Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Expects Kobe to Play Friday vs. Wizards

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Expects Kobe to Play Friday vs. Wizards


Kobe Bryant has missed (basically) the last three games with a sprained ankle that he suffered in the team’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks. He attempted to play last Friday against the Indiana Pacers, but only got 12 minutes of action in before being forced to sit for the final three quarters of the game. He didn’t play Sunday against the Kings (W) or Monday against the Suns (L), but he could be back sooner than expected.


According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, team coach Mike D’Antoni said he believes Bryant will be back in action this upcoming Friday when the Lakers host the Washington Wizards.


After the team suffered an embarrassing loss to the Suns on Monday night, it’s evident they need Bryant’s offense back in the lineup. With the team fighting hard for playoff positioning as well, Bryant’s contributions are more important than ever.

Friday will be the second and final meeting between the Lakers and Wizards. L.A. beat the Wizards in Washington back on Dec. 14th.


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  • Jason

    Finally someone realized it!!!!
    D’Antoni, James worthy, interviewers addressed to media that without Kobe the team is doing better in the previous 2 games…. But, yesterday’s game proved them all wrong, especially James Worthy.
    I’m not surprised about this… i know they will realize it sooner or later.

    Lakers need Kobe in every game to make them more dominant team. He is the Leader, did a great many things in the past and will continue to do so.

    But, only one thing, the team may have to develop a little more chemistry and bond with KB to play the game with more free mind without egos and the ball movement will be one of the obvious factors to accomplish. I don’t think this is impossible.

    you may DISAGREE with my comment but the truth remains.

    • Latisha Robinson

      What happens when Kobe retires? Then who are they going to go to? They have to be able to play without Kobe at times. Because there is going to come a day when he retires…..

      • Jason

        We are looking at 4-5 years from now for Kobe’s retirement….
        I’m talking about it now until the Lakers stabilize their team. They’ve got a new coach this season and lot many things goin on.

  • Karen

    In my opinion Kobe Bryant already set the bar up at the level high and as a leader of the team he expects everyone to perform 100% including him.

    He is a point guard, the role of the point guard is to facilitate and coach on the floor. In the act, he may hold the ball a few more seconds.

    In theory to increase the ball movement, He need a great team to make a pass to them with higher confidence that if they shoot a 3 pointer, jump shot or a lay up shot and not miss it then it would obviously move the ball a lot quicker. If they keep missing the jump shots or layups then he wouldn’t make a pass to them which slows down the ball movement. That’s my understanding.

  • KcS

    D’Antoni is such a piece of shit coach. Short rotations in back-to-back games rendering the bench useless as their fatigue rises.

  • oldgitsalesp

    At some point (over the summer) the Lakers will have to address the elephant in the room. They don’t have a championship caliber coach. The PHX game was winnable … for D’Antoni – in light of the frequency of injuries to Gasol, Howard, Hill and the team in general … to rely on a 7man rotation and then to neglect to develop the bench for even relief minutes is poor coaching. This is symptomatic of a coach who is scared to make a mistake and does not have depth in himself or trust in his staff to correct a glaring situation. BTW – he has only 1 real assistant in Bernie B. – the others are stealing $$$, including Eddie Jordan – who struggles to stay awake during games. I forgot – exactly what does Chuck Person’s do?

    D’Antoni has no “system” to rely on, because his “success” is predicated on running and shooting long 2 and 3 point shots. Ask MWP what happens when you miss a 3 or long 2 – he is a frequent spectator, so he can comment as the opposition races to the other end for a dunk. NO team in NBA history has ever won a title with a “system” like that, EVER!

    Having a megastar like Kobe and making nuanced comments about sharing the ball is also not real bright. Kobe has done more for D12 than any player on the team and in the league over D12’s career! He feeds him like a baby bird and D12 struggles without passes that he can immediately dunk. Kobe’s stat line including assists are what makes the Lakers a playoff team at worst and a championship team – assuming you get a real coach at best. Make sure you get plenty of action shots of the Mamba – #24 in purple, gold and white cuz when he’s gone … turn the lights back up in Staples Center cuz the show is over!!

    Take a good look LAKER fans is this (D’Antoni), the guy you’d want coaching this franchise for the next 3 yrs?

  • djlove06

    laker need him only way have change make big dance

  • noah

    There is nobody in the team that would have bring them to finals without Kobe.. rotational ball movement maybe radical to win a game but has to realize that once a team with a good defense works hard desperately surely an offense would be rattled… pressuring a team with a great defense is a fear to every critical game.. but with the superstar like kobe would make it all nonsense.. just if only if his teammates intimately putting a trust to him… Trust Kobe… trust Kobe….