Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Says Team Wasn’t Focused In Thunder Loss

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Says Team Wasn’t Focused In Thunder Loss


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After allowing the Los Angeles Lakers to get the come-from-behind win on Sunday, the Oklahoma City Thunder were quick out of the gates on Thursday and avoided a repeat collapse. Russell Westbrook scored the first points for the Thunder, who briefly trailed by one point in the early minutes of the first quarter, but took the lead shortly after and never looked back.

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The Thunder were better than the Lakers in nearly every statistic in their 29-point win, which led to Mike D’Antoni expressing his belief that the Lakers weren’t focused:

Thursday’s game had a similar feel to the team’s previous meeting, with a major difference being the Thunder responding to every Lakers run this time around. After only 20 fast break points in their loss on Sunday, the Thunder pushed the ball for one easy basket after another to finish the game with 31 fast break points. Behind 29 points from Kevin Durant and Westbrook, the Thunder had two 30-point quarters and a 41-point third quarter.

The Lakers trailed by 14 points at halftime, but their season-long third quarter woes once again cost them any opportunity at getting back in the game. The Thunder were the latest opponent to score over 130 points against the Lakers, which has now been the case in four of their last five games.

It’s been a season marred by turmoil and injuries for the Lakers, who now have just 17 games remaining. D’Antoni’s options may be limited if he doesn’t believe he’s getting the necessary effort moving forward as Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have both been ruled out for the remainder of the season. However, Nick Young will attempt to play in Wednesday’s game against the San Antonio Spurs.
Kobe Bryant OUT For Remainder Of Season, Lakers Press Conference

  • Jack

    My main problem with this guy is that he never takes credibility for anything. At all. He always finds a way to criticize the team and blame the loss solely on them. Sadder thing is there will never be any real adjustments made by dantoni because to make an adjustment you have to accept some part of your scheme is wrong, which seemingly won’t happen smh.

  • Daspin

    Mike, focus on packing your bags cause you are fired.

  • Lakers Fan

    The FO are the ones who wasn’t focused when they hired this guy as the coach. No leadership skills whatsoever. Wish we could get a 2-for-1 package and send him and Jim Buss packing.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    I thought I give him a chance in the beginning to prove us all wrong but he keeps coming up with excuses on why they lost, being out rebounded by double digits every time. letting opponents score 30+ every quarter and 40’s? He needs to go at the end of the season. Him and his brother are just milking the team & their style does not fit well with MY LAKERS. Let the 2 D’Antoni’s go. add Rambis, too. I can not see the preaching defense he has been saying he’s got.

  • truth24

    This guy comes up with some lame excuse every game and then if we do win one he always credits a player like he’s gonna give them some cookies or something. He will be gone before next season starts. Your Small ball ain’t workin anymore man. This was never the Lakers style.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Pringles, you are such a joke. You have a reason for every season. Can’t wait for you to leave LA, this has been such a bad year for Laker fans every where.

  • Alex K Tatiracanal

    I’m a long life Laker fan, but I’m almost happy this season happened.
    Because the Lakers needed to know how BAD they are. Not miss the playoffs by one or two games, but get a reality check. And also realize that they need a REALLY good coach.

    I don’t know D’Antoni personally, but I know he made his fame in Phoenix. In my opinion, not playing defense cost his team a shot at the title. We’ve seen teams “run and gun” down the court. College, pros etc… to my knowledge, it’s never won a title.

    This is a chance for the rest of the Buss family to get in Jim Buss’s face and tell him…

    “Look at what you did OUR Lakers! What the f*ck? No,no,no,no… we had a vote and you aren’t running this team anymore. Go on, call your lawyer, I don’t give a sh*t!”

    And what is Jim Buss going to say? It was his coach, his team.His mess!

    Now the Lakers should more focused than ever to NOT have this happen again!

  • 3339

    last year those idiotic dantoni supporters said it was because he had no training camp. this year was because of lack of talent/injuries, yet when he had Kobe, Pau, Dwight, Metta ( 4 players that have been to the Finals) he had no clue and was counting on Nash to save them. He even said that Pau and Dwight couldn’t play together (while bynum/pau won 2 rings) Mitch last offseason said he thought dantoni would be more flexible. WHOOOPS. all dantoni has done is bitch excuses excuses excuses. but it’s never on him to change, just the players.
    this guy thinks he’s God’s gift to basketball and that everything he does is right and people have to worship and accommodate to him. seriously the inflated ego on this guy.
    In reality his coaching career is just Steve Nash. Phoenix sucked in dantonis first year, then Nash showed up and saved his sorry ass and made his coaching career. Now without Nash he is absolutely clueless on what to do.
    As soon as the game is over on April 16 in san antonio, Mitch should meet dantoni in the tunnel and tell him to take another plane home. enough is enough.

  • michael

    If the team isn’t focused, HE HAS TO MAKE THEM FOCUS!!! IT’S HIS F***ING JOB!!!