Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Says Robert Sacre ‘Has It All’

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Says Robert Sacre ‘Has It All’


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It’s been a difficult season for the Los Angeles Lakers, who have dealt with a rash of injuries that prevented any sort of continuity being developed and they were the first team mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

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With the season coming to a close, head coach Mike D’Antoni has been developing the young talent on the roster such as Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly. Despite having a poor performance against the Mavericks, D’Antoni praised Sacre’s offensive repertoire according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

With an opportunity to play more minutes this season, Sacre has seen an increase in several statistic categories, including points and rebounds per game; up to 5.1 and 3.7, respectively. During his rookie season in 2012, Sacre played in just 32 games and averaged 1.3 points and 1.1 rebounds per game. As this season wore on, D’Antoni often referenced the future and needing to develop young players like Ryan Kelly and Sacre, whom D’Antoni seemed to believe would factor into success down the line.

Heading into a summer in which the Lakers will have plenty of cap space available and are expecting a lottery pick in the 2014 draft, Sacre is one of three players, along with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, who are under contract for the 2014-2015 season. How much of an impact the reserve center will have moving forward remains to be seen, but if Sacre has the skill set D’Antoni believes he does, the Lakers may have themselves a role player on an inexpensive contract.
Lakers vs. Mavericks: Robert Sacre on Pau Gasol’s Leadership, Steve Nash’s Passing

  • Jezabel

    Robert Sacre is soft and needs to perfect his shot. Remember when the clippers were complaining how Blake Griffin was soft?!? Sacre is similar to him. Griffin worked on his shot and began working harder on the glass. Since Sacre looks a little more slim than Griffin, he is going to have to work a lot harder in getting rebounds.

    • Cary Rumley

      A little more slim, but also 7 foot.

    • jhernandez1981

      At no point in his career was Griffin ever as soft or as generally unskilled as Sacre. This guy gets focused attention from the coaching staff, has former all stars to learn from, and still puts up pathetic numbers on both sides of the ball in the paint.

  • purp& goldpride

    Ughhhh every time dantoni talks I cringe. He can complement sacre, but rarely anything positive about gasol, kaman or hill.

    We’re in serious trouble if jimmy can’t admit his mistake and fire dantoni.

  • comrade24

    Sacre is young and still has years to develop. I think with the right coaching staff he can develop into a 15 and 10 player. he has the raw skills.

    • Daryl Peek

      15-10? Sarcasm I take? *looking*

    • lakers_824

      lmao man said 15 and 10 wow ur not serious are u?

      • Josh

        Given the minutes, he can be a 15/10 guy for sure. He’s averaging about 12/6 so far this season per 36, and he’s grown immensely since last year. If he continues to work on his game, he’ll be a solid player in this center-position-is-obsolete NBA.

    • Joseph Apohen

      He has the right coach. Hasn’t MDA been developing him?

  • Jim213

    Per Kevin Ding, on current coach status: “If the Lakers continue to focus on 2015 free agency for the more meaningful shift in the team’s direction, they are reluctant to bring on a new coach for 2014-15 and commit contractually to another three or four years with that coach while not knowing how he would mesh with the next star player or players,” Ding states.

    • $99752914

      Jim don’t believe it… Kevin doesn’t even make sense… MDA is gone…they are only committed 4 mil to him… why would the Lakers try and sign a big FA with no coach and system in place, said player would be setting himself up being lock into a contract and not knowing who the coach is going to be.. the Lakers are going to have a new coach in shortly after the draft if not sooner… FA’s come to play for the coach and the system before the city… I am willing to bet Byron Scott will be named new HC at that time… with Kobe coming back he will not hold up in MDA flawed system that he refuses to change…

      • Jim213

        More than 2/3s of the masses wouldn’t appreciate FO keeping the coach. Especially if he’s not the main guy for the long term. If he stays it could possibly mean 3 things, IMO. One FO doesn’t have a specific coach in mind for next season. Two they may want to let the coach/ contract run it’s course to buy more time (don’t have a clear direction/ plan yet) and three as Mr. Ding pointed out FOs all in or bust for 2015.

        Hopefully they attain 3 or 4 starting role players for next season. The masses will live with Nash for another season AS LONG as a change is made (coach position most obvious). If K Irving doesn’t sign an extension with the Cavs he’ll likely be traded before his qualifying offer is due as rumors state (option?). But rather they replace the coach soon given these past two seasons haven’t worked out for anyone.

        Should they expect different if they decide to give the coach another year? Certain it won’t work out or that he’d use the most viable options next season given this year’s results with relation to roster adaptation. I’d rather they acquired another coach to give him a head start before 2015FA IMO.

        • $99752914

          Can’t argue with that…good stuff, bro…

      • Sylvia Ross

        Byron Scott, a very good choice and replacement for the inept d’antoni.

  • Blazemore

    Daren Erman has been fired as the Warriors assistant coach he is one of the best defensive minds the game of basketball has ever seen.The Warriors were never known for defense and he has them sitting in 4th place for defense.I don’t know hoe serious the stuff Darren did is but i say if it’s not so bad hire Darren Erman as the Lakers head coach ASAP and fire Mike D’Antoni.We need change.We need D!

    • Daryl Peek

      With Kobe on the Lakers, a young unproven coach like Erman would not work as HC. The Lakers would do well to hire him on as an assistant or replacement for Rambis, who’s failed to get anything going for these guys defensively. Kurt was supposed to be our defensive guru but I knew that was not gonna happen as he stunk in Minny defensively.

      • nlruizjr

        Daryl, I have to agree, I don’t know how they perceived Rambis as a defensive coach, he didn’t show that at Minny but I also have to think that getting rid of Dantoni Now is of paramount importance, therefore giving the new head coach time to start implementing his philosophy with the players they intend to keep plus blend the new group all at one time, it just doesn’t make sense to have a coach that hasn’t worked and try all over again with a partial new cast of players and the old players, you don’t teach failure and expect to have a winning tradition.

  • Blazemore

    Yea Sacre sucks ass i hate that retard.Crackhead Bob from Stern show.

  • quickster

    Sacre needs a go to move offensively, He needs Hakeem Olujawon to teach him that mini skyhook. Defensively, he still have ways to go. The Lakers needs to let Pau go and 19 millions of cap space. The Lakers needs to draft a center like Joel Embiid or sign a free agent like Greg Monroe. Monroe who is making 3 millions a season. The Lakers can offer him 5 millions a season. if the Lakers can’t draft Embiid they can go after Dante Exum for the point guard.

  • Lakers4Life

    Sacre may “hate it all,” but we all know all that will go to waste (probably with an injury) as long as Dumbtoni remains the coach. Can’t wait for the offseason where things will really turn around.

  • PlayerHaters

    Umm no Sacre is a terrible player and it takes a REAL BAD player for me to actually call them out. He has a terrible jump hook, his jump shot isn’t reliable, but he can make his foul shots i’ll admit that. BUT his foul shots don’t compensate for everything else he’s bad at.

  • taviyoung

    He is a great guy and teammate, but he’s a horrible basketball player. He doesn’t have good hands, no moves in the post, no touch on his shot, doesn’t finish well around the rim, no offensive awareness, below average defender, and average rebounder. So I’m trying to figure out how does he “has it all” ???? Dantoni is an idiot.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Sacre has it all? Has what?! MDA sacrificed wins by developing this guy and underutilizing Kaman and Hill.

  • Sylvia Ross

    There is one thing we know he has and that’s height. You can’t teach height, I haven’t seen anything else that he has. dantoni, apparently sees things others don’t see, but what else can we expect from a JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL COACH !

    • magikwyrkz

      Dumbtoni smoking to much crack.

  • Mac Attack

    Sacre is a decent player, buy he has SUCH short arms. It’ll be a lot harder for him to grab boards and not get blocked with small arms

  • Allen Harrington

    Sacre has the basics and he has height which you can’t teach. He is a blank slate which is what coaches love. I coach Basketball and I have played 3 days as a professional before an injury that made me retire at 22. I had a kid 2 years ago that all other coaches seen as a waste of space. By the second preseason game he was my starter and in the first ranked season game he went 5 for 6 from 3 and averaged 12 points per game all season and 7 assists (Point Guard) as a grade 8 playing up one year. I think D’Antoni sees in Sacre what I seen in that kid. (a blank slate for how you can mould into what you see he can become)