Lakers News: Magic Johnson Tweets List Of NBA Greats, Leaves Off Kobe Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_93499" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] Magic Johnson is arguably the greatest Laker of all [caption id="attachment_93499" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] Magic Johnson is arguably the greatest Laker of all Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Magic Johnson Tweets List Of NBA Greats, Leaves Off Kobe

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Magic Johnson is arguably the greatest Laker of all time, but he has not been fond of his former team as of late. Johnson was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and he was forthright about his feelings towards Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni.

Johnson has been especially critical of the Lakers over the last couple of years. Today, he tweeted out a list of players who have carried their teams on their back and won which included Michaeal Jordan, Larry Bird, Kevin Durant, and Lebron Jame. However, he left Kobe Bryant off that list.

Johnson not including Bryant on that list us puzzling, but it is not surprising. Times are tough in Laker land, but Johnson’s constant bashing is not helpful. He continues to praise other players and organizations, but chooses to ignore one of the greatest players of all-time in Bryant.

The Indiana Pacers are in town to face the Lakers and Johnson is more interested in seeing Paul George put on a show at the expense of the Lakers. Johnson has no interest in rooting for this struggling Lakers team, which is disappointing given his relationship with the organization over the years.

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Injury Update: OUT For NBA All-Star Game, Pain And Swelling In Knee

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A Southern California native and Laker fanatic since birth, I am here just sharing my passion for the purple and gold with the rest of Lakers Nation!

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  • Daryl Peek

    OHHH?!? Magic has turned on Kobe? It will be interesting to see how all the Kobe first Lakers fans take this?

    • NickOld

      Magic pretty much turned on the whole Lakers team, dam. I always thought the one Laker he’s still cool with was Kobe. But seriously, wth is Magic’s problem

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        jealousy and what could have been… is his problem…

        • Paytc

          I agree ! I was more of a Magic fan than a Kobe fan until that pc comment by Magic. I also do think because of Magic’s unfortunate health issues he may be a bit jealous that Kobe might be looked upon by many as the greatest Laker ever someday,and one of the top NBA players ever?

          To me great is great ,and opinions are opinions, not facts.

          Magic was my all time favorite player. That comment made him slip into a tie with Kobe Bryant.

          Cheers to Kobe’s successful return to the top and more Laker championships in the process.

          Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            well said well said…

      • GM Jack

        Kobe has destroyed this team. No one wanted to come to the Lakers in 2010 when there was a Mass Free Agency shopping spree. If Kobe cared for the Lakers he would not be sitting home with 100 million dollars contact from 2013 to 2016. Granted that is not his fault. But, truth is He never tried to recruit Lebron in 2010, not he is not interested in recruiting Durant. Kobe, just wants to be the best on the team. That is more important to him.

        When, Magic was prime, Karl Malone, Ralph Samson, Hakeem, all the big names of the days, put their applications to play with Magic.

        Shaq left town because Kobe could not handle him. When Shaq left he still had 3 good years left, not his greatest, but good enough to help Wade win one.

        Kobe always talk about his 5 rings. Hello, if not for Shaq, Kobe would have 2 rings. When, Shaq won his 3 rings with the Lakers, you could have paired him with Iverson and Shaq could have won, or Jason Kidd.

        • vdogg

          and without kobe, shaq would have 1 ring. neither wins without the other.

          • gm jack

            Who was Robin and Who was Batman between 2000 and 2002. Shaq or Kobe.

            Remeber, there were bunch of Kobe’s then, T Mac, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter.

        • NickOld

          Why the hell would he try to recruit Lebron. Didn’t Lebron get way criticized for joining up with 2 other superstars. And everybody wants to play with Kobe in his prime, even Dwight Howard, look it up on youtube. What makes you think Kobe can’t win with others big stars, like Kidd Dirk Duncan KG and so on.

          • GM Jack

            Lebron is not playing with two superstars. I would not call Wade a super star since Lebron came. And Bosh has been lazy as hell and over rated. Wade was a star in 2006. That’s all.

          • GM Jack

            Because the Lakers. In 2010, Lebron had become the best player on the planet.

            Lakers go after the best players. Shaq, Kareem, Mcadoo, Wilkes, Norm Nixon, Kobe, Wilt, West.

            Lakers do not live on legacy, Lakers move on and make trades to get the best players in the market.

        • Chris Lilly

          Dude all u keep sayin is “IF”. If it wasnt for kobe, shaq wouldnt have had the three rings he got. Kobe was damn near the first option during that title run. And kno ur facts. Shaq didnt leave cause kobe couldnt handle him. That sounds stupid ass hell. Shaq left b/c he couldnt handle kobe. Say wat u want but kobe won 2 without shaq. Shaq only won 1 without kobe

          • gm jack

            Kobe was not first Option.

            Look at the Salary.

            Shaq was the highest paid player.

            Look at his points, rebounds and assist, and defense, Kobe during that time could have been replaced with Allen Iverson, and Lakers would have still won.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Beg to disagree with you… that is a lot of could have- would have… that is not how basketball works.

          • gm jack

            @Richard: And, I respect your opinion wholeheartedly, but, we can be civil and yet I will not agree with you either. Some here have lost the focus of debate to resorting to vulgar when there is a disagreement. If we all had the same ideas, we would not be here. This is a venue to share ideas. Right or Wrong or No Fault.

            Kareem is a legend, and recently, M. Jordan has endorsed Hakeem ahead of Kareem to be the center for his pick up team.

            As a die-hard Lakers fans who grew up respecting Kareem deeply, I too, now believe as Mr. Jordan does. But, it took me almost 25 years to come to that conclusion that Hakeem is arguably better all around center than Kareem.

            Good Day to you Sir.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I think you misunderstood why MJ choose Hakeem over Kareem. He was ask as to name who would his starting 5 would be…. fielding a starting 5 on the floor does not mean putting the most talented or the most accomplished… you choose according to how your “team” will perform to the style of play you envision the team to run… and I say, MJ’s choice was right on the money considering how he wants to play the game and how he interprets the flow of the game…. other greats will pick differently. That’s a fact. His pick does not say who is the greatest among the greats… that was not the idea. It would help also if people just reads between the lines and understand the reasons behind people’s actions. Don’t you think?

            NOw this is different from what MAgic just mentioned… Magic was talking about carrying a team… and he left out Kobe and a lot of greats in that list,,, but included Durant whom, has never yet, carried a team on his own. Willing his team to gut it out to come out a winner… Kobe did, even when Shaq was here. Do you forget also, that it was Kobe the assassin who carried the team in the waning momemts of each game when the game was close. Phil couldn’t field in Shaq becuase of his inability to hit the free throw. I do remember, becuase I was screaming to take out Shaq when the game was close down the stretch. And Kobe did account himself very well and produce us wins that we thought were loses. Hence the “clutch” label.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            But i do agree with you on being respectful to the ideas of others… but it doesn’t mean to say, we can’t accept things when proven otherwise…. that would tantamount to just being plane “pain in the ass”…. peace.

        • Robert Martin

          You have no clue about what you are saying.

        • TTT

          You, Sir, are just an ignorant brat that knows nothing about Lakers history and all you can say is “Kobe would had never won without Shaq” old-played out argument. No one wins by themselves, even Lebron. And let me remind you how many times the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe lost in the playoffs before Phil Jackson got there… Go back at playing XBox in your mom’s basement…

          • gm jack

            TTT, your rudeness is rude as rude can be. You do not have to bring moms here. If you had a mom that you respected, you would not be using mom’s name. It is clear that you do not have a mom you ever respected.

            You are ignorant and rude. This is only a ball game. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. This is not a Medical Degree, where you have to pass certain numbers of tests, like some of us might have done so.

            I never call people Rude. But, you are as rudest as they come for bringing my mother’s name here.

            If anyone supports you for your rudeness here, same to them.

          • TTT

            I’ll believe you how “rude” I am after you cry… Oh wait a second, you do that on every post you write…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I don’t care that Magic said that because he forgot to also mention Shaq,Hakeem and Tim Duncan yeah also he forgot to mention Dirk,so it’s cool.Magic Johnson has said several times Kobe Bryant is the best Laker ever,he means no harm to Kobe.

    • Jim213

      (AT) trying to spin things

      • German Medina Jr.

        Thank you for posting this pic. I know the writer and this is gold. Lmfao

        • Jim213

          Nothing major…

    • GM Jack

      But, Kobe is not the best Lakers ever. It is Magic. Good point that he left a lot of good players off.

      But, Kobe never carried the Lakers for his whole career.

      • Robert Martin

        Get real!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap,it’s just a tweet nothing more tbh.

  • Jim213

    Let’s not make a big deal out of this as he’s just bringing up some all time greats along with current star players. Although, disagree to an extent… Michael, Larry, definitely did it and the same can be said for Kareem (in 1971 too). Kobe proved it himself in 2009-2010 that he could carry at team given the back to back championship years.

    IMO, Lebron hasn’t proved it yet as did come up short with the Cavs but has carried the Heat with another all star Wade… Bosh is alright but wouldn’t consider him an all star (brand player) IMO. Kevin Durant with Westbrook both all stars but KD is proving it now but come PLAYOFFS it’s time for the stars and up comers to shine. I guess it’s hard to prove that you’ve carried a team when you play ALONG other allstars.

    IMO, another difference between top 8 all time greats and the rest.

    • GM Jack

      Wade is a star. Be real. Wade has not been healthy. Wade has not been a star since Lebron came, and Bosh is just Lazy.

      I hear this all the time. Lebron went to the finals once and had 2 best regular season with the Cave. That was horrible team. Forget third option, that team did not even have a 4 rth option.

      • Jim213

        They’re called the big 3 for a reason and seem to be paid like all stars but there;s only one superstar with the Heat being Lebron. Difference between an all star and SUPERSTAR.

        • Dragon7s

          People forget how good Bosh was in Toronto and we see glimpses of it now and again when Lebron misses the occasional game. Make no mistake about it, if Bosh was the main man on the team, he’d be putting up superstar numbers. Unfortunately, there are only so many points and rebounds to be had on the current Heat team.

          • Jim213

            Guess today’s current game (live) aids more to the belief but raises more questions when all three play together.

        • gm jack

          Lebron, did go there to get rings, no arguments, there, but, I agree, the other two are not super stars, like Shaq and Kobe or Jordan and Pippen were.

  • nba fan

    he wants them to join the Lakers

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Every passing day, I am more and more convinced that Magic has become the jealous concubine. Says anything to discredit the current number 1 concubine, because she knows she already passed her as the greatest Lakers of all time. The body of work testifies to this. She doesn’t care about other’s concubine, she just want to get rid of his competition.

    A great player, but a terrible former player, no wonder there is no one he has mentored… I cannot recall anyone that went under the tutelage of Magic, even in his day as a player coach.

    A lot has been said about Kobe being difficult to play with, but I have seen him take players under his wings and coach them specially these last months that he has mostly spend time on the bench with the injury. The dude every one disdained is just turning out to be a really good person to be around with. And I think Magic eyes this with indignation.

    • Erin Nathaniel

      Suffering from nightmares of what could have been. #TheAnnouncement

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        excellent line… agree… he must be…

    • GM Jack

      Robert Horry, 7 times NBA champ, “Kobe is the most difficult player to play with”.
      Horry, has played with Drexler, Hakeem, Shaq, and Duncan, all except Drexler are considered above Kobe on all time great list. So, Horry knows a thing or two about playing with the stars.

      • NickOld

        Wow, stop spewing garbage here, when did Robert Horry say that Kobe was the most difficult player to play with. He said his intensity is sometime difficult to deal with, even in practice he was going crazy. Stop hatin and chill.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        hahahahahaha… i saw that interview … get you facts straight… you are putting words into what Horry said…. Horry was speaking about Kobe’s drive, and that not too many people can deal with it. He was not talking about team chemistry or to that effect.

    • TTT

      Well said my friend. Good point about who has Magic mentored? Dude is so selfcentered and only cares about himself.

  • Erin Nathaniel

    Opinions, we are all entitled to them. Johnson is not an exception. I am slightly embarrassed that the 2nd best laker ever (maybe 3rd, S/O to The Logo!), can turn so easily on the franchise that made him. Timing and situational position (supplemental to talent and work ethic) makes careers. We real fans are going to keep on cheering! Setbacks come and go. #Banners #CountonKobe #LakeShow #Hardware #LakerNation

    • GM Jack

      It is clear you do not understand as most here, that Magic led the lakers to 5 rings and 9 finals. This is unheard off. And, Since when is Kobe better.
      Magic averaged 20 points 12 assists and 7 resounds in the playoffs with 13 shots per game, to Kobe’ 21 shots averaging 25 points.

      And, who is second, not West, the guy played in a era when players were weak, and not as athletic. Kareem, he was way past prime when he came to the Lakers. Kareem got bounded like a rag doll by Mosses Malone, and Hakeem, during his time with the Lakers.

      • Andrew


      • Dragon7s

        Way past his prime???

        Kareem came to the Lakers in the ’75-’76 season.
        As a Laker, he won the following:
        All Defensive 1st team – 3 times
        All Defensive 2nd team – 4 times
        All NBA 1st team – 6 times
        All NBA 2nd team – 4 times
        League MVP – 3 times
        Finals MVP – 1 time (’84-’85 season)
        And that list doesn’t include a myriad of other awards he won AFTER becoming a Laker.

        Please get your facts straight. There are impressionable young people on the Internet. ;)

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          GOod job! GM Jack, you get your facts straight… I was already a Laker fan when MAgic was drafted by the Lakers and I know, Kareem was STILL at the top of his game until around ’87-’88 season where… but prior to this season, he was at still one of the top centers in game. Don’t twist history.

        • gm jack

          Past Prime when he started winning the show time.
          1980, Kareem Injured, Magic played center to close out the game 6.

          1981, Kareem, got manhandled by Moses Malone.

          1983, Kareem, manhandled by Moses Malone

          1986, Kareem, manhandled by Hakeem.

          Kareem is a legend, but, when, the show time started, Kareem, was a step behind.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            MAnhandled? get a life… look at the record… Kareem don’t get manhandled… and what about Magic? He got manhadled by MJ in 91…. there is a reason why Kareem is kareem…. get respect boy!

          • Dragon7s

            Please don’t make me go back and look at their head-to-head match-ups in order to prove you wrong….again!

            Do the research this time…I did mine and proved that what you said was utter bull*&$%.

            Your turn…….I’ll wait.

    • GM Jack

      The only player that is in the same conversation with Magic in the modern times, post 1980 is Michael, and Bird was for a while in the 80′s until Magic beat him two to one in the finals clean and clear and went on ahead to win 5 to 3 rings.

    • Erin Nathaniel

      Thank you for your opinions @GM Jack

  • Mike

    Wow one of the all time greats is hating on the lakers cuz they struggling is he a bandwagoner now

    • GM Jack

      He never hated the Lakers. The man is entitled to his opinion. And the players he mentioned are all better than Kobe. Michael, Larry, and Now Durant.

      • TTT

        Durant better than Kobe???? Hahahahahaahahaha you’re idiot loser with nothing to do

        • gm jack

          it is clear that you are quite ignorant. this is all debate and opinions, and you are resorting to some low lever languages, which I will not participate.
          They need to abolish you from Lakers land.

          • TTT

            Yes, you’re right. I will “abolish” myself from Lakers Land… Hahahaha pathetic

      • Dragon7s

        You are entitled to your opinion but I’d recommend that you do some actual research before making general statements like that.

  • John Elliott

    What I wonder is now or why Magic is so hostile now days. Personally I think it is more directed at Jimmy Buss then anything. We all know Jimmy is an ego maniac that is in over his head. Sadly he has scared Kupchak so bad he is useless. D’Antoni has been a disaster so has Nash and Howard. Since Dr. Buss passing this team has been in clear dissary. Kobe is in his twilight and Jennie is either powerless or afraid to establish her athority. The only man that at this point can probably step in to fix the issue is Phil but that will never happen as long as Jimmy has any control his ego could not handle that.

    magic is just like the rest of the league claiming Lebron a great when in reality he has done very little especially with out the help of Dwight and Bosh. He is just another stat machine. This is the NBA stats mean nothing rings are the only item that matters.

  • GM Jack

    Magic is the Greatest Lakers to ever play. Yes, West was good, Kareem was old by the time he came to the Lakers, Wilt never could win multiple rings.

    ONE MORE TIME, FIRST 7 SEASONS, MAGIC TO THE FINALS 7 TIMES, 5 RINGS. AND, YES, HE WAS CARRYING THE TEAM. Kareem was past prime and old, Kareem was 35 plus, when show time started.

    Also, Magic wold have been better than, MDA and Mike Brown as a coach.

    • Jim213

      I have Magic and Kobe tied at the #1. Until Kobe wins another title (?) or becomes the 2nd,3rd all time scorer in the NBA then he’d be considered about Magic. Can’t compare the stats given Magic was a PG and Kobe a primary scorer.

      • gm jack

        Magic clearly carried the team to 5 rings, 9 finals. Worthy was an all star, but not a super star like shaq and kobe are.

        Kareem was past prime. The relationship was not like Shaq and Kobe, where they were both on top of the game.

        • Jim213

          It’s hard to compare the 80′s Lakers team with an all star starting cast basically against a roster like 2009-2010. Pau was at best the 2nd go to guy but that’s about it aside of having good players around him that knew their roles.

      • gm jack

        look at the playoffs record, and the number of shots magic took, 13 shots 20 points average, 12 assists, 7 rebounds, is this insane, over about 190 playoffs game.

        if magic took 20 shots per game, which he could have easily.

  • GM Jack

    The only player that is in the same conversation with Magic in the modern times, post 1980 is Michael, and Bird was for a while in the 80′s until Magic beat him two to one in the finals clean and clear and went on ahead to win 5 to 3 rings. Let’s set the record straight.

  • Sylvia Ross

    This is Magic’s list, isn’t he entitled to say who he wants on his list? One thing we should all be in agreement on is that dumtoni NEEDS TO GO! He won’t quit because if he does I don’t think the Lakers have to pay him.


    He’s mad he wasn’t given a bigger part of the franchise a few years ago, So he left and still holds a grudge. But deep down i think it hurts him to see the Lakers struggle. He’s now just a fan like all of us

  • Andrew

    Kobe is a great scorer, but Magic’s list is basically correct. Basketball minds know that Kobe is not in the same category as those players. Those that love him are biased to the Lakers, his highlights, and 4th qt daggers. I give him respect for the last two, but there is more to the game of basketball.

    • K

      I take it you haven’t watched many of his games, in full, over the past 17 or so years.

      • Andrew

        Sorry guys, but we’re comparing him against the greats….

    • Dragon7s

      People are always going on about how Kobe is only a scorer.
      How many NBA All Defensive First or Second Teams has Kobe earned? 11 (9 Firsts and 2 Seconds)

      How many First or Second Defensive teams has Magic earned? 0
      Bird? 3 Seconds
      Durant? 0

      Of the player Magic mentioned, only Michael Jordan has as many First Team selections and only Kareem has more combined First and Second Team selections than Kobe.

      Kobe is as complete a player as the NBA has ever seen.
      Am I saying he’s the GOAT? Of course not, but give the man his due, he’s earned it.

  • Fozzy Chicas

    SMH Magic hands down my fav laker but just sad man..
    kicking us when we’re down..

  • SkepticalC

    Given Magic, Kareem, Wilt, and Shaq, maybe Kobe is the 5th best laker ever. Although some could argue about West, Mikan, and Baylor.

  • Robert Martin

    Magic is suffering from old timers disease.

  • TTT

    Magic might be the greatest Laker of all time, and one of the top five players all time. Having said this, I don’t agree at all the way he’s bashing and trying to put the Lakers down at every opportunity. You might be a fan of Kobe or not, but no one that know about basketball can deny his greatness. I personally cannot stand Lebron and his attitude, but I would never undermine his skills and greatness. Also, Magic has a short memory since he forgot how much he SUCKED as a coach for him to continue to diss on D’Antony.

  • Laker forever

    Lakers greats have to be a topic by position:
    PG Magic
    SG Kobe
    PF Worthy
    C Kareem or Shaq

    Better stats: Kareem
    More talent: Kobe
    IQ: Magic
    But I have have to start a team mi first everyday will be Shaq.
    And PHil

    • Dragon7s

      IQ and Magic should never be used in the same sentence.
      Magic had unbelievable vision and court awareness coupled with an innate ability to get the ball to the right player at the right time.
      That’s not a skill you can teach and Magic was born with it.

      IQ would involve thinking ability and part of Magic’s ‘magic’ was that he didn’t have to think, he just did.

      Kobe has put up the numbers he has and accomplished what he has by a combination of natural talent (not as much as say Dominique, or MJ for that matter), hard work and BB IQ.

  • gm jack

    Kobe, you have done a lot for the Lakers. Rest brother.

    From all of us at Lakers Land.

    You were the REAL MVP IN 2003

    2006 (Insane 35.4 points/game, to this was better than Jordan’s 37 points/game in the 80′s, I know they the 80′s guys like to say the game was more physical, but, the players were smaller and weaker as well, on the average)

    And, you were the MVP again 2007,

    They the media ripped you off. Lakers people know better, I understand this is out of no where, but, the Lakers Land people need to be reminded, that, they ripped you off.

    You are a 4 times regular season MVP in my books.

    Now, do some Magic to get Lebron and Melo to the Lakers for 2014. This is the most horrible Lakers team since they came to Los Angeles.

    • gm jack

      to kobe’s fans. this is the biggest compliment i could have paid him.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Clearly MAgic doesn’t see what talent on the floor is… LBJ’s and Durant’s team. are full stack with talent…. yet only LBJ was able to get them a ring… Durant has yet to carry that team to the promise land… Magic, you are off and wrong in including him… Kobe, took his side kick Gasol,(every body calls him gasoft) with Fisher, Ariza, odom to the top in 2009, and in 2010 took Gasol, Odom, MWP, Fisher to a back to back… compare that starting five to Miami’;s and OKC’s starting five and you won’t miss to notice the disparity. Yet, you fail to mention your very own, Kobe Bean Bryant!

  • camelprod

    It’s just a tweet not a dis of Kobe. I think Ervin’s recent criticism of the Lakers organization is not only valid, but also out of the same frustration all of us have with the leadership (?) of this team since the half-wit son started destroying it two years ago.

    • Dragon7s

      Hmmm….Dr. Buss was a genius and the measuring stick for every other sports franchise to try and live up to but he chose his ‘half-wit son’ to carry on his legacy?
      Sorry, can’t have it both ways.
      Dr. Buss had a choice as to who would carry on his Laker legacy and he chose Jim.
      Let’s have a little respect for the choice he made and the patience to see the wisdom in it.

      • camelprod

        Judgment is often clouded when it comes to family. There’s a long history of kids taking over successful teams, companies, etc and ruining them because they feel they have something to prove. Jim Buss may not technically be a “half-wit”, but he definitely is showing the symptoms of having to prove he can do it “his way.”

  • smh magic

    Sad to see what magic is doing to the LA people ….pretty soon he’s gonna get his ass boo’d everywhere he goes including dodger games

  • Pablo Martínez Dutra

    Magic is becoming a jealous diva. Ok, I’m not taking credit to LeBron or Durant (Durant haven’t won anything yet, so take it easy), but I’m just saying that he’s not procesing well the fact that Kobe just made more than him in the Lakers. 5 rings and all the records, you know… Magic it’s a great between greats, but you know… he’s becoming old and gaga… ESPN just destroyed his mind.

  • Ico

    I believe he said that because of the 48 millions with which we could afford young and prospective players

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