Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Praises Chris Kaman After Performance

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Praises Chris Kaman After Performance


Chris Kaman and Mike D’Antoni haven’t been on the same page for much of this season. Kaman has voiced his displeasure with D’Antoni on a number of occasions, mainly due to his fluctuating position in the rotation.

Kaman had arguably his best game of the season tonight, pouring in 28 points, 17 rebounds, and six assists in the Lakers 115-99 upset of the Phoenix Suns.

After his excellent performance, Kaman was subject to praise from coach D’Antoni, as reported by the Lakers:

Kaman is deserving of all of the praise he receives after this performance. Despite going weeks without ever seeing the floor, Kaman always rises to the occasion when he gets his chance to make an impact.

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Everyone was ready to see what Kaman himself had to say about his game, but according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, he slipped out before anyone could talk to him:

Even without saying a word, Kaman has done more than enough tonight and can afford to rest on his laurels for the night.

Kaman has shown that he is a true veteran this season, staying ready at all times despite never knowing if he will see the floor.

He has not been happy this season, but he continues to stay ready when his number is called. There is no doubt D’Antoni recognizes this, and that is why he praised him tonight.
Chris Kaman Talks Playing To’ Give Everybody A Sense Of Purpose’

  • kobe24

    Could’ve used him more during the season smfh,

    Kaman and Gasol had great chemistry in the beginning of the preseason and yet MDA didn’t use it

  • Sylvia Ross

    I wonder how many games we could have won had idiot dantoni with his moody behind played Chris all season. Can’t wait for PRINGLES to go. Chris, good luck , hope to see you back next season without PRINGLES.

  • purp&goldpride

    Only way kaman, hill our gasol CONSIDER staying is without the Phoenix troll aka d’antoni

    Here’s to hoping we no longer need good services after this season…

    • purp& goldpride

      + or

  • SN

    Although there’s very little chance he re-signs with the Lakers, I wouldn’t mind having Kaman back if there is any way to convince him. He’s definitely still capable of putting up performances like tonight and it doesn’t hurt to have another veteran in the locker room. Plus, he’s so versatile offensively and he can pass.

  • Chrmngblly

    This is just one more example of MDA’s blind spot. MDA was totally surprised. My God.

    Also, I think Kaman should shave his head and trim his beard so he looks at least somewhat fierce and not like he just swam ashore from a shipwreck.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    O Now you praise him you should play him more long time ago dude was beasting on the floor smh

  • 3339

    datnoni honestly thought that Dwight and Pau couldn’t play together until every guard in our rotation was injured. Then he figured out that they could.
    Kaman has had games like this and can be a solid contributor but for some reason dantoni refuses to consistently use him, even has him benched for whole games. dantoni is a legit idiot.

    • Josh

      D’Antoni overly simplicized it in the postgame interview, but Pau and Kaman cannot play together against a stretch 4, which a lot of teams use (one of the ways MDA revolutionized the NBA).

      There are plenty of times when I think Pau and CK should both play and would play well together as they did in the preseason, but usually MDA is right about this. If the season wasn’t completely lost, I would want CK to take Sacre’s minutes, but as it stands, I want Sacre to be on the floor as much as possible so he can continue to develop into a regular backup.

  • roseducanna

    Duck Asstoni is a picture of Kupcake and J. Bus.

  • Vince Staley

    Last nights comments mean zilch. Today, when asked about Kaman, he wasn’t sure about his playing time in upcoming games due to Sacre.