Lakers News: Manny Harris Thanks LA, Finishes Contract On A High Note

Lakers News: Manny Harris Thanks LA, Finishes Contract On A High Note


Manny HarrisManny Harris’ second 10-day Los Angeles Lakers contract expired after they lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but that did not stop him from entering and finishing tonight’s game with guns blazing. In fact, he scored his season-high of 19 points Tuesday night, despite already knowing what his future held going into the game. Harris told the media during his post-game interview on Time Warner Cable SportsNet:

My agent let me know before this game where we’re headed…it wasn’t the route I wanted but that’s the game.”

Although Harris spent just 20 days as a Laker, averaging 6.8 points and 3.3 rebounds per game, he felt like he learned a lot during this stint in the NBA, acknowledging in his post-game interviews his need to get better in some areas. In addition, after the game, Harris posted this photo with a caption thanking LA on his Instagram account:
Manny Harris IG
During his final game as a Laker, Harris went 8-11 from the field and 2-3 from beyond the arc. He was asked how it felt tonight knowing it was his last game with the Lakers, on Time Warner Cable SportsNet:

I just went out there and tried to compete and do anything to help the team win.”

In spite of Harris’ dominant performance, the purple and gold suffered their seventh straight loss. The Lakers continued struggle and the reason Manny Harris was called up in the first place is due in large part to the number of injured players on the roster. However, with Steve Nash and Steve Blake returning to the lineup tonight, the need for Harris had diminished.

The end was as positive as it could be for Manny Harris as he explained to the media on Time Warner SportsNet, “I still feel like I proved that I can play in this league.” Although the chips didn’t fall exactly where Harris had hoped, he tweeted how grateful he is for the opportunity, noting that the Lakers are a great organization with great fans.


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  • Jim213

    He’ll get another shot in the NBA. Especially after hustling and putting up a good game while showing promise these past 20 days.

  • Daryl Peek

    Classy young fella, coulda dropped his head and chilled tonight nowing it was his last day of work. Good luck going forward young buck!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah man it happens to some decent players,getting cut and bouncing around the world until they retire from pro ball.Nice work but not enough to stick around sadly.Biggest disappointment i have as a Lakers fan is when Gerald Green got cut.Should’a kept Gerald Green.

    • Joseph Apohen

      He’s doing well in Phoenix?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Straight up a good dude.

  • JohnSmith00

    He clearly has talent but is still very raw in a number of areas as seen in his inconsistency, not to mention he seems like a level headed kid. That’s something that can’t be said for a lot NBA players these days whether young or old, I sincerely hopes he gets another opportunity in the NBA.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Sad he’s leaving – I really liked this dude

  • Ricky28

    I’ve watched Harris play since he was at Michigan. He really can play and I hope he sticks around with some team someday. He improves on d and gets more consistent from outside the arc and I think he has great potential. If you can get to the rim in the nba like he can, you got a shot.

  • Dragon7s

    Wish him all the best! Played with a lot of heart and given the circumstances, he did himself proud.
    Hope he gets another shot with the Lakers!

  • Gregory Choa

    With Meeks going down last night with the ankle sprain, I would suggest that the Lakers sign Manny to another 10day contract – he’s really good!

    • dhdh

      They can’t do more then 2 10 day contracts. But if Kobe decides to stay out the rest of the season then we have some hope

      • Gregory Choa

        I didn’t realize he had already done two terms…

  • Derek

    The Lakers haven’t been very smart the past few years. They’ve allowed many good young players to walk, and kept some really bad or mediocre ones on the payroll. They could have kept Williams. Should definitely keep Marshall. Wesley Johnson, Sacre, and Ryan Kelly should be on the way out. Johnson is getting nothing out of his athletic frame but shooting threes, Sacre plays no defense for a big man, and Kelly is just a newer version of Luke Walton. He’ll be too slow for the league by this time next year. The league is younger, faster, and more dynamic. Why would you let a guy like Williams walk, only to see another team make a star out of him?

    • dh

      Johnson band ryan should stay what are you talking about. Kelly is 7th on the rookie ladder. Johnson is doing ALOT better then last season and he is getting somewhat better right now. Although scare had a good game yesterday he never does it twice in a row. They should have released him instead. Kaman does alot better but since scare and hill gobbled up his minutes it made him rusty yesterday.

      • Joseph Apohen

        No reason for Sacre to have more minutes than Kaman. MDA made Kaman his whipping boy.

        • Chrmngblly

          Kaman has had all the chances in the world—and is still getting chances. He is a shoe salesman. Sacre? God knows. But he keeps learning. Slow but steady. Remember, it’s not like he was a number one pick or anything. We have room for a couple of scrubs. For Pete’s sake, we are still hanging on to Nash’es old corpse.

    • Joseph Apohen

      I agree about Sacre. He does not show me much, but Johnson should stay, athletic, defends well, and can shoot threes.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Thanks, Manny and all the best.