Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Believes Pau Gasol Is An ‘All-Star’

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Believes Pau Gasol Is An ‘All-Star’


Mike D'Antoni 8The Los Angeles Lakers were able to win the second game of a back-to-back taking down the Memphis Grizzlies at FedExForum on Tuesday night.

Although Kobe Bryant played much better than he did in the loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, Pau Gasol stole the show with 21 points, nine rebounds and three blocks. Head coach Mike D’Antoni talked about Gasol’s improved play following the win over the Grizzlies via Time Warner SportsNet:

“I just think people go through periods of slumps and question things. I just think that Pau is an All-Star and he’s back to normal.”

Gasol has been hot and cold all season long. Despite recent struggles, Gasol came into his own against his former team. The biggest problem for Gasol has been consistency, but the veteran might be on the verge of turning things around while he receives the support from D’Antoni.

Without Marc Gasol (knee) in the paint and Mike Conley dealing with a thigh contusion that kept him sidelined, the Lakers were able to take advantage of a Grizzlies team that was dealing with injuries with two of their three best players.

Along with Gasol playing well on Tuesday, Bryant tied Gasol with a team-high 21 points. Bryant also grabbed five rebounds and dished out four assists in his fifth game playing point guard while Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar continue to recover from injury.

The Lakers will now head back home to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Staples Center on Friday.
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  • Jim213

    Coach: “Worth a shot?!”

    • Dragon7s

      lmao…instant classic!

  • Gregory Choa

    Oh man, I can’t WAIT until we get our point guards back…ALL THREE OF THEM! The Lakers will be Ssoooooooo much better with them around.

    • richard

      a lot of people are discounting this win with the absence of Mark Gasol and Conley to injiury without even looking at the lakers having no point guard in the line up and a just returned to action Kobe Bryant…. cant believe people are so… fucked up in their minds.

  • ra

    Good. So, the person who said, ‘trade gasol trade gasol trade gasol ….. ‘ – which other all-stars do you think we should trade?

    Or, if we do trade all-stars, should we also trade those who are ‘not’ all-stars? (i.e., the rest of the Lakers – not including Kobe, of course).

  • Zimmeredge

    three decent games in row and Pau Gasol is back to his “wanna be all star hype”
    come on he is not an all star anymore. he’s more of a “old star” Look at Griffin, Love, Duncan, Aldridge, Ibaka, Cousins, Randolph, Marc Gasol they are all better than him and you expect Gasol to be a all star in all honesty? People are so naive to believe that Gasol is back to his normal level. but he isn’t! he has already reproduced that scheme in the past> “play bad, play well, play bad, trade talk, play well then play bad again.”
    the only reason he’s playing like this is that he does not want to be traded and go to the east coast in a non playoff team. that’s the one and only reason.
    but well done and said Mike D’antoni. give him your trust and confidence.

    • JohnC

      Well, the fact is that he is already in a non-play-off team. The only way LA Lakers could make it into the play-offs is through Kobe and Pau leading the Lakers again.

      I think Pau is not going to jump, move and run as when he was 28. Neither is Kobe, nor anyone. Still, I believe Pau is the most skilled big and less physical game is not going to change his production much, since the physical factor was not what made him the three finals and the two championships.

      Another fact: he is no doubt into a progression if you compare the last few games’ Pau to the one in the first games of the season.

      Surgery + a previous year full of injuries + new role in the team + adjustments by D’Antoni to this roster, they all together require some time. Despite all this, Duncan, Ibaka, Randolph and Marc (until he got injured) have similar or smaller numbers to Pau.

      I am convinced we are still going to enjoy Pau’s game for a while.

      • Zimmeredge

        we are a playoff team. if our roster stay healthy and ready to fight night in night out we are 8 or 7 in the west. our chemistry and our bench production is meant to get us to that 8th spot. remember where we were before Farmar and Blake got injured? over 50% and 9th in the west.

        the physical factor? but he got fatter over the years. he had knee surgery in both of them. he had trouble with his feet.

        and as you already told it he is not a runner. so his speed is decrease year after year.

        skill is good but if you lack speed of execution you’re done in the post.

        i am convinced that we will have the same discussion over and over again with and that has been the case for 2 or 3 years now.

        he’s playing “great” because Kobe knows where to find him. but look at the other guys numbers… their numbers are slowly dropping. We have more and more tie games. he’s not defending well. he’s disrupting our offensive rythm, whinning all the time…. and he is playing well BECAUSE OF THE TRADE TALK. he doesn’t want to leave LA he wants to stay there and keep playing the lazy type of bball he is giving us for quite a few years. And it won’t get any better in time!

        the FO have to take advantage of the current situation: Pau playing great bball it’s a chance because he will worth more as a trade bait.

        Marc Gasol is the best big man in the league when fully healthy. With Aldridge, Cousins and Davis.

  • Lakers4Life

    1 good game means nothing if the other 9 are shit. Any player has his ups and downs, but all this talk is caused by a idiotic coach named Dumbtoni who needs to get his arse kicked out of here. At least that’s what the majority of true Laker fans wish for so let the chants begin!!!

    • Zimmeredge

      the chants begin? you mean the “we want phil’ chant? hahaha ridiculous… the first move Phil Jackson will make is to get rid of Pau Gasol’s lazy arse as soon as he gets back as a HC.
      do you remember how their coach/player relationship ended? when the (not so) zen master was shouting and yelling and pushing pau gasol? wake up bro. Pau Gasol is part of our past. He has a 6 month contract in front of him and he won’t be resigned because the won’t take the risk to give him more than 11-12m$ a year.

      he’s got value, he still worths something on the trade market you have to take advantage of that situation and build a team for next two seasons.

    • Dragon7s

      “At least that’s what the majority of true Laker fans wish for…”?
      Link to poll please.

  • Hatorade

    Is this some kind of practical joke?Pau sucks this season,Mike needs a drug test.