Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Believes Nick Young Will Likely Opt Out

Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Believes Nick Young Will Likely Opt Out


One of the more surprising free agent signings by the Los Angeles Lakers last summer was Nick Young. Not many believed Young would take a considerable hometown discount to join the Lakers, but he did just that and seems to be loving every minute being a Laker.

Although Young is a fan favorite and has proven to be one of the team’s best players this season, the USC alum will have a decision to make in the off-season. Young must choose whether he’ll opt-in or opt-out of his deal with the Lakers.

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After the NBA trade deadline had past, GM Mitch Kupchak spoke to the media. Kupchak mentioned that he believes Young will likely opt-out of his deal this summer according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Even though Young could’ve signed for much more elsewhere, the L.A. native chose to give the Lakers a shot by inking a two-year deal with a player option in the second year. Young will make $1.1 million this season and $1.7 million the next if he opts in.

With Young showing the rest of the league that he can still be a dominant scorer off the bench, there’s a good chance he can sign a lucrative deal with another team. Despite the fact Young has been adamant about his love for the Lakers and the city of Los Angeles, the temptation might be too great to accept much more lucrative deals elsewhere.
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  • Bojangles

    Even if he opts out, Lakers can still resign him if they choose to spend the money… Why don’t you mention that?

    • fkLeChoke

      How much do you think he’s worth of they resign him?

      • Bojangles

        Hard to tell, the market determines that…

  • Capuyo32

    Lakers were doomed the day the late and great Jerry Buss died, this championship ship has seen its last sail, nothing that starts with Jim, middles with Kupchack and ends with Bryant gives any indication that the main interest in Los is winning, these millionaires keep collecting paychecks yet under perform, while the fans suffer the embarrassment of defeat, heads down, brown bag over face, of being in the bottom 25 of the NBA #fansdeservebetter

    • gmoney

      i completely disagree, we won 16 championships…if u took the franchise with the second most titles (excluding boston) and doubled that number, we would still have more (bulls have 6, 6×2=12 which isn’t as much as 16)…the lakers have given everything they can, but I’m feeling number 17 next year or the year after!
      2015 roster: Eric Bledsoe, Kobe Bryant, Lance Stephenson (or possibly deng), Kevin Love, Greg Monroe #lakernation

    • Joseph Sibauste

      Stupid Bitch u don’t know shit..

  • Joey Jefferson

    He’s not going to opt out. Period. It’s Nicks dream to be a Laker. He’s enjoying being a Laker more than Lamar did and he was winning Championships. Nick is on a sorry team, with a sorry coach, that’s going in a sorry direction. Plus, at some point he’ll receive some type of deal(off the court) that will help him supplement the money he’s losing if he goes to another team. What sucks is the Lakers brought in a player similar to Nick in Marshon Brooks. Swaggy should stay and be the leader of the L.A. Bench M.O.B.

    • Shannon

      With all the attention Nick’s getting and being one of the leading scorers in the NBA you think he won’t? I know he loves being a Laker but you have to make money while you can. I think they should give him 3yrs/$15 million. And yeah let him lead the bench mob along with his partner in crime Farmar. For 18 points a game off the bench and he LOVES to play for the team which means he’ll always work hard? He’s worth it.