Lakers News: Magic Johnson Would Rather Own Lakers Than Clippers

Lakers News: Magic Johnson Would Rather Own Lakers Than Clippers


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In the midst of the ongoing Donald Sterling scandal, Magic Johnson’s name has continued to come up nearly every step of the way.

It was a picture with Johnson that led to Sterling’s infamous comments in the first place, and Sterling took a number of shots at Magic Johnson in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

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Johnson had his own interview with Cooper today, and spoke on his anger towards Sterling’s comments as well as what he felt was Sterling’s reason for attacking him. But Johnson also addressed the rumors that he was looking to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers:

There had been rumors of Johnson wanting to purchase the Clippers, assuming the NBA’s Board of Governors moves forward and forces Donald Sterling to sell the team. While this doesn’t completely end those thoughts, it is good to see that Magic still holds a loyalty to the Lakers.

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The chances of the Buss family selling the Lakers is still unlikely, as they have spoken on their intention to keep the team in the family for as long as possible. It would take a huge change of heart to make them want to give up the Lakers.

But if that were to happen, Johnson will be the first person in line looking to buy. He is a Laker at heart and that will never change.
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  • vdogg

    yeah, magic! this will ALWAYS be a lakers town!

  • Daniel

    The Lakers really could use some Magic right about now. I love that guy. He could really help turn things around. He belongs in Purple and Gold!

  • Jim213

    Magic handled the interview with class for all the clueless people who believe a conspiracy loomed so he could own the Clipps as well as those who believe he has no quality traits (TARDS).

  • Mitch

    Magic Johnson knows he is the face of the Lakers forever we built him a statue years ago.Their is no way in hell that Magic Johnson should ever own the team that is currently the Lakers biggest hated rival.We need Magic Johnson to rebuy his ownership shares with the Lakers.We owe it all to Magic Johnson and it’s time for him to get a ownership stake in the Lakers that’s what Jerry Buss would want.Come on back Magic Johnson we need you back.Clippers are lame losers.Go Lakers!

    • laketown

      Clippers are the lakers biggest hated rival. i tought we hate the Celtics with all our hearts

  • Cristina

    Screw magic we don’t want him to be our owner lakers suck your time is done

    • vdogg

      sounds like a clipper fan/donald sterling supporter. why don’t you head over to an NHL website? more white people over there..

      • KB24

        Well Vdogg, we know you’re racist.

        • vdogg

          oh how well you know me!

    • La loc

      You stuuuuuuuuupid

    • Marcus

      Lakers don’t suck now go have fun watching Bill Simmons whine about the refs crewing you’re shitty fake ass Clippers GTFO.This is our time we are the Lakers and we will destroy the Clippers in every way.Never fuck with the Lakers because they are some scandalous brothers.You’re owner is a racist ignorant bigot and you probably love him and you have no idea how stupid you sound.

      Stop making a fool out of you’re self like Bill Simmons and other retards that support the stupid laughingstock Clippers.Whining like little sore losers about the refs last night shame on you Clippers morons.Man the fuck up and accept the fact OKC Thunder made one of the best comebacks ever and beat that Clippers ass.Just stop trying to discredit the Thunder for their big playoff win last night.I hate the Clippers and their fans because they all talk major shit and never win shit.You all act like you’re better than the almighty 16 time champion Lakers saying shit like we are done stupid talk.

      The thing is you’re Clippers are done because the Clippers have unsteady ownership and a racist Donald Sterling owning the Clippers and Shelly Sterling is no better just as bad.The Clippers are royally fucked the NBA hates them and nothing will ever change that they are trying to get rid of the Clippers basically by banning Donald Sterling for life.That is the owner til this day and he is fighting to keep the Clippers along with his wife.So ya the Clippers are royally fucked since nobody from other teams that is a superstar wants to play for that fucked up racist owner.

      You’re Clippers are nothing but a big joke.The Lakers on the other hand have $30 million dollars in salary cap space coming up and we have LeBron and Carmelo both on the free agent market also we have a healthy Kobe Bryant coming back with vengeance on his mind yeah we also have top lottery pick that could turn into the #1 pick in the best draft in several years we are also about to hire a top tier basketball coach.Lakers are coming for the crown and about to be contenders and champions sooner than you want.Magic Johnson is a Laker and that’s a great thing he will never be a Clipper you will never see him own the Clippers and that’s the truth.

      • vdogg

        agreed. bill simmons is a joke. he should be fired yesterday.

  • Mathias

    Man, give this guy a piece of the pie, he wants to be a part of the Lakers so give him a part of the Lakers!!

  • quickster007

    Magic and his partner wants an NBA team so bad. What better place to own the Dodgers and Clippers in the same city. He was ask a few weeks before this big fiasco if he was interested in purchasing the Clippers and he said yes. All of a sudden this whole thing starts happening. Coincidence, He knew Sterling already have some racial issues in the past. It would not take that much to set him off. Enter gold digger, the person who orchestrated the whole thing? She was taping Sterling before and no incident happen. The moment Sterling’s wife is suing her for 1.8 millions oops the tape leaked. Now Magic and his partners have a chance to own an NBA franchise.

  • Dante

    Magic Johnson rides with the Lakers before anyone else.Magic owns the Dodgers and Sparks while being a former Lakers part minority owner.Lakers put a statue of Magic Johnson in front of Staples Center.Magic has the best stature within the Lakers fan base we look at him as he is a Laker God.Their is no way he should own the garbage Clippers franchise the worst winning percentage in NBA history belongs to the Clippers.

    Magic Johnson admits he wants to own the Lakers and he already tried buying the Lakers with his investment group.Now delusional Clippers fans want to act like they are superior to the Lakers LOL LMAO that’s ignorance to the fullest and just purely them being Clippers homer fans.

    We must never let Magic Johnson go to the hated Clippers they are the Lakers biggest nemesis.The hate between the Lakers and Clippers is way too deep.Magic Johnson must consider bringing a NFL team to Los Angeles and yes the Lakers should offer him a stake of ownership as Jerry Buss did and still would approve of that it is what Daddy Buss always would want for Magic Johnson his favorite player ever and best friend to be apart of the Lakers in a major way.Magic Johnson has always been our main man.

  • Dante

    Magic Johnson is always apart of the Lakers family we all love him dearly.

    • Sylvia Ross

      I love Magic, and appreciate everything he’s done to show his support to Laker fans all over the world by giving his true opinion and letting his feelings be shown to us about PRINGLES and now donald sterling. If Magic, did buy the Lakers I would support him 100%. Magic, has shown nothing but TRUE LOYALTY to the Lakers and if they did decide to sell the team who better to sell it to than Magic.

  • Adam

    To all those cry baby whiners that’s Clippers fans and to that Uncle Tom Doc River and the rest of his Uncle Toms on the team.Well here you go Donald Sterling and the Clippers dysfunctional bucnh.The refs didn’t make a mistake at the end of the game last night they made the right call when the ball sailed out of bounds with Reggie Jackson and Matt Barnes.Check out this official NBA rule it clears up the call last night and the Clippers are just sore losers and little fake ass bitches.They are losers and they are beyond pathetic for their lack of sportsmanship.

    c. The ball is caused to go out-of-bounds by the last player to touch it before it goes out, provided it is out-of-bounds because of touching something other than a player. If the ball is out-of-bounds because of touching a player who is on or outside a boundary, such player caused it to go out. If a player has his hand in contact with the ball and an opponent hits the hand causing the ball to go out-of-bounds, the team whose player had his hand on the ball will retain possession.

    Rule # 8, Section II, Part C, Third Sentence lol

    It does apply in this case,their was the contact from Matt Barnes which caused Reggie Jackson to lose the ball.

  • Adam

    Chris Paul turned the ball over 4 times and went 1-6 FGA in the closing moments yeah he is overmatched by Russell Westbrook and the Thunder.Blame Chris Paul for choking away the game like a little pathetic choker.The other problem is Jamal Crawford missing a huge layup that turned into a legendary Kevin Durant layup on the other end.The dysfunctional Clippers bunch is whining like sissies.

  • James Dennis Ferguson

    IF Magic owned the Lakers would be showtime again and the team would be a championship team again , back on top where they belong.