Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Admits Future Uncertain With Lakers

Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni Admits Future Uncertain With Lakers


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Heading into the final game of the 2013-14 NBA season, the future remains uncertain for the Los Angeles Lakers and head coach Mike D’Antoni.

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Once the worst season in franchise history comes to an end, D’Antoni said he’ll sit down with Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak to see where to go from here according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

“The next step will be to sit down with Jim (Buss) and all them and Mitch (Kupchak) at the end of the year and talk things out, see where things are,” D’Antoni said after shootaround Wednesday morning.

It is no secret at this point in time where the fans stand with D’Antoni. The current head coach isn’t a fan favorite and hasn’t been since being hired over Phil Jackson last year. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be staying in Los Angeles next season.

D’Antoni admits that he hasn’t talked to Kupchak or Buss as of yet, but plans to do so in the coming days via McMenamin:

“We haven’t talked,” D’Antoni said. “So, that will be done in the next couple days and then we’ll just see.”

With the Lakers having an incredible amount of flexibility this summer, the team could be on the verge of some drastic changes. Only a handful of players are under contract for next season meaning this squad could look considerably different at the start of the 2014-15 NBA season.

The team’s plans moving forward remain unclear with no indication whether the Lakers will attempt to make game-changing moves this off-season or if they’ll wait until the summer of 2015 to go after a big-name player like Kevin Love. Although there has been no indication, the team could go either way depending on the opportunities that might be presented this summer.
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  • Spain Fusion

    I am only going to say it once the Lakers lack discipline and that falls on D’Antoni.

  • Dexter

    Mike Dummytoni is a joke and the Lakers are the butt of every joke becuz of MDA.

    • LegendInMyMind

      There’s more to it than that, but he was never really the right hire. You can’t just put a roster of egos together and then arbitrarily throw a coach at it and expect results. That’s not good team building.

  • Dillion

    The Lakers must fire Mike D’Antoni no excuses and it was a extreme failure.

  • manof monor

    Mike D is arguably the worst Lakers coach ever. What are they going to talk about? May be they will give him a title and have him sit at home for a year.

    • Sweet Lonny

      LOL ya exactly right Mike Damtoni is the worst coach in Lakers history and the Lakers might reassign him in a different role like they did with Rudy and Coach Kuester maybe not though he might get fired outright.This has been a dismal season for the Lakers and the team coached by Mike Damtoni lacks all the d’s discipline,defense,dignity,diligence,determination.Fire him!

  • Marty Susman

    Mike didn’t come to the Lakers for a job, Jimmy & Mitch came to him. Jimmy & Mitch traded Drew, let D12 walk & now Gasol walk both with nothing in return plus brought us the horrors of Steve (crippled) Nash so let’s be clear where/who is the cause of this mess of a season……Having said that, yes Mike needs to GO !!!!, the faster the better for the fan’s sake as well as the resigning of whomever now on the team in concerned……The quickest way to go is to bring in Byron Scott as the head guy, D. Fish, K. Rambus & Kareem all need to be asset’s on the bench with him.

    • Eazy

      I second that, Byron Scott as head coach with Rambis as an assistant. Byron’s Princeton offense is an interesting Triangle derivative. Let’s get back to half-court offense and playing inside out.

    • lkrpwr

      Scott, Rambis….more years of misery

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The papers come in a pink slip and they read Fired.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Anytime someone gets fired, it is not a pleasant thing and I believe MDA will get fired. I don’t feel too bad for that as he has another $4m coming. However, the fans wanted PJ and from that time MDA never got the fans’ support. After that things just escalated. He did not know how to use his big men. He sat down Pau in the fourth quarter of some games last year which alienated the big man which affected his performance. He overused Kobe in order to get to the playoff. Kobe overruled him for more minutes which would not have happened with Phil. Multiple injuries exacerbated the situation. He used multiple lineup to find the right combination as if it was preseason. He hardly used Kaman and Hill in favor of Sacre as he was developing him. Those two are far better than Sacre. Kaman was once an all star. MDA has a great mind for offense, but we know that offense does not win championship. He should have worked more on defense and perhaps the team could have been more competitive although the lineup is not championship caliber.

  • p-dogg

    he succccccks fire his LAMEASS, GOOGBYE YA PIECE OF SHIT

  • roseducanna

    When MDA came LA with wooden crutches.I knew he is a lame duck coach , and make all players injuries.When lame duck coach get out LAKERS land ?

  • Corie Blount

    Please be the first step to being shown the door!