Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says D’Antoni “Will Be Back” Next Season

Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Says D’Antoni “Will Be Back” Next Season


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Milwaukee BucksIt seems all Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni needed to do was get the Lakers into the playoffs as general manager Mitch Kupchak made it clear he will be back next season.

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Much has been made about D’Antoni’s ability to mesh with impending free agent Dwight Howard and his inability to learn to adapt with two dominant low-post players. However, ahead of the Lakers game against the Houston Rockets, Kupchak gave D’Antoni the dreaded vote of confidence:

Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times had the story first:

“Yeah, he’s back. I think he’s done a great job,” Kupchak told The Times. “There’s been no discussions otherwise.”

“He’s made adjustments. He’s been flexible. He’s evaluated how he coaches as the season’s progressed. He’s listened to the players. He’s very easy to work with and we think in particular since the meeting the day of the Memphis game, yeah.”

The Lakers are 39-32 with D’Antoni at the helm, but face a playoffs without their leader Kobe Bryant and the massive uncertainty surrounding the health of point guard Steve Nash.

D’Antoni signed a four-year $16 million dollar contract so it seems the marriage between he and the Lakers is for the long-term.


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  • TeddyOrwell

    He deserves a shot at coaching the team from training camp onwards, and to do it with a healthy Dwight. But…..likely no Kobe, at least for the beginning of the season, maybe until the second half of the season, so he’s still handicapped. Regardless, they’ll probably have a much different roster next year. Best of luck!

    • Chrmngblly

      I don’t respect name callers any more than I respect this coach. That said, I don’t know why the Lakers FO cannot simply impose a unique Lakers “football” style coaching staff on D’Antoni. Let Mitch hire an offensive and defensive coordinator for the team and let D’Antoni manage the team through them. Phil used to do that. And God knows we have enough coaches plus D’Antoni’s brother. I expect half to be gone after the playoffs. We can keep Bernie for the offensive coordinator and bring back Mike Brown to run the defense, since he is already on the payroll. Let anybody fill in the blanks. I wonder how Pat Riley did it his first year?

  • killuabest

    kupchak sucks… literally to dumbtoni…

  • KcS

    D’umbtoni must be giving sexual favors to Kupchak to say such things lol. D’Antoni’s a crap coach in every way possible; his methods have never worked all season long and now we’re without Kobe because of his inability to handle superstar minutes. It was always the players that came together
    and started running the show their own way with minor adaptations to their talent and game, not the coach. That’s why we’re not running his “7 seconds or less” offense — it’s been slapped away by the players and D’umbtoni is just riding along because he has no other choice if the player’s don’t respect him.