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Lakers News: Magic Johnson Vows To Stop Criticizing The Lakers

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Magic Johnson will forever be one of the greatest players to ever wear the purple and gold. He will always be synonymous with the Lakers organization for everything he has brought to the franchise.

Recently, however, Johnson has been critical of the franchise. He went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and criticized the team. He even left current Laker Legend Kobe Bryant off of a list of greats who could carry their team. Tonight, Johnson took to twitter to pledge his support to the Lakers organization:

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It is not uncommon for players to talk about their former teams and even criticize them, but, with Johnson, the criticism was beginning to become so consistent, it seemed as if Johnson was going out of his way. Nonetheless, Johnson seems to have realized that he may have overstepped his boundaries:


It’s good to see that Johnson has realized his errors and basically apologized for them. He also complimented coach Mike D’Antoni for his offensive success this season. Johnson is one of the faces of, not only the Lakers, but the NBA as a whole and his voice and opinion hold a lot of weight in basketball circles.

Johnson will always be Lakers family and it is nice to see that he and the team are back on the same page.

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • quickster

    Yes it does, Magic you need to voice your opinions. Jim Buss is so imcompetent that’s the reason why Jeanie Buss is running the whole operations not him.

    • Chrmngblly

      I agree with you on what a boob Jim Buss is, except your wrong about Jeanie. She is not running anything. I wish she was though.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Magic, has earned the right to say whatever he wants to say. What happened to freedom of speech? Someone had to say something. It’s hard to see the team you love go from 16 championships to having a coach who playground kids wouldn’t want . Love you Magic, thanks for saying how so many of us feel.

    • gm jack

      That is correct. Everyone has the right. Magic is the greatest Lakers ever. 9 finals and 5 rings in 12 years. The Glory days.

      Why Magic can not say what he wants.

      Is he wrong about the Coach, GM etc.

  • NickOld

    Nice, thank you Magic, this is a big transition period for the Lakers from the new CBA to and aged super star that’s out with major injury. I think we all need to sit back and realize that we gave it a good run the last few years and things didn’t quite go our way, but we’ll bounce back and hopefully land another transcendent player like Kobe to carry the torch for the next decade.

  • Sylvia Ross

    John cena, you can call Magic whatever you want to call him but always remember to put RICH IN FRONT OF IT!!!

  • John Terran

    Can someone on LakersNation create a poll if Magic should voice his opinion or not? This way Magic can decide based on numbers instead of a sensitive bloggers 10 page rant.

    • agreed


  • gm jack

    Some authors blogging here can not even write properly in English and using racial slurs.

    Time to check immigration status.

  • gm jack

    Magic, you are the best player or the second best player of all time to some (Post 1980 era of basketball), speak the truth. It is very refreshing. Say it

  • Daryl Peek

    RESPECT Magic. This is the classy guy I grew to love as a Laker fan. Dr. Buss would be proud of the change in tone. Lakers legends like you should not be emotionally out of control inciting the fan base like that. You’re better and much bigger than that!

    You don’t see Bird, Jordan, West, ETC… denigrating the Lakers brand like that. Hell, even Phil takes the higher road. Good stuff


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Earvin Magic Johnson has earned the right to say and do whatever he wants.No way in hell should anyone try to hush up a living legend like Magic Johnson.Sure some salty ass haters might be disgruntled with The Magic Man but no need to take his words out of context.If it was not for Magic Johnson the Lakers trophy case would be a lot lighter,including most likely not having Kobe or Shaq.

    Magic paved the way for many future NBA players and Kobe Bryant has been quoted on more than one occasion the reason he loved the Lakers so much as a kid is because of Magic Johnson.The Showtime Lakers were his obsession so Kobe forced his hand on draft night to be picked by a team to trade him to The Lakers ASAP.Before Magic Johnson came to LA only 1 championship was in the trophy case from LA and 5 from the Minneapolis George Mikan led Lakers.

    Since Magic Johnson came to LA 10 Championships have been won by The Lakers.Yeah Magic earned his words and he should express his true thoughts anytime he damn well pleases tbh.Have some respect for Magic Johnson.

  • Luis Zimbron II

    Magic actually did name Kobe in a later tweet as a player who can “put the team on their back and win.”

  • socali

    Magic has the right to say what he wants. It’s an OG talking about his team. If you don’t like it then tough. What he says is the truth anyway. Well most of it.

    • TTKIN

      The problem people have with it is that he is TOO honest about stuff. He constantly rips Jim…Ok well Jim aint gonna give up his ownership. It wont happen. So why keep going public about it? what big name free agent is gonna see that and say “oh dam, I wana be a Laker now!” no one will. Instead of saying “only the lakers would let a team win with a .9 second layup”, he could say “cmon guys, shore up that defense next time #16 championships” hahaha

      Once we have our big name free agents, and a team CAPABLE OF WINNING, say what u want and be as public as u want! But this team wasnt going to win this year and everyone knew it. Why criticize the organization to this extent?

      Not trying to start shit, just trying to say our point of view from people who disagree with Magic.

      Any thoughts?

      • gm jack

        This team did not have to be dying like this, Last time I Checked, Lebron found a new home and Melo found a new home in the last 4 years. That home could have been Los Angeles.

        Lakers were busy Max Contracting Gasol, shoring up Nash and Blake and Max Contracting another veteran player. (Gasol is a good player, but, never a Max contract caliber).

        Dwight Howard may not be the best player offensively, but, he is a force in rebounding and defense, something Lakers have no clue right now.

        And, I realize that some sour grapes will say we do not want, LBJ, Melo or DH. You are making the payroll to Blake, Nash, and Gasol at the tune of $ 40 million per year anyway, that is good for two Max Contract plus you still get to keep Kobe. For those three players, the Lakers could have had Melo and DH, why not? Is Melo and DH not better than shoring up, the three said players (Nash, Blake, Gasol) the Lakers have on the Roster currently.

        From a business view point, if you are going to pay the big bucks, might as well pay someone who is more productive at his stage of the career.

  • Lakers4Life

    The issue I have with this article is that Andrew implying that he is representing Laker fans. I believe Andrew is in the minority. Most of us want Magic to speak his mind and he has earned the right to say whatever he wants. 5 titles in 13 years. Greatest Laker of all time. Statue at Staple Center. Enough said.

    For Andrew to try to bully Magic by threatening boos at Dodger game is classless and irresponsible writing by Andrew. Just because Andrew is sensitive to criticism (probably due to Andrew not playing team sports like basketball), does not mean the Laker fans feel the same. If someone knows Andrew’s high school days, please chime in if I am correct. Did Andrew play varsity sports in anything in high school?

    Did Magic appear to be going out of his way to criticize Jim and D’antoni? Sure he did. But he has that right that only Magic, West and Kareem and other greats have. Team greats has a right to do when others cannot. Criticize ownership, management, coaches, players publicly. Period.

    Other than that, LakersNation tried to push a false rumor to start crap between Kobe and Magic about Magic’s tweet about great players. Also trying to get Laker fans to go against Magic. Classless once again.

    I am very concerned over LakerNations attack on Magic. It seems like LakerNation is full of crybabies who really don’t understand the context of Laker history. Magic not voicing his opinion is a huge loss to Laker fans. From today, I will be boycotting LakerNation. I have enjoyed your articles and interviews by Serena over the years, but it is time for me to say goodbye. I hope Laker fans who agree will join me until Andrew issues an apology.

    • gm jack

      Do not forget 9 finals, that counts too. 9 finals plus 5 rings sounds more dramatic. Also, With Magic they went to the finals, 5 times in his first 6 seasons and three championship. Magic did not have another star in the prim during that time. Worthy joined the Lakers 1982 (it takes an average player 3 to 4 years to reach prime) and some here have bitterly disputed, Kareem was in his thirties, past prime.

      The things Magic did are only heard of in your dreams.

  • BussSucks

    Magic is only speaking the truth. There’s only one move that will improve the Lakers – remove Jim Buss. In a couple of years, Jim Buss has turned the Lakers from a playoff team to one of the worst teams in the league.

  • Chrmngblly

    Friends and fellow fans, Magic is one of the few who knows and is not afraid to tell the truth. For example, the most oblivious passerby could complain about poor D’Antoni and no one would blame him. But what top flight coach would want to come to LA to coach the “noodle salad” we have for a team right now? Everybody in the league already knows Jim Buss is a punk. I appreciate Magic saying so and taking the heat off Mitch. The fans don’t know all this.
    Jim Buss is working his first real job only now since his father is gone. As Magic rightly points out, JB feels and acts like he has something to prove, rather than checking his ego at the door and bringing in wise counsel, as his father did when he brought in Jerry West. Magic knows that, the agents know that and so do all the stars that otherwise might want to come here. Nothing can get better until Jim Buss gets better or gets out of the way. Magic knows that and I am glad he said so. Now the fans ought to be begging Jim Buss to step aside.
    If Jeanie was running things with Phil at her side, things would start to get better.


    Bout dam time. I love Magic but that letter he got the other day was right. Big name free agents arent gonna wana join the team with him pointing out every negative detail about the team.

    On that note, I, along with every Laker fan under God, am happy Mike D is the coach cuz it kept Howard from resigning (HOU is in 5th right now, THAT’S the big name FA you guys all wanted?? he cant even help them get home court!!), and not to mention, if he was fired this yr, we’d be paying 2 coaches. This season was a goner to begin with, why waste the money? Everyone says Stern rigs the draft, let’s see if Silver learned anything from him and gives the second biggest market franchise the top pick hahaha.

    • Chrmngblly

      Think about it: Do you suppose there are any “big name free agents” or their agents who don’t know that Jim Buss is a punk by now? Believe me there aren’t any left who haven’t gotten the news. The insiders already know who the Lakers’ problem is. It is the fans who don’t know.
      Magic was on the Tonight Show and he was just telling the audience the “inside story”. Magic’s mentioning that Jim Buss has his ego involved in every decision he makes as the cause for these decisions to go awry is not news to those involved. Magic’s silence will not cure Jim Buss’ leadership problem with the Lakers.
      While I prefer that JB resign to spend more time with his family, Magic thinks he can still be saved by finding “wise counsel” like his dad did when he brought in Jerry West. I am dubious. I think Jim Buss’ core decision making is suspect, of which failing to trade Howard at the deadline was the most unforgiveable. A blind man could see Howard was too weak a vessel to risk so much on. The same blind man could tell you that Jim Buss is just as shaky.

      • gm jack

        Big name agents do not need to talk to Magic. Hundreds of millions of dollars at stake for big contracts, they do their own homework. Just as big name agents do not consult Bird, and Jordan, I doubt it if they consult Magic.

        I am for the Lakers success.

        What is more disturbing is that fact that, how is it Mitch Kumchak a better GM and scout talent that Magic. Why has Magic never been offered that position, if he has, it would have been a news item.

        I think Jeanne Buss and Magic should take over the management of the Lakers.

        • Chrmngblly

          Geez, GM, what would you know about “big name agents”? How would you know they never talk to Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or Michael Jordon? I will say this, if I was in negotiations with any of their related teams, I would absolutely be on these guys’ phones trying to gauge the best way to get the best deal I could. It would be my job.
          Knowing what a people-person Magic is, don’t you think he knows all these agents? Why wouldn’t they call him? Of course they do.
          I wish we could get Magic to buy back into the Lakers and take over. That would give us credibility. I also think the Lakers would be wise if they turned it over to Jeanie and Phil.
          Jim Buss has no credibility, he has not earned his place at the table. Everyone who matters knows this.

          • gm jack

            Phil could be in the Mix as GM, I think that is a great position for him. Jeanie is the Owner, Chairman of the Board, and Magic could be Vice President of Basketball operations.

            Who would be the coach? Popovich?

          • Chrmngblly

            I would keep Mitch and make Phil a consultant like Jerry West was for her father—or let him buy in and be a co-owner, although I guess he already has married in. For coach, good luck getting Pops. I was thinking Jerry Sloan might be a good fit. Do you have other thoughts? Thibadeaux?? Byron Scott? Derrick Fisher?

          • gm jack

            Jerry is over 70 years old. I like that choice if he was willing to come in, but, this Lakers team will need at least 6 years to get back to the top. So, an old coach is not an option.

            Scott has proven to be effective in his days with NJ Nets.

            Well, I do like the guy with Dallas, and the coach for OKC.

            If the Lakers can land, Durant in 2015, along with Love or Cousins, Pop might come. Duncan’s era is closing, that that team will be in the rebuilding mode soon.

            There used to be a guy Nate Mcmillan, with Portland, he never had a fair chance, that team was full of injuries.Maybe!!

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Why are people so salty? Everyone is entitled to an opinion – especially a champion who has no tangible connection to the franchise anymore. Anybody who thinks Magic is being sincere in changing his tone is a fool – too much PR pressure from the Lakers FO.

    • gm jack

      To be a Lakers fan or a fan of any other sport, one must be able to swallow the truth and digest it. When, you are not able to do so, there is organic illness.

  • Barry Bunes

    Wrong Mr Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If no one complains then efforts to remedy the situation wil either not take place or takeplacde so slowly that it will not make a difference. The worst sin of all is remaining silent

  • Arlene A LeBeauf

    Stupidity and Ignorance is When are Not able to Express Yourself intelligently ..You resort to Profanity and Insults…That is Also SAD…

  • gm jack

    Magic lost some of the authority in back tracking. For Example, Charles Barkley played for the Suns and the 76ers, he says what needs to be said, that that is why people like NBA on TNT. Magic, by, walking backward, has taken some of the allure as the best basketball player post 1980 era.
    Just as the Lakers gave Magic a platform to show case his talent, Magic gave the Lakers a brand name in Return. Before, he came, the Celtics were the Universe of Basketball. He took away that image from the Americans and the World’s basketball fans.

    Kobe, is a Los Angeles Brand. Magic was a Global Brand.

    And those who are using racial slurs should have their immigration status checked and be deported. Using Racial Slurs is disturbing the peace of good American Citizens and it is a crime.

    • gm jack

      Regardless, even if you have a legal USA immigration status, if you are using Racial Slurs, that is a deep and severe mental sickness, get your self checked in at a Mental Ward.

  • NickOld

    Dam, chill out

  • Jim213

    Listen here you piece of trash, Magic (5x time champ) has earned the right to say whatever the F he wants to say about this b/c Magic’s done more for the BRAND and CITY than what JIm Bust done since assuming a management role next to Dr. Buss. Call yourself a Laker fan and disrespect #32 FU! bandwaggoner. Magic understandes the situation better than anyone of us though knows now that it’s best to be objective and optimistic about things.

  • Daryl Peek

    I was very disappointed in Magic for stooping to the ESPN First Take ISH but your rant is out of bounds mayne

  • socali

    Not cool man. Chill.


    We got an internet warrior here. Grr..

  • lalfan

    John, you are obviously an uneducated fool! Magic has been the heart and soul of the Lakers for decades! His teams never missed the playoffs. He knows what he is talking about, and is entitled to voice his opinion! There is a difference between HIV and AIDS, look it up (new invention called Google). Making fun of people’s looks is very mature since you hide your mug. People like you make true Laker fans cringe! Grow up, get an education, and think a little before you post ignorance!

  • asdfghjkl

    He can’t chill if you can’t see him!

  • gm jack

    12 years, 12 playoffs appearances, 9 finals, 5 rings.

    Anymore questions about who knows basketball!

  • NotSoAnonymous

    John’s obviously out of bounds but Magic is bitter. He’s been that way for a while now. He does nothing but complain. I understand he’s done a lot for basketball, the Lakers, and L.A, but he never says anything nice about the Lakers. He’s criticized the organization, coaches, AND Kobe too much. What was Magic’s record as a head coach? exactly. Magic’s acting like a bandwagoner by always criticizing and finding faults with the very team that made him. He needs to show some respect, stop wanting the spotlight, help the current team find that winning morale, and show us that big Cheshire cat (from Alice In Wonderland) smile he has. Losses and hard times show a person’s true colors, and Magics aren’t Purple & Gold. BTW, stop blaming the coach…injuries are 75% to blame anyways. Lakers were doing alright before half the roster went down…AND people were calling D’antoni brilliant…AND people were saying the Lakers didn’t need Kobe HAHAHA…we always need that #24 never forget that

  • Jim213

    You’ve mentioned nothing new… I guess your belief is that the roster would’ve carried them to another title? Temp roster is alright as injuries hurt their opportunity for playoff spot being finishing late 7th -8th seed.

    This is a temp roster and not a contending for rings roster. They’ve shown to be bench players mostly and don’t play consistent ball. Shouldn’t rely on others as opposed to their own talent. This is why role players don’t get the big bucks b/c of their skills level though their a crucial part of the team.

    D’antoni fan I suppose? give him credit from the beginning but other coaches would’ve addressed the lack of defense or inconsistency by now. In the end he’s responsible for what’s placed on the floor though FO gets most of the blame for the product on the floor which includes the coach too.#realtalk

  • NotSoAnonymous

    Not a D’antoni fan, just an unbias Laker fan without hatred in his heart. Most Laker fans are extremely spoiled, and this leads to finger pointing. Just shh and support the team whether they’re winning or losing. The Staples crowd has been the “chillest” and quietest for YEARS! even during the back to back championships. If one shows no spirit during our teams’ wins, if the team hands out t-shirts during a playoff game and you dont wear it, then one cannot complain during the struggles. One doesn’t make noise during wins but when they lose, the noise begins. Just realize that it’s a phase and it’ll be over soon because it’s the Lakers.

    Let’s not forget Kurt Rambis was brought in to help the Defense, and he’s failed miserably. D’antoni has made a few mistakes; they include not playing Kaman, not giving Hill sufficient playing time, and not adapting to other teams moves or his teams struggles.

    Yet, I blame this season on injuries. Injuries are at least 75% to blame. A young team isn’t mentally strong to withstand the loss of half the roster and their best players. They wouldn’t have gotten a high playoff seed but once you’re in the playoffs anything can happen. Young teams tend to rise to the challenge during playing time. But all we as Laker fans can do is wait and support our team. We can point out flaws if we have a way to address them, but random complains and whining gets us no where. #hashtagforlikes

  • Jim213

    Like I’ve said since the summer ‘can’t win a championship every year.’ Complaining somewhat but not whining as this is FOs issue that needs to be addressed. Similar to last year? (injuries) but with regards to D yes Rambis has a responsibility but it’s the HCs job to make sure it’s carried out and especially addressed since he’s the main person in charge.

    This team is heading for the lottery draft no matter what as it’s too late to turn things around. Especially since their longest winning streak is around 4 games (or so). The last month and half of the season (Mar-April) is tough as the schedule has them up against many of the top teams. It’s business as Magic knows FO hasn’t done a good job of placing the best product on the floor aside of trying to resign DH b/c there was no plan B other than plan A (resigning DH).

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