Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Remembers David Stern’s Contributions

Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Remembers David Stern’s Contributions



NBA Commissioner David Stern will step down after 30 years at the helm. During his tenure, Stern has established himself as one of the greatest commissioners of all time. When he first took over 30 years ago, the NBA was still on tape delay and not anywhere near as popular as it is today. Now, the NBA is a multi-billion dollar industry and the league goes well beyond the borders of the United States.

While most Laker fans will remember Stern as the person who vetoed the trade that would have brought Chris Paul to the Lakers, General Manager Mitch Kupchak will remember Stern as someone who brought a lot of good to this organization and the city of Los Angeles,  according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles:

“He’s done so much more good for this organization and in this city than people could ever measure, in the long run,” Kupchak told “Anything that’s taken place that can be conceived or be construed as not good will be in the rearview mirror and something good is going to happen down the road. And that’s how Dr. [Jerry] Buss looked at it.”

Stern has filled the pockets of plenty of owners, but his contributions to the league as a whole, have benefited everyone. The Lakers are really struggling right now, which is why it is difficult to forgive Stern, especially when the Clippers have become a serious contender in the West. However, Kupchak is adamant that the Paul deal is in the past and he did much more for the Lakers organization during his 30-year tenure.

During Stern’s career, he handed the Larry O’Brien trophy to the Lakers eight times. No other team won more championships during his tenure. As of February 1st, Stern will step down and Adam Silver will be the new NBA commissioner.

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  • kobe24

    Yeah well lets not forget he royally screwed over the Lakers with the veto on the Cp3 trade

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The way things are these days for the Lakers i would only hope and pray that Adam Silver is the better guy in the Commissioner chair,i read up on Adam Silver he is like some really nice guy with a good even tempered personality and he is a Taurus that means he is honest and loyal so maybe the Lakers can make the best out of David Stern leaving by becoming the Championship Lakers again.Lakers have made some bad critical decisions recently and are at the bottom because of these terrible moves.

    Fire Mitch Kupchak if needed.Jim Buss needs to allow a basketball GM to make all the personal decisions and no longer interfere in the basketball operations he seems better off staying out of it.When a man or woman opens a business they have people run it for them once they become global.Jim give it up already.

    David Stern did screw up the Lakers with the Chris Paul Veto,whether it was malicious or not doesn’t matter,the bottom line is the Lakers are suffering because of it.Now i recently read The Lakers are interested in Eric Bledsoe and might pursue him in 2014 free agency.well in other news the Brooklyn Nets are 100% going to go pursue Kevin Durant top priority in 2016.Lakers need to stop playing softball and start playing hardball with the NBA Commissioners office.

    We need Kevin Durant in Los Angeles and we need to work out a lucrative deal out with his agent and let us negotiate directly with Kevin Durant’s agent come 2016 free agency,we want first dibs in the Durant sweepstakes.

    The Lakers need to pursue Kevin Durant not Eric Bledsoe IMO.Big difference in quality between those 2 players.Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA right now,while Eric Bledsoe is a injured player still trying to prove himself.SMH lets get back to the basics.Time to realize the Lakers need better more high quality players.Kevin Durant should be the only focus for the FO.

    • Chrmngblly

      Lay off Mitch. He, of all people, is doing a good job, like Magic said. Magic is getting shit for telling the truth. The Lakers will not get better until Jim Buss either moves on or finds his own “Jerry West”. Then maybe we will get a better coach, and even more important, we will quit risking the franchise on used-up or low-character “stars” like Nash and Howard. Letting Howard walk for free was the single most unforgiveable thing Jim Buss has done, closely followed by the two 1st round picks we gave for Nash. We will not soon recover from those genius moves.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes it’s been a rocky road this season and bandwagoners are now gone.

  • Terrell

    Stern’s “basketball reasons” really altered the landscape for several teams. Suffice to say, the one that got royally screwed was the Lakers. Did Stern return Phil the 50k he fined him for criticizing the NBA taking over “ownership” or the Hornets. If he hasn’t Phil should go after him for it. Phil and a LOT of people then were saying it’s a conflict of interest and Phil specifically cited what if CP3 needs to be traded and the huge conflict of interest issue that poses. Stern tried to diffuse all that talk and say the NBA will be “hands off” in all player personnel moves and Hornets GM Dell Demps will have FULL authority to run the team.

  • roseducanna

    Mit don’t say about Stern. You see your self first.