Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Expects Improved Chemistry Next Season

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Expects Improved Chemistry Next Season


NBA: Miami Heat at Los Angeles LakersMike D’Antoni was thrown under the national spotlight last season when the Los Angeles Lakers decided to make him the head coach.

D’Antoni took over a Lakers roster filled with star power but struggling to win games. In addition, the fan base was not very receptive of the new coach as Phil Jackson was denied the job. D’Antoni guided the Lakers to the seventh seed in the Western Conference, only to be swept in the first round.

D’Antoni will now be heading into his first full season with the Lakers and he told the Los Angeles Times that he expects the chemistry to improve.

“We’ve definitely improved our shooting and I think the chemistry will be better just because the uncertainty has gone away,” D’Antoni said. “A lot of people will know their roles better and what’s going on on the floor better. Dealing with free agency day to day, we won’t have those problems.”

Dwight Howard uncertainty will no longer trouble the Lakers and, since many players are on the final year of their contracts, they will surely give it their all on a daily basis. The Lakers certainly don’t have very high expectations for the 2013-14 season, but it is something that will benefit both the coaches and the players.


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  • Jim213

    What Dumbtoni is saying is that he expects group cohesion to improve since he won’t be catering to DH like he’s recently mentioned.

  • LAL918

    From a chemistry standpoint, the team’s cohesion is gonna improve greatly now that Howard won’t be there. Look, I know most of you want Phil back but the problem is that the triangle system is indeed one of the hardest systems to learn; just ask former high pick Jonny Flynn and Al Jefferson, as they admitted it in a recent article I found. I understand completely that D’Antoni isn’t exactly the cream of the crop with his overall record but it seems that I’m the only guy crazy enough to believe that this upcoming season could be his redemption and will likely go as far as beyond the first round of the playoffs next year.

    I know a LOT of Lakers fans want Phil because of his well-deserved accomplishments but the organization can’t keep asking him to come back, as he already said he doesn’t want to coach ever again. Plus, Dr. Buss left the organization in the hands of his kids; as he wants to prove something that no other owner couldn’t do when they left their franchise to his/her kids: win and continue the legacy.

  • Daryl Peek

    MDA is 100% correct. Chemistry was a wreck and by the time we got to the playoffs it was too late. The injuries were too much to overcome.

    • LAL918

      Indeed and that’s what got us destroyed in the playoffs, it’s still pathetic in my memory as of now.

  • LAL918

    Jim213, do you not realize that it’s because of mainly Howard was the reason why last year’s chemistry really sucked? The point of what I’m trying to say is: D’Antoni is our head coach and there’s no point of complaining about it.

  • R3aLdoe Foo

    i keep wondering if dantoni were to ever win a title in the future if he will ever be vindicated from being labeled dumbtoni or bad coach in general. He didn’t make it happen in small market phoenix yet no one ever has. He didn’t make it happen in new york yet they haven’t been relevant in 20 years and him alone wasn’t going to change the culture of the franchise. Phil Jackson is the best coach ever, but he won’t just coach any team and he even pulls disappearing acts when its not worth it. He says he’s too old but if the lakers somehow sign the right players next year, there is a true potential for him to come out of retirement again. I could be wrong but i’ve seen bigger long-shots come to fruition.

    • Jim213

      Solid points but some of last season’s moves just leave doubt aside of management moves. But we keep it nice to an extent given that in other places people want to Lynch the coach aside of management given their belief that they’ll run the brand to the ground. Let’s not forget what Phil has brought as of late which has only increased the expectations of having a coach with solid credentials as this ain’t the Bobcats or Wizards organization we’re talking about.

      • R3aLdoe Foo

        Winning tradition and organizational excellence no matter what sport you’re referencing, can never endure the peaks and valleys for very long. Last year was bad, really bad. Especially for the Lakers! You would’ve thought after the Shaq fiasco they would never let something as such happen again. The world found out how mediocre Dwight Howard was/is. Despite Houston being a more short term favorable destination/franchise to play for, the reality is that small market stars belong with smaller market teams. No offense Houston, as I don’t want to compare Houston with the likes of Orlando. We should be glad and thanking sweet baby jesus that overgrown goofy country overhyped nobody is gone. Nobody is going to be rockin’ Rockets jerseys and Lebron is definitely not worried about the rockets coming out of the west, he’s actually growing back hair from all the non-worrying. Dantoni needs to redeem himself, Kobe needs to redeem himself, Pau needs to redeem himself, Nash needs to redeem himself. Everyone else needs to prove themselves.(You too Jim Buss!) Stop the what-ifs of the potential CP3 possibilities that never came to be. Espn is doing the Lakers a favor by ranking them 12th, in the west. Theres no way the Lakers can be extremely terrible, but truly it all lies on how Kobe plays when he returns. So many aspects rely on it. His future in the league, his retirement, his legacy/records/Goat argument, the entire Lakers 2013-14 season, direction the Lakers organization goes, Dantoni’s job, Kupchak’s job?

        • Jim213

          Preached DH’s departure even before he picked H-town. A lot of issues arose this past season that involved injuries, short rotations. bad chemistry, aside of DH. You can say that no one lived up to the hype including management as next season players will be playing for future contracts but most importantly for pride.

          • R3aLdoe Foo

            Clearly his non-committal nature spoke to his potential departure. Though I still don’t think even so-called basketball experts realize how, despite laker injuries, how he’s just not that good. Don’t even dare say great. He could not even average 25 pts/game. Max money for that chump? Some blame kobe being a ball hog, yet I remember as many Laker fans do, DH getting shut down by no-name or even has-been centers/pfs when he got the ball down low. I don’t even know how he even led the league in rebounds. You would think this should have been a dangerous team that would’ve been feared and laid wrath upon the association. Clearly the latter. My original point saying, how can Dantoni be that bad or have such a poor reputation? Yes Nash freak-accident broken leg, Pau shouldn’t have played in the olympics, maybe kobe too yet he still showed up. We all know the supporting staff stunk, and Duhon or Morris will never work in this town again.

            How did Howard and the Magic even make it to the finals that year?

            Dantoni has made nobodies into somebodies through team chemistry offensive based basketball. Defense only matters in the last 6 minutes in the fourth quarter. Dantoni needs to be given a proper chance to be being judged so scathingly. Even the last two Laker teams he’s been given aren’t of fair quality to judge his performance, and this 2nd year hasn’t even happened yet and most people are dismissive to having any kind of optimism towards not necessarily the title hopes of this year but the future of the ball club. It bothers me to know that some jerk-off like Spoelstra is perhaps highly respected or will be given benefit of the doubt because he’s won with Lebron. Wouldn’t have Dantoni won with the Heat? Whatever man, too many questions with unavailable answers

            I agree with you, many people in Laker nation vying for their future next year.

  • ra

    We need good chemistry (working together), physics (shooting skills), AND biology (no injuries) for this upcoming year. Microbiology, genetics and physiology (histology) might help too (Kobe’s surgery). Otherwise we’ll have to resort to paleontology (digging up some dinosaurs to help the team).

  • LakersBuss

    MDA knows that Lakers team chemistry went up 100% once malcontent Dwight Howard the teams problem child left the locker room for Houston.Dwight Howard is a Prima Donna team nuisance and a disgrace to the Lakers uniform.

    Dwight Howard is a team destroyer he divides the locker room he plays in and he is a gutless selfish goofball.Lakers will have much better team chemistry without Dwight.MWP also never helped team chemistry as he was just too crazy and unpredictable in team practices from what i have heard.Jamison complained about several things and he bolted.Earl Clark and Duhon never clicked with the coach Mike D’Antoni.I heard Clark was the whipping boy for MDA and he hated it and bolted faster than Howard.Yes we actually got players that want to be Lakers now.

    Also no more Andrew Bynum yes team chemistry for the Lakers is finally at a all time high.Mike D’Antoni is right about us being more cohesive as a unit now.Team chemistry goes a long way to winning in the NBA.