Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni: “Our Offense is Just Ugly”

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni: “Our Offense is Just Ugly”


Nothing is going right for the Los Angeles Lakers as the team dropped another game Monday night against the Chicago Bulls. The Lakers are now 17-24 and there is a very good chance that they do not make the postseason. Despite all the talent on this roster, the Lakers are not able to string together consecutive wins and there seems to be no cohesion on the court.

After the loss to the Bulls, D’Antoni spoke to reporters and Ramona Shelburne tweeted his reaction to the Lakers’ offense.

Los Angeles finished the game scoring just 83 points and the team shot a putrid 39.5 percent from the field. The team was outplayed on both ends of the court and the Bulls showed the Lakers how championship quality squads should play defense.

D’Antoni cannot expect the Lakers to score 105 points a game in order to win, especially with this old and aging roster. Los Angeles is by far the most disappointing team this season and the blame shouldn’t just fall on the offensive end.

D’Antoni has to realize that the Lakers do not have the personnel to run his system and that he must figure out a way to incorporate all his star players. The only way to get this team to work together is to have all the players on the same page in comfortable positions. However, if the Lakers continue on this path let’s just say most Lakers fans will be pointing the finger at the front office for not hiring the Zen Master.

  • Demetrius Robinson

    But he runs it??

    • hookedonnews

      He can only teach it. The players have to do it, and right now they’re not.

      • Sad Lakers Fan

        It’s obvious the system is NOT working and he should run a different offense. If he can’t then he is the wrong coach for the team, which I knew from the announcement of him being hired.

        • hookedonnews

          They haven’t had time to really learn the offense. They have had little time for practice, and contrary to popular opinion, they are working on their defense a lot of the time. Kobe’s excessive shooting and expectations of being the focus of the offense are a problem also. The system will never work until he makes it clear he’s happy not being the focus. It’s obvious you didn’t like D’Antoni before he got there. However, most of the fans who have that attitude aren’t giving him a chance. I’m as disappointed as anybody, but you have to be realistic. Nash is really the key to the offense, and he has only played 10 or 15 games. Gasol and Howard have both been injured (or not 100%) a lot of the time. They just haven’t played together long enough to become a cohesive team and master the system. The absence of a good bench that can hold a lead or at least stay even is also a major factor. Mike Brown lost 11 in a row. This is not all about D’Antoni.