Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Reacts To Lakers’ Game 2 Loss to Spurs

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Reacts To Lakers’ Game 2 Loss to Spurs


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Brooklyn NetsThe Lakers lost to the San Antonio Spurs 102-91 in game two and trail 2-0 in their best-of-seven series. The Spurs got off to a hot start under the leadership of Manu Ginobili, who finished tonight’s game game with 13 points , five rebounds, and seven assists. The Lakers continually struggled to score and get the necessary stops required in order to get a victory.  Despite a loss, the Lakers got some good play from Steve Blake who had 16 points, six rebounds, and two assists.

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Lakers Head Coach Mike D’Antoni became the first coach in Lakers history to lose his first two playoff games. He was disappointed with the Lakers’ play tonight, but maintained some optimism on TWC SportsNet about what the Lakers could do heading into Game 3.

“Guys were a little down, but I told them they won two games on their home-court, and now it’s our turn to go get it done on Friday. We’ll be ready.”

D’Antoni made it known to the media that the San Antonio Spurs are not an easy team to beat, and that tonight they just made the necessary plays to prevent the Lakers from winning.

“They got plenty guys that can make baskets, but there is always someone that can pick up the slack and make a big play,” D’Antoni said. “That’s why they are good, they are a veteran team.”

With the Lakers championship chances at stake on Friday, Mike D’Antoni understands the pressure and importance of winning Game 3, and believes that the Lakers are going to do all they can to get a victory.

“Sometimes you got to man up and do the best you can,” D’Antoni said. “We’ll be ready.”

Let’s hope he’s right.

D’Antoni’s Lakers will face the Spurs in Game 3 on Friday night back at Staples Center.


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    Lakers’ brass better man up and get rid of the fumblin, stumblin, mumblin, Pau Gasol before the start of next season or they can kiss their acquired sorry-soft-ass good-bye, AGAIN!


      In reality, I know the Lakers’ brass are not stupid and can see what any observant/educated hoops fan can clearly see also… that being said, I would be absolutely shocked, if Pau Gasol is still with the team next season.

  • JohnC

    Pau is the best 4 of the league. His overall contribution has an impact on any team. It would be great if everyone strats to believe in himself and decide to play simpe basketball + switch on their play-off mode.

    (Tiring to hear so much rubbish about Pau from people who just like dunking) and drinking Coke while watching the game)

  • HuLakers

    This coach is the worst coach in Lakers history. As a Lakers fan, I was glad when Mike Brown was let go, but when I heard that Mke Dantoni was in the list of possible coaches, I said to myself “no way” he does not even derserve to be mentioned as a possible coach. The next day the Lakers hired him and I was dissapointed, as a Lakers fan, I told myself we went from bad to worse.

    • Crystal

      I knew from the start hiring D’Antoni over Phil wa a HUGE mistake. If this isn’t a wake up call to management, I don’t know what else would let them know that D’Antoni is NOT the right coach for the Lakers!

      • kmac_321

        They did not hire D’Antoni over Phil.. Jim Buss hates Phil Jackson for the fact of controlling most of the power over the team in the past years. Jim didn’t want that so he chose D’Antoni…

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    • brenda mage

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  • mr.305

    trade gasol for kevin love or Lamarcus Aldrige , we need a young point guard , defently Ariza have to come back to the team , trade morris , sacre, duhon, all those cheerleaders

  • capitan 81

    Who must be moved.?.coach,meeks,pau gasol,sacre, Those 3 men..n 2 more from the bench..we need philp,rubio,mark gasol..n next year we will be champions..

  • capitan 81

    Lakers fan…we want philp as our coach…moved pau,sacre,dujon,meeks..ebans

  • Marty Susman

    I wish he would get mad as hell & quit like he did in NY