Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Believes Clippers Saw ‘Blood In The Water’

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Believes Clippers Saw ‘Blood In The Water’


With a 48-point win on Thursday, the Los Angeles Clippers handed the Los Angeles Lakers their worst loss in franchise history. The Lakers trailed by two points at the end of the first quarter, but the game quickly got away from them as the Clippers rattled off 44 points in the second quarter to just 13 for the Lakers. As has been the case throughout the season, the Lakers started the second half flat, which allowed the Clippers to push their lead into the 40s.

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As the Clippers increased their defensive pressure, so did the number of Lakers turnovers. While addressing the media after the game, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni expressed his belief that the Clippers knew the Lakers were reeling, according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

While the Lakers’ bench was only outscored by 11 points, D’Antoni believes the game was largely lost to the Clippers bench in the second quarter:

Though the point differential between the two benches isn’t as large as one would believe, the majority of Lakers bench points came after the Clippers had the game in hand. Thursday’s loss is the second time in as many meetings that the Clippers defeated the Lakers by at least 35 points. The two teams will meet for a fourth and final time on April 6.

There will be no rest for the weary as next up for the Lakers is a road game against the Denver Nuggets, which has routinely been a difficult setting for them.

VIDEO: Robert Sacre After The Lakers Worst Loss In Franchise History

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  • Clippers3

    Where are the Fakers fans at LOL?Ya Fakers suck.Clippers pooped on Fakers.

    • daniel staley

      Congradulations. Enjoy it while you can

    • flopcitybish

      Fakers? Chances are you’re like 90% of the Flop City fan base. Clipper supporter since 2011.

    • Lakers4Life

      Enjoy it for a while bandwagoner!!

    • HUIDO

      fakers? hahaha. Go and tell your lame team that they need his own stadium to play and win some championships to make fun of us. #lakersnation

    • Veezy

      coming from the guy who’s team covers up our banners because they’re pussy bitches lol

    • jo8

      Wing a ring lil bitch. .. o wait u neva will fukk the slippers

    • Al Haldie

      Dont let the door hit u in the ass on your way out — this is the first yr the clappers have done anything – last yr OUT IN THE FIRST ROUND same as lakers so u have had one good yr — while your head is up in the air – look into the rafters and see who is the better team for over 25 yr – so dont speak untill u have won some thing more then a game…

      • Al Haldie

        And dont forget the LAKERS beat the CLAPPER in the first game of the yr — where were u then….

    • tony

      Fuck you, Your mother and your entire family ,, you dumb fucking bankd wagon loser…. Lakers 16 championships while CLippers have yet to play in conference finals

    • RD

      We’re not going anywhere Clitter fan. People can watch a Clitter game for free with soda cans. The Lakers NEVER give out their tickets for free in case you didn’t know. The Lakers still own LA!

    • fakerstolakers

      Doc Rivers and Chris Paul…Clippers got it right this time.
      Adding Granger and Davis will give them the push for the playoffs..

      Davis can bust dirty Ibaka, Hibbert and Mr. Soft Bosh!!

      Clippers are smelling blood of Championship.

      They have improved every month this year.

  • Clippers3

    Clippers are the Fakers biggest nightmare.We own the Fakers.Clippers

    • daniel staley

      You are right. Yall got us, but just remember what’s going on right now. The future is still dim for the Clips, meaning NO CHAMPIONSHIP in sight.

    • Lakers4Life

      Lakers Banners are more than the Clippers playoff appearances B*TCH!!

    • RD

      Yep CLITTER fan. Win a RING a ling ding then we can talk!!! What an epitome of a BANDWAGON fan Bwaaaa ha aha hahaaaa

  • 3339

    every other NBA team was like a great white that smelled blood in the water as soon as dantoni was hired.

    • Daspin

      Little did we realize D’Antoni was the master baiter of coaches.

  • roseducanna

    MDA must wear a mask for next game ,because his face was burn.

  • Jay Brodes

    i hope kuchack smells blood in the water…dantoni needs to go and needs to go now!! he should be fired at the end of the year! i am done with his BS!

    • KB24

      D’Antoni’s a joke! he needs to be fired fast!

  • Chrisram88

    Even tho Mike isn’t at fault here, I just don’t see how Lakers retain him for next year! Sooner than later you gotta give what the people want! Most of us want him gone! Tough year but Lakers will prevail! Always do!

  • Frank Garcia

    I’m right here ban wagon CLIPPERS3. You weren’t a fan when they were from buffalo. You jumped on there dong when they got relevant. So don’t come in here calling laker fans out. When you have no room to talk. Yea we stuck this year. Lakers will be back and everyone knows that. One of the two seasons in our teams existence that had we have been out of the playoffs. Won’t happen often. Lol. Be real. How about your alleged team. They have sucked year in and out. Just enjoy your good year don’t be a prick. Try to win a title before you talk trash. Idiot.

  • Manuel

    It happens….we have a bad year or two….bandwagon clipper fans how many “Decades” did you “suck?” I cheer for the clippers against any team except the lakers… need a reality check clipper3….Clippers are the “latest”…”Lakers” are still the greatest….your a hater….

    • fakerstolakers

      Let’s get real. I am not a Clippers Fans. But, to call Doc Rivers and Chris Paul “suck”, just reflects your understanding of basketball.

  • ians

    D’antoni needs to go. no brainer. clippers rule LA? since when? haha buy own stadium first and get a ring. haha

  • Adrian del Castillo

    Staples center. Its the only place where you’ll see people wearing Clipper jerseys… but everywhere else in LA, you’ll still see yellow and gold.

  • Bulakenyo Ako

    No doubt the Clippers is now the LA team but the Lakers is still the legendary team.

    • fakerstolakers

      Nostalgia does not bring you respect!!!!!!! Those who move not forward are moving backward..

  • Al Haldie

    U can say what u want but this lakers team has not been prepaired for a game all yr… and thats on the COACHES head – they have note been taught D-FENCE – AND THEY NEVER KNOW WHO WILL START OR WHO WILL NOT EVEN PLAY…..
    JIM BUSS GET UR HEAD OUT OF UR BUTT and get rid of the guy at the end of this yr — u have good players but no teachers–this small ball sucks…

  • Fire Dumbtoni

    I see a f@$kin clown coaching the Lakers and 2 more clowns running the front office. Lakers are now the Knicks of the Western Conference.

  • KB24

    why are you clippers fans even on lakers nation? Just to rub one lucky win in our faces? Well while youre here lets just rub the decades that yall sucked in yours. yeah lakers suck this year, but THEY WILL MAKE A COMEBACK! Youre team just got LUCKY this year!

    • LAkErSnaTioN


    • Showtime818

      Most of the Dipper fans are too young to know they sucked all these years. But they will learn eventually a they grow older.

  • tony

    No Clippers saw an idiot coaching the Lakers.

  • Rigged4fun

    Of all the dumb things to say, “blood in the water.” This coach is making this once proud franchise into a small town high school basketball team. There is one thing on the player’s minds….shoot!

  • airmichael2000

    True Lakers fans bleed purple and gold forever!

  • manof monor

    No, they saw a bad team with a bad coach and even a worse front office and they said where is the dessert!

  • Barry Bunes

    As I see it MDA has totally lost control of the team. He was not a defensive player, he was never a defensive coach, so why is it no surprise that this is not a defesive team. They made Rambis the scapegoat by calling him the “defensive coach” that being said he is NOT the head coach, and can only make suggestions. It is disheartining to see a team just give up, especially if it was one that had a once proud history

  • Pissed Laker fan!

    His next comments should be ..And as HC, I just sat there and do nothing!

  • fakerstolakers

    No, the Clippers did not see any blood, they saw the Lakers Running Scared with Rigatoni dancing up and down the side line.