Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Expects Kobe To Reach Out To Free Agents Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] The Los Angeles Lakers will have a busy summer and it all began last night with the team taking Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson in [new_royalslider id="160"] The Los Angeles Lakers will have a busy summer and it all began last night with the team taking Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson in Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Expects Kobe To Reach Out To Free Agents

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The Los Angeles Lakers will have a busy summer and it all began last night with the team taking Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson in the 2014 NBA Draft. Now the team turns its focus to free agency where LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are both unrestricted free agents and the Lakers would love to bring both to LA.

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Both players played with Kobe Bryant on the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympic teams and maintain contact with him. According to our own Serena Winters, Kobe reaching out to them wouldn’t be a surprise to general manager Mitch Kupchak:

In this league, teams have to use every tool to bring in the best players. But teams are unable to talk with players before July 1 and Kupchak made sure to clarify that he would not ask Kobe to do anything until that date according to Winters:

The Lakers roster does not have a bunch of big names right now. Kobe Bryant is the draw for any potential free agents. While Bryant is viewed as being difficult to play with sometimes, he is also one of the most respected players in the league.

The Lakers are still long shots to land one or both of the prized free agents available, but they will explore all options in hopes of quickly rebuilding into a championship contender once again.
Lakers Kobe Bryant Plans To Recruit Carmelo Anthony

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Not Dennis Rodman

    He already has reached out….why is this news now?

    • cj

      if he has then hes breaking the rules. hes not suposed to talk to anyone like that untill they are free agents

      • Chris Scarangello

        The rules state that no other NBA team can contact another teams players. It doesn’t say anything about players contacting players.

        • cj

          it says the same thing about the players that is y the nba looked into the making of the big three in mia

  • ThaRealJVC

    I guess for them to have something to talk about.

  • PhilJackson’sArrogance

    From NY Daily News:

    ““We haven’t come to that,” Jackson said when asked if he and Anthony’s
    representatives have discussed a max contract. “But the perception is we
    want Carmelo to be as interested in winning. When saying he’s
    competitive and wants to be on a competitive team to also being able to
    demonstrate that if push comes to shove in a situation where he may have
    to take a little bit less and we’re more competitive to bring in
    another player to help us bring this concept along.””

    1. Phil Jackson is a hypocrite, he never took less money to coach or be a GM/Vice President.

    Knowing Phil’s true colors now, I hope punks like Magic and Kobe can
    stop asking for him to return. As players, the Lakers’s players have
    enjoyed max deals and more…..Phil does not have the players’ and fans’
    best interests. The fans can stop barking for his return as well. As
    fans, we pay max dollars to run the Lakers, we are not going cheap to
    get more “Smush Parkers”.

    Phil truly does not belong on the
    Lakers’ Hall of Fame, we want our legacy to be bonded to money, rings,
    fame and owners such as the Buss who do not talk money in the media to
    belittle the players. The Lakers made the right choice in letting him
    go, we do not need some cheap arrogant double standard hypocrisy. Late
    Dr. Buss let him go the first time due to his arrogance on the money

    And, that’s the way ball bounce. Now!

    • Tune

      Nobody cares, Phil is the best coach of all time and has a proven winning philosophy just like Pop.

      • PhilJackson’sArrogance

        Take Kobe, Shaq, Jordan, and Pippen out of his roster, now, let’s talk.

        Pop has done it ONE star. Larry Brown did it with no Star. Rick Carlisle did it with ONE old star.

        Spoeltra has been doing it with One star and two fake stars in WADE and BOSH.

        Parker and Manu are not all time greatest or Super Stars in the League of the players mentioned above.

        • Tune

          One star? Kawhi Leonard was the finals MVP, Duncan is the best PF of all time, Parker is a great PG, Manu is a great SG who have been together forever. Spurs just have a great well rounded roster with players who can show up each game. If you notice, nobody wasn’t really consistent, everybody played well with big numbers half the series. Green had a huge game then was quiet the final game. Fake stars? Bosh isn’t a fake star, D Wade has been great in playoffs, but just couldn’t get it to go in the final games since Spurs were locking him down well. Just look at Spurs vs OKC, I think it might’ve been game 6 where the bench was 66 vs 4 with Fisher being the one who scored 4 points. Spurs have the best bench in the game since they’re essentially a team of rotation players with 3 big players and 2 players that can put up great numbers.

          Also, how many rings did MJ, Pippen, Shaq, and Kobe win before Phil?

          • PhilJackson’sArrogance

            If you are putting Leonard in the same League as the players who you can make a case as all time top 10 (in which Shaq, Jordan, Kobe, Pippen), then, we are on a different basketball planet!

            Bosh, is not a Kareem, Mchale, Pippen, Worthy, Moses Malone, Dr. J. Hakeem, Drexler or any of the other number 2 or number 1 players on the past championship team.

            Wade has not been a star since his shoulder injuries before LBJ even got there. Wade has never played like he did in the past 4 years as the one Super Star playoffs run he had in the 2006 finals. ONe and Done.

            Why are Bosh’s and Wade’s numbers do not reflect super stars type numbers? Both can not play defense and rebounds like super stars. It is not only this year, LBJ has been lugging them to the Finnish line.

          • Tune

            It doesn’t matter where you rank in the all time charts, it’s your performance that does. Leonard put on numbers that rivaled LeBron’s in the last 3 games. It doesn’t matter if Bosh is any of those players, he’s still an all star and a great player. They should’ve had him as the 2nd focus instead of D Wade. D Wade still plays great ball, but he’s not made for the way Spurs played defense. Green got around 3 steals in a quarter one game I think maybe game 3 or 4. They just locked D Wade up. Spurs this year were just unstoppable. They had a player who makes 1 million be their finals MVP. Not to mention players that really stepped up in Boris Diaw, Splitter, Green, and Mills.

          • PhilJackson’sArrogance

            Spurs are getting too much credit. Dallas pushed them to 7 games. Let’ replace Marion with LBJ, Spurs would have lost.

            OKC, if they had a good coach, would have been a tougher series. Brooks has no offensive plays, it is one one one isolation between Westbrook and KD. With the talent of the two, it seems like they were on a different team, yet they were on the same team. The OKC could use Jackson. That is a fact.

            I am no disrespecting Jackson entirely, but, he has coached all time top ten players!!! I am more focused in Jackson’s attitude at the moment.

          • Tune

            It doesn’t matter, they blew out the Heat in 5 games putting on some of the best performance of NBA history. Shooting 90% in the finals, are you kidding me?

          • PhilJackson’sArrogance

            And you are a die hard Spurs’s fans.

            I rest.

          • Tune

            Or somebody who actually watches basketball.

          • PhilJackson’sArrogance

            Just had to come back one more time…If you are someone that watches basketball, I would have not mentioned Leonard’s MVP. Even he was ashamed that the level of competition afforded was so low that he won. That was an emotional.

            The true MVP was still Duncan. I am not crazy a about the Spurs’. But, Duncan was still the silent engine and heart and soul of the team.

            Ultimately MVP’s are based on votes, they are not true standards of greatness.

            Nash won two, those could have easily gone to KOBE. Kobe had Smush and Mimh and the Lakers made the playoffs.

          • Tune

            Except Leonard was putting up numbers and defense that rivaled LeBron’s. Who else on the Spurs did that?

          • PhilJackson’sArrogance

            On the issue of finals’s MVP, Kareem won in 1985 and Worthy won in 1988.

            Honestly, did they win, or did Magic run the floor to fes them the ball for easy look? Magic is still Magic with or without the other two.

            I see MVPs as players who win independently regardless who the team mates are. Magic, Kobe, Jordan, could all do that. Magic did not need Worthy to make him look good. But, Worthy did. When Magic retired, Worthy was still young, but no one remembered him anymore.

            Before Kareem came to LA, he won one of his 6…

            These MVP’s over the years, I have come to accept that they are bogus.

          • Tune

            I’m guessing you didn’t watch the finals then.

          • PhilJackson’sArrogance

            To Me MVP goes to the best player.

            Duncan to me was the best player on the Spurs. LBJ on the Miami.

            That is one man’s opinion.

          • Tune

            Normally yes, in this finals? No.

          • GS

            Both of those teams also just played each other 11 times (Dal/SA) this last year… I think when teams “know each other”, it is a lot easier for a series to go seven games.

        • Vic78

          David Robinson wasn’t bad under Coach Pop. Robinson and Duncan made an imposing front line.

          • PhilJackson’sArrogance

            Yes, I agree, Duncan’s first two Rings, they had two legitimate stars.

            Good point.

          • Emma

            Parker isn´t a star?? Until this season, he was the most dominant point guard in the league. Manu ginobili is one of the most underrated sg of all time. What you need to consider is the dynamic of the teams, not the numbers that the players put individually. You said that if you replace Marion with LBJ, Dallas could have won easily. Well, yes, and if you had replace Green with LBJ, the spurs would had won without loosing any game in the playoff. That was a silly hypothesis.
            On the other hand, Wade is probably the 3rd best shooting guard that has ever played the game (he was the key player in the last final that miami won). And the numbers of Bosh would be a lot diferrent if he were part of other team (a team without LBJ and Wade). In reference to phill jackson, i remember you than neither kobe or pippen were superstars before he coached them. And if you says that MVP players wins no matter who their teammates are, let´s conclude then that while phil jackson won titles with diferents rosters, Kobe and MJ couldn´t won anything without Phill.

  • Mike

    Kobe be like “you guys come here, I’ll show you how to be a legend and when I retire I’ll give you the keys to this city”

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