Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Believes Gasol Can Fit in System

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Believes Gasol Can Fit in System


The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Indiana Pacers last night thanks to a game winning layup by George Hill. The Lakers performed poorly for three quarters, and they could not make the right plays down the stretch to take the game at Staples Center. Kobe Bryant finished the game with 40 points, but the rest of the Laker players had trouble contributing.

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Lakers forward Pau Gasol has been struggling as of late and he continued his cold streak last night. In over 30 minutes of play, Gasol scored only 10 points, but did pull down nine rebounds. Nevertheless, it is clear that Gasol is having a hard time adjusting to the new offense, but Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni told the Los Angeles Daily News that he believes Gasol can fit in this system.

“He’s another seven-footer who can guard the rim and he’s extremely smart,” D’Antoni said. “So there’s no reason why he can’t fit. Ideally, you’d want a guy like Jesse Owens who can run. But he’s a big part of what we’re going to do.”

“I don’t see how a player as smart as he is, as talented as he is and efficient as he is, doesn’t fit in anybody’s schemes,” he continued. “I got to reevaluate myself if I can’t play with Pau Gasol. Come on. He’s won two championships.”

There were times in last night’s game when Gasol seemed lost and confused. There was not a lot of confidence in Gasol’s game and he was not attacking the basket like he used to. There is no question Gasol can perform much better than he has as of late, and the Lakers need the 2010 Gasol to show up if they want to progress as a team.

Gasol one of the most skilled big men in the game today and his style of play would work well with D’Antoni. Gasol has the ability to stretch the floor with his shooting, and he incredible passing skills can greatly help this Lakers team.


  • Raymond Ill Percy

    Pau needs to come off the bench! That’s way he won’t be in DH way on the block. Peferct.

    • Betto

      Yeah seriously, Pau doesn’t deserve to be in the starting line up.. He may have some great skills but he’s soft on defense compared to his brother Marc, on most games the player he’s guarding seems to have a great scoring night.

  • hookedonnews

    Not unheard of for a player to be confused in a new system. Give the guy a little time. Things are never going to be 100% until Nash comes back. Whether Pau starts or comes off the bench, he’ll be doing plenty of subbing for Howard whose history of foul trouble is well known. That will give him opportunities for post-play. Once Pau is in a little better shape and his knees are no longer an issue, he’ll be fine.

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers NEED to get real & understand they re NOT going to win it l this year with this team….. NO WAY NO HOW !!!!!! That means they need to begin thinking about tomorrow & that means they need to start shedding themselves of the “old” slow guys while they still have value & shed them for the young future studs…. There are three really good Power Forwards in the NBA that are under 21 years of age… There are more then a half dozen young super stud points out in the NBA land & there are another half dozen young super small forwards also out on the hardwood, all of these players are under 21 years old & the Lakers need to shed the old guys & get the new young guys before the Clippers become the talk of LA…. Trade Pau, trade Peace, trade Nash, trade Blake, trade Duhann & bring in some young future studs so the team will be on tract for the 2014 season….

  • Richard English

    I think everyone (management, players and coaches), if they haven’t all ready, has to learn, recognize and know every player’s game, talents and abilities, (including the bench) and what they bring to the game asap, Get them playing their very best games individually and collectively. Evaluate where they are and what they need to do or add (personel, or what they are doing or not doing, etc), to compete at the highest level to win the championship. Evaluations of their level of play will shows what is missing if anything, in their game. What ever it is they should obviously correct it as soon as possible to achieve their goals.period.

  • Richard English

    Pau has demonstrated in parts of games, his high level of talents and experience. I think the Lakers need to move him around and make him more active in their scheme. They need to make the bench and their rotation more effective and competitive and give Pau and other starters enough rest to compete at their highest level,

  • BisquitBallar

    And I dont even like this line-up but under this coach, in this system, and with this group of players? I believe its the best we can do. I believe the problem is simply over-coaching. Bickerstaff looked great because he simply let the players run pick-up ball. With a team with this level of tallent a coach can be the biggest obsticle to team chemistry. Let them play, tell them to have fun doing it, and give them free rein to do what each player does best! Get in how you fit in ball. Enuff with the systems. “Move, #*/&%; Git out tha way!”

  • BisquitBallar

    HC Bickerstaff, AC D’Antoni

  • BisquitBallar

    PG Nash
    SG Bryant
    SF MWP
    PF Jaimison
    C Howard

    PG Blake, Morris
    SG Bell, Meeks
    SF Pietrus, EBanks
    PF Hill
    C Gasol

    The bench would still be weak at PG and PF. But this team if left to play ball could win it all! Lakers need to go get Bell and Pietrus. Its a no brainer. D’Antoni needs to stop over-coaching and get out the way of the natural progression of the team.

    Side note: Dwight Howard Pls grow up! The antics were cute when Shaq did them because Shaq had the mentallity that he was the best to ever play the game hands down! He was concieded about it and had the will, the desire and determination to back it up. He wanted to prove it every night. I dont want you to be Shaq. You are in better condition but you lack that killer instinct in the game. Thus, your antics make you look undesireable. Grow a pair on the court ala Blake Griffin… Then we can laugh together.

  • Obi One

    Stop making excuses for Pau..he’s only getting older..lets all be real here before we cant help but give him the kwame brown boos..he needs to play better, period.