Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Unhappy With Pau Gasol’s Complaints

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Unhappy With Pau Gasol’s Complaints


NBA: New York Knicks at Los Angeles LakersBefore the Lakers tipped off against the Phoenix Suns last night, they were still dealing with internal problems. Pau Gasol wasn’t happy with his benching in the fourth quarter of the Lakers 111-106 win over the New Orleans Hornets and voiced his displeasure. This was the fourth time that Gasol had been benched in the fourth quarter and he still isn’t sure why it is happening.

Pau had said that if they found a winning formula, he didn’t care what the rotation looked like. He was upset because the team was losing and he couldn’t do anything about it riding the bench. Well, the Lakers won three in a row going into last night’s game, but Pau was still voicing his unhappiness.

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While Lakers’ fans might be tired of hearing from Pau, they aren’t the only ones. Coach Mike D’Antoni let Dave McMenamin of in on the fact that he has heard about enough from his seven-foot former All-Star even going as far to poke fun at the fact that players promised silence if they began to win with his rotations.

“Well, you know, ‘all for one’ didn’t last (very) long, did it?” D’Antoni said. “Forty-eight-hour shelf life. That’s not bad. We’ll take what we can get.” He continued to explain his thought process behind the fourth quarter rotation of the Hornets game by referencing Metta World Peace’s lack of an appearance. “”Metta didn’t play, either. So, you try to win the game. I thought Antawn (Jamison) was playing well and I thought the matchups were Ryan Anderson and three little guys.”

Pau did play significant minutes in Wednesday’s loss the the Phoenix Suns. He posted 14 points and four rebounds in 37 minutes of action, but Dwight Howard left with 6:57 remaining in the fourth quarter. Fans can only wonder if Pau would have been pulled from the game had Dwight been healthy. And now if Dwight Howard is going to miss a significant amount of games with his re-injured shoulder, will Pau Gasol step up and let his playing do the talking?

  • joe23

    gasol need to asap…

  • joe23

    gasol need to go asap.

  • rubadubclub

    Everyone was in good spirits and on the same page… trusting the new gameplan and the coach’s decisions… they were winning… Then Pau comes along whining and it screwed up the good vibes then look what happened last night… Come on, they got the win so the decision was best for the team. That’s what it’s about….

  • Ramon Santiano

    This coach’s timing is way off. He kept his stars way too long on the bench allowing the suns to gain momentum. Neither does he know the right combination because he has no system, This up tempo game causes a lot of turn overs and player fatigue.


    It’s not a coincidence that Pau played significant minutes and the Lakers lost… this is a sure fire formula for failure… Gasol doesn’t want any part of the not-so-easy part of what it takes to make an impact on the plus side of the Lakers ultimate outcome… He gives up too much to the opposition in so many ways… The Lakers will never win again with this guy playing so many minutes… Only a fool or biased Spaniard will believe otherwise.

  • medel mondano

    fire d antoni at once

  • Lakerfreak

    Gasol comments were taken out of context by espn-like “news sites” and are then rehashed and reported on sites like these. It’s terrible! Can’t we get some writers who were there to hear what Pau said and didn’t just read it on espn. Also can we keep the espn-like “stories” off the site…if I wanted to read garbage like that I would go to espn… Pau was straight up asked about the 4thquarter benching and answered honestly, simply saying he wasn’t happy about it and that he wanted to play….how is that a story and how does it mean the things said here? If a top level NBA talent doesn’t play in the 4th quarter of a close game and says they were happy on the bench then that’s a story and that’s a problem…

  • agmvcc

    I think Jim Buss and D’Antoni need to go. I hoped going into the D’Antoni era that he would well utilize the talent he has here and acknowledge what HASN’T worked for him in the past. But he is who he is. I think it takes a Phil sized coach to pull this off and Jim Buss torpedoed the season that Mitch put together by trying to prove he is just as savvy as his dad, WHICH HE IS NOT. I could easily be wrong about all that. I am huge Pau fan. But he needs to hush up and play. He HAS been scapegoated to death for a couple years but talking about his role change won’t help. All he can do is either contribute to wins or not. I think he’s got good miles left and should be kept. (Especially with Dwight not 100%.) He seems to need his back to the wall. But that’s how I see it. I don’t know if this season can be saved but I think with SOME youth and D this core could be redeemed. I could easily be wrong again. But this group should work on more than just paper. In the right hands, I think it’s a different story. And it’s not D’Antoni’s fault he is not Phil and it’s not Jim’s fault he’s not Jerry. But the need to do a better job of figuring out who they are and how to use what they have.

    • Crystal

      I def. agree with you Aaron. I’ve been saying D’Antoni is NOT the right coach for the Lakers for a while now. I wanted to give him a chance but since he’s started over 2 months ago, I haven’t seen much of a significant change. I think they’re stuck with him for the season…I can’t believe Jim Buss passed on Phil and chose D’Antoni instead.