Lakers News: Magic Johnson Rips Lakers for Not Hiring Phil Jackson Reviewed by Momizat on . As arguably one of the most passionate players to have ever played in the NBA while wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform, five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson i As arguably one of the most passionate players to have ever played in the NBA while wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform, five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson i Rating:
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Lakers News: Magic Johnson Rips Lakers for Not Hiring Phil Jackson

As arguably one of the most passionate players to have ever played in the NBA while wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform, five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson is as opinionated as any former Laker in terms of off-season moves and choices the front office makes.

Although Magic isn’t involved in the day-to-day operations of the Lakers management anymore, after selling his ownership share of the team recently and going all-in as a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the former face of the franchise doesn’t have a problem expressing his doubts or opinions about moves made by the Lakers’ front office.

With the Lakers targeting Phil Jackson to return for a third time as the team’s head coach, Magic was one of Phil’s strongest supporters. The Hall of Famer let it be known that he was pulling for Jackson or former assistant Brian Shaw for the job:

Obviously, the team decided to go in another direction by hiring Mike D’Antoni instead of the 11-time NBA champion.

Once the Lakers made it official that D’Antoni would be replacing Mike Brown as head coach of the Lakers, Magic stayed quite a few two days before posting the following tweet:

There’s no question Magic isn’t happy with Lakers management at the moment as he felt Jackson’s return was the ideal choice for a team in desperate need of leadership and direction on the sidelines.

It remains to be seen if the Lakers’ front office made the right decision with D’Antoni, but if the team struggles with him at the helm, choosing to pass on Jackson will haunt the team for the rest of the season and possibly beyond if it impacts Dwight Howard’s decision to stay in Los Angeles long-term.

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  • Dr. Rasheed Syed

    I am with Magic Johnson.
    Damage is done. Lakers Organization want to retain power and not share with Phil Jackson probably at the cost of losing the 17th Championship. It is going to haunt the Buss family for sure. For Buss family it is Business but for Lakers fan…
    As fans, we can only pray and hope for better.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-To/100003013197375 Ed To

      Calm down doc, Lakers have won championships before Phil Jackson and will win a championship again. Take a deep breath and give the new coach a chance to bring back exciting fast paced basketball……the kind that Magic Johnson used to play and won five rings without Phil as the coach. It is time to move on to a new era because Phil’s era is gone. Did you really want a part time coach who did not want to travel on long road trips or limited his team practice attendance? That pretty much screams “I am too old to coach.”

      • http://www.facebook.com/allen.colbert3 Allen Henry

        Mike is not Pat Riley you must not realize how hard it is to win in the NBA. If any coach stood a chance it was Jackson or up and coming Brian Shaw. There is a reason Mike was surprised when he got the job because he knows he has never came close to winning the big game.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-To/100003013197375 Ed To

          And Mike D’antoni did not have a Magic, Kareem, Worthy like Pat Riley. Nor did he have a Jordan, Pippen, Shaq, Kobe like Phil Jackson. So let’s see what Mike can do with this roster before the gloom and doom. Brian Shaw above D’antoni? What rookie coach has won a championship lately?

      • Dr. Rasheed Syed

        Bottom line: We as fans have to move on. Damaged is done. Mind it, Phil never had whole chat done, they didn’t even negotiate with him properly. A coach who helped Lakers in Winning. I standby what I said earlier, Buss family want to retain power over championship.

        I agree with you Ed, we should give this coach a chance. Lets see what happens, how things unfold in near future.

  • plx

    I agree with magic plus mike d’antonis offense you need shooters lakers don’t have shooters and the new bench players are not doing what they brought them in for they suck we need too trade players like blake, duhon but what team would want them.Gasol is the only trade peace that could bring good players to the team but they won’t trade him witch they should before he gets older.

  • Lo

    Magic needs to worry about the Dodgers getting into the playoffs!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1088783015 Bryan De La Cruz

    I don’t see Magic ripping the Lakers in this tweet. Like most of us he was expecting Phil. Damn journalists can be such drama queens sometimes.

  • http://twitter.com/silkkiez Tuan T.

    Talk about a ripping… these wannabe writer I swear

  • fedup

    there was 1 and will only be 1 showtime era let that shit go the 80s lakers were physical and loved to play defense jerry buss and any so called laker fan should know better more importantly they had magic to play that way instead of during the right thing you did the stupid cheap thing again the lakers are trying to sell tickets not win games thanks for nothing dickhead dim buss

  • mm

    magic don’t have anything to do with the lakers he needs to worry about his self

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenningsdeadhead Steve Jennings

    I’m ok with hiring Mike D but the way they handled it was shitty, Phil deserves more repsect than the Lakers gave him. For crying out loud the man delievered 5 rings for us.

    • Hameed Paul

      should be 7, we got robbed in 04 and 08

  • b

    I agree with Magic. I am so devastated that they chose D’ antonio. I live in NYC, but I grew in the CPT. I seen Coach D’ antonio coach the Knicks and I was not impressed. I just can’t get pass the point that Phil Jackson has won 11 championships and D’Antonio nothing. It just does not add up.

  • OdumBAMA will ruin us
  • BussaNutt

    Ripping would be us telling you you suck.

  • SwaggGod

    sdfu magic is the reason why dwight is here..

  • Namy

    Magic needs to STFU….I respect what he has done for the game and for the community but his analysis is complete garbage on ESPN, and he’s constantly ripping the Lakers

  • Cholo Cortes

    I was expecting a big reunion on the Lakers with Phil as the comebacking Head coach to clinch the team’s 17th Tiltle and 6th for Kobe, Phil & D-fish soon but that’s how it works. Let’s just hope for the best that this is the management best move.

  • Lakers 2013

    What does “stay quite” mean?

  • hookedonnews

    I understand what Phil Jackson has meant to the Lakers, but all this hand-wringing has got to stop. We have a coach now, and people like Magic Johnson need to step up and support him if they want the Lakers to have a chance to return to the Finals. Supporting D’Antoni doesn’t mean that you don’t like Phil Jackson. It just means that you realize a decision has been made, and it doesn’t help the team to keep this drama going. The fans and the media need to give D’Antoni a chance. If he fails miserably let it be because of what he does on the court– not because LA wouldn’t allow him the opportunity to succeed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ezekiel.guillermo Ezekiel Guillermo

    I’m with Magic! Lakers made a mistake for not hiring Phil Jackson as their next coach.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deshawn.marry DeShawn Marry

    Magic has earned his right as a Laker to say what ever he wants!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1405128450 Alex K Tatiracanal

    I respect Magic’s opinion,but it has been said that Jim Buss wanted to erase all traces of Phil Jackson, to the point he wouldn’t even hire Brian Shaw.

    I have no way of knowing if that this is true or not,but Jim Buss wants a change from the past,even if that was successful.

    Since Dr. Jerry Buss has bought the Lakers,in a 30 plus year span, they’ve been NBA champion 10 times and have been to the finals 14 times (I’m probably wrong).
    But anyway,the Lakers have always found a way to get things done.

    Look at it this way,the Boston Celtics actually went over a 20 year span (1986 – 2007) without a championship and they’re supposed to be the most storied franchise in basketball.

    I have faith that in some way shape or form, the Lakers will get it done.

  • jonathannn

    Most of you dont even know the reason they decided to hire D’Antoni, Jackson was asking for way too much money but not only that, he wanted part ownership of the team just because, he basically wanted to be the last word in everything that would happen with the team, that’s the reason he wasn’t hired, readddd before talking so much nonsense people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DinoMite87 Edwin Delgadillo

    I can’t wait for everyone to jump on the D’ Antoni wagon once he starts winning games. Everyone on here saying that it was a mistake will be saying how great of an idea it was to hire him. You got to love LA fans.

  • gabrielsmith

    Think of it from the top. You pick the brains of an excellent defensive coach (Brown) Then you pick the brain of a offensive juggernaut minded coach (D’Antoni). You put those perspectives together and you have one thing: the makings of a dynasty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.carter.52035 Anthony Carter

    Once again Jim Buss shows he’s not good at the hiring process. Unlike his dad you kept thing professional. He does things in the public and gets the Lakers a black eye. He will be responsible for losing fans

  • Tony

    What is laker nation going to say when they realize they made the wrong choice for there coach. And the repercussions of having a bad season we will lose Howard. Who wants to play for a losing team. Not a smart move by Jim buss and kupchak. Want are they thinking. Stop holding grudges . This is not the best choice for the lakers.

  • mike

    bus and the gm need to go right now

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