Lakers News: Matt Barnes’ Flagrant Foul vs. Mavericks Rescinded by NBA

Lakers News: Matt Barnes’ Flagrant Foul vs. Mavericks Rescinded by NBA


During the Lakers’ 73-70 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Monday forward Matt Barnes was charged with a flagrant foul after sending Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki to the ground in the third quarter.

During Tuesday night’s Lakers All-Access event at the Staples Center, head coach Mike Brown announced that the flagrant foul that was initially given to Barnes has been rescinded by the NBA.

“I got an e-mail today from (NBA executive vice president of basketball operations) Stu Jackson,” Brown said. “They downgraded Matt’s flagrant-1 foul to just a foul yesterday.”

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After seeing the foul, do you agree that the league made the correct call by rescinding Barnes’ flagrant foul?

  • Clancy

    Who was calling the game? I love how they say that Barnes didn’t try to make a play for the ball, when one of his hands clearly hit the ball.

  • JR

    they should’ve review it before calling a flagrant foul.

  • josh

    pretty sure dirk ducked his shoulder and drove in there knowing full well he was gonna get fouled. barnes did what any good defender would do. played tough interior defense and made dirk earn his points from the line. that being said, dirk is kind of automatic from the line so it doesnt matter either way. but i think making the foul a little rougher than it had to be to avoid the three point play was the right thing to do from the start. nice defensive play matt barnes and good call by the nba.