Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Calls Robert Sacre A Little Victory Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="228"] In what has been a disappointing 2013-2014 season, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't had many bright moments. It's been another year ess [new_royalslider id="228"] In what has been a disappointing 2013-2014 season, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't had many bright moments. It's been another year ess Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Calls Robert Sacre A Little Victory

In what has been a disappointing 2013-2014 season, the Los Angeles Lakers haven’t had many bright moments. It’s been another year essentially lost to injuries, led by, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. Several other Lakers including, Jordan Farmar, Jordan Hill and Pau Gasol, have also been sidelined by injury.

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However, despite being in the midst of a three-game stretch where they have allowed an average of 136 points per game, Mike D’Antoni has seen progress in Robert Sacre and believes it’s key for the future, according to Bill Oram of the Orange County Register:

D’Antoni’s comments come on the heels of Sacre playing 18 minutes in the 134-126 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Friday. In the loss, Sacre scored eight points, pulled down eight rebounds and had one blocked shot. The second-year center was one of the more active players on defense, among a group that routinely allowed Ty Lawson and other Nuggets to score at will.

The notion that D’Antoni believes Sacre is a victory this season comes as somewhat of a surprise when considering Sacre’s playing time has been sporadic, to say the least. Throughout the season, it hasn’t been uncommon for Sacre to log double-digit minutes in two or three consecutive games, only to be followed by hardly playing or not playing, in the following games. After not getting on the floor much in the last week of February, March has been a different story for Sacre. In four games this month, Sacre is averaging just under 18 minutes per game. Not considered an offensive threat, Sacre is averaging just over eight points in the four games on 56 percent shooting from the field.

As one of the few Lakers players who is under contract for next season, whether or not Sacre will continue to see consistent minutes as the season winds down remains to be seen. What can’t be questioned is if Sacre, who spoke on the Lakers needing to improve on defense, will bring the nightly effort.
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  • roseducanna

    Why you don’t give SACRE play with GASOL ?

    • BOLTS15

      He did give Sacre play with Gasol. The whole month of January MDA tried Sacre Hill and Kelly along side of Gasol. Kaman got PT off the bench also. Sacre started the first 6 games in that month next to Gasol. Hill took over next but sucked and the Kelly got a shot.

    • 3339

      dantoni doesn’t know how to coach, especially big men. I mean it took us losing every guard we had to injury last year for him to play Dwight and Pau. If he were in charge of the Clippers he would probably bitch that Griffin and Jordan can’t play together.

      • BOLTS15

        Howard is still not playing next to a big in Houston. Could Pau and Howard play together? Yes but it does create a quandary as both players prefer to occupy the same space offensively and Gasol is a very weak defender in the high PNR, which is where he would play next to Howard.

        Kevin McHale played his whole career along side of Robert Parrish but opts for small ball with Howard. And small ball has them the 3rd seed in the west right now.

        Brooklyn started the season 10-21 with Lopez and KG playing together, but once Brook Lopez suffered a season-ending foot injury, Jason Kidd turned to small ball and turned his team’s fortunes. Since the change, conveniently timed with the flip of the calendar from 2013 to 2014, the Nets have gone 20-9 playing small ball.

        I defend D’Antoni only because folks wanna be selective in how they dice him up. Yes this Lakers team sucks but it’s not because MDA doesn’t know what he’s doing. You need good players to win in this league, that’s all.

        • 3339

          how can you possibly defend this guy? I don’t care who’s on the team, the way the Lakers are playing is inexcusable. play no defense, out of control on offense, and no leadership.

          • BOLTS15

            I’m no D’Antoni fan but it’s disingenuous to ignore all of the other problems he’s had to deal with this season in judgement. 229 games have been missed by players due to injuries. Two HOF players in Kobe and Nash have only played a combined 16 games this season. What HC overcomes that when he had a team that was projected to finish 12th in the western conference even if healthy?

            Blake was the defacto leader on this team minus Kobe. What little team chemistry and will to fight, we once had completely left when he was traded. You could clearly see it in the body language of the team. The finally gave into the notion that we they have nothing left to play for, and that was evoke by the FO with that trade. The new guy’s have to be featured to see what we have. That is clearly a tanking stance. You can’t seriously blame the coach for that? Philly Boston, Cleveland, Utah, Sacramento, Milwaukee and Orlando are all going through the same thing as their front offices packed it in trading away key players.

            Sad to even mention the Lakers as on that level but it is what it is right now.

          • 3339

            Injuries are hiding this man’s failure from some people. I am sick of people making excuses for this guy. I’m telling you, you could give this guy a healthy team and he will still fail them. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a champion. He can’t manage a team. I mean if Pau Gasol, one of the classiest players in the game is complaining about this guy then something must be wrong.

          • BOLTS15

            I knew you would go there. People always package up and try to dismiss the facts of what happened into the “you’re making excuses” when they have a personal distaste for a coach like MDA, when it comes to judging what’s going on.

            You could be right or wrong about the healthy team theme and there are some pause red flags but not much different than any other HC that has not won a championship.

            Look at the Knicks? Everyone said D’Antoni was the problem there but Woodson is now a lame duck HC about to get fired when he was praised for turning the team around and is known as a good defensive minded head coach.

          • Cody Petrie


            Consider this though, D’Antoni had a healthy Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Chauncey Billups and then had JR Smith and Tyson Chandler for a year before resigning? That team was young, talented and yet D’Antoni couldn’t win.

            Today’s NBA can’t accommodate to the fast paced offense and no defense that D’Antoni loves, as that may have worked with Pat Riley and the Showtime Lakers but that was a different time and playstyle for the NBA.

            I think D’Antoni doesn’t know how to use big man at all, with examples of Kaman, Hill, Sacre, Pau and Howard. Only thing I give to D’Antoni is he hasn’t cracked from a train wreck season for the Lakers.

          • Albert H

            O-M-G!! Cody, did you really just foolishly type this run-on sentence? “Today’s NBA can’t accommodate to the fast paced offense and no defense
            that D’Antoni loves, as that may have worked with Pat Riley and the
            Showtime Lakers but that was a different time and playstyle for the NBA.” You do know Kareem is 3rd all time in blocks (1st when he retired). Magic is 19th on the all time steals list. Kareem is 4th on the all time rebounds list and AC Green is 46th on that list! Don’t forget, Larry Bird said that Michael Cooper is the toughest defender he ever played against. Kurt Rambis’ defense frustrated Kevin McHale so much that McHale clothes lined the guy going up for a layup. In the Finals no less! To say the showtime Lakers didn’t play defense means 1) You know nothing of basketball.
            2) You are too young to remember the Showtime era or
            3) You’re a big old dummy!

            As if Pat Riley would tolerate a team of his not playing defense…..

          • coachem up

            whoa no comparison to showtime lakers playstyle and MDA
            lakers had size and athleticism for a hard cover on the fast break with talented finishers with hardnose defense and able to play a halfcourt set through kareem very similar to the spurs and indiana now…
            dantoni system is filled with speed up play for more shots and a lot of three’s and in crucial situation with a good defensive team will exploit making it a bad shot will win down the stretch or simply blow you out by executing!

          • 3339

            dismiss the facts? Lakers are in last place and look like an absolute disaster. it’s a surprise when they are even close in games. Yet the Lakers management says he’s doing a great job. something is wrong. They are way to smart to defend this guy.
            This man once told Jim Jackson on Phoenix to allow an opponent to score to keep the pace of the game going. No surprise that the Lakers, even with Dwight, are legit awful on defense.

          • coachem up

            thats because dantoni messed that team up and left it with injuries to some key players like stoudemire and shumpert and Tyson chandler and now there stuck with their contracts lol… remember they got immediately better when he did leave… the problem is dantoni and the bigger problem is a front office that would think its a good idea to bring him in it clearly shows a sign of bad decisions by front office!

          • nlruizjr

            upon considering a HC, why wasn’t “how many titles does he have under his belt” ? Zero should’ve thrown up a red flag, don’t you think !!!!!!!

          • coache up

            not when a lot of the problems are created by him and his system ie the injuries to everyone who played point guard in his system
            nash blake farmar kobe henry meeks young hell even last season In artest people who are known for being healthy never last in his system and get injured and he runs them into the ground like kobe last year everyone saw that coming with the up and down and minutes played not to menton he alienates bigmen d12 gasol Kaman hill melo shaq Jamison list goes on you get the point. In good coaching you don’t see those things happening to Poppavich and Phil that type of mismanagement and negligent!

        • coachem up

          D12 plays with a natural pf in Terrence jones

  • Daspin

    I like Scare but his upside is limited. D’Antoni is either delusional, delusional or both. :)

    • coachem up

      Yes he is delusional thinking his style of play is good and he use sacre because he doesn’t like back to the basket bigs he wants a 3point shooting big or plain pick roll big anything other than that he has a disdain for so that’s why all thee other bigs are in the dog house with him.

  • Jim213

    No diss to Rob but if role players don’t bring defensive presence to the roster have no need for them tho Rob has more D than offense while knowing his role.

  • truth24

    They all suck!!!!!!!!

  • roscoe

    Get real, I dont think he is the answer going forward (MDA), but the only time he had a healthy squad with some talent they went 28-12. This squad are second stringers or D league, it has now just caught up to them. And it will only get worse.

  • Nashir Mohammed

    d’antoni is good to get below average players good contracts. jeremy lin, earl clark and soon kendall marshall,,,his uptempo style which ignores defense and his inability to control the minutes of players is responsible for alot of injuries. sure we can’t blame steve nash being 40 on him, but the kobe achillies….gasol,….blake…..having guys play the whole game with small injuries have led to….major injuries. anyway maybe we win the draft….at least top 3 we have a chance of getting a game changing rookie on a cheap contract. maybe we get another high draft next year and use the cap space to sign someone else….2016 is the year folks.

    • coachem up

      that’s true because he give minutes and shot opportunities to players that shouldn’t get that many looks and it takes away from the players that should get those looks which is why Marbury, Francis, Melo and Gasol have problems with him and when these role players go to other teams that’s not happening at all so he ruins role players by inflating them and there ego… you have a bench player who got barely any minutes from the warriors and out of there rotation k bazemore come here and jack up more shots than all of your current starting team including gasol who is considered one of the best offensive big is crazy WTF LMAO that’s a joke and a joke of a coach! no diss to k bazemore but that shouldn’t be allowed… FIRE MDA GET A REAL COACH HERE SO WE CAN REALLY EVALUATE THE YOUNG TALENT AND ROLE PLAYERS ON THIS SQUAD!

  • truth24

    Get rid of sacre, he sucks too

  • corky carroll

    Anybody know how to stop these stupid pop up ads from blocking my screen here on lakers nation? It is driving me nuts…. maybe it is from google as I am on google chrome? I X one and another pops up…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • lbc562

    sacre sucks cant do shit in the court let him go

    • coachem up

      Don’t blame sacre he is doing what he was sign to do. blame dantoni for the way he is used sacre was signed to be a third option big for depth to play decent defense and take hard fouls in minimum use blame dantoni for trying to put him second line rotation with it not being warranted

      • nlruizjr

        thanks to Dantoni, the Lakers will probably lose J. Hill because he will not return to play for Dantoni, How much damage will the FO allow Dantoni to do to the Lakers before they realize this decision was a mistake.

        • Kay Carter

          hopefully we dont lose him

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