Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Effort, Not Coaching Is Team’s Problem Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers are a team in disarray and people are looking for answers. Unfortunately, there are too many questions and not enough actions, leaving every person w The Lakers are a team in disarray and people are looking for answers. Unfortunately, there are too many questions and not enough actions, leaving every person w Rating:
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Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says Effort, Not Coaching Is Team’s Problem

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers-Press ConferenceThe Lakers are a team in disarray and people are looking for answers. Unfortunately, there are too many questions and not enough actions, leaving every person with an opinion the ability to share what they think is the main problem with this rapidly imploding team. Now, the man who constructed the team, Mitch Kupchak, has shared his thoughts with ESPN Los Angeles on what the problem with the Lakers has been this season.

“I’m a little bit concerned about our effort,” Kupchak said. “I’d like to see better effort on the court. When the ball is not bouncing your way, when shots aren’t going in, you just can’t seem to get a break, the one thing you can control on the court is your effort and loose balls and running the floor, defending, offensive rebounding.

This isn’t exactly a new sentiment, as most people have noticed a severe lack of effort from the team this season. One of the main problems with this team hasn’t been the fact that they’ve been losing, but that they’re losing to seemingly inferior teams that simply outworking them on the court.

Even in the games the team has lost, specifically the game against the San Antonio Spurs on January 9th, where the team has shown adequate effort the fans haven’t been as disheartened.

So, as the team continues the downward spiral, it seems that even the front office isn’t thrilled with the amount of effort being exerted on the basketball court.


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  • http://twitter.com/IAMCRISIS Crisis

    He’s delusional! He knows he made the wrong the decision by picking No “D” Antoni and now he’s trying to defend the move… But he already looks like a fool.

    • Rigged4fun

      He being Jim Buss. Jim wanted to clear out any remnant of Phil’s and try to establish his own dynasty. Obviously Mitch is regurgitating what Jim has to offer.

  • hookedonnews

    All the comments I’ve seen on this article are placing blame on D’Antoni. I’m wondering if any of these people are watching the games. Lack of effort and energy have been the reason for every loss against a team they should have beaten. And for those who say that this falls on the coach–what exactly is the responsibility of the players? Do they not have a responsibility to earn all that money they are being paid? Are these high school players or NBA professionals? Most fans had unrealistic expectations, and because they wanted Phil Jackson to coach, will never be realistic about what’s going on with this team. Don’t confuse them with the facts. Just fire D’Antoni and everything will be magically fixed. Right.

    • Chrmngblly

      Geezus. If you think coaching is about x’s and o’s you need to hit the hash pipe a little more. Do you think all these All Stars from different teams and backgrounds quit putting out at the same time because they are bad people? The team quit believing in the coach and the plan, hook. D’Antoni has lost this team—and he deserved to lose it. Howard’s immaturity contributed but D’Antoni wasted this team.
      So “Yes,” fire D’Antoni hire Sloan and trade Howard.—and everything will be magically fixed, right.

      • hookedonnews

        Don’t attribute your habits to me. No, coaching is not only about x’s and o’s, but these people were playing no better under Mike Brown. D’Antoni hasn’t been there long enough for the team to lose faith in him and his system. What you’ve got here are professionals who are being paid huge amounts of money to perform. If they are not motivated to play no coach is going to change that unless you’re expecting a “win one for the gipper” speech. When the Lakers acquired Nash & Howard, there were a lot of questions about putting all these superstars together. I think you’re seeing the results of that now (not with Nash, but Kobe & Howard). That kind of thing can’t work unless everyone is willing to sacrifice for the team. They are playing well in the first quarter tonight after a team meeting. I think that makes my point that it’s up to the players to get it done. They can’t afford to hire another coach. D’Antoni has a guaranteed contract, and they’re still paying Mike Brown. Jerry Sloan probably wouldn’t be interested in coaching the Lakers. He had enough of coaching prima donnas when he had Deron Williams.

        • alvaromacch

          Actually yes they were playing better b4 D’Antony took charge. Brown took us to the second round last year and b4 D’Antony start coaching this team we were 5-5 now we are 17 – 25 and going down…. playing worst offense and even worst defense… You’re right when you say that lack of effort is a big problem. But do you really see a system running either on the offense nor the defense? Is like they’re playing toguether for a few days and actually D’Antony had 32 season games to install his system and has not succeed. Let’s also remember that he came from a big failure with the Knicks (another big market with a lot of new players and a really similar situation than in LA) the moment he left, NY start playing so much better. Just look at his carreer numbers as a coach, he is a medíocre coach with 50% wins… Nothing against him just facts. I just thing that both of you are right, but in any sport is easier to change the coach than to change the entire roster, but even if you bet in the coach and change a lot of the roster, will you be betting in a 50% winning coach to take you to the championship? or maybe is better to give the oportunity to some one else that can motivate these guys and install a system and identity to this team… Just my opinion, sorry for the bad english…

        • Chrmngblly

          I don’t have to even say a word, hook. Everyone else on here shuts you down because you are such a dufus–sort of like Jim Buss. Quit being so humorless.

          We are all sorry about all the bad coaches Buss has hired for this team, belive me, but we can’t stop now. One thing we can do with D’Antoni is buy him out. We can also fire his brother. Maybe Jerry Sloan is too old or maybe he won’t want to coach the Lakers for some other reason. I still recommend finding a new coach before we fire the old one–and we need to do it now.

          Part of this problem is the Howard situation. Does anyone remember the center D’Antoni had any place his system succeeded? No. Has he has ever had a dominant center anywhere? No. This is not a team that was built with D’Antoni in mind either, but we have an All Star center that is unsigned and could walk after this season. Naturally, we have to kiss his ass so he will want to stay. We can’t just tell Howard to shutup, play defense and we’ll get back to you later.
          The Lakers have always been a powerball franchise; D’Antoni has always been a littleball coach. This is not the situation Howard signed up for. So we have to tell Howard to sign an extension or trade him. Nobody smart would take the chance on having him walk.

          • hookedonnews

            Evidently your idea of humor and mine are not the same. If I called you a moron I might think it was funny, but I doubt that you would. If you’re worried about Dwight Howard, you might want to look in Kobe Bryant’s direction. If Howard leaves it will be because of Kobe not D’Antoni. Dwight Howard is one of the best pick and roll centers in the league. Steve Nash is one of the best pick and roll guards in the league. I see no reason why Howard can’t fit into D’Antoni’s offense. He can run the floor. If Kobe didn’t insist on being the focus of the offense Dwight would be a lot happier than he is now. I don’t know what the future holds for D’Antoni, but the main problems on this team are the drama queens and the lack of a decent bench. And for the record, no one is shutting me down. You’re entitled to your opinion just like everyone else who comments on this site, but I base my opinions on what I see on the court and what I hear from players and coaches not on what I see written here.

          • Chrmngblly


  • JohnC

    Coach D’Antoni has destroyed in a bunch of games most of the principles of team work. Nash is not Nash; Dwight is not ‘Superman’, the super-MWP that started the season with great motivation is struggeling, Pau is not Pau, Jamison is not Jamison…. Kobe’s numbers are dropping… any changes???

  • http://www.facebook.com/bert.cisneros.1 Bert Cisneros

    Of course, it’s the effort, but by whom? The players have tried this system and it don’t work with these guys. Can’t you see? The system takes away the strengths of your team and loses are the result. Pau Gasol is not your problem, D12 and 24, Meta are not your problem. These guys are pro;s in the strictest sense of the word, they’re extremely competent and in another system that caters more to their talents, they would thrive. However, pig-headedness by a coach impervious to the Laker tradition of winning championships, not just victories, is driving this team over the edge, while insisting these players go away from their winning forms is totally ludicrous, stupid and suicidal. Hope only works when intelligence in understanding the problem is addressed without ego or self serving rhetoric, which I dare say this coach has no clue. My way or the highway is not a mantra that works very well in the NBA if you want to win championships. Mitch, you should know that or maybe a different job in another city may be your forte, And please take with you that daddy wannabe, little Jimmy Buss.

    • Crystal

      Very well said. I agree with you 100%. D’Antoni is not the right coach for the Lakers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/1MORELAB William David Moreland

    What games have you been watching?It is obvious that you have a team of superstars and an old fashion coach trying to implement an old out dated system.All the other teams are seeing through it.This coach has never won a champingship in the NBA.Dosen’t that tell you something.Look at his record in Denver,New York,Phonix.All eather fired him or let him go for poor performance.Now he is here trying to distroy one of the best franchise in NBA history.The longer you keep him the worst it’s going to get.
    No defense ,and now no offense.I have been a Laker fan for years and I have never seen anything like this.Now I know how the Clipper fans have felt all these years.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OVPBYCSRK6PSUKNCOB66Z2L4IU scot

    there were better coaches than d antonio. sloan, bickerstaff, rambis, shaw

  • Sam

    101 % on head coach some % that on u to

  • Leo

    what have you expeced Mitch? After not hiring the head coach the players expressively wanted? there will be no constant effort from Pau and Dwight. Nash is weaker than we all thought, Kobe began to suffer with his shot since he started playing real defense… This season is over. D12 should be traded if they keep Kobe. This season can have a very ugly ending if D12 is not traded.

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