rebuild, that’s why the contract…they already have the requisite players to man the bench, the Lakers just need another border line all star or two and we are set, the rebuild/retool will be completed this summer. Love or no Love.

            Our current starters: Kobe, Pau(if he stays for a lower contract in the 10M range, if not, Sacre can man the center position as a defensive amchor), Meeks(he has earned this spot by his consistency this season).

            Our bench: Sacre, Kelly, Wes, Henry, Bazemore, Marshal

            Kelly has really turned out a surprise. He might get the starting PF position if he continue to develop in the summer.
            Bazemore has also been a very good addition, specially his perimeter defense. And will be a good rotation player.

            We only need a starting PG and a PF.

            Overall, a healthy Kobe and Gasol is still very good if surrounded with good role players…

            Gasol/Sacre, Kelly, Kobe, Bazemore, Meeks – starting lineup… with Kobe manning the PG is a very intriguing lineup on both ends of the court. YOu add a certified started to this core, like Loul Deng, will really improve the team dramatically.

            We don’t need Kevin Love. But if FO can swing a deal via sign and trade with Gasol and the 1st round pick, that would be something.

  • Sylvia Ross

    This is a sad day in Laker land. If they were going to tank they could have kept Mike Brown. I guess I want be saying anything else. Like Pringles said if you don’t like what he’s doing, find yourself another team. Right now I am deeply hurt. Maybe everyone else saw something I didn’t see.

    • Gary Schlager

      You see the roster of guys that either were 10th men on a bench or d-league guys not even in the Nba right? Who is this team really supposed to beat with that roster then add on ever person on the team missing lots of games due to injury. You coach have had Pat Riley, Phil, And popovich coaching this team and they still would stink.

    • dr

      Mike Brown is a better coach any day. He took the lowly Cavaliers to the finals. and won the EAST 2 x with that pitiful team. He is not elite by any stretch of the imagination. Just better than Rigatoni!!!

  • 3339

    stop it.

  • vdogg

    the injuries have hamstrung the team, but mike d has still got to go.

  • TheMonitor

    If they hired him to tank the team for draft picks, then obviously he has done a great job!

  • truth24

    Jerry Sloan may be the best option to counter doc rivers.

    • dr

      Jerry is always good. But, he is 71…………….Why not steal Doc…since Sterling will take cash for the trade. He likes money.

  • dr

    That is why Mitch and Rigatoni both has to go!!!!

    Jeanie, please get rid of both……..you can do better!!! Coach/GM/President ala, Pat Riley. How can it get any worst. Just get Kobe to help you with coaching while he plays.

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