Lakers News: Miami Heat to Face the Lakers on Christmas Day Reviewed by Momizat on . The 2013-14 NBA season has yet to be released, but one of the key matchups for the Los Angeles Lakers has already been leaked. According to Ira Winderman of the The 2013-14 NBA season has yet to be released, but one of the key matchups for the Los Angeles Lakers has already been leaked. According to Ira Winderman of the Rating:
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Lakers News: Miami Heat to Face the Lakers on Christmas Day

kobe lebronThe 2013-14 NBA season has yet to be released, but one of the key matchups for the Los Angeles Lakers has already been leaked.

According to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, the Lakers will face-off against the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat:

The Miami Heat will be getting their 2013 NBA championship rings in front of the Chicago Bulls. Their fans then will get to enjoy their Christmas dinner watching the Heat from afar, against the Los Angeles Lakers.

One of the most anticipated matchups for the Lakers next season with be the first meeting with Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets. The Lakers and Rockets facing off on Christmas Day was thought to be the logical choice, but the league thought differently with the defending champions taking on Kobe Bryant and company at the Staples Center.

With Dwight leaving Los Angeles on bad terms with teammates and the fans, the date of the first showdown between the Lakers and Rockets will be circled everyone’s calendar. The Lakers won’t have the same high expectations next season with a team attempting to put the pieces back together without Dwight in the fold, but the Rockets will be trying to contend in the Western Conference making this game that much more interesting.


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  • Jim213

    Ratings wise, not the best choice IMO, given that if Kobe isn’t up to high level mode then and with the current roster we may still manage to make it a competitive game but would lose it if management fails to acquire better players. Was pulling for Lakers vs. Rockets given that it would’ve been the best choice for ratings aside of an emotionally heightened game.

    • KOtgn

      I agree. Lakers v Rockets would be the best option. The Heat should play the Bulls or Spurs.

      • Jim213

        Agree, and though I never wanted DH it would’ve been good for the fan base. However, if we can pick up some more solid players and a miracle trade happens then this will be an interesting game to watch but currently we aren’t up to par yet.

    • Sti1lmatic

      Lakers vs Rockets would of been good. I didn’t even think about that until I read your comment.

      • Jim213

        Given that it’d would’ve been X-MAS= NBA day it’d would’ve been the best choice ratings wise as well as for NBA fans.

    • Dale Gribble

      Why do you have to bash on Mitch?

      • Jim213

        Why?.. it’s apparent from these past decision that their plans have costs and may set the team back for awhile. I wouldn’t necessarily call it bashing b/c I can post worst but it’s one of those things that currently IMO management seems to be settling on a mediocre team.

        A GM has to sell the best ideas for the future which doesn’t appear to be happening. Currently, I’d grade plan C acquisitions after DH a B- but with a few more possible pickups hopefully we’d end up with a solid team. Management seems to be pressuring Kobe to return before he finishes rehab or he’d close to 90% which tells me IMO that they want to put the burden on KB24. Instead of getting other valuable acquisitions like Nate=Nuggs as an insurance policy to Kobe and other solid players. Most of the loyal fans want a competitive team for next season but management seems to be settling for a mediocre type of team this year.

        • hookedonnews

          They don’t have the money to spend. They are putting all their eggs in the 2014 basket. Nate Robinson probably wanted too much money. He signed a 2 year contract with the Nuggets. There’s no way the Lakers would have given him any more than a 1 year deal. I don’t think they’ve done that badly with the players they have brought in. I guess we’ll find out when the season starts. I don’t think anyone is pressuring Kobe to come back before he’s ready. It’s a long season, and they’re not stupid. He’s too valuable to the team to risk getting him injured again because he came back too soon. Most of this stuff is just media hype. They have to have something to write about in the off-season. Kobe is not an idiot. He won’t come back until he’s 100%.

          • Jim213

            I understand this perspective but Nate signed a 2yr/$4.1 mil deal with the option for the 2nd season. I thought the Lakers were $7 mil over the cap but it’s just below $5 mil. However, given the luxury tax they payed this past season and the revenue sharing modifications taking effect next season management feels they’re getting screwed.

            Thus, I believe they’re still going to make some trades ex. Blake w/or Hill to alleviate and fall back below the salary cap. Jim Bust also mentioned last wk that he’d bet that Kobe will be back before preseason. Yet Kobe recently mentioned that his timeline to play is Nov or Dec.

            Steve Nash also believes Gasol would be a better fit playing center. But given the lack of depth in the forward position I don’t see this occurring unless they can acquire Odom again given his experience as IMO the younger athletic players recently acquired will have a tough time in the starting line up.

            I agree with the media hype as they make the franchise seem desperate but given the younger/athletic acquisitions I’t be fun to watch the Lakers next season. But its still about wins and losses and IMO management needs to focus on acquiring solid players given the cap situation to put forth the best competitive team on the floor. Otherwise will be watching more Clippers games on TV than lakers games.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            A couple of big bodies in the paint will do good. Lacking 4 positions defense wise. Lots on 3, though not defensively inclined, they’re young enough to adjust. Just need a coach to integrate D with the offense. I have not seen this many out side shooters put together since 2000. This team can shoot the daylights out from downtown and can leap and dunk if they gel.
            Cohesion & Chemistry, a complete training camp will do that.
            About Mitch, he has to consider following Gerry West in grooming cheaper (less expensive) young ones and the Draft (Young, Kelly, Johnson, even Hill), keeping the ones that fit if it works out. The cap is getting so expensive (multiple infractions arex2) and IMO, is trying to keep budget low, get another star next year and give KOBE a reasonable extension pay. With the new cap structure, it is all about the money. We can have all the Championships and the Glory but if the penalty is so taxing, it will not work on the business end of it. He is now cutting corners and chipping edges to get close to what was workable to avoid hefty taxes and penalties. Just a couple of defensive big bodies for this year + Rambis +/or Michael Cooper will do. BTW, Pat Riley is on the same boat as we are. The Knicks are on up there with the Bulls, but the NETS.. IMAGINE with a ROOKIE COACH doing an ALL OUT. Well, it is a Billionaires gamble anyway, and we are just spectators watching the poker table while they play.

          • Jim213

            Agreed, though Riley is in a better position given the big 3 now. Management should acquire Odom thus placing Gasol at center and moving the roster to accommodate our weak spots too.

            Although, we do have many shooters they may lack what others are saying being experience during clutch situations but given the team knows that a ring is not likely for next season this may help to ease the tension which would’ve been on them if they were solid contenders.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            True, and in as much as having too many shooters this team now have, they really needed those big bodies, (badly) a key to have if the hopes of contending goes deeper than anticipated. Also, it will set an example to the young ones that a good defense is just as important element as the good offense in moving forward. BTW, I do not see Lebron or George coming to LA next year. We, IMO don’t need Melo (incomplete, no defense, not max) and less (hyped) Bosh. The rest of competitive ones won’t open ’til 2015, are we to sit it out for 2yrs if (your’s & mine) speculations doesn’t pan out, or can Mitch pull another blockbuster (we don’t have anyone) trade deal?

          • Jim213

            Agree, but we still have to stay competitive.

          • hookedonnews

            I think it’s all about the luxury tax. They’re looking to sign players who are willing to take the minimum. Yes, Jim Buss said he wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe came back by preseason, but if you read the rest of his comments he tempered that with a little more realism. I think they believe they can be competitive this season with their core of Bryant, Nash, and Gasol. You’re going to hopefully have a team that wants to play within D’Antoni’s system with Howard gone and a better bench. I would have liked to have seen them go after Iguodala, but then I don’t have to shell out those millions to pay the luxury tax plus all the penalties that come with being a repeat offender. I do believe they will be fun to watch. We’ll just have to wait and see what the new players are able to contribute. I think Kaman will be a good addition. It takes time to build a team. Fans need to have a little patience. Look how long the Spurs went between trips to the Finals. I realize Laker fans have high expectations, but sometimes you’ve got to be realistic. The CBA has really fouled things up,

          • Jim213

            I agree but if Iguadola could’ve been acquired even more reason to trade 1 or 2 players to balance out the cap tax though they’re still about $5 mil over. I’m not saying that we’re going to get run out of town in most games they’ll still be competitive but not to contender level at least not yet.

            It’s not about having a championship team now like many want it’s about having the best competitive team on the floor given the current cap situation. I would’ve of preferred if Nate could’ve been picked up as an insurance policy to Kobe especially since he went cheap. But IMO given managements decision in the past year fans shouldn’t expect too much from management come 2014 off season.

            Given that the LAKERS TO DO LIST/LAUNDRY LIST is as long as Octo moms Christmas list. Kobe/Gasol=if not traded, 2 superstar prospect, resigning players or looking for more depth whatever it is and likely looking to trade Nash given that he’d most likely won’t get picked up after 2014 as well as likely finding Dumbtoni’s replacement is too much to ask for especially coming from Bust and Kupcake. Given this past year’s moves I wouldn’t expect too much from this current management.

            If the Lakers have more on the to do list then post to further expand on the topic. I’d be nice to get an article written about this which will give the Lakers possibilities and acquisitions more of a clear perspective. IMO

          • hookedonnews

            I think Odom is a big question mark. He has looked at best mediocre the last couple of years. He’s out of shape, and his attitude has been strange to say the least. Not sure what they would be getting. If he wants to get in shape and take the minimum it might be worth the risk, but I don’t know that you’ll ever get back the Odom of a few years ago.

          • Jim213

            True but given his shooting ability size and potential we’d have a better shot in being more competitive especially since the list of FA is narrow. But I’d believe Odom would end up proven many wrong thus helping the team. IMO

  • obamaisamonster

    Can we all just take a moment and revel in the fact that even with 1) a (likely) Kobe-less team 2) a bench that’s barely D-League worthy and 3) the glaring possibility that Nash or Pau (or both) will likely be sidelined with some injury, the Christmas day game against the 2x reigning champs will STILL be hosted at Staples? #bowdown #greatnessISlegacy

    • richard

      Sorry to disagree with you on the our current bench being “barely D-League worthy”.

      Our bench as it is:

      Center = Kaman
      PF = Odom or Landry
      SF = Wes Johnson
      SG = Meeks
      PG = Farmar

      That’s a starting lineup on some teams. That is as solid as it can get…compare that to the Clippers bench. PG =Darren Collison, SG=Crawford, SF=Matt Barnes, PF=Reggie Bullock, C=Ryan Hollins.

      Ours is way much better on paper.

      • obamaisamonster

        I was talking about last season’s since I can’t really say anything about this year’s having not even seen them play.

        As for “better on paper” – well, that doesn’t always work out as it should, See: Lakers 2012-13.

        Also on a side note: did we sign Meeks? Last I heard he was “in talks” with the Clips

        • Dale Gribble

          Nope we have have Meeks.

        • richard

          Nope, the tone of your comment was for the upcoming season, very clearly… and yes, we have Meeks on the roster.

          • obamaisamonster

            Maybe you read it that way but the intention was based on last season’s bench. If there’s anything last season taught us is to hold all judgement on performance until you actually SEE the performance. O and that Jim Buss is a tool whose “toolness” is rivaled only by that of our current head coach.

      • Jim213

        It’s weird that many place the Clipps as the 3rd best team in the west? I’d place GSW on the 3rd slot but everyone seems to be down playing the Lakers for next season. But given that we have mostly contended or been in the mix it’s understandable. Yet with a healthy Kobe, Nash, and the new youth I’m certain we’d get to the 2nd round.

  • Laker32

    Could I spend one Christmas where I can just spend time with my family. As a Laker fan I have to always excuse myself to go watch the Lakers. Don’t get me wrong, I like that we are always relevant, but I want a break on Christmas. We have become the Cowboys and Lions of the NBA.

    • Dale Gribble

      That’s too bad for you. My family is around the TV every Christmas watching the Lakers. I loved last year when we beat the Knicks.

  • richard

    Of the 3 best teams in the West SA, OKC, GS(I don’t consider CLippers as among the elite as they were bounced in the first rounds just like us)… only the GS Warriors has a better bench than our bench heading into the season IMHO.

  • richard

    In the EAST.. the best bench is Indiana and the Brooklyn Nets… I think, MIAMI is going to have a hard time winning the East this coming season, so with the SPURS in the West. GS is a legit contender with the addition of Iggy(but inexpereinced), and Memphis is bringing their core as well as OKC but they have a weaker bench than the Lakers as is currently constructed. If all holds well health wise… we might actually come out of the west this coming season. We just need to add solid vets at the PF and SF. For the NTH time(sorry).. ODOM and COREY…

    • Jim213

      I agree as team depth, chemistry, defense, and the well being of players will eventually determine their future success. With Odom and another SF I definitely see us in the lower top playoff rankings.

  • KOtgn

    Watch out for the Pelicans and the Pistons. I feel both teams are gonna turn a lot of heads!

  • ra

    MERRY CHRISTMAS heat win. Yeah, the ‘recent’ Lakers have had troubles on Christmas. Now they’re up against the Champs (really hate to call the heat ‘champs’), and the Lakers are a crippled version of their former selves. How on earth are the Lakers gonna beat them on Christmas unless Kobe busts his legs, ankles, knees etc. to win? Don’t see it. (sorry to say).

    I think the NBA is doing this because they know the heat will win, and they want to stuff it to the Lakers on Christmas. Thanks a lot, Stern.

    • Jim213

      Thanks a lot, Stern.

      But especially for the new revenue sharing model?@!

      • ra

        Agreed, and why they’re f**ing things up, is because the Lakers have ‘traditionally’ been a big draw in ALL US cities. So, if the Lakers are just Kobe & friends (a ‘lesser version’ of Kobe), the opposing teams revenue will go down.

        The Lakers have ‘got’ to be champ contenders for the NBA to succeed. It’s like golf without Tiger. Remember the few years when Tiger was gone? Golf ratings went way down. People want to see Tiger, even if he doesn’t win.

        The Big Ticket teams like Lakers, Celtics etc. were driving the NBA. Now … the heat? Maybe that’s it. Maybe they don’t need the Lakers to be top anymore? I couldn’t believe that would ever be true.

        • Jim213

          Agreed, the ones who’ll be paying the most are the #1 Knicks and Lakers
          the two biggest value franchises. I understand that the NBA wants to
          keep smaller teams from tanking but at the expense of paying 2x the max
          limit makes no sense.

          I’m still thinking of what type of team we
          would’ve had with CP3 but Stern cited with the crying owners. The
          salary cap was made to give smaller cities the opportunity to compete
          against bigger markets to hold or attain superstars. Yet the $1 billion
          dollar franchises get stuck with a big portion of the revenue

          This is why I’ve been saying that Jim Bust needs to
          put the best team forward (while meeting the cap too) given the demand
          by viewers. Otherwise, they Lakers will likely lose for $$$ aside of
          dishing out to the other teams. Currently their $7 million over cap so
          I’d expect Jim Bust to make some trades to alleviate the dollar for
          dollar fine that comes when getting fined.

          I also read an
          article that Jim Bust was interviewed for and he feels screwed over to
          an extent by the new hike given that before they’d only pay around $6-8
          million. Now they’re jumping it to and average of $50 to $80 million
          annually? He basically states that the family is losing money which
          tells me that they’ll make some moves to saves themselves the $14
          million coming from being over the cap $7 million and the dollar for
          dollar tax that teams pay…

          Thus, teams will mostly have 1 or 2
          superstars on their roster’s unless they pull a Miami type deal were 3
          stars agree to take less pay to play together. 2014 FA is going to be
          interesting given this b/c if Lebron goes to another team a player will
          surely follow. Better clear the board for 2014.

          • ra

            and Stern doesn’t give a rat’s f*** about the Lakers, now that Jerry Buss is gone (they were not only friends, but Jerry helped propel the NBA teams to top draw in the 80s, when Stern was starting out. Now, Stern doesn’t care about that. Not sure what the thinking is for the CBA, except as you said, the small market teams are getting free $$$ from the Lakers.

            But as you said, if the BRAND starts dipping (which it will, if we don’t get more franchise players), then everyone loses. Good job, other owners and Stern! Get what you can while you can; basketball is going to become more lean from all this.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            With the new CBA, they can repeat the Miami deal unless they do Bird rights, the end will be too expensive & teams will not keep them all long enough to justify winnings. NBA want to have teams grooming their drafts to keep it balanced but it is backfiring, Lately, crops of these 1st round drafts are major busts, teams are stuck for 2yrs with this expensive young players contracts (Oden, Morrison, Milicic) that will not see playing time. They are made to penalize the productive teams. OKC let James Harden go last year and just dumped Kevin Martin to save cap space. Issues will be every year for big market teams and will never go away. It is like “Milking Few Cows” to feed the entire herds of calves from unproductive cows not having any milk, and you are penalized if you feed them supplements to continuously having milk. STERN SUCKS!

          • Jim213

            Thanks for bird rights info but my post was to say that the heat are in a better position of reacquiring at least some of these players given that they’re already in Miami. IMO, the only two players that will be given serious consideration for the Heat are Lebron and Wade.

            Bosh would most likely have to take a serious pay cut if both LJ and Wade decided to stay in Miami. Otherwise, he’d get kicked to the curve though if Wade or LJ left then I’m pretty sure they’d offer Bosh a better contract. I also see Wade staying in Miami or going back home to his hometown Chicago.

            Given today’s NBA contracts big market teams would still have the opportunity of attracting stars down the line in FA but given the salary cap teams will make the space to get stars to resign given that everyone will be playing at at an equal playing field being small or big cities.

            Yet, the Lakers are expect to dish out even more $$$ to help the other teams thanks to the revenue sharing hike. IMO, I’d prefer a trade before next season’s trade deadline bringing in a solid franchise PG.

            Then the Lakers can focus on bringing in one superstar come 2014 FA while focusing on the surrounding cast. Given that with both Kobe and Nash – unless Nash is traded it’d be hard to acquire 2additional superstars come 2014 FA. It’s not like we can rely on management to close the deals like J West would’ve done.

            Thus, it’s more probable that we’d acquire one superstar come 2014 FA than what everyone including some dumb analysts believe the Lakers should do… and I’m sure that everyone is 100% confident that management will get the job done given our past year’s success in acquiring talent? Don’t believe they could pull it off… IMO

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