Lakers News: Metta World Peace To Be Back-Up Shooting Guard Reviewed by Momizat on . In a bit of a surprise move, Coach Mike Brown has decided that Metta World Peace will be playing minutes at the 2-spot as the primary back-up shooting guard. Er In a bit of a surprise move, Coach Mike Brown has decided that Metta World Peace will be playing minutes at the 2-spot as the primary back-up shooting guard. Er Rating:
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Lakers News: Metta World Peace To Be Back-Up Shooting Guard

In a bit of a surprise move, Coach Mike Brown has decided that Metta World Peace will be playing minutes at the 2-spot as the primary back-up shooting guard. Eric Pincus from the L.A. Times talked to Coach Brown about it.

“That’s going to be my second unit,” said Brown. “Metta will be the two, [Antawn] Jamison is the three, [Jordan] Hill is the four and [Dwight] Howard or Pau [Gasol] is going to be the five.”

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Brown experimented on Sunday against the Detroit Pistons with a lineup featuring Howard at center and Darius Morris running the point along with Hill, Jamison and World Peace.

Coach Brown, as we all know, has been experimenting with combinations for what seems like forever. It looks like he may have found something that he was pleased with.

As mentioned, he liked the combination of Morris, World Peace, Jamison, Hill, and Howard. That’s actually a pretty big line-up, especially when Pau Gasol gives Dwight a little breather.

Brown will still find minutes for Ebanks at either the shooting guard or the small forward spot. This makes Jodie Meeks and Chris Duhon the odd men out for now. Hopefully, Mike Brown will actually stick with this line-up.

We get to see this combination tomorrow night against the Utah Jazz when the starters go get some rest.

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  • truwarrier

    WTF is he thinking …this man is clearly on his way out

  • http://twitter.com/150Ms_Kobe , FMOI : Sosa_56

    , this is exactly why he needs to be fired !! jodie meeks need to be on the floor , why you think mitch signed him ?

  • ssssssssssss

    So who would take his spot?

  • Raffaele D’Abrusco

    That’s weird. I hope our coach has a few aces up his sleeves, but this lineup does not look like one of the them.

  • ritchie323

    he”s lost his potato mind!!! at least put jodie meeks as a starter

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WCS35G3GZMIGWZPTGXGWQREMGU el jefe

    stop complaining and let them play a few games you fucking bandwagon bitches

  • truwarrier

    No bandwagon homie…laker fan since the 80s…were going back to the del harris days…another idiot that does not know what he is doing

  • truwarrier

    Mr potatoe head is coaching the lakers

  • truwarrier

    Has anybody watch backstage lakers….that bitch looks lost just coming to LA…no wonder the freaking caveliers would get bounce when it matter

  • MSF3524

    i remember he did this last year too. It didnt work out well.

  • Q-Dog

    I like this move. Pau gasol is better fit as a center then a power forward, he has a hard time defending athletic power forwards and has better skills then most centers then he does over power forwards. And i think pau with nash is better then nash with dwight under the princteon offese. And dwight will have an athletic young point guard who can run up and down these courts. I would have liked it better to see jamison starting. I agree with the pg, sg, and center position. But who do you play for sf and pf, You can use ebanks and move jodie meeks up to small forward. And jamison and joran hill as your two power forwards. but i would start jamison, he needs time and shots to set up a shooting rythem. He average 18ppg last year this guy can score. I would definately start jamison. the issue with this line up is a defense liability. I think this line up would an offenesive threat to any team but defensly it will hurt. either way i like mike brown trying to adapt.

  • lakercockman

    phil jackson wins 6 rings with mike. lakers sign him. mike brown wins 0 rings with lebron. lebron leaves mike brown wins elsewhere. lakers sign mike brown smh. what were the lakers thinking? must have been a move jim buss made when he was a rookie

  • Lakerfreak

    First – a reminder that the Lakers lost (got swept) while Phil Jackson was coach. We then had a worse team..no significant addition and a significant subtraction in Odom. And we got to the same round and played about the same despite new coach new offense an accelerated schedule and a shortened camp. Remember that when you call mike brown an idiot. He met the same mark last year that the man we would all call the best coach ever did.
    Second – give the man a chance, his résumé does not allow for him to be compared to del Harris. That’s cold. brown has the team. Not a single Laker has said anything negative about him…if he has their attention then he has mine too. If Kobe is on board I don’t think I know more about basketball and championships than that man.
    Third – this article means that Brown will start
    Around the 8 minute mark Howard and Peace will go out and Jamison and Hill will come in. Then to start the next quarter Gasol Bryant and Blake will go out and Morris Howard and Peace will come in. This will have at least 2 starters in at all times. I personally like it because Peace is some someone who can score and create. We shall see. I like Meeks shot but not his defense and that is why he isn’t getting the minutes many think he deserves.

    • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ Jay Dayuday

      Good job. I don’t care about points 1 and 2.
      But I absolutely agree with the third one. This is the rotation I like to see from Coach Brown, and not an all-4-out, all-4-in substitution like the first 4 games.

  • LakerDK

    This is one of the slowest teams in the NBA. You would think that they wanted to at least try and get a hint of speed, explosion and athleticism (see Jodie Meeks) into their second unit. Instead they’re going to be big and slow all 48 minutes of a game. I don’t see this team going anywhere unless drastic changes are made asap!

  • renato casanova

    I like that line up of morris hill howard and mwp but mwp should play SF seeing that he cant keep up with faster guards like jamal crawford (see clippers game). I think jamison should not play backup SF because he is not knocking down threes or anything really and is a defensive liability. Jamison is the weak link right now he is taking alot of mins away from ebanks and meeks and hill and even mwp with nothing to show for it. i also like a faster nash, meeks or morris, kobe at the sf, jamison and gasol line up. That line up would simulate what nash had in phx with barbosa dudley nick cannon and stodimire. If mike brown is smart enough to go with that defensive back up line he can also go with a faster more points producing offense of that other rotation i mentioned that is 2 great rotations with at least 2 starters in each lineup.

  • Phil Jackson

    this dude has all the pieces to make this team work and win a championship but hes gonna fuck it up.
    it should be;
    and for the second unit

    and then rotate them in and out as you please…but i guarantee if that second unit i listed actually got consistent playing time together every game and not this poor excuse for rotations brown has now…theyd be a serious threat.

    its sad knowing we have so much potential but mike brown is screwing it up and holding back the process.

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