Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Downplays Marshall University Rumors

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Downplays Marshall University Rumors


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Prior to the Los Angeles Lakers tipping off with the Milwaukee Bucks, an ESPN report surfaced that the Lakers head coach had been contacted by Marshall University to gauge his interest in coaching the Thundering Herd. Jeff Borzello followed up on the report, saying he believes D’Antoni will coach at Marshall if he isn’t with the Lakers next season due to mutual interest.

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Shortly after the Lakers’ 108-105 loss to the Bucks, the Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan began to question D’Antoni on the reported contact, but was quickly shot down, according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

D’Antoni’s quick reaction to Bresnahan’s question lends to believe the coach was aware of the report and may be an indication that conversations have indeed been held. However, if D’Antoni has been in contact with Marshall, it could be due to a personal relationship, according to Winters:

In his second season as head coach of the Lakers, D’Antoni has often been the focus of criticism and taken much, if not the entire blame for the team’s shortcomings. D’Antoni’s hiring wasn’t a popular decision at the time given the belief Phil Jackson was ready to re-join the Lakers. His style of offense has never quite meshed with the players on the Lakers roster and the chances of it being a success were hindered early on when Steve Nash suffered a fracture in his leg early in the 2012 season.

The Lakers were the first team to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and with 11 games remaining in the season, they are fighting to avoid setting the worst record in franchise history.
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  • quickster

    Mike you should not be upset just call it continued employment after the Lakers fire you.

  • ra

    MIke is feigning disgust. Of course he could be a college basketball coach (and I’m guessing, a good one), and of course his friend would like to have him coach there after the Lakers.

    Actually, run & gun would work great in NCAA, because there are ‘fewer’ bigs (or good bigs) per team than in the NBA. Small ball rules in college. If he wanted to keep coaching, it could be a fun and exciting future, and we might see his team in the Final Four. I’d certainly watch that team. The 2006 Phx Suns came as close to that as one can get. Small ball is also exciting in the Pros, but usually doesn’t lead to Championships. Remember when the Warriors defeated the Mavs several years ago, in the playoffs? Not much is more exciting than that (except watching Kobe hit the ‘game winners’ in Championship games.

    • hookedonnews

      The Heat play a form of D’Antoni’s offense. The Mavericks choked against GS and were out-coached. I would be surprised if D’Antoni was interested in coaching at the college-level. Of course, anything is possible. I’m hearing that he will be back in LA next season, but like any other rumor you can’t take it seriously until it happens.

      • ra

        Heat don’t really play a form of D’Antoni’s offense (unless it’s just ‘basketball’, in which case all teams play a form of D’Antoni’s offense). Run & Gun relies on the PG, not the PF (LeBron). It works best with a superstar PG (like Nash), and relies on the essential ‘ignoring’ of defense in favor of quick transition and fast scoring (D’Antoni’s style is to ‘outscore’ the opponent – let the opponent fiddle around and celebrate after they score, and quickly get the ball downcourt, and repay them by a fast score (usually a 3 pointer).

        The Warriors (years back, and to some degree today) play a form of D’Antoni’s offense. The Heat have ‘often said’ that they also concentrate on defense, which doesn’t lead to a high scoring game. D’Antoni’s offense, when run to perfection, leads to high scoring games (by both teams). It’s not that way anymore because the Lakers don’t have a superstar PG to distribute the ball as well (as Nash), so they just ‘run fast’, and hope that their spot up shooters are in place, and then actually make shots.

        • hookedonnews

          Eric Spoelstra in a recent interview said that their offense was based on the D’Antoni system. It’s not identical, but the basic principles are the same. There’s more to the system than pace or who runs the point. Most teams in the league play a form of it (Bulls are among the few who don’t). If you’ll look at the way the game was played before D’Antoni came to Phoenix you’ll see that his system has basically transformed the NBA (something I’ve heard repeated many times).

          The Lakers have not had the players to run D’Antoni’s offense because of personnel and injuries. You seem to believe it’s only about pace and jacking up shots. That’s a common misconception. Yes, those things are a part of it, although those are supposed to be good shots. But the basis of the offense is spreading the floor plus penetration by the PG and pick and roll/pick and pop as well as pace. You saw a little bit of how the offense should run in the game against the Wizards when Nash was on the court. I agree you need a great PG, but that’s true in most systems (other than the Triangle & the Princeton). The offense can be run through someone like LeBron or Paul George. It doesn’t have to be a PG although that is the best case scenario.

          The Lakers aren’t ignoring defense, but they don’t have a great presence in the paint or great perimeter defenders. They also turn the ball over way too much which leads to points on the other end. I saw a game the other night from 2005 between the Suns and the Mavericks. The Suns actually played some defense. They also didn’t have a great defensive center, and of course the pace of the game gave the other team more opportunities to score so they gave up more points than teams that played at a slower pace. That doesn’t mean they were totally inept on defense. The Lakers don’t play at nearly the pace that the Suns did. That’s just not possible because of their personnel (Gasol).

          The Heat have better defenders (LeBron & Wade are among the best in the league) plus they have had a more stable lineup and don’t turn the ball over like the Lakers. The Heat are a great team because they have great players. You can see the difference when Wade or LeBron don’t play. Imagine that team with both of them out most of the season. I don’t think anyone would be talking about a 3-Peat this year. Put LeBron & Wade (healthy) on the Lakers, and you’ll see improvement in defense.

          • Danny E. Pagan

            If you google stuff up on D’antoni you will find that Popovich, Spolstra, and George Karl have all talked about how D’antoni has influenced them.

          • hookedonnews

            Not surprised, and yet he gets zero respect from a lot of LA fans. It’s too bad.

          • 3339

            maybe because he is doing a bad job with our team?
            seriously get off his nuts man

          • Kay Carter

            i don’t understand why this guy riding the hell out of his dick either smh Mike Brown did a better job than this pringle face bum

          • hookedonnews

            What is the problem? I’m sure Mike Brown would have won at least 60 games with this team. Is that what you’re trying to tell me? Sorry, but I’m not going to get on the hate MDA train just because it’s the majority opinion in Lakers Nation. He may not be the best coach in the league, but he doesn’t deserve half of what he gets on these threads.

          • 3339

            dude enough. You really must have a serious crush on dantoni if you don’t have a problem with what you have seen him do with the Lakers since he took over. You’re always on here kissing his ass. wtf man. You can’t possibly be a Laker fan.

          • hookedonnews

            You would be surprised at what other Lakers fans think if you ever got on other websites or blogs. This doesn’t represent the totality of Laker fans, although we do have a certain reputation around the league for being a bunch of morons. As I’ve said more times than I care to count, no coach could have done anything with all these injuries. I have seen D’Antoni be successful when he has the players. I don’t know if he can win in LA, but he hasn’t had a chance to prove it one way or the other with this bunch of no-name cast-offs that he’s coaching now. Anybody who was the least bit rational could understand that. Popovich has had a 20 win season in his career. If that had happened in LA, you would have been screaming for him to be fired. Now D’Antoni is not Popovich, but I assume you get the idea. I don’t care who coaches the Lakers as long as they win, but I’m not stupid enough to believe a different coach could have turned this team into a winner.

          • 3339

            Kobe, Pau, Dwight Howard, Metta aren’t cast- offs. You act like this is the only season dantoni got. I don’t care who is on dantoni’s team, this guy is not a championship level coach. No way. we need a new coach in here to start teaching the right way to win and build an environment that other players want to join. all dantoni will attract are this years cast offs while All-star players like Dwight want no part of it.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t know of any championship level coaches out there looking for a job. Obviously I was talking about this year’s team. Metta isn’t even in the league now & was past his prime. Pau had bad knees and feet-missed 33 games. Howard just off back surgery-torn shoulder muscle–moron who wouldn’t run pick and rolls–Kobe down at end of season before playoffs. No training camp, no practices because of injuries, worst bench in the league and still went to playoffs. You like a lot of other people have expectations that ignore reality. I wouldn’t compare other superstars to Dwight Howard. And he left because of Kobe.

          • 3339

            Some coaches available: Jeff Van Gundy, Stan Van Gundy, George Karl, Jerry Sloan, Lionel Hollins, Byron Scott.
            All except Hollins have been to the finals. I’d call them championship level
            You seriously think dantoni is like a God. It’s really sick dude.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t think Sloan is available. I doubt that he would leave Utah. All of those guys are good coaches, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them championship level. To me that is someone who’s actually won a championship.

            You can’t seem to read plain English. I never said D’Antoni was a god or even the best coach in the league. All I have ever said is that he is a good coach and deserves a shot with a healthy roster. I know that is a radical idea in your opinion. You’ve probably been calling for his head from the day he walked in the door like a lot of other fans. If he had a healthy team and the same record I would fire him myself if I had the power.

            Look at the roster. That’s the main problem. Even if everyone was healthy I doubt they have the talent to compete for a championship and probably won’t have until after next season. That’s the reason I have said there’s no reason to make a coaching change now. Give him a chance with a healthy roster, and if he can’t cut it, then you can bring in a new coach along with a couple of great free agents. Kupchak has made it clear that it’s going to take at least a couple of years to get this team where it needs to be.

            If they fire MDA and the team stays healthy next season and plays better I’m sure the consensus will be that it’s all because of the new coach. I can almost guarantee it.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah it is time for Mike D’Antoni to take on a new challenge this time coaching his alma mater Marshall University.It’s not working out with the Lakers and it seems like the shipped has sunk on the Mike D’Antoni experiment for the Lakers FO.

    Small ball works better in the college ranks,but bigs are still needed to win NCAA championships as you know Noah and Horford won back to back championships at Florida and Kentucky had Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones at Kentucky during their 2012 championship.Kareem and Bill Walton won their championships in college at UCLA and they were both HOF elite big men.Mike D’Antoni can try his luck at coaching Marshall but i seriously doubt he does anything special with his stint at Marshall.Probably a bubble team to make the NIT seriously.

    I am pretty sure the Lakers will negotiate a buy out with Mike D’Antoni and Marshall University meaning they will want Marshall to pick up the remaining salary left on the D’Antoni contract.Marshall will need at least half the money of what the Lakers owe him to buy out D’Antoni from the Lakers.It’s time to move on.

  • Lakers16+

    This man better not be coaching the Lakers again next season.

  • $20509373

    He might as well take the Marshall job. His days of ruining NBA franchises are numbered.

  • Golteb

    I’m not an expert on Basketball but to me it’s perfectly clear: 24-47. I know there were lots of injuries and what-not BUT to lose against winnable games? Man, that says a lot about the coach.The players are not motivated? Isn’t it the coach’s job to rally his troops and fight for whatever cause he drilled into their heads during camp? If you listen to the players talk about the Zen master, you can feel the respect

  • Matt Williams

    He didn’t deny it. He just threw the reporters off. It needs to happen. We desperately need a new coach.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Mike, you have got to go and since you have to go , go where people know you. Hit the road JACK and don’t you come back no mo !!

  • Kay Carter

    lmao why he upset? he may need the job, he not good enough to coach Lakers anyway

  • Sylvia Ross


  • Robert L. I.

    If there’s a Gawd. Plz take this piece of crap off our hands, and
    unless Jimbo steps down the Lakers will be average team at best.

  • Robert L. I.

    If there is a Gawd, Plz take this piece of crap outta here.
    It’s only 1/2 the battle though. Jimbo needs to step down too or the Lakers will be a mediocre team. I’m really quite done with his basketball making decisions. He’s just Horrible!

  • jessejames909