Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Unsure Of ‘Problem’ With Lakers

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Unsure Of ‘Problem’ With Lakers


The Los Angeles Lakers have lost five games in a row and can’t seem to get back on track, despite not playing against the toughest competition.

Following the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night, head coach Mike D’Antoni let it be known that he’s unsure of what the problem is with this team via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

As if the five-game losing streak wasn’t enough to get disheartened about the direction of the team right now, the Lakers may have lost another important piece to the puzzle on Sunday. Newcomer Xavier Henry went down with a knee injury in the loss to Philadelphia and as a result, could miss time.

Henry will have an MRI on the injured knee on Monday to evaluate the extent of damage. With Henry potentially out, the Lakers would take another serious hit to the backcourt and may need to bring in another player to shoulder the load.

With all the injuries and the current losing streak, it’s no wonder D’Antoni has no answer for the persistent problems with this team. A bad string of luck and a team led by aging stars that can’t stay healthy, isn’t the path the front office expected to be headed in.

A closed door meeting with GM Mitch Kupchak took place right after the game according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report but no details are known at this time. They could have chatted about what to do if Henry is out for a considerable amount of time or could D’Antoni be on the hot seat moving forward? It’s also only fair to note that a meeting between Kupchak and D’Antoni is not an uncommon occurrence after games.
VIDEO: Xavier Henry Describes His Knee Injury

  • Matt Williams

    Note to Mr. D’Antoni: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!

    • Paytc

      Matt Williams,
      I am not sure if MDA is the problem or not but… (he is the coach ) so it is a bit troublesome to hear him say he doesn’t know what the problem is.

      Personally I think his team is a bit in-experienced. The Lakers have unfortunately again had too many key experienced players injured.

      It is difficult to play well consistently without consistency in the lineup and a consistent rotation. Players like Kaman have been uninspired to play because he has not used them consistently IMO.

      I believe the guy or gal at the top always has to be accountable for the team’s struggles even if it’s not their fault. True leaders assume the responsibility because they hold all the strings and make all the decisions.

      MDA has to motivate the players and hold them all accountable to giving their max efforts. He makes the game plans,decides who plays, and makes the adjustments. He better know what the problem is or we need to find someone who does IMO.

      Go Lakers !

    • hookedonnews

      It’s no mystery what’s wrong with the Lakers. Four of the five starters have either been out or hobbled all year plus all the other injuries which seem to fall like dominoes. Now Henry is out. I don’t care who you’ve got coaching. No one could win consistently under these circumstances. The PG situation may improve some as Marshall improves, but you can’t expect him to play like Blake or Nash. This is a team decimated by injuries with players having to play out of position to compensate for it. The coach is not the problem.

      • 3339

        I got news for you. even if this team and last years team was healthy, dantoni would still fail them. He’s not the right coach for us.
        He had dwight playing outside his strengths, pau still is, even the great Kobe Bryant is being misused.
        I like every other Laker fan am sick of this dantoni experiment. They need to get someone in here that is qualified to handle the job, not dantoni who is clueless.
        The coach is the problem.

        • hookedonnews

          Sorry, but I don’t agree. Howard was asked to do exactly what he’s doing in Houston this season. Pau’s problem is Pau not D’Antoni. He has said that Pau is free to post-up anytime he wants to. No one is forcing him to stay out on the FT line and shoot, and if you’ve watched the games he spends plenty of time at the rim. He’s just not making his shots because he’s not 100% and hasn’t been since the beginning of last season. I don’t know how you think Kobe is being misused.since he’s only played 6 games. Yes, he was asked to play the point because Blake & Nash went out. I don’t think any other coach would have done otherwise. Jerry West and many other NBA experts have said that MDA has done a great job with the players he’s had to work with. There were more problems last season than injuries (the attitude of Howard was a major one), but this year injuries have devastated a team that was exceeding all expectations even without Kobe. You haven’t given D’Antoni a chance from day one. The coach is not the problem. No coach could have done better with this roster. They’re not going to make a change so continuing to call for him to be fired is pointless. If everyone was healthy and they still had this record I would say you might have a point, but that’s not the case.

          • 3339

            quit acting like I’m hating on dantoni for no reason. that act of yours is really damn old.
            He has turned the Lakers into a laughing stock.
            The players he has are professional athletes. They are more than capable of playing better than this.

          • hookedonnews

            Your hating on D’Antoni is getting old, too. Take a look around the league. There are plenty of teams that don’t have all their stars out or hobbled who have worse records than the Lakers. Not all NBA players are created equal. How far do you think the Heat would get this year without LeBron and Wade? You act like this team should play as well without Kobe, Nash & Blake as they play with them. I don’t know why you despise D’Antoni unless you wanted Phil and are never going to be happy with anything he does. No one is asking you to love the guy, but you at least need to be reasonable about what you expect from a team that’s made up mostly of cast-offs from other teams who haven’t been together but a few months. I don’t think the Lakers are a laughingstock. These guys play hard and give 100%, but you can’t expect miracles when every time you turn around another player is going down.

          • 3339

            dude how many times do I have to f*cking tell you that I am not criticizing dantoni for no reason like you think.
            The team is an absolute mess and a laughing stock.
            he is clueless.
            read the title of this article. dantoni unsure
            Thats all I ever hear with this guy is unsure. gtfo so we can find a coach that won’t hide behind excuses.

          • hookedonnews

            That title was put there to draw the kind of comments that you just made. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I think if someone you like was coaching the team you would see things a little more clearly, but that’s just me. Hopefully we’ll have Gasol back healthy tonight and Nash and Henry back soon. I just think it’s unrealistic to expect much without a healthy Gasol, Nash, Blake & Kobe.

          • 3339

            stop it. dantoni said “I don’t know” It wasn’t just thrown it for comments.
            I’ll say it again. Even if healthy dantoni would still fail. If anything he seems to be happier without Kobe in the lineup just like he was without Melo.
            I am sick of the excuses for dantoni. I don’t want to see Kobe’s last years be wasted by a coach trying to figure it out.

          • hookedonnews

            First of all, you don’t know what D’Antoni would do with a healthy team because he’s never had one. He’s never said that he’s happier without Kobe. He’s made it plain from day one how important Kobe is to this team. Yes, the team was playing better before Kobe returned. He interrupted the flow, but they were getting used to playing with him when he injured his knee. Mike D’Antoni is not the only person to have a problem with Carmelo Anthony. What has happened to Mike Woodson is just about identical to what happened to MDA in NY. Success to begin with and then chaos the next season. Anthony is a selfish guy who is not a good team player (see George Karl’s comments). Maybe D’Antoni didn’t want to say–hey I don’t have the players right now with Gasol sick and Henry injured and 3 of my best players out. He’s not going to say that. He knows exactly what the problem is, but he’s not going to throw these guys under the bus when they have played so hard. Kobe asked for D’Antoni when Brown was fired (Kupchak said so), so if his last years are wasted he can blame himself. I don’t think they will be, but if they are it will be because they didn’t get the players to help him win a championship.

          • GM Jack

            What Howard Attitude? Look at him this year. 20/20?

            And, Howard in his prime, did you expect him to be bossed around by Nash and aging Kobe.

            Howard had no problems. He wants to have a shot to win be on a Normal Team where new blood are injected as needed and not some aging fleet ready to dock.

            As fans, we are tired of old players with big contract who are liking their wounds on our time.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Howard did not like Kobe. He even wanted management to ship him out. He also has a big ego. Great players sometimes are hard to play with or play for. West was not a good coach as he expected others to perform as he did. Not all those players have West’s ability. Same with Kobe. He thinks everyone should put out as he does. D12 is performing better in Houston because #1 he is now healthy. Last year he was just recovering and came out too soon. They also don’t have a drill sargent like Kobe. I believe @24 was only trying to make him better by sharing his experience and wisdom. However, Imo, Howard took it differently. Kobe has 5 rings. Howard zero. He should have listened.

          • hookedonnews

            What Howard attitude? He refused to run pick and rolls, he couldn’t make a FT, he got technical fouls and hurt the team by getting tossed, and he only gave 100% when he felt like it. He tried to get D’Antoni fired and Kobe amnestied. He is an immature prima donna who left LA because he wanted to be the “star” and knew that wasn’t going to happen as long as Kobe was around. Just wait. Things are going well in Houston right now, although he still can’t hit a FT. Things went well for a while in Orlando, too. Sooner or later he’ll get unhappy about something, and he’ll start causing a problem. Personally I’m not tired of great players like Kobe & Nash. Younger players get injured, too. James Harden has had injury issues this year, and Russell Westbrook is out again with another knee surgery. Real fans are fans through good times and bad. The Lakers have just had some really bad luck these last 2 seasons and Howard was part of that. He was a cancer in the locker room, and most of us don’t miss him all that much.

          • papi

            Howard is fucking bitch he cry alot and he’s a pussy big fucker. Fuck howard .

      • Joseph Apohen

        Aside from the obvious, injuries, I think the other problem is inconsistency at the center position. Pau is the starter, but when he is out, sometimes Kaman is the sub and sometimes Sacre subs. It’s great of the coach to give Sacre some experience, but Kaman is the better player. Sacre is young and ultimaely will get his opportunities to develop his skill. The Lakers have now played 35(?) games and the lineup is still not set. Without Kobe, Nash, and Blake, I think a consistent 8 or 9 man rotation will improve the teams record. Farmar, Meeks, X, Johnson, Hill, Kaman, Young, Williams , and Gasol should be the 9 man rotation. The other players should only play if it is a blow out.

        • hookedonnews

          Obviously the lineup would be more stable if everyone was healthy. D’Antoni has said that Sacre is getting playing time because he has worked hard and played well in practice. With Kaman’s history of injuries and Gasol still not 100% he probably feels like Sacre needs the experience because he got little playing time last season. Kaman’s ankle and back problems have been a factor in limiting his playing time plus earlier in the season he was turning the ball over a lot. He has played well since returning from the back injury, but the ankle kept him out of practice Monday so it’s an issue. Once everyone is healthy, I think you’ll see a regular rotation like they had at the beginning of the season before the injuries started stacking up.

      • Steve

        “The PG situation may improve some as Marshall improves, but you can’t expect him to play like Blake or Nash.”

        I’d like to think he can play like Nash, the dude was putting up 7 ppg and shooting a robust 26% from the floor.

        • hookedonnews

          He was injured and playing limited minutes. That was the reason for the poor shooting, but he was still managing the game well and made some spectacular passes before he went out. If you saw the Houston game he was instrumental in that win. He changed the call at the end of the game and helped set the screen that gave Blake that open shot for the win. There’s more to playing PG than shooting %. Nash isn’t coming back unless he’s 100% (or as close to that as he can get). If he’s healthy he won’t be shooting 26%. He was within 0.3% of 50/40/90 last season and wasn’t 100% healthy. Marshall will never be the PG that Steve Nash has been, but he could have no better coach or mentor than Nash. Take a look at Goran Dragic, and you’ll know what I mean. Just heard that Farmar is out again with the hamstring. Could it get any worse?

  • 張棟崴

    We are the most unlucky team in the world…

    • Jim213

      It starts at the top with Jim Bust and Kupcake. But aside of the inept (FO), it’s likely due to lack of leadership and preparation. The team mostly matched the Heat while keeping the game competitive which may have been cause to fear of getting blown out or in trying to meet the challenge.

      Yet they’ve shown less drive in playing the Jazz, 76ers and other teams with similar records. But it’s one thing to expect to beat a team as it is to outplay them in a 48 minute game. Although, continued injuries may feed to their belief of mediocrity. May be time for a serious team meeting IMO.

  • meep

    umm how about lakers cant play defense!!!!!!! you cant win if you dont play defense!!! how about your coaching. marshall only played because x got hurt. if it wasnt for that i bet he would of never played.

  • Jim213

    How about lack of depth, bad rotations, previous bad moves (FO). But if he doesn’t know how to fix this (like body language indicates) then be best to let him go towards the end of season.

    • Al Haldie

      How can u have depth , when 4 or 5 guys out of 15 are out hurt–wake up that is were ur depth at—on the bench or at home….

      • Jim213

        FO’s bad moves are the result of the current team’s condition (lack of starters) which is the result of bad planning/moves. Aside of Kobe sounds like you’d still sign all the players who keep getting injured year after year after year. Finding the right starters is the key but aside of Kobe the rest (injured players) are inconsistent to be starters IMO.

        This goes for Nash too (20 minutes a game and called a starter) that’s your depth? A bench compliments the starting rotation but given that we lack starters you have it the other way around. If a player (starter) has an off night the bench is looked upon to fill the role that’s needed but too much has been expected from this bench.

        • Joseph Apohen

          There was no problem before Farmar was injured. The team played well and having fun. When Farmar could not play leadership became the issue. Now that he is back the team has to relearn how to play with him. Again injuries is another issue especially now that Pau is not healthy. He was providing some 15 points and 10 rebounds per game. That’s a lot expecially in close defeats.

          • Jim213

            ?! Seems you’re fine with the team’s current overall situation (long term). “the problem is FO’s bad moves which have cost the team key players (starters).

          • Joseph Apohen

            I have no problem with the present tieam I have resigned to the fact that this team is not going anywhere. I don’t expect this team to do very much. They have exceeded my expectation. I am only waiting for the FA when maybe management can make some incredible intelligent decision to bring someone to allow us to compete at a championship level. Even with the free agency next year, I still don’t see us competing for the ring. As I said before, I don’t expect a championship caliber team until perhaps when we can bring in Kevin Love and Westbrook among others. By that time the team will have some expensive expiring contracts. Since Dr. Buss passed on, I don’t have much trust in the FO. Mitch hands are tied as his boss is Jim boy. I think only by luck will we see some great additions to the teams. Hopefully those are good luck. I have followed the Lakers since they arrived in L.A. and have been a Laker fan. I know they will eventually rebound. They have a lot of money but the important thing is to go after great players capable of winning the championsip. And knowing who those players are. However, I don’t think much of Jim Buss as a good judge of talent. Until then, don’t stress and just be patient.

          • Jim213

            Mentioned mostly everything I’ve said in the past but blame has to go to Kupcake (GM) aside of others too. It’s not an owners responsibility to acquire and do most of the GM’s job. Kupcake had it easy given that his time had revolved around building around Kobe thanks to J West.

            However, given that everyone is aware that KB24 is on his final years FO has failed to acquire youth to mold for the future as though FA has been the franchises strength mostly the new CBA rules in place calls for an overall approach now with regards to building towards the future.

            I believed at first that management could’ve retooled while focusing on the future too like some team’s have done (ex. Spurs) but their moves say otherwise so it’s a full rebuild mode now while Kobe finishes his career in LA.

          • Joseph Apohen

            There is nothing Mitch can do if Jim Buss says do this or that or don’t do this or that unless he resigns from his position. One can disagree with the boss but ultimately if the GM wants to keep his job he has to do what the boss wants, and Jim Buss is the boss.

          • Jim213

            In certain conditions yes but this doesn’t apply to all the decision. Otherwise, no point in having Kupcake around.

  • jeck

    Coach D”Antoni is the problem and his system, that results to players injury!..
    make it a slow offense and let the guys work inside!…

  • 3339

    Dantoni wants to know the problem. …… look in the mirror man
    Somebody fire this guy.

  • Jojo Ariola

    They need to look for another coach

  • JohnC

    If D’Antoni’s system could work is not in the Lakers, but for a more purely athletic team, like the Pelicans. Or obviously Miami, which has a great combination of athletics + shooting with James & Wade + Allen + Bosh, who is not a top center but a top PF. Maybe for the Thunder at those times when Perkins is not on the floor, for he’s a ”traditional”, true center. But not in rosters such as San Antonio’s. nor Houston, Memphis, not even the Clippers. And not the LA Lakers either. Everyone can read it on the standings and watch it every other day on TV.

    But let’s look at the Lakers: one of the franchise players, Pau, is not a fast PF like Bosh. Pau’s probably the most skilled center today offensively but please coach: don’t ask him to run the court next to Steve Blake and Henry. When Kobe is back, he’ll not be in a fast – run mood. He’s not 25 any more and also he’s got so many other skills: but fast-breaks probably not the best of them nowadays. And LA has a bunch of players that can contribute with many things… but they’re not the Wade & James-type.

    Not to mention that the roster is not complete and competitive enough for a third piece to make the project work is missing.

    Consequently: if the system is not going to change, then change the players. Or maybe the other way round. But this and last years’ projects look more like a lab test than a serious team competing in the NBA.

    • hookedonnews

      Before all the PGs got hurt, the bench group was running D’Antoni’s system very well. They were the highest scoring bench in the league. The starters were playing at a little slower pace because of Gasol, but they were still using the offense. D’Antoni’s system can be tweaked to fit the players you have. The Spurs play with pace. If you listen to Popovich during a timeout he is always telling them to push the pace. You don’t have to be able to score in 7 seconds to run MDA’s offense. Once everyone is back on the court you’ll probably have the same thing they had earlier–the starters playing slower and the bench running the floor. I’m sure they will try to acquire players to fit D’Antoni’s system as long as he’s coaching.

  • West 44

    Simple problem, no D. We’re giving up 103.6 pts each night, worst in the league.

  • Peđa Knežević

    Hey Mike, look at the mirror, there is the problem.

  • Daryl Peek

    My benchmark has always been 20-20 in the win loss column. The season is in extreme peril if you reach 20 losses before you get 20 wins. At 13-18 we’ve reached critical mass! This team in its current state will not recover from its below the 20-20 status like last season.

    Firing MDA at this point might help depending who’s brought in… Phil is not the answer so don’t go there. Trades are the better option but the looming luxury tax salary dump complicates this. Difficult times ahead….

    • hookedonnews

      I think bringing in another coach right now would be more disruptive than helpful unless you can talk Popovich into leaving the Spurs for the Lakers. I don’t see this as a coaching problem. Maybe D’Antoni is not the long-term solution, but he seems the ideal coach for this group of players. They have played with no real PG until Farmar returned. Now with Henry out, Gasol still not 100%, and Kaman with a bum ankle, I think it’s a minor miracle things haven’t been worse than they are.

      • Daryl Peek

        Time to start thinking blow it up. The hole is getting too deep. I don’t know what the answer is but it’s gonna take too much time to get healthy. We don’t have that grace period this season.

        • hookedonnews

          I haven’t seen any indication that they’re going to do that. If they can keep Gasol on the floor they will have a better chance of riding things out until their injured players return. I don’t know what the FO expected this season, but I’m guessing that they didn’t have a lot of hopes for a high finish with Kobe, Nash, and Gasol all returning from major injury situations and a bunch of guys coming in that hadn’t been exactly burning up the league. I think they’re looking to free agency in the future and maybe a decent draft pick. I can’t see them blowing up the team with Kobe in the last years of his career.

          • Daryl Peek

            Gasol is on the floor tonight and were down by 20 against the worst team in the NBA in our house? I know Pau and Farmar are not 100% but there not playing with any kind of heart. This is truly sad and something has to change quick! There’s no more grace period for anyone IMO. Gotta start making moves.

            We lose tonight it’s a 6 game losing steak against soft competition.

          • hookedonnews

            Heard that Farmar went out because of the hamstring. Not sure what kind of moves you’ve got in mind. Maybe they will do something, but whatever they do I think they still want to try to be competitive. I could be wrong, of course. Marshall is playing better and should continue to improve. I agree that the losses are tough to take, but I can’t say I’m surprised. They don’t have the leadership of Kobe or Nash or even Steve Blake. If Gasol was at the top of his game he might be able to make a difference, but right now he’s not able to do it.

          • Daryl Peek

            I hope I’m wrong but I think Pau is completely lost and truly has checked out as a Laker. His heart is no longer with this team. It’s time to let go… The top of Pau’s game is something he can no longer give us.

            I too want to believe he can but even his teammates are starting to question his commitment. There’s a clear division in the locker room again and we can’t blame it on Howard this time. Players returning 100% healthy will help cure some of these ills but the team chemistry has been fractured, and I don’t know if it can be fixed.

            Pau needs Kobe but this young group needs Pau to lead and it’s not in him to do it. Couple this with Pau and Kobe not being on the same Page with D’Antoni completely. Don’t get me wrong, Kobe is not trying to be disruptive to what MDA wants on the court but Kobe does want a slower pace that fits him and Pau and this is in direct conflict with the D’Antoni system.

            By the time Kobe Blake and Nash get back, I fear it will be too late for this season. If that’s the case why wait? Blow it up now by pulling the Bynum for Pau trade and get the team into a better cap/luxury tax position for next season.

            We can’t realistically look at what’s going on now (13-19 with little hope of a quick turnaround) and think this season can be salvaged in any way shape or form. 28-12 is not gonna happen again IMO.

            Again I hope I’m wrong but the facts are trending very bleak right now.

          • hookedonnews

            I agree that things are bleak right now. I’m not sure I agree with you about Pau. I don’t think he’s healthy. If you heard his interview he sounded sick, and his ankle and his knees are probably still not 100%. He’s a smart guy. I can’t imagine that he’s not doing the best he can when he knows his contract is expiring.

            I agree also about he and Kobe liking a slower pace. When everyone was healthy the starters were playing at a slower pace than the bench. D’Antoni has shown a willingness to adjust to Kobe, and I think he’ll do that when he returns.

            I’m not sure I would want to bring in Bynum. If there’s a problem in the locker room now (and I’m not convinced that what’s being said about that is true), why bring in a guy who was causing a problem in Cleveland? Not sure how he would fit in the system, and we’ve already got Kaman supposedly unhappy about minutes.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to do something with players dropping like flies. If Farmar is going to be out any length of time with his hamstring that is going to be a real problem with Henry already out. I can’t believe this keeps happening. Just imagine if we had the bench we had last year. I think we can turn if around but only if we get our PGs and Kobe back soon enough. A lot of people wanted the team to tank. Sometimes it happens whether you want it to or not.

          • Daryl Peek

            The Bynum for Gasol trade would not be for Andrew to replace Pau. Bynum would be waived immediately as a salary dump. We have a log jam a center already. Kaman, Hill, Sacre and even Kelly can all man the 5. We could also get a player like Waiters in the deal who we’d keep and could help out our short handed back court.

            Pau is no doubt sick but his attitude towards D’Antoni is something that’s not going away. The FO seems to be fixed on keeping MDA so this is a problem. Pau cannot seem to function on this team without Kobe. Kobe will not be back in time to save this season. The last thing on earth I want is for the team to tank but were already on that path, and again, help is not coming soon.

            Farmar is not coming back anytime soon either. He rushed back IMO. The loss of Blake is the biggest problem. Players like Johnson, Hill, Meeks and X are the ones who suffered most from the loss of Blake.

            Again, I hope I’m proven wrong but this is where we stand right now.

          • hookedonnews

            Just saw that Farmar’s left hamstring is torn, and that he’ll be out at least 4 weeks. What I had read about the Bynum/Gasol deal had Gasol going to Cleveland. Maybe what you’re saying would be good for the team if we can get an additional player or a draft choice.

            I don’t know why Gasol has to be such a ———-(I’m trying to think of a word to describe a guy who won’t just suck it up and play. If what you say is true he’s no better than Howard.) I agree that he plays better with Kobe.

            This has just turned into a nightmare scenario. I have been questioning the medical staff since last season. They were slow to diagnose the broken leg of Nash, and they have apparently let Farmar come back before he was ready. They also waited way too long to MRI Blake’s elbow IMO.

            This team needs a break (and I don’t mean another broken bone).


    It was fun watching this team, but that has worn off and now it’s not. If you can’t beat the tankers it could be time to just let go and sink and go into “rebuilding” mode. What I wanna know is WHY does everybody get hurt in this system? All I know is that this is not so much fun to watch anymore.

    • hookedonnews

      It’s not fun because they’ve got 9 players in the rotation now because of all the injuries. It’s not going to be fun again until we get some of our best players back on the court. I don’t think the system has anything to do with the injuries. Nash is still dealing with issues from the broken leg last season. Elbow injuries and broken bones and landing funny and hurting your knee can’t be tied to the system. Ankle injuries and hamstrings are common on every team no matter what system you’re using. The Lakers are just having some really bad luck. I think we’re already in rebuilding mode. They are just waiting for free agency and more cap space to add some other good players.

  • Al Haldie

    D’ANTONI : i don”t know what game u watch— but if u cant see the ball is not moving–the starter do a fair job – but when YOUNG go”S in the ball stops there he is out of control–he dribbles half of the clock and trys some trick shot–MEEKS had the hot hand last nite but in the 2 nd half i cant remember him getting a shot until the last second on the clock to end the game—and to say YOUNG was the player of the game, what a joke that is —J. HILL was the player of the game–

  • quickster007

    The problem is Jim Buss and Mike No Defense Antoni I took the D cause any teams that he coach never plays any defense. The old saying No Defense No Ring.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    I think George Karl would be a much better option for us moving forward

    • meep

      so you would want to bring in karl and not give kurt rambis a shot?

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Rambis crashed and burned in Minnesota – albeit kevin love was hurt – but still cant lead on his own

        • meep

          was rambis even given a fair shot and rambis wasnt the coach last year and what happen to love. so cant blame love health on the coach. at least he try to teach defense unlike mike

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            If that made sense i would give you a response.

          • hookedonnews

            He’s in charge of the defense now. That’s why he was brought in by D’Antoni.

        • meep

          sure love miss time each year but it wasnt as bad as last year and rambis wasnt even the coach. so health is all on love not the coach




    I will think no justification that the Lakers have the worst defense in the NBA, as well as they are now the worst may become the best as long as they have the willingness, the courage and the right strategy of coaches and the coach is not complain when there is work and strong and gutsy, even with the injury list they have, and do not want to give their best for the Lakers and their faithful fans better go.

  • Lakers Fan

    D’Antoni is a joke of a coach. Why do he continue to give Shawn Williams minutes?? I mean my goodness did he not see what Kaman did in the Utah game?!? Kaman has every right to be mad, so do us fans. This has been a constant problem this year. These are the things that will get D’Antoni kicked out as the Lakers coach, and I will be glad when it happens. Playing players out of position, not coaching defense, and not playing our most productive players is the problem. D’Antoni is the problem! Yea he has done all he can with what he was given, but come on man! D’Antoni has to take some of the responsibility here and not just sweep it under the rug with a “I don’t know what the problem is.” Injuries play a huge factor, but these last two games are unacceptable and that has a lot to do with coaching.

    • meep

      mike coaching is questionable but last game kaman min could of been because of his hurt ankle. coach might of felt it wasnt safe to play him big min and risk hurting him more, but other then that kaman should be getting more min than Williams

      • Lakers Fan

        I’m not focusing entirely on last night. I’m talking about this season in general. Kaman was taken completely out of the rotation at one point this season. Gasol has been horrible all year but continues to play more minutes than Kaman, who has proven he can give us what Gasol gives us plus more. This is all about loyalty instead of what is best for the team. We could use what you said as an excuse, but given how he has treated Kaman in the past we have to look at other reasons why he didn’t get his mins. I won’t even talk about Williams. The bottom line is that the coach has to take some blame. Not all the blame, but some. He can’t just say he doesn’t know what the problem is. You’re the coach for heaven’s sake! That’s the second questionable statement he has made in the last week. We can use injuries as an excuse, but the coaching has played a huge part in why this team is in the state it is in.

  • meep

    i seen on here people talking about other coaches to bring in if needed, but i guess people forget we have a coach in waiting. if mike was fired i would hope kurt rambis take his job and not some outside guy.

  • Riley

    The Lakers team is in a dire need of a coaching change.Fire that man!

  • Pat

    Mike Dumbtoni has lost all his guys they want him gone.The sabotage is apparent.

  • Guest

    We want Phil! We want Phil! We want Phil! We want Phil!

    • meep

      we all do but we cant always rely on him to save us there going to be a time and place when the lakers need to move on and win without him and that time might be now.

  • Allan Rearte

    We want Phil!!! We want Phil!!! We want Phil!!! We want Phil!!! We want Phil!!! We want Phil!!!

    • meep

      sorry phil not coming back any time soon and if he is ill be surprise. plus laker fans need to move on and not always live in the past. it would be great to get phil, however we cant always rely on him to save us and sometime lakers need to move on and win without him

  • jabbs

    Dantoni aka pringles is cursed! all players under him get injured, he changes starting lineup every game, he doesnt know what the hell he is doing and his coaching method is “Lets go lets go” as long as he is there we are not going anywhere, Mr. buss please drop your pride and fire this guy before you run the laker brand into the ground even more…

  • cooldad

    Defense -defense everybody talking ever since of Phil ,kupcake is to blame for they do not have strong protector in the middle problem is not the coach Pau is not defensive or offensive player just a big name who got a championship with Kobe. Rumbis is the defensive coach in the team but the players is to be blame if they are not doing their job, identical to a student doesn`t study and the fault was the teacher for failing the test. Good manager knows were to correct the problem must have a young offensive great player and defensive rather picking senior citizen player . No matter what we say not the coach to be blame for it is individual attitude of the players, if they listen to the instruction..the coach teach you proper way ,in the court the players should react the instruction , even on spacing of their offensive they are doing their right thing. We must get rid of Pau trade him to Nets
    ,useless to keep him not helping the team as we expected this season.

  • Scott H.

    Give him a mirror! He should figure it out from there!

  • Al Haldie

    The problem is the fact that you dont keep the same guys playing , look at all ur line ups they are always changing–if you dont know who should be playing with who by now–then u dont have a clue—hang it up….

  • Al Haldie

    lLast nite playing the 76 ers you had 5 guy fight to get back what we had lost, you call a time out and change the line up again – and you say you dont know what the problem is- and this is not the first time u have broke up a winning group – i sure would like to play cards with u.. if ur going to through a winning hand..

  • Al Haldie

    Play ur new PG with the bench he had a great game for the short time u had him in there–he and SACRE played well togeathe on the pic and roll , and he kept the game moving….

  • Marty Susman

    A. This coach belongs in High School ball.not the pro’s.
    B. Byron Scott is here waiting, let’s not lose him.
    C. Gasol, Blake, Kaman, Johnson, Nash, Meeks all should be gone for draft picks of if possible packaged together in order to get Lopez or Monroe, waiters or H. Barnes.

  • 3339

    Seriously Kobe only has 2 years after this. Cut this dantoni experiment bullshit and bring in a sure thing to guarantee that Kobe at least has a good coach that will put him in the right situation.

  • idontgiveanfuk

    At what point do we LAKER FANS interferer and demand a change? starting at the top with jim and finishing with pringles! MDA! it is ridiculous and pathetic what jim has done with his fathers legacy! Do the right moves and bring us back another championship like we the angelinos have been accustomed to by this great franchise!

  • Rey

    The biggest problem of the lakers is d’antoni himself. How can a team survive without defense. His running game is not suited to a team like the lakers with many players who are no longer very young. This maybe the reason why many of the players get injured. Change d’antoni fast. Bring back phil jackson before all the players get injured with d’antoni’s lack of understanding of the team!

  • Claudia Davis

    you are theproblem you dont no how to play the lakers.

  • Dmrjckf

    STOP PLAYING SHAWNE WILLIAMS AT srtarting we alway lose when are starting was GASOL/KAMAN/Hill and WILLIAMS AT THE 4

  • Ireland Masonry

    Fire that piece of turd Mike Clown D’Anphoni!Mike is ruining the Lakers long term!

  • Andres Perez

    This don’t make sense, the Lakers is the only NBA team with 6
    or seven players injured, last year was the same, I think Mike D’ Antony is the
    problem because of the way this team it’s getting trained, they got to be doing
    something wrong and now he is saying that “ I don’t know what’s going on”
    buuuuuuuu S…!!!!…

  • kobe24

    You know whats nice though? Lakers keep playing like this they by end of next month they could be bottom 3 of the league (GASP)

    Right now there are 9 teams worse than the Lakers (based on W-L)
    Knicks, Nets, Magic, Cleavland, , Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Chicago, and Jazz.

    Half of the teams will get better records Jazz (Trey Burke), Philly (Carter Williams), Magic (Harris), Kings (Rudy Gay) those guys were either out or traded and although the records don’t’ reflect it in the long run its gonna help their teams out respectively and they are gonna have a better record.

    I honestly just want this season for Lakers to be in at least top 5 in that case they will get Parker, Wiggins, Embiid, Exum, or Smart all are beasts and all can be the next franchise player (I especially love Parker, Embiid)

  • roscoe

    Yer fire the coach that will fix it? Then we will won the championship

  • Benz

    The problem is, they’re allowing other teams score easily….. they need to defend better, and consistently…… they can obviously score, and MDA has helped the team with their offence…. I’m not a big fan of MDA either, but I think he’s done a very good job with their offence, but with all the injuries it’s hard to be consistent…. on the possitive side, they are still playing with high spirit… unlike Brooklyn or Knicks, they’re very dis-spirited at the moment…

  • GM Jack

    It is so hard to judge mike. He had a great team in 2005, he lost to the Spurs. He had a great team 2006, then, he lost to the Mavericks.

    For a year, in NY both Amare and Anthony and LIn were playing, and they did not go deep in the playoffs.

    Before, Kobe came, he was doing alright. But, Blake was playing well too.

    What is the problem? Is it Mike. Which Mike? Brown or D Antoni.

    Some obsession with Mike and the Lakers.

  • Bill Overend

    Can/t Jim Biss get out of the way so Jeanne can fire Kupchack and Dantoni and bring Phil Jackson back as GM with maybe Byron Scott as coach? No great player will play for Lakers no matter how much money they have without somebody like Jackson to lure them in. No smart good players will join a team coached by Dantoni.

  • Chris

    Fire Pringles!! He’s the problem.

  • Ferdinand Alexander

    The problem is the front office and the coach. Giving Kobe Bryant 48 million for two years, what a joke. Would be nice to have that money available to pick up some good players. If he had any balls he’d give the money back seeing that he probably won’t play for the majority of the contract. He needs to take his ego and retire on a very big island somewhere. It’s time.

  • Jim213

    Strange, been saying the same thing since July/2013. It’s not about winning rings it’s about playing COMPETITIVE BALL.#lakershx. But seems you believe a high draft pick will fix the team’s issues next yr?

    It’ll likely take four-five years down the line like many of the draft picks before the team benefits, IF they choose the right player. But the last time they drafted a franchise player K Bryant 1996 by J West.

    Best bet for now is to acquire solid players for the starting rotation while waiting for 2014 FA though management’s past bad moves leave doubt into this being a 1 to 2 year process.

  • GM Jack

    Team can not play for championship every year is correct, but, when DH walks with zero return (not even a draft picks) that is a zero value, and throw one Max slot on an aging player, that is on the FANS time clock. and money.

    It did not have to be this way. Players do not walk out on the Lakers.

    Lakers plan, not commit to aging fleets with big contracts.

  • GM Jack

    Did you remember reading the article. Pau is producing .6 points per play in the post. That would mean, for every ten shots he took, that will be 3 points or 30 percent.

    Mathematically, Mike Right on this one.

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t agree. I’ve seen him given the ball numerous times in the post this season. And he’s free to roll to the basket any time he wants, but he doesn’t seem to want to do that. Why wouldn’t a 7 footer take the opportunity to go to the basket for an easy dunk? Everyone had visions of Nash & Gasol running pick and rolls, but he prefers to pick and pop. Maybe he doesn’t want the contact. I have seen him taking plenty of shots in the post. If he’s open in the post, any good PG is going to get him the ball I don’t care what system you’re running.

  • Jim213

    Most of the blame should go to the FO for the bad moves. Why blame Pau for not playing given he’s ill? It’s not like we’re talking about MJ or Kobe who’d likely play.

  • LakersGyrl

    Not win a Championship J Taylor but at least make it to the playoffs. A team with Kwame Brown and Smush Parker as starters at least made it to the playoffs. Antoni can’t even get the Lakers to 500. Doesn’t surprise me at all that he doesn’t know what the problem is because he’s the worst coach ever.

  • Tyrone Von Gilyard

    You took my words.. Kwame brown was one of the biggest busts in nba history like darko milicic with the pistons. Smush parker couldnt coexist with kobe. Still we made the playoffs. All the lottery picks we have-have talent. MDA just doesn’t know how to utilize those talents. Phil surely can. Byron Could. They didnt give Mike brown a chance after 3 games after a lockout which is crazy. But give this man all theway until january with a losing record. He needs to go quick.

  • Joseph Apohen

    It is difficult to perform when one cannot breathe. So, don’t blame Pau. He is following doctor’s order. If he played and not perform well, the public will just get on his case. The poor guy cannot win.