Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Calls Pau Gasol’s Comments ‘Disturbing’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="130"] Losing consistently is never easy for a veteran player that use to doing the complete opposite. Pau Gasol is currently in that positi [new_royalslider id="130"] Losing consistently is never easy for a veteran player that use to doing the complete opposite. Pau Gasol is currently in that positi Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Calls Pau Gasol’s Comments ‘Disturbing’

Losing consistently is never easy for a veteran player that use to doing the complete opposite. Pau Gasol is currently in that position and seems to be getting more and more frustrated with every loss moving forward.

One of Gasol’s biggest gripes as of late has been the Lakers continuing to play small ball. Gasol isn’t a fan of that style of play, but that’s the way head coach Mike D’Antoni wants to do it.

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With a head coach and a star player not seeing eye-to-eye on style of play, there’s bound to be tension and frustrations vented to the media after disappointing losses.

On Tuesday night, Gasol didn’t hold anything back when talking to the media following the loss to the Indiana Pacers. Gasol let it be known that there is a lack of discipline being taught to the current squad. D’Antoni responded to the indirect jab from Gasol saying the following on Wednesday according to OC Register’s Bill Oram:

D’Antoni added that Gasol needs to keep those kind of comments in-house according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

At this point in time, Gasol is the only healthy player on the team with championship experience, outside of Jordan Farmar, and the recognition as one of the best in the league at his position. Although Gasol’s performance has been up and down at times this season, the veteran forward/center still continues to hold his own in the paint while playing through a forgettable season.

As for D’Antoni, it seems as though he’s prepared to try and mix things up on a nightly basis in hopes of giving the Lakers a fighting chance. So far, D’Antoni using all sorts of different starting lineups hasn’t exactly changed much, but he’s staying with his philosophy and the small-ball style that Gasol is clearly not fond of.

With the Lakers continuing to lose and a bottom feeder in the Western Conference as a result, Gasol being frustrated will happen on a nightly basis. The fact is that a healthy Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash won’t be walking through that door anytime soon and the two-time champion will simply have to deal with the hand he’s been dealt this season.
Pau Gasol Expects Kobe Bryant To Remain Positive Even IF Out For Season

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  • Gil

    Closed Mouth don’t get fed. Good Job Gasol.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss


  • Jim213

    Only one may return (next season) or will both be gone.

    • e3bonz

      Probably both will be back…


      Hell’s No! …Gasol will be hogwash history! …D’Antoni ???

  • UG

    No, Gasol needed to voice out and do this earlier in his career. D’Antoni you are disturbing still changing lineups at the end of the season, no defense, no consistency. We fired Mike Brown 5 games into his second season, but have kept D’Antoni this whole season. Honestly he needs to go after this season.

  • independantbynature

    I find Antoni’s coaching “disturbing.”

    • scott

      Fire the coach now.!!!!!!

  • Tyrone

    Can’t take any side in this one. Pau has a point but dirty laundry SHOULD be kept in-house. I myself have blasted MDA for his coaching all season, but in fairness, Pau’s game has been for the most part lacking all season long save for January when he had a solid month (although, they still lost 12 or so games that month)

    • Computer Networking

      I agree with what you are saying ton a certain extent. Yes dirty laundry should be kept in house but what if that approach doesn’t work. DA has already made it clear that he has no intentions of seeing what could happen if he plays big ball. He doesn’t have the team that he wants and his style of basketball doesn’t work for this team so why not try something different. Fact: the lakers are in the top 5 in three point shooting.
      This is a strength and he could use two big men to work the ball inside out.
      Also, gasol has been the most stable and consistent player on the team thus far. How many double doubles has he put up this year so far? He is still doing his job.

  • LakersOverEverything

    True enough, most times issues should be kept in-house, but this time I’m quite alright with Pau’s comments. Fact of the matter is, you should feel disturbed. You should be disturbed at everything around you right now. No defense, no consistency, bad rotations, where does the list end?

  • Ico

    guys this is the time for jordan hill, jordan farmar, ryan kelly, jodie meeks, wesley johnson, kendal marshall, nick young, marshon brooks, sacre, bazemore – to step up and make names for themselves, now it’s injuries, then will be kobe old and ball hogging, that’s the best chance for them to prove something, to make a name, but they seem like stopped fighting and just go there and play some ball without a goal whatsoever. this is their chance, the chance the bench players waited throughout their careers to have minutes and to prove they have ball, sadly nobody stepped up. I am sad.

    • Computer Networking

      I don’t think you can call a ball hogger. Does he take a lot of shots? Yes, but when didn’t he have to take a lot of shots. When he passes the ball no one is knocking down the open shots so he put the team on his back. Barkley did it in phili and so dI’d AI, jordan did it but we call him the greatest. All of them were in the same situation at some point in time.

  • 3339

    the fact that the only people on earth that think dantoni is the right coach for us are in control of the team is the most disturbing part.
    Sad thing is that management probably won’t fire this guy and will hide his failure behind the injuries.

  • Card

    We suck either way be it a small lineup or a big lineup out there. I hate MDA, but Pau is talking like he’s been all that all season long when fact is he is getting ragdolled by pretty much every big in the league, from the elite bigs to the journeyman bigs,


      NUFF SAID!

    • Shannon

      Except for the fact that Gasol was correct in his statements.

  • Sylvia Ross

    dantoni, if you don’t like what Pau said. Go and find yourself another team. That’s what you told us to do. Use your own advice !

  • JulioA.

    D´Antoni es posiblemente el peor entrenador de la historia de los Lakers. No se comprende que le mantengan todavía.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike D’Antoni versus Pau Gasol octagonl cage match on UFC PPV..lulz lol.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lets this be clear Discipline and Respect go hand and hand.Firing the coach???

  • Cockface Asshole

    some fuck dantonis ass with a redwood tree… get this douche out of here

  • Shannon

    This is Gasol’s team, he’s been here longer so he can say and do as he pleases. Add on the fact that he was absolutely right in his assessments. D’Antoni needs to know his role.

  • WinningBattles

    I believe that D’Antoni has got to go next season. And I honestly think that Kobe will be able to make MOST of these guys that will be around next season better. I know some think Kobe will return as a ball hog, but I beg to differ. He will likely understand his limits, AND by him sitting on the sidelines studying his teammates for the longest duration of his career is worth a lot.

    I hope to see D’Antoni canned next year, or let him be an assistant. There. Get a coach who is strong on defense and keep D’Antoni for his offensive strategies. If he don’t like it, he can go coach in Italy. I respected D’Antoni a lot during his years in Phoenix, but have lost a lot of that as he has been a major part of driving two storied franchise with premium talent into the ground. Injuries, youth, inexperience, unathleticism (if that’s even a word), call it what you want. There is NO reason why he can’t put together a good defensive strategies. None of the above matter as much on defense than offense. It’s simple, play tough D on each possession and communicate on D since everyone is not acclimated to one another just yet.

    I really look forward to a draft pick next year. I really hope Lakers end up with Embiid. Embiid in the middle to grow alongside Gasol, while Gasol gets back to his more comfortable 4 spot.

    Lakers 2014-15 Starting Lineup:

    1. Kendall Marshall
    2. Brooks/Bazemore (rather see Brooks though)
    3. Bryant (I think Kobe would be great at the 3 at this point in his career, he doesn’t need to handle the ball as much with Brooks or Bazemore and he can pick his spots better, which he will need to do)
    4. Gasol
    5. Embiid (Laker champions tend to always have a good center in the middle, a la Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, and Bynum)

    But first and foremost #Firedantoni

    • Tenny Hazelwood

      right now Gasol is team captain the leader of the team that’s what he is suppose to do call them coaches out if it was kobe one look D’Antoni would be out everyone on the team is playing for next year to be picked to by a team if not the Laker’s so they will all remain quiet. Gasol is trying to finish out his career with the Lakers but no doubt he will sign with memphis next year with his brother @ center

    • Chrmngblly

      Hell No. Pau is too slow to play the 4 these days. He is a center and he was our center the last two rings we won.

      • Winningbattles

        But Pau would get handled by a lot of the centers that he will face in big time games next year. And you’re saying it like Pau has to be super fast to guard the 4′s that he would matchup with. The only time speed would be an issue is when he faces off with SF/PF types like Josh Smith and Kevin Durant. Otherwise the centers of the west alone will school him. Howard, DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus Cousins, Marc Gasol…..So Heaven yes, I say throw Pau at the 4.

        And Pau was not center all the time when we won the last two rings. Andrew Bynum played center as well. Albeit he was in a lot of foul trouble in the 2009 Finals.

        Pau can be thrown at center in different lineups of course. But not the starting lineup. You sound like D’Antoni’s assistant to me. I bet you’re hoping D’Antoni sticks around for a few more seasons. Because HE SURE KNOWS HOW TO COACH GASOL.

        • Chrmngblly

          We will see if/when Gasol gets his knees back. He is certainly more skilled than all those guys you mentioned. As far as your praise for D’Antoni goes, let’s just say MDA would not have been my first choice. I am more of a Jerry Sloan guy or a Lionel Hollins man. But, since MDA is who we have, we might as well complete the switch from old dinosaurs to young hotshots and let MDA eat the shit, you know. He needs to teach defense and rebounding a lot more—and enforce it—before I will join you on the MDA bandwagon.

  • Steven Irvin

    PG by now, twice champion, has earned the right to speak out. esp in response to a disrespectful coach who hasn’t won anything. anyone doesn’t think so must be a MDA fan or has worked in corporate America too long.

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