Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Anticipates ‘Top Five’ Pace This Season Reviewed by Momizat on . When Mike D'Antoni first joined the Los Angeles Lakers, not many people saw his offensive system working well with the aging roster. Despite the backing of the When Mike D'Antoni first joined the Los Angeles Lakers, not many people saw his offensive system working well with the aging roster. Despite the backing of the Rating:
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Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Anticipates ‘Top Five’ Pace This Season

mikedantoniWhen Mike D’Antoni first joined the Los Angeles Lakers, not many people saw his offensive system working well with the aging roster. Despite the backing of the front office and even the players, D’Antoni just could not get his style of play to function in Los Angeles.

D’Antoni spoke to the Los Angeles Times, and he talked about what he expects from the team this upcoming season. Although D’Antoni wants to keep it a high-paced offense, he understands what the players are and aren’t capable of.

Which kind of pace does D’Antoni envision the Lakers running this season?

“It won’t be crazy,” he said, “but we want to push it and get a nice pace. We want to get some easy buckets before the defense sets up, so we’ll be up in the top five probably in pace, but it won’t be breakneck speed.”

Steve Nash ran the D’Antoni to near perfection during his days in Phoenix, but the Hall of Fame bound point guard has lost his step over the years. Although Nash is still one of the best pure point guards in the league, it was hard for him to play in D’Antoni’s system when nearing the age of 40.

However, it appears as though D’Antoni is making the necessary adjustments to the offense and is molding his style of play based on the players he has.


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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I don’t give a crap what pace the team plays at,for me the bottom line is wins and losses.I do understand a team can’t stay on top forever and every team must rebuild and start over.Well Mike D’Antoni will always get blamed for crap he has no control over.

    To be frank this current Lakers roster is just not as talented as the 2010 Lakers roster.It’s just older and not as hungry as in years past it’s less talented.But i honestly do think having MDA coaching is whatever i am neutral about him my opinion of MDA is neither good or bad it’s MEH!

    The players must perform to the best of their ability in order to make this a winning campaign for The Lakers.So far 2-4 in preseason is not helping MDA win over any new supporters.MDA being a winner in Phoenix 6 years ago means jack shit to me and he still must prove he can win games as The Lakers coach.The playoffs record of Mike D’Antoni is terrible he is 1-12 in his last 13 games coached in the playoffs.

    Also Mike D’Antoni was the coach of the Knicks for 4 seasons and they missed the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons.He only made 1 playoffs appearance as Knicks coach.These are cold hard facts and i won’t cover them up.No covering up for Mike D’Antoni,he is who he is.He loves to coach in big markets and fans are rabid and won’t put up with losing.

    I fully support all the Lakers players and coaches.I have no reason to ever cheer against our coach to fail.I want him to succeed but only time will tell what happens.

    If this coach can push these Lakers to win 50 games plus then he should be considered for another coach of the year award.If the Lakers are a complete failure and win less than 40 games he should not comeback IMO.This coach has been given so many chances by 3 different organizations it’s time to put up or shut up for Mike D’Antoni.

    Go Lakers!

  • ra

    Will the Lakers place top 5 in the West (for playoff seeding)? That’s the only number I’m interested in.

  • Marty Susman

    This coach is gone, weather at the end of the first month of play of before year end, he is gone. Kurt will take over as Temp for the rest of this season & after they see who they get, the coach situation will be decided… This man is just not a winner, not now & not in the past & he is the one that killed Kobe last year by allowing him to run himself to death. NO one in their right mind woudl run an OLD team the way he tried to do, face it, not being able to get asst. other then his brother tells you something…. Mitch NEEDS to trade Gasol before he is crippled by this coachs play as well as Nash, both for 1st round picks….

    • Ralphizm

      We can only hope they get rid of him sooner rather than later. Mike D’Antoni is the worst coach in the NBA and doesn’t deserve to coach the greatest sports franchise in history.

      • Marty Susman

        I am with you 100%… He is the one that rather then being the coach, he allowed & egged Kobe on until Kobe screwed up his foot.

        • Ralphizm

          Yes, none of the players respect him and they made it to the playoffs in spite of D’antoni not because of him. The only reason he has a job is because going through two head coaches in one season is going to out Jim Buss as not knowing how to run a team.

          • Marty Susman

            The only reaosn Kurt is here now is so he can take over as Temmp head guy. Jim will give in & fire Mike as soon as they show just how rotten they are & in the interest of saving Jimmy money Gasol & Nash will go for picks…

  • Jim213

    Good thing the team has fresher legs which lacked last year given the injuries and short rotations. The team’s pace last year was 96.8% which will place more emphasis on rebounding as the coach intends to (up the pace) somewhat.

    But who does the coach intended to start other than Nash and Gasol? Kaman along with Young? I’d doubt that some of these vets could keep up the pace even if it’s not at the coach’s “Seven Seconds or Less” offensive preference.

    The team also had a better offensive efficiency than defensive this past season though it was with the drama queen and who also who nabbed many rebounds. So if the team struggles to make shots they’ll have to slow their pace especially if they struggle to obtain rebounds on both sides of the court.

  • Joshua Han

    the lakers offense I think will look a lot like the spurs offense from last season with gasol playing like tim duncan and kaman playing like splitter. We’ll have 3 point shooting with guys like nick young and farmar and so forth. We have nash and gasol to make plays and we have gasol down low. We just need to work on the defense so that we can be a complete team. Hopefully kaman and gasol can do at least a decent job in keeping guys out of the paint. We just some one to step up and be a decent lock down perimeter defender.

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