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Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Reacts To Lakers Selection Of Julius Randle

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On Thursday, the Los Angeles Lakers selected someone who they hope will be a future cornerstone of the franchise in bruising power forward Julius Randle of Kentucky.

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After the selection, Mitch Kupchak spoke to reporters and was very satisfied with the selection according to our own Serena Winters:

Randle brings a lot of toughness to the Lakers, and should be able to step in and contribute immediately for a Lakers team that has very little in the frontcourt right now.

Randle also grew up a huge Kobe Bryant fan, and is undoubtedly excited to have the chance to play with his childhood idol. Kupchak spoke on the expected relationship between the two, saying Kobe will love him, even if he probably won’t show it early:

This is a big day for the Lakers as the team begins its road to rebuilding the team back to championship contention. With LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony both available in free agency, the team will be making a run at both of those superstars in an effort to bring them to Los Angeles.

For now, however, the team will celebrate its newest rookie. The Lakers have a good history with their lottery selections and hopefully this will be no different.
Lakers Pre-Draft Workout: Julius Randle On Foot, Talks First Time Meeting Kobe

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  • lakerforlyf24

    1 word…… Vonleh……. Im gonna let that sink in…..

    • Chris Park

      Give Randle a chance. Although I never was a Randle fan, he’s a Laker now #support

    • Yo Mamma

      He looks great on paper. 6’10″ with a 7’4″ wingspan, 250lbs, good shooter, and huge hands. Physically he’s better than Randle but its all the other things Randle has that’s gonna make him better than Vonleh. Randle is a fearless, competitive, high motor player.

      • Spitfire

        This! This is what make Randle sets him apart from Vonleh. The Lakers have both interviewed, worked out Randle and Vonleh and theLakers saw Randle’s passion to win and To be great.
        And besides, dont tell me your better than the Lakers FO.

    • A Fan

      “The teams that passed on me will regret it.”
      Give him a chance. Seems like he has that confident attitude that Kobe would approve.

    • They call me Pringles

      Noah Vonleh’s a 2 – 3 year project. Randle’s NBA ready. In a couple of years, Vonleh would be a free agent. Lakers can sign him then.

    • Isaac Settle

      So happy they passed on Vonleh. Randle was a superior prospect and superior college player, better in workouts and interviews. People fell in love with what they think Vonleh can do and by certain advance metrics but I expect him to be the guy 5 years from now who says, “I was they hype.” Randle was my top choice for the Lakers so glad we got him. Serious game changer and better than MCW and Young trade I think.

    • Chris Hernandez

      Four words ” Shut the Fuck Up” give the Kid a chance Randle is our replacement for Gasol. We are in Rebuild mood and he is a great start. Sure a number of other guys would be good picks but we could only pick one.

  • kookiebuger

    Please trade him for Emiid and Payton.

    • vdogg


      • kookiebuger

        It was possible before the trade, the 6ers need some interior help if they were going to trade Young and they already have Noel, Emiid might be trade bait for the 6ers.

        • Will Morgan

          Who’s the sixers? I have heard of the 76ers but not the sixers. Are they NBA?

          • Buffalo Bob

            if you never heard of them how did you know the 6ers were the 76ers?

          • jt3z

            Joel went to the 76ers

          • Isaac Settle

            Wait, a team is really called the 76ers? I thought they were the 26ers… Didn’t they lose 26 games in row? I actually think they’re GM has done one of the best rebuilds. Blatant tanks but I like how he’s acquired so many picks. Smart way to build. They’ll be on the rise after their growing pains.

          • kookiebuger

            Such an odd thing to complain about.

          • fugazi71

            That awkward moment when the 76ers jerseys used to just read “SIXERS”

          • Ron

            Pretty sure they wore jerseys for a while that said Sixers….

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            Try again

    • CCronin

      Retarded. Why the hell would the Sixers trade 2 1st rounders for someone they could’ve gotten themselves at #3………………dumber than a goat’s udders.

  • Kb24

    6ers select embiid as a trade bait thats it,embiids face so sad when philly select him

  • Monix

    Randle will have a better career than Embiid or Payton and Vonleh. Embiid is Greg Oden II, Payton is a midmajor reach in a deep draft (who won’t be significantly better than guys drafting way lower like Ennis) and Vonleh isn’t as physical as Randle will be.

    • kookiebuger

      Emiid had a stress fracture in his back a common injury amongst big men which doesn’t mean anything and his foot injury is concerning but Randle had the same injury in high school which most people are over looking plus Blake and MJ, Payton isn’t a bad player he can play defense, athletic, long, he just needs to develop a jumpshot he can be a poor mans Rondo/Payton.

      • Monix

        I thought Payton was a real reach at 10 with a deep draft. The 6ers are a joke. They don’t know what they’re doing. Trading and drafting for oft-injured big men, considering trading their ROY….
        All I know is I’m happy with Randle. It’s great value at 7. I think he has the potential to be a double-double machine in the NBA.

        • kookiebuger

          The 6ers drafted the best talent available that’s why they chose Emiid and are probably using him as trade bait, MCW is honestly overrated he played great in his first year but he didn’t have help and his stats are probably inflated (look at Tyreke Evans, ROY back in 09 I believe). I’m not sold on Randle he was great in college but he was bigger then most college big men.

          • box5

            ^^^amen my equal, I feel the same way about mcw, when hawes was gone and no more pick n roll he regressed, he would be killer if jerry Sloan was his coach tho yell

        • independentbynature

          The Sixers made that pick for Orlando,not to keep.They traded him for Saric who will be in Turkey for two years.I think you’re wrong about Embiid and Randle has a screw in his own foot.So,we’ll see.I agree that Payton was a reach and Ennis is the better choice.

          • RealisticLakerFan

            Why didn’t they just draft saric then… so strange to me… I mean what else did Orlando or Philly get from this trade… sounds one sided

          • independentbynature

            I know.I don’t get it either.Was he going to be picked 11th?I doubt it.

        • Isaac Settle

          I’m not sure if you know what you’re talking about. 26ers traded Payton for Saric and a future 1st rounder. I and many have Saric pegged as the best international player in this draft. Emiid will sit out and Saric will stay overseas so they’ll probably get a top 3 pick again next year? Not to mention they’ll have 3 1st rounders next year… In 2-3 years when all their players are developed they’ll be a force in the east: MCW,(need a SG), Young, Saric, Emiid/Noel will make an interesting starting 5 that can develop together?

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            And then all they’re players will be off rookie contracts and moving to other teams. Tanking doesn’t work.

      • J Taylor

        I do expect, however, that the Suns might sell Ennis to the Lakers once the Lebron/Melo situation settles. – At the moment, the Lakers can’t take a $1M cap hold for a draftee.

        • kookiebuger

          I’m not sure about Ennis, he played well in college but Marshall did but I’m just not sure how well he will play for the Lakers, I prefer Bledsoe instead.

  • independentbynature

    I’m satisfied with this pick.I wanted Gordon because of his athleticism and defense,but he was already gone.I was happy when the hated Celtics took Smart.I want a veteran PG and we need low post help.Randle reminds me of Z-Bo,so we got that.His defense is none too good,though.It was a bonus that “the mouth of the Celtics” was so disappointed that the Lakers got him.It’s really hard listening to Simmons.He knows the least and talks the most of all the analysts.Few surprises tonight.I don’t really get Payton( a PG who has no outside shot at all),being taken 10th just to be traded for 12th.Were they really that worried he would be taken 11th?The Sixers must want to be back in the lottery next year.Noel missed all of last year and now they take Embiid(I would’ve too,just too much upside not to) and then a player who will be in Turkey the next 2 years.They better hope the clueless Cavs make the playoffs or the NBA will find a way to give them the number 1 pick again.Does the commissioner need a Quicken loan or what?

    • box5

      Knowing philly they would take the number 2 next year who’s gonna be a center and they will trade embiid, I swear they don’t stick with shit in philly yell

  • Makoja

    I find it really funny how some people don’t like this pick. Did you guys even watch this guy play in college or followed him closely? If you did and you have a legitimate criticism on this guy, then cool. But if you didn’t and you’re basing your opinions solely on what you heard, then I’d shake my head on that, This is a great pick for the Lakers. Randle is that type of power forward that is rare in today’s NBA – a back to to the basket type of PF and banger. This guy is not soft. And to those who wanted Smart (he was my pick only after Randle), Randle has the same competitive fire that Marcus Smart has. He’s also a team player. Not only did he lead Kentucky to the NCAA Finals, he sacrificed his stats for the betterment of the team. He could have easily scored in the 20′s if he wanted to. BTW, Vonleh led his team to……a losing season. Upside don’t mean jack and hands don’t mean jack. Just because you have an upside, does not mean it’ll translate to having a great and productive career. We needed a player who can play immediately and have a major impact from the start and Randle is this player. Additionally, this guy led the nation in DOUBLE-DOUBLES!! He is a rebounding machine!! And to those people talking about how he only relies on his lefty and he can’t shoot, you honestly don’t think he can improve that during the course of his career considering his intensity, competitiveness, and hard work? I’ll also like to mention that he will get tips and advice from Kobe, a player Randle has looked up to since he was a kid. C’mon look at the bigger picture. I like this pick. Good job Lakers!

    • kookiebuger

      I’ve seen Randle play he honestly isn’t that impressive he played bully ball which won’t translate well in the NBA I’m hoping his lack of size, defense, athleticism, and post game won’t hinder him but I just have a feeling that he won’t really pan out or just be an average player.

      • independentbynature

        Bully ball works for Z-Bo.It could work for Randle.I’m more concerned with his defense.He’s a Laker now.So,let’s hope for the best.

        • kookiebuger

          Z-Bo is 270 pounds with a 7’2 -7’3 wingspan plus a jumpshot and an elite post game, Randle isn’t there at least not yet.

          • independentbynature

            True enough.But the styles are very similar.Randle is a little smaller and shorter armed,but he is a bruiser and he is a good rebounder.We’ll have to see if he was the right pick over Vonleh.

          • Clarkkent113

            Randle is also much much quicker than Z-Bo. Randle has a handle so he can take larger 4s off the dribble.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            He’s pretty close at 7′ and 250#, and still growing.

  • lakers pride

    Im gonna trust mitch and the lakers in this pick. They didnt go wrong with eddie and bynum.

  • Aaron

    Great pick.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike Bresnahan @Mike_Bresnahan · 1h
    Lakers might not be done yet. They’re trying furiously to buy a second-round pick.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Look for Philly to dump the contract of Thad Young on the Lakers and they might attach a couple second round picks with him and the return for Philly is probably a future second round pick.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    No trade is imminent and nothing at all might happen with the Lakers tonight.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Julius Randle is a huge steal at #7,The Lakers made out like bandits tonight.

  • LakersGetPG24

    People who say Embiid is the next Oden have no idea what they are talking about lmao

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Yeah, I heard he’s the next Sam Bowie.

  • Lkrpwr

    From Espn……scary….this is how we evaluate talent

    In particular, Randle turned heads when upping his competitiveness in a game of one-on-one against Lakers assistant coach Mark Madsen,

  • J Taylor

    Hello Julius,
    Goodbye Pau.

    Hello Kevin,
    Goodbye Julius.
    * Julius was not my pick, but I do have UTMOST faith in Mitch….

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      With this pick, I really think Pau should be a priority to come back at center. Pau has a lot to offer in teaching the game from a big’s perspective.

  • kiko

    please nick young trade and jordan hill for noah vonleh please

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