Lakers News: Matt Barnes Frustrated With Officiating Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers lost to the Utah Jazz for the first time this season on Saturday night, and after the game not all the players and coaches were thrilled with the out The Lakers lost to the Utah Jazz for the first time this season on Saturday night, and after the game not all the players and coaches were thrilled with the out Rating:
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Lakers News: Matt Barnes Frustrated With Officiating

The Lakers lost to the Utah Jazz for the first time this season on Saturday night, and after the game not all the players and coaches were thrilled with the outcome.

During the game L.A. head coach Mike Brown was ejected after a fiery reaction to a non-call from the officials on Pau Gasol. Later, Matt Barnes was taken out by fill-in coach John Kuester, and he was also visibly upset.

Following the game Barnes reportedly had a positive interaction with Kuester, but was still upset with the officiating in the game.

“He [Brown] needed to do that. It’s kind of blatant out there what’s going on. I was glad he stepped up and did what he did. It only cost us one point at the time; I didn’t see nothing wrong with it. I thought it was well-warranted.”*

Barnes is referring to Brown’s ejection, which the team tried to use as a rallying cry. Unfortunately the move backfired on the Lakers, as Utah turned a two point game into a 10 point game in a matter of minutes.

This came just one night after Barnes earned a technical foul for swinging his elbows at Rudy Fernandez.

*Source: Orange County Register

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  • Marty Susman

    When a team is losing, they want to blame everyone other then their own shortcomings & that’s what’s going on here…. When you ;ose you want to lash out at anyone you can & since you can’t be upset with better playing players, you have no choice but to go after the ref’s… This team needs to get back on tract & they won’t do that with the 5 white amigo’s…. All five need to be on the next trade block out of Los Angeles Lakers sight & to a place that can at least give us a few 1st round picks, hell maybe we can get lucky… One thing is for sure, with those guys as the bench group forget winning much of anything…. (World needs to be gone as well & this nonsense of Fish being the starter as well as the guy who gets the minutes over G-Lock, that’s stupid as well…. let the kid play & learn on the job & that goes for Morris as well, I mean sooner of later he has to stop dribbling & shoot the damn ball….

  • http://twitter.com/DeLanoCorleone DeLano Parker

    The officiating is horrible. Kobe is taking a beating so is Pau.. The refs are not consistent in thier foul calls that goes  for the entire league. Their are alot of players, coaches, and owners unhappy with the quality of the officating this year.

  • Juliussarmiento

    NBA office punished any players or coaches who show dissappoinment to the officiating. What about referees who make stupid calls over and over and over..don’t they require punishment too from the league? Perhaps  some fines or send them back to retraining!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WRE5DVT6KXQW32RUXS7ZPL2THU sdr

    as a die hard laker fan and straight up fan of the nba..the officiating is getting so horrible it makes you wanna say the hell with the games…just as the players and coaches are held accountable for their actions on the court so should the referees…there are 3 but they dont all see the same things…and this is why we have replays..use them…if you are a good actor all the calls go your way…so we should have jack nicholson suit up so we can get the calls?….lol..anyway this is garbage….the players go to the hole get contact and no calls…shoot from outside and unless you are kb 2-4 and you perform a little lean into the player we dont get the calls…so if its ok to not see the real fouls..i say we start letting the team enforce their own fouls..like hockey…then i guess the officiating will straighten up…its too much money being spent and paid for this utter travesty of nba justice…..fix it…or we will let matt barnes and metta world killer unleashed !

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