Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Calls Lakers Defense ‘Concerning’ Reviewed by Momizat on . It has been a rough season to say the least for the Los Angeles Lakers. Injuries have completely torn this team apart while the immediate future of Kobe Bryant It has been a rough season to say the least for the Los Angeles Lakers. Injuries have completely torn this team apart while the immediate future of Kobe Bryant Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Calls Lakers Defense ‘Concerning’

It has been a rough season to say the least for the Los Angeles Lakers. Injuries have completely torn this team apart while the immediate future of Kobe Bryant hangs in the balance.

Despite the fact that Lakers are bound to miss the playoffs and will be in the running for a high draft pick this summer, the team does occasionally show some signs of life. On Friday night, the Lakers did just that by recording their 20th win of the season over the division rival Sacramento Kings at the Staples Center.

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Although the Lakers will take wins anyway they can get them this season, head coach Mike D’Antoni finally addressed the team’s deficiencies defensively after the win over the Kings according to OC Register’s Bill Oram:

The Lakers may currently lack star power with Steve Nash and Kobe out with injuries, but the team has been a force to be reckoned with offensively this season putting up more than a 100 points per game this season. Although there appears to be no trouble on offense, the defense has been awful.

Before Friday’s game against the Kings, the Lakers were giving up a near league-worst 106.2 point per game (29th in the NBA). Obviously, that’s not going to get the job done for a team that at the beginning of the season had playoff aspirations.

D’Antoni may have addressed the defensive deficiencies after Friday’s win over the Kings, but it has been without a doubt the team’s biggest problem all season long. Not only has that been a glaring flaw for the Lakers, but Pau Gasol has come out publicly stating the lack of discipline being taught to the players on this team.

Needless to say, if the Lakers plan on turning things around in the near future, it will have to start on the defensive end of the floor.
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  • Jim213

    Where’s the coach been for the past 4 months? but blame also has to go to Rambis.

    • afs

      well their defense wasn’t good last season either. just saying

      • Jim213

        He’s been more offensive oriented from the start so more like he’s been in the league.

        • Daspin

          Which team shoots 3 point bricks which ricochet off the rim by 15 feet, plays without their best rebounders and has a coach who complains about defense?

          • Jim213

            Trying to buy an extra year aside of commenting after Pau’s comments.

  • vdogg

    somehow landing joel embiid in the draft could change the defense tremendously.

    • lakerfan0

      That’d be nice. Well, more than nice.

    • 3339

      however if that loser jim buss keeps dantoni around, dantoni would have Embiid shooting 3 pointers rather than adjust his system to put him in the right spots.
      in regards to defense we did have dwight and we still sucked on defense because dantoni can’t coach.

  • Pelon

    This just a garbage coach this Italian Coach is a dumbass.Hate on it.

  • Pelon

    Team has no talent all 1 year contract guys,Farmar ruins chances of landing a top 5 pick.Lakers are getting out tanked and will be bad for several years if they don’t land a top 4 pick this season.See no star free agents are coming to LA only scrub free agents.Misery needs company.

  • independantbynature

    I think Antoni and Kahn would be a perfect small ball pairing of coach and GM.Kahn would draft all PGs and Antoni would play them all at the same time.

  • Kay Carter

    Bledsoe, Deng,Embiid should sorta help defensively….but we need a defensive minded assistant coach or head coach, i can go eitha way

    • vdogg

      i would rather have ariza and lowry than deng and bledsoe.. but yes, embiid would be great.

      • Dorian Holden

        At this point in their careers there is no way I want an old Ariza/bad attitude Lowry or Deng and Bledsoe. But regardless of players they need to 86 MDA or nothing changes.

        • Kay Carter

          bledsoe is only 24 he isnt old

      • Kay Carter

        why those two players?

        • Dorian Holden

          I wasn’t implying Bledsoe was old, just a iPhone typo. The combination of Deng/Bledsoe isn’t the savior to me I was just responding that Ariza/Lowry was better. I don’t think the Lakers are gonna make any moves except the type they made this summer trying to save that cap space for 15. And we all are gonna have to deal with a slightly better version of this team. Without the injuries of course.

          • Kay Carter

            those two arent really saviors eitha…..slightly better yes, but saviors? no….Lowry would be nice, ariza eh im not that sold on him anymore i rather have wiggins or somebody else there but i was just naming good defensive players La have a shot at getting, Lowry nd Ariza arent those players…..it’s been stated they are goin to make some moves but as far as Carmelo type moves, they as you said gonna wait for the 15′ FA class

          • Chrmngblly

            We need to get Embiid. Is there a FA defensive center better than Pau we could nab any way at all? I think we will have to wait another year for Love since we have so little to trade with.

          • Kay Carter

            Defensive nah there is no1 in this one coming up unless you think Monroe is Good defensively….but in tha draft it’s Embiid (if he decides to go into the draft) nd Wille Cauley-stein are top defensive minded centers nd athletic

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