Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Discusses Plan For Marcus Landry

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Discusses Plan For Marcus Landry


The Lakers wrapped up their seventh preseason game tonight against the Utah Jazz as it was the second-to-last chance for fringe players like Ryan Kelly, Xavier Henry and Elias Harris to show why they should make the team.

Kelly finally played in his first preseason game in the United States while Henry continued his impressive preseason with a thunderous dunk and showed an active presence on defense. However, the Lakers likely final cut, Marcus Landry, didn’t play tonight and Mike D’Antoni was asked why he didn’t see the floor after the Lakers 108-94 win:

You can only play so many,” D’Antoni told reporter Serena Winters. “You know, I didn’t play Chris Kaman and didn’t play Kobe (laughs). The reason being if you play everyone, nobody gets a real shot. On Friday I’ll probably play Marcus and not one of the other guys. No other reason than that.”

Landry is averaging 13 minutes during the preseason while averaging just four points and one rebound in six of the seven preseason games. Lauded as the best shooter on the team by D’Antoni, Landry seems to be the classic “practice player” as he’s shooting a dismal 27.6 percent from the field.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Harris both saw the floor tonight and while both didn’t make much of an impact, Kelly looks to be in position to secure the final spot after a strong performance in China.

Like Harris, Landry is on a non-guaranteed contract and unless he shows something in the final preseason game on Friday against the Jazz, he’s likely to be the final cut. If he’s cut, Landry might look to go overseas or down to the D-League in hopes of catching on with a team that suffers an injury or likes what they’ve seen from him in limited time during the preseason.


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  • Kobe24

    He says its no big deal but well know the last and final one to get cut (If its 15 man roster) is Marcus Landry.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I think the Lakers might carry 14 players and actually Marcus Landry and Elias Harris will be cut.But the only reason i think that is we always only carry 14 players,why change now?

    • Daryl Peek

      Kobe’s injury coupled with Nash’s limited minutes. Gasol’s minutes will be monitored also. Kaman has not played a full season since his rookie year. It would not be wise to have less than the max this season. 15 is the move

    • meep

      it because this season different and with the age and health of players we need all the players we an get

  • Jim213

    Agree, as S Williams and X Henry have proven they deserve to make the final roster but the other unrestricted free agents have struggled. Originally gave the edge to E Harris but given he hasn’t capitalized on his opportunities R Kelly may get the final roster spot. One game left but don’t see Landry making the cut.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Simple as this if Marcus Landry scores 20 to 24 points on Friday then he makes the team and someone else gets cut.But if Marcus stinks up the joint he will be cut IMO.

    • cj

      if they go with 15 its between landry and harris at this point

  • They doubting us

    I see them carrying 15 players because of what happen last year. That being said it’s down to Landry and Harris. I give the edge to Harris based on what I’ve seen on the defensive end the way he finish around the basket and his youth. Landry hasn’t shown anything in games Friday his last chance

  • Kmac

    Just cut both Landry and Harris and sign Odom problem solved!

    • meep

      problem solve really, you really think dude in the right mind set to play i dont. plus he hasnt been the same since he left the lakers. with all the drama he had this year. lakers dont need to bring that to the team and the media that will come with it.

  • meep

    why is it so hard to cut landry. he hasnt done anything at all all preseason, i hope it not because mike d wishing he could pull off something to give him a spot. if anything keep harris and just let him and kelly get work in the d league

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Can we just cut this clown already