Lakers News: MarShon Brooks Says D’Antoni Gave Him Confidence In Debut Reviewed by Momizat on . Many people were unhappy about the Los Angeles Lakers trading away Steve Blake, who was a fan favorite. The Lakers did receive two good young players in MarShon Many people were unhappy about the Los Angeles Lakers trading away Steve Blake, who was a fan favorite. The Lakers did receive two good young players in MarShon Rating: 0
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Lakers News: MarShon Brooks Says D’Antoni Gave Him Confidence In Debut

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Many people were unhappy about the Los Angeles Lakers trading away Steve Blake, who was a fan favorite. The Lakers did receive two good young players in MarShon Brooks and Kent Bazemore, who helped the Lakers to a big win over the Boston Celtics tonight.

After the game, Brooks spoke to the media, and Lakers reporter Mike Trudell says that Brooks gained a little more confidence from his new coach:

Mike D’Antoni has gotten a lot of flak from fans since he was named head coach instead of Phil Jackson, but quotes like these show he is capable of doing some things right.

It is a coach’s job to bring the best out of his players, and D’Antoni has clearly done that with Brooks so far.

In addition, Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, and Nick Young have all enjoyed career seasons this year, and it would be foolish to not give D’Antoni at least some credit for this.

This comes off of the recently traded Blake lauding D’Antoni for the freedom he gave him while he was with the team.

D’Antoni may not do some things as well as many would like, but he clearly has the support of some players on this team.
VIDEO: Mike D’Antoni On MarShon Brooks Lakers Debut

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Brooklyn In Da House

    Ya’ll already know what time it is MarShon Brooks time.MarShon did his thang ya’ll.

  • Brooklyn In Da House

    Thank you Mike D’Antoni!MarShon fits perfectly in the D’Antoni system.On da real.

  • Daryl Peek

    Oh WOW! Another young Laker giving MDA props?!? This can’t be? Everyone hates to play for D’Antoni.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      LOL i get what you are saying.Let me put it to you this way if i was a free agent NBA point guard or shooting guard oh man i would make the Lakers my top priority and i would sign up with the Lakers coached by MDA.

      But if i was a power forward or center i would steer clear of the Lakers and i would never want to play for Mike D’Antoni because his system and coaching style is designed for guards to flourish in it.Big men hardly ever like playing for MDA. Amare liked playing with mainly Nash,didn’t mind MDA i guess.

      A player like MarShon Brooks given the ample opportunity to play in the D’Antoni system will be a big time scorer and he will flourish and be unstoppable in this system because it fits his game.Brooks is a one man fast break and he was born to play in the D’Antoni system and he will shine like a beacon in this system.

      Brooks becomes very dangerous in the D’Antoni system.It’s fast paced open court run and gun and pick and roll along with 3 point shooting yeah that describes MarShon Brooks accurately.Watch for Brooks he will prove it.

      • Daryl Peek

        The only reason I disagree with your C/PF assessment is because there are more PF’s and Centers like Bosh, Love, Hawes, Howard and Gortat in the NBA today who actually fit the D’Antoni system much better given the PNR/pic and pop stretch skills they have. Traditional PF’s are pretty much non existent in the NBA. Back to the basket centers are dinosaurs also.

        Gasol is having his best season in three years. His problem was a clash of personalities coupled with being moved out of the post since 2011 when Phil started to feature Bynum more in those playoffs.

        Kaman’s production is increasing with every minute MDA gives him. Hill is having the best season of his career. Sacre would likely be out of the NBA if not for MDA believing in him. Kelly also. Shawne Williams too.

        Almost all of these guys will get a better payday going forward due to the individual success they had in the D’Antoni system.

        Kevin Love’s game is Taylor made for the D’Antoni system. Who are we all hoping to land in the near future?

        • dparker626

          spot on. I think if there were any kind of serious and sustained defensive focus and scheming, a D’Antoni-coached team would be formidable. As it is, I think he’s lost credibility over the years. When he harps on defense, it’s laughable.

          • Daryl Peek

            I really think too much emphasis is put on the defense or lack there of when it comes to D’Antoni. Not that defending is not important. The thing that drives me crazy about him is the lack of focus on rebounding. If that area is focused on more the defense and offensive efficiency would both be much better. More boards mean less offensive possessions for the opposition. Unless you have elite talent that has a penchant to slow the game down and defend, you’re not gonna be a good defensive team playing the uptempo style of D’Antoni ball.

            Most of your top ten scoring teams run up tempo MDA style offense and are monsters on the boards with the exception of Miami who has the two best wing defenders in the game in LeBron and Wade, and a very underrated Bosh who’s great in PNR defense.

            The Blazers and Suns are thriving in up tempo offense and are very good on the boards. FG shooting percentage wise and three point shot percentage, we are fairly decent defensively. The problem is points in the paint via turnovers and rebounds. We are dead last at 13.3 offensive rebounds allowed per game. That usually translates into easy put back second and third chance points. Fix the defensive rebounding problem and get a few more of our own offensive boards and you’ve fixed many of the defensive issues and score more points also. We are not a very efficient scoring team for these reasons.

            The Clippers are the perfect example. They have two very good rebounders in Griffin and Jordan but fail to get them collectively as a team. This is why Doc is trying to get Big Baby Glen Davis. The Clips are running the D’Antoni system offensively as Alvin Gentry has installed it. Doc is of course a much better HC as a defensive minded leader and but this Clippers team is a far cry from the slow you down grind it out big three Celtics.

          • Harley Knoxx

            Yes too much emphasis is put on defense because defense wins titles. That’s why D’Antoni will never win a title. the rebounding problem can be solved by moving Kelly to the bench and Hill to the starting line up.

            All the top teams you mentioned have good coaches. the up tempo style was a product of the Show Time Lakers. D’Antoni coaches Euro ball lots of 3 point shots no defense. Please stop with your D’Antoni rants. Phil ran the triangle and won 11 titles more than all the coaches you mentioned. Tex Winters is the father of the triangle offense. I don’t think he was influenced by D’Antoni rather the other way around. So Phil didn’t run a D’Anotni stretch 4 system like you think. He ran the triangle same triangle offense he ran with the bulls and never changed. I think Phil influenced D’Antoni with the stretch 4 concept

          • Daryl Peek

            Hill was starting and he ran out of gas and showed he could not handle extended starter minutes. All of the teams I mentioned play the same Euro MDA ball and take more or about the same amount of three point shots as the Lakers so your assessment of jacking up shots is debunked.

            Please stop it with your false pretense D’Antoni hate. He’s not my preferred choice for the HC of the Lakers but he’s here and not the BUM most try to make him out to be. I defend him only because of the flat out ridiculousness and lies spewed Phil is not coming back to coach anyone’s team and those other coaches are either ring-less or were in the same boat as MDA til they got elite talent.

            D’antoni influenced both Pop and the Heat who now run a version of his system. Both Spoelstra and Pop have openly admitted this and have the utmost respect for a coach who was innovative in changing the was most approach offensive basketball but has not been able to get over the hump via just running into better teams.

        • Harley Knoxx

          News Flash Shawne Williams is out of the league despite all of D’Antoni’s efforts. Kelly will soon join Williams in the D-League. Sacre will be trying out for a spot on the Laker Girls squad. Kaman is playing good to make D’Antoni look bad for making him ride the pine. You are dead wrong about Jordan Hill he always played hard and scored before D’Antoni showed up. When Mike Brown finally played him for the first time Jordan Hill put up numbers and the rest is history.
          Howard didn’t want to play for D’Antoni he wanted Phil. During the offseason he told Mitch and Jim he wanted D’Antoni gone and wanted Phil to be the coach. He knew Phil would feature him like he did Shaq and look what Phil did for Shaq.
          Half the players you mentioned won’t be in the league the will get paid because they played hard. Get your facts straight.

          • Daryl Peek

            News flash every coach has players that don’t stick in the league. It’s called not having the talent to make it. Williams can contribute to helping an NBA team but finances more than anything is the reason he’s not a Laker. Kelly is a 2nd round pick rookie. It’s a crap shoot with those types and he’s shown flashes of potential.

            Again Phil is not coming back to coach so get over him. Howard didn’t want to play with Kobe more so then he didn’t want to play with MDA. Remember the amnesty request? Hill has better numbers under D’Antoni then he did with Brown, Gasol also. Get your facts straight and stop telling half truths to make your biased arguments.

          • Harley Knoxx

            News flash I know more than half of the players in the league will not stick you have to have talent to stay in the league. I’ve been following the Lakers since Magic and Kareem I know a dud when I see one. Hence the Showtime and D’Antoni offense comparison . I agree Phil will not come back nor do I care if he comes back. I was using Phil as an example, frankly I think Thibodeau would be a better coach for this team and have stated that many of times. You can’t seem to get out of your own way when I have countered you points.
            The Lakers are at the top of the heap in three point shot attempted so my theory is not debunked nice try.
            Case in point Jordan Hill’s numbers are up because this is his first full season ever. Last season he was hurt, year before that he was traded to the Lakers at the trading deadline hardly enough time to acquire good numbers. Hill has not changed his style of play he just got more playing time. So it is easy to make the assumption this year Hill’s number are up because of D’Antoni. Please again, get your facts straight.
            Williams will not get a sniff in the league, if he was a team would have picked him up already based on his numbers in the D-league. But lets be honest it’s the D-league. Finances were a driving point but Henry, Marshall, Wes Johnson all had non- guaranteed contracts the front office made the choice to cut the weakest of the bunch. Get your fact straight.
            Ryan Kelly I need not say more you proved my point on that one thank you.
            Pau had better numbers with Phil during their championship runs check the numbers stat rat. He played better defense too. First year with D’Antoni 13.7 ppg this year 17.0ppg. With Phil 18.8 and 18.8 with an average of 11 rpg.
            I disprove your half truths you go on a ramble about how D’Antoin changed the league. Your points are shallow and seem to be bias. D’Antoni is a transition coach so lest no make a big deal about it. Stop listening to ESPN. Watch more games.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’ve been watching the Lakers since 1976 before Magic when West was the HC. ESPN has nothing to do with my observations so miss me with that.

            The fact is Hill has got more PT with D’antoni this season than at any point in his career and he’s thriving playing for the coach who knows not how to use big’s according to most. I.E. Hill is getting his best first chance to prove himself playing for the coach who supposedly hates him? Kaman is putting up slightly better numbers than he did last season in Dallas playing slightly less minutes per game.
            Gasol is on his way to having his best production in three season playing for MDA. Last season he missed 33 games dealing with injury, plantar fascia if I’m correct. Pau is on the verge of putting up 10-11 triangle numbers because he’s getting into the best health he’s been in since then. His numbers have increased every month as he’s gotten into game shape, adjusted his attitude and increased his effort. Gasol admitted he needed to have a better attitude and said the MDA beef was not gonna be a problem anymore. When he did that he went on to put up monster numbers in January… 21/12/4/1.7 shooting over 50% and is still on that path as he put up 22/11 tonight.

            Your point is completely debunked given all of the above.

            I disapprove your MDA bias!! I’m not saying the guy is the best coach in the league but you like most seem to take issue if someone gives him just due like other coaches he’s battled do, you go off on a this guy sucks rant?

            Get your facts and half truths right before you berate me. Check yourself before you step to a long tenured Lakers fan also.

          • Harley Knoxx

            Wow I give you facts and you debunk them with gibberish. Now I know you watch too much ESPN.
            Pau did have better numbers with Phil the proof is in the pudding. Pau made peace with MDA, it was just lip service. MDA had Pau coming off the bench in favor of Earl Clark and where is he? Oh yes out of the league thank you. But you wouldn’t know that due to blind rage you keep proving my points therefore I love to single you out. You just can’t get over yourself when I counter your points of view.
            Kaman has to put up numbers in less minutes because he’s playing for a contract.
            Again you proved my point with Jordan Hill. You just regurgitated everything I stated in my previous post thank you very much sir. Everything except the part about MDA hating Jordan Hill he just doesn’t know how to use guys like Jordan Hill but believe what you want.
            It is clear that the front office has taken over player evaluations due to the fact the front office has no confidence in MDA. He’s gone at the end of the year along with Grandpa Nash lets just move on as Laker fans. We’ll be laughing about all this years from now. Stop spitting hairs over a bum coach. That is what you called him right?
            Another thing, I don’t care if you were a fan sense hector was a pup you don’t know what you’re talking about. I have debunked all your ideas yet you still challenge me with your double talk D’Antoni Jr. Get your facts straight stat rat too much ESPN for you..
            1976 really more like 2006 sir.
            P.S. MDA Jr. notice the Chick-ism pretty clever huh?

          • Daryl Peek

            Gibberish?!? I now know you know nothing about basketball.

            How did I prove your point when I showed you the increased production with only 4 minutes per game over what’s given anywhere he’s been in 4 years? 16 minutes per game VS. 20 but his production is way up?

            Same goes for Kaman. slightly less PT & Higher production. Same for Gasol, second lowest minutes per game but production on the verge of triangle production. The better health has allowed Gasol to improve his numbers month to month.

            The fact that every player on this oft injured scrub team has improved when given PT shows MDA knows how to use them and you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    • Harley Knoxx

      Yup they sure do.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MarShon Brooks played great especially in the fourth quarter he literally took over the game in the fourth quarter.He took over in crunch time to bring the Lakers back from a big deficit.I love that effort he gave like when he dived on the floor for a loose ball or how he hounded the man he was guarding.A fun player to watch.

  • Daspin

    Come on people, D’Antoni had to play Brooks for two reasons. The roster shortage and to prevent looking like a fool by playing Meeks. The real difference in the fourth quarter was letting Kaman’s and Hill play and of course D’Antoni was forced to do this because Gasol was coming off injury. Haven’t we learned when thing go well it’s because of circumstances and when this go badly which is most of the season it’s because D’Antoni doesn’t know what he is doing.

  • APrince66

    Its easy to have inflated stats in the box score when your coach doesnt need players to focus and spend energy on defence.

  • hookedonnews

    D’Antoni is capable of doing some things right? Let’s not get carried away. I have to laugh when I read these kind of comments. MDA is never going to get any credit in this town because he was hired instead of PJ. He’s not the best coach ever, but he’s an excellent coach and has always been well-liked by his players. What he has done with Young, Johnson, Henry, and Marshall ought to speak for itself but I guess not. Jordan Farmar and Blake were also having great seasons until they were injured. It’s more than the system because a lot of teams use his system. He’s very good with young players and Brooks & Bazemore should benefit from this opportunity.

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