Lakers News: Michael Jordan Says Kobe Deserves Comparisons Reviewed by Momizat on . Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player to have ever lived and there have been numerous players who have been claimed the so-c Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player to have ever lived and there have been numerous players who have been claimed the so-c Rating:
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Lakers News: Michael Jordan Says Kobe Deserves Comparisons

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Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player to have ever lived and there have been numerous players who have been claimed the so-called “Next Jordan.” However, Roland Lazenby spoke to Jordan while working on his book, and asked him about being compared to players.

Roland Lazenby Twitter: “Kobe’s ultimate competition is MJ. That’s why MJ watches him. MJ made people think what he was doing wasn’t human. Ditto the Kobester.

I never said Kobe was better than MJ. MJ just told me Kobe’s the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison.”

Michael Jordan has racked up six championships in his career and Kobe Bryant already has five with a few years left ahead of him. Although Jordan dominated the league unlike anyone else, Kobe matches and could possibly even beat Jordan in terms of toughness and a passion to win.

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Both of these players were the faces of the NBA and no doubt the best of their generations. No one may ever surpass Jordan as the best player, but no one has come closer thus far than Kobe Bryant.

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  • Rico Rosea

    Kobe and Jordan are the two best shooting guards that the NBA has ever seen there toughness, will to win and work ethic was like non other so the comparisons are legit.

  • Robert Price 8

    Jordan should of been said this along time ago,& he’s 100% right.Now Kobe has to get this 6 ring so it’ll be no question,or doubt about it(comparisons)….LORD of the RINGZ gotta’ do it but its gonna be hard despite Stern’s attempts to not letting him succeed to get 6 is the funny part?????Is Stern trying to hold,& secure MJ’s legacy so?????Kobe can’t even surpass him by anyway beside points as long as Stern’s blocking/veto our trades to improve???? 

    • Net

      Bill Russell (11) is the LORD OF THE RINGS my friend.

  • Shaun Anderson

    Kobe “Bean, Black Mamba, Slam Dunk Giant” Bryant! Jordan said so kick rocks haters LOL

  • Kobeisghey

    You Kobe butt huggers are idiots. NBA now is nothing but ticky tack fouls and b.s calls. That is why Kobe scores what he scores. Even MJ himself said he would score 60+ pts all day long and sit out the 4th quarter. Kobe is nothing but a poser, dumb ass poser copied every move from MJ and even tried to imitate his walk/talk/gestures. What a f*g Kobe is.. I hope his ex-wife takes all of his assets. Kobe if you are reading this for some chance, go suck on MJ fat piece and swallow for the G.O.A.T beeyatch

    • EddieKupal

      MJ isnt a bad person to pattern your game after, I mean who hasnt tried to do that?

    • Pleasuretrip

      Sounds like you need to take MJ’s fat piece out your mouth before Kobe can put it in his.  If anybody copied someone, MJ copied Dr. J.  Are you old enough to have seen him play?  Anybody’s who’s done their homework knows that Kobe clearly has more moves than MJ ever did, besides having greater shooter range, and from more spots on the floor.  But of course, he modeled his game largely after MJ.  But who do you think MJ his game after because he definitely didn’t make up all his own moves.  I think you’re at the wrong website ;)

      • Kobeisghry

        Pleasuretrip, get kobes d@ck out of your ass. Look at the playing style idiot..MJ didnt copy Dr J. Youre on some ignorant planet.

        • Pleasuretrip

          After wiping the white cream off your lips, brush your teeth, and go watch some film. . .fool!  MJ DID bite off of Dr. J’s playing style!  And if Lebron and KD are smart they’ll too take Kobe’s level of play, including his moves, and build upon it.  I think you missed YOUR space travel stop.  Pandora is the next stop.

    • FromMJtoKB

      I guess you didnt know that MJ had half of his assets taken away bu his ex wife… Dumbass

  • Kobeisghey

    P.S: stop faking your hand injury you poser. Also your tattoo is really G*Y

  • Uncle D

    Kobe does deserves the comparison I even call him Kobe Jordan, He not Michael but he’s dam close. Watch out Michael.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MG7YMKCIKRBM3DH2YU3O6XOKR4 24KB24

    It’s funny when people get so upset over the MJ-Kobe comparisons but it’s INEVITABLE. They both played/play the same position, they both played for Phil, their bodies of work are similar (NO MATTER WHAT KOBE HATERS SAY) and they both contain the will and desire to dominate a game at ANY GIVEN TIME. It doesn’t matter though. Kobe could end up with 8 rings and people would still say he isn’t better than Jordan. He could (and almost 100% WILL) end up with more points than MJ and pass him for 3rd ALL TIME but it doesn’t matter. 

    Even he doesn’t pass MJ for rings or whatever the fact that alot of fans hate him and can’t appreciate what he is doing and has done on the court is sad. 

    It’s true that they never really miss you til you’re dead or you’re gone…

    I enjoyed watching both of them play and NO ONE will ever match them career wise or status wise..

    Long live the (TRUE) KINGS..

  • KB24Nextbestthing2MJ

    So kobeisghey u are just a fuckin hater huh that’s sad my friend that u dnt see that kobe is the next and only thing that comes with in 500 miles of Mj. Ur basketball IQ has 2 b the lowest of the low

  • Thinkmikefly

    Jordan – 6 finals MVPs Kobe- 2 finals MVPs This means Kobe was Scottie pippen for three rings. Sorry mike, u are wrong.

  • Nigel

    I believe Kobe is the Greatest Player of his generation……period……..as Jordan was the best of his generation…… as Magic Johnson was the greatest of his time………….as Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest of his time. This is my humble opinion, don’t take this as law.  Kobe has traits you really can’t find in another single player in the league right now, that is not to say the league is short of great players, just not like Kobe.  Lebron will be great soon, just as Jordan picked up from Magic, and Kobe from Jordan……………..its never ending

  • Ty88075

    Why would you not try to pattern your game after who most people consider to be the best player to play the game?? Every other player in the league at the 2 has tried to study jordans game, kobe has just been able to come the closest. Now let’s get to your next uneducated remark about fouls playing a big role in the game today. Even if we were to entertain the fact that were true that would mean your probably one of those people that say kobe gets special treatment from refs? This is a valid argument ( probably giving you way to much benefit of the doubt). Kobe does sometimes get some calls in his favor but if you have actually played the game and understand it then you would know he’s not the only one. There are a handful of superstars that get calls in their favor but you don’t see them accomplishing the same things as kobe. Also I would like to make one last point. It is very obvious that the evolution of the athlete has changed since jordans day I don’t care who you are or when you played that’s just a cold hard fact of all sports today. They are just bigger, stronger and faster than the previous generation. With that being said who is to say Jordan would be as dominant in todays game as kobe is? Not saying Jordan isn’t the greatest but its question worth being asked…c’mon man don’t just be a hater just to be one at least have educated reasons for your comments. I’m not a huge kobe fan but I am a former player,student and fan of the game and you have to give greatness credit when its due. There are many players whos careers speak for themselves and kobe is definitely one of them

  • Post Break Up Sex

    If you base it on Stats, Kareem and Wilt win any statistical argument.
    If you base it on Rings, Bill Russell wins that argument.

    Can we just stop arguing and say we have the luxury and privilege and JOY to watch Jordan and Kobe during their respective eras as the Greatest Shooting Guards to ever lace them up?

    Jordan won 6 rings in about a decades worth. 
    Kobe won 5 in a decade and went to the Finals 7 times.

  • Ryan

    Kobe is the best player ever….

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