Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Kobe ‘Really Won’t Weigh In On’ Coach Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Lakers are currently searching for a new name to roam the sidelines next season. The front office is taking its Please enable Javascript to watch this video The Lakers are currently searching for a new name to roam the sidelines next season. The front office is taking its Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Kobe ‘Really Won’t Weigh In On’ Coach

The Lakers are currently searching for a new name to roam the sidelines next season. The front office is taking its time deciding on a new coach after the disastrous tenures of Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni.

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Kobe Bryant, who has been sidelined with a broken knee cap since early December, has recently stated that he hopes the franchise will consider his thoughts on the next coach. However, according to ESPN, Mitch Kupchak does not intend to talk to Kobe on the subject:

As Bryant told Jimmy Kimmel, he was not consulted in the hiring of both Brown and D’Antoni. Since neither of those coaches saw their contracts out, Bryant was hoping to be able to give his thoughts with the front office as they made their latest choice.

It’s surprising that Kupchak has come out numerous times saying that Bryant’s opinion will not be considered when it comes to making front office decisions, such as the trading of Pau Gasol and now the head coaching position.

If the Lakers want to compete in the upcoming season, they must make sure they pick a coach that meshes well, not only Bryant, but the team as well. Bryant is in the twilight of his career, and is searching for a coach to help him bring home his much coveted sixth ring.

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Bryant is already working out at the team facility, and Kupchak believes he will be ready for opening night. Unfortunately for Bryant, the man roaming the sidelines that night may not be the one Kobe had in mind.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak Q & A: Kobe Bryant, NBA Draft, Coaching Search

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  • vdogg

    makes no sense. you give him that big contract and then DON’T consult with him on the coach? come on.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      He’s being paid to play, not to make executive decisions or provide consultation to the front office. Kobe will focus on his job. Mitch and Jim will focus on their jobs.

    • daniel

      The money they gave him was as a thank you for his past success with the Lakers, no because what they expect from him in the next two years. Kobe as we know him, at his age, and with the injuries he had, is gone, finished. He should be thinking about making 15 points a game, some assists and help the lakers, leading and mentoring the young players they will come on board, that is what they want him to do. Besides that, he obviously sell tickets, and he is part of Lakers merchandising machines. So in other words, Kobe is not part of the lakers long term plans as it should be.

      • Nick Wolf

        You sir are wrong.

      • KKB24

        Stop taking drugs and go to your doctor,greats like jordan,magic,bird,kareem,bill,the dream,shaq,payton,stockton,malone,wilt,kobe,durant,lebron will be an MVP-Player until they retire

        • Lakers9121

          More than half the players you mentioned was barely a factor at the end of their career.

  • Vince

    I think what Kupchak means is that they will run things by Kobe, but in the end they (as in Buss and Kupchak) will be the ones to pick and won’t necessarily give the job to who Kobe’s no.1 choice will be.

    Besides, at this point Kobe isn’t thinking about the future of the franchise, but more so his last 2 years. The Front Office meanwhile has to consider the next 5+ years or so, and that has to factor into this next hire.

  • Darnell

    You all talk about the Clippers so much on this website lately since Donald Sterling stirred up a lot of negative controversy and racism blah blah blah all the stupid bullshit that is out in the media and everywhere else.Anyways lets now focus on the Oklahoma City Thunder and the MVP Kevin Durant.The Thunder have played their hearts out and they have given their all and they are now up 3-2 on the Clippers with a pivotal game 6 close out game for the Thunder.Kevin Durant is going to separate himself from the rest of the players tonight,in big games like this closeout situation you have to perform to the highest level to be considered the best in the world and this is the type of game that made players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant famous and all time great legends and immortals.

    Kevin Durant is the MVP and he has been talked up for years and years now is his chance tonight to prove to the world he really is the best player in the world.It’s what legends are made out of games like this walking into the opposing building beating the Clippers on their own home floor in front of all their rabid fans.Kevin Durant has to close it out tonight shut the place down until October.Legends are born in games like tonight especially with the circumstances the teams are both under with the Sterling drama.Also Kevin Durant had a bad game last game so he wants redemption and it’s time to redeem himself and prove he belongs in the same sentence as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and it’s time for Kevin Durant to start winning championships.

    I give credit to the Thunder players for playing great basketball.Russell Westbrook has played great putting up almost a triple double for the playoffs.Westbrook is playing like he is another Oscar Roberson.Clippers are playing hard but the Thunder are just that much better than them Clippers.It’s put or shut up time for both teams and we all know the Thunder were very clutch in the last game as they were down 13 points with less than 4 minutes to play and they came back and won that’s unheard of.Great job Oklahoma City Thunder now it’s time to put them away for good send them away.I am a Lakers fan but i see greatness in the clutch Thunder and i see the Clippers as a choker.

    • nlruizjr

      although I agree KD is a great player but I have been disappointed in the team play, it has been more of the same, just KD and Russle, they really haven’t improved and that will be their downfall and their coaching has a lot to be desired, no one is involved other than KD and Russle and their defense is turrible, just turrible (my Barkley impression).

  • 3339

    well honestly based on the fact that the front office struck out big time on the past 2 coaches, especially the last one I mean goodness gracious, they should talk with Kobe. At least talk with him on who you’re considering.
    Don’t give me that crap on how Dr. Buss would never be intimidated or influenced by a player. Unfortunately he is not here. Kobe has done more for this franchise than anyone that’s currently in that front office, so he deserves to be in on this decision.
    The fact that this current front office messed up coaching decisions so bad warrants involvement from Kobe. Kobe could very well be the best Laker ever. Talk with him about the next coach.

  • TheTruthKills

    By the time we have a good enough roster for the new coach to lead Kobe will probably be gone. Kobe should focus on getting back on the court, mentoring our rookie, and chasing any records he may want before his time is up. Let Mitch do his job.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe is not the GM so he is SOL on this hiring honestly.It’s Jim that hires and fires.

  • saythereal

    As long as Lakers find the best coach that can put us in contender status and win i can careless who has input just please the fans man, Kobe wants rings how can you blame a man who wants to bring championships to your franchise i wouldn’t want a player who loves to lose obviously if you sign a great coach now he can possibly be the future in your franchise as well, thats a win win situation.

  • Lakers Rebuilding

    i don’t see why kobe cant have a role in who will be the next coach I mean cmon the dudes helped the lakers win 5titles so he should have at least some sort of input on who is going to be the next coach kobe wants to win right now so at least have him make one decision on whos going tobe the next coach he deserves it

  • John Elliott

    Just shows how far this organization has fallen since the death of Jerry Buss. I have about zero respect for any of the management any more they seem like bumbling idiots. If Mitch is not careful he will find his ass out on the curb.

  • John Elliott

    As Jim’s mouth piece Mitch is looking like a fool and so is Jim. The last two coaches where disasters. Some insight from the players and a first ballot hall of fame player or players (Pau, Nash) might actually be a good idea. Sadly Jim is an egomaniac and Mitch has been made his lap dog.

  • Kb24

    One thing is sure D FISH FPR ASST COACH

  • Gary

    All Kobe is thinking about is HIS final 2 years. The front office can’t and should not be as myopic. Their responsibility spans beyond the next 2 years and into the future post-Kobe.

    • vdogg

      agreed, but who is to say that whichever coach is hired has to be the coach BEYOND the next two years?

  • Lakers4Life

    Whoever actually believes the article (or Mitch) is an idiot. Of course they will consult with Kobe in that they will ask his opinion about some of their candidates. But ultimately the FO will make the final decision, not Kobe — that’s all Mitch is saying.

  • mike

    not say that kobe should make the final decision, but considering he’s the leader of the team, it would make sense to take his opinion into consideration….he knows the players, he has a great basketball mind and he has his finger on the pulse of the team….even though he hasn’t been playing, best believe that he’s been keeping an eye on what’s going on and an ear to the ground on who would be a good fit

  • Johnny

    Screw Kobe. He didn’t do a thing to help his players this year and is worse example of a team player I can think of. The Lakers need to move on.

  • Just Win Lakers

    Since Doc Rivers no longer wants work for Sterling, why not Buss’$. Just a thought!

  • Kobe Will Get 6

    If the Lakers are truly not going to put themselves in a chance to win a championship these next 2 years, (I would never want to visualize/think of this), but maybe the Lakers should trade Kobe. The front office hasn’t made any indication of trying to spend money this season and the only main free agent next year that the Lakers are most likely targeting is Kevin Love, which is still not enough to win. Plus, Jim Buss hasn’t made ONE good coaching move and with the front office basically telling the media Kobe will not be consulted (not even an input), who knows Mike Brown could come back and coach this team (sarcasm), but who knows the next coach could possibly be someone that will not take this team to the next level and won’t be supported by the fan base. The only reason we are lucky enough to think of bringing in a new coach is because D’aAntoni resigned, not by the Lakers firing him, which means the Lakers would most likely have the same type of team from this season and D’Antoni this year, if D’Antoni didn’t resign. I don’t mean any disrespect to our Nation, but if the Lakers don’t get it right this off season, then what is the point for Kobe to play here?

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