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Magic Johnson Responds To Donald Sterling’s Alleged Comments

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UPDATE (10:37 AM PST): Magic Johnson responded to Donald Sterling’s alleged comments on Twitter and says he will never go to a Clippers game as long as Sterling is the owner:

After his girlfriend posted a picture with Laker legend Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly made racist comments as he was caught on tape. The tape was sold to TMZ and quickly blew up over the internet as fans were shocked by the owner’s alleged words.

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Sterling was allegedly disgraceful in his choice of words as he ruthlessly attacked his girlfriend over her association with African-Americans. Some of his comments were transcribed by TMZ.

Sterling even allegedly went as far as telling her to not bring Magic Johnson to any of his basketball games:

“…Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me.  And don’t bring him to my games.”

Sterling has quite a history regarding previous events. He has been sued multiple times over refusing to rent apartments to African-American families and also, his former general manager, Elgin Baylor, sued the owner for racial discrimination after his dismissal from the team.

Being obviously caught off guard by the situation, Magic told TMZ Sports that it’s a shame that Sterling allegedly feels that way about African-Americans:

“It’s a shame that Donald Sterling feels that way about African-Americans.”

He adds, “He has a team full of amazing African-American basketball players that are working to bring a championship to Clippers fans.”

Sterling’s alleged comments will not only cause a major distraction for his team, but will take away what their fans should really be focused on at the time, the playoffs. After finally breaking from the mantra that he wasn’t willing to spend money on a winning team, Sterling appears to have taken yet another step back in his term as an owner.

The Clipper organization will have a lot of questions to answer in the coming days as these alleged comments like these are completely unacceptable. The NBA has no place for such degrading words and the league will surely step in and levy some sort of punishment.
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Nick is currently a Lakers Nation intern and a sophomore at USC. From the Los Angeles Area, Nick grew up an avid Lakers and Trojan fan. He has written for the Daily Trojan, covering a variety of Trojan athletics. Nick is glad to share his passion for the purple and gold with the fellow Lakers Supporters! Follow Nick on twitter: @nsbarbarino

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  • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/ BestxInTheWorld

    YET ANOTHER reason to hate the clippers.

    • sergio

      I KNOW! Nothing uglier than racism and jealousy!!

      • Andy Dufresne

        The guy owns an NBA team what does jealousy have to do with anything. He’s just an idiot.

        • MagnanaDanna

          He saw his girl with “one of them” and he flipped out. He’s not just an idiot racist. He’s that, but it was his jealousy that sunk his battleship in this case, anyway.

          • Bekonwao

            Viagra and all that money may keep his battleship afloat but it sure must take a strong stomach and need for money to lay with that old idiot.

        • cjgb

          He was jealous cuz his gf was taking pics with a man younger than him!!

    • JT

      He does not want people to know that his girlfriend is sleeping with other men specifically black men. A man who says you can sleep with them to his girlfriend does not sound racist to me.
      She however sounds like a gold digging THIRSTY hoe who is showing off who she can hang with. Truth is no famous white men would give her the time of day so they all happen to be black as he states.
      He says bring them in. This tape is cut up to make him look bad for the media.
      Unfortunately uneducated people tend to be uneducated in how to care for their home and children SO any racial remarks concerning who he rents to is based on the lack of education provided to predominately Black Americans. Any low income housing black or white is unclean and uncared for with a lot of uncared for children YES like some professional athletes grew up.
      Black Americans are some of the most racist people here. Don’t get it twisted.

      • mtnez

        Are you serious?! He doesn’t sound like a racist? What more would he need to do to prove it to you? Send his players to concentration camps? SMH. Stop trying to be a denier and apologist and place the blame on her. Obviously, you’re neither qualified or educated enough on the subject of racism to offer an intelligent response.

      • http://www.youtube.com/bigmike132 Cakemovesmikey

        If you hear the recording, its one of the most racists things I have heard in awhile.

      • John Smith

        yr not racist??? hahahahaha……just shut up..you sound really ignorant man!!

      • Tracey Ratchford

        What??? I can’t…..your the dumbest person I’ve had the misfortune to read. Take your racist ass outta here…. you obviously feel the same as him.

      • Qmoney78

        ” Truth is no famous white men would give her the time of day so they all happen to be black as he states.” Wtf , I’m going to take a wild guess what race you are …… not that it matters ….. but trying to defend this guy based on the what he has said time and time again…..?????

        Do some people just see this as a competition between white and black people ???? Does it hurt you when someone is an obvious racist and he gets called out ??

      • Ryan

        You are the most dumbest person i ever seen. This guy is a racist two faced puke. Hates blake people but sleeps with one lmao.

      • http://www.lollylane.net/ Lolly Lane Multi Media Studio

        So the fact that he Donald Spencer a white man is giving her the time of day went right over your head. You are just as racist as he is to even think what you are saying holds any kind of sense.

      • Daryl Peek

        First thing, since when did white men dating back to slave owners, who hated black folks to the core ever not sleep with black women? The tape is cut to make him look bad? Sterling has a long history of this kind of mess! Not only that, Sterling would often bring women into the Clippers shower room and say “look at all of them beautiful black bodies” how can you call his ex a thirsty gold digging hoe when Donald opened Pandora’s box in the first place?

        Racism is not privy to one culture and you are not looking very educated in your commentary by throwing stereotypical stones.

      • KJ

        Who is the real gold digger here Sterling knows she is half his age and he knows he has to take a few purple pills to enjoy her. So they are both digging something. She is digging his money and sterling is digging her guts. He just got played for the hmmm 5th time. Sterling is who he is stop trying to justify it. Society says any woman who is black is most likely to be past off as European (French or German) or even Canadian. It’s a typical racist way to hate minority men but want to sleep with their woman. LOL society will never change.

        • Michael

          J, I doubt he is reaching her guts. He can probably hardly get it passed the short hairs. I would hate to be here and have to lay there and experience that just for money.

          • Michael

            correction: would hate to be “her”

      • SD

        remarks about the “uneducated” African Americans is
        interesting, simply because your English grammar is terrible
        and it almost gave me end stage lung cancer. Very strange for
        someone who is claiming to be educated.

      • Bekonwao

        I tend to agree on some subjects you posted strongly but; I must state that some of the most virulent racists I have encountered were Jewish people from NY and South Africa, were I heard some of the most hateful statements about the black people there by professional educated Jewish people. Not to mention that Israel and South Africa collaborated for years in security and development of nuclear weapons. History is our best teacher and it tends to repeat itself.

        • Mike

          We don’t need racists or anti-Semites in this place……you sound just as ignorant as Sterling himself….

      • anita


      • savtheanimals

        Ditto on every thing you say. I agree 100%. He can’t be too racist, he hired a black coach!

        • Kieran Sanders

          Are you really running around making dumb racist ass remarks on all these posts. Would everyone please look at this idiot posts. But he’s not racist wtf ever..

      • Jade Baxter

        wow JT you are as ignorant as they come…who cares about her character? She can’t put words in his mouth, but you see what you want to see. You are not going to get anyone in here to agree with you unless they are just as ignorant as you!

    • Jim213

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA kicks Sterling out. Ultimatum, either the players stay or some will likely request a trade.

      • Sti1lmatic

        That could happen? Hope it does. What an a$$.

        • Jim213

          IMO, the league’s just trying to buy a little time. I’m sure TMZ wouldn’t have thought of attesting the recording before putting it out there. Pretty certain it’s been authenticated otherwise Sterling would end up suing the heck out of them.

          But don’t believe Harvey’s a loggerhead. lol

      • Sabu

        I saw the Kings owner Vivek Ranadive with Adam Silver today they were sitting together at the Warriors game anyways that is not good at all for The Clippers and Donald Sterling because Ranadive is a man from India and he is trying to globalize the game in India and the racist stuff Donald Sterling has said is the opposite of globalizing the game.Put it this way the two Vivek Ranadive and Adam Silver looked for chummy together as if they are plotting on Doanald Sterling and The Clippers.

        Also Kevin Johnson was interviewed and he sounded more pissed off than ever and he was serious and not messing around.Donald Sterling and The Clippers are about to get a rude awaking by the NBA league office and it won’t be good at all.It’s going to make the Lakers Chris Paul NBA veto trade look like nothing when Silver lays the whip down on Sterling and his Clippers.

        If i was a Clippers fan i would be having sleepless nights and shitting bricks after this racist Sterling news came out publicly.The Clippers empire will crumble as fast as it was built.They will soon go back to being the Clippers of old and this time will beat them a lot worse since they are owned by a racist it will fuel all the NBA teams black players to give it 110% against the Clippers.

        Teams players will get their revenge on the court.The refs will miss calls on purpose to make sure the Clippers lose games and suck.Refs control the outcome of the game in most cases.Also refs will be against the Clippers everytime they ref their games.It will be hell being a Clippers player or fan forevermore.Clippers are doomed now.

        The NBA and Adam Silver are about to fuck the Clippers good.They got fucked up by the NBA with this racism Sterling news.People will be shocked what the NBA is going to do i mean shocked.Yeah racist bigot Donald Sterling and the Clippers are done forever.

        • Jim213

          I feel sorry for the players of the Clipps like CP3 who committed to joining the team to try to change or challenge expectations for the franchise. Bet he wishes he could rethink his situation now. However, if Sterling stays players will demand to be traded as hearing Doc Rivers may not return after this season as he somewhat stated earlier.

          Don’t know about the India issue as they have a caste system that’s been around for hundreds of years. They basically discriminate within their own culture given their religious beliefs. But if this isn’t addressed and corrected decisively it’ll likely leave a bad impression on fans and the players themselves.

  • Evan Wright

    what is wrong with this guy. His gf is half black 99% of his players. I guess he wants to own blacks in new way. The thing that bothers me is an nfl player gets a speeding ticket its breaking news.our society is spiraling out of control

    • ra

      Let me add more fuel to the fire. Top African-American athletes (and also, those in prominent positions) are always put through the ringer by the white majority. I’ll give examples: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant, Clarence Thomas, just to name a few. Barack Obama.

      They are ‘reminded’ who the owners are, of their teams, and this country. They are put through the eagle-eye scrutiny, and when the ‘white law’ is ready, they find ways to attack them, to try to bring them in front of the white court, and forced to apologize. Forced to acknowledge who is in charge.

      Meanwhile ‘white collar crimes’ continue to run rampant, including and especially the ‘rich who are becoming richer’ exploiting the poor, and crushing the vanishing middle class. Those crimes go unpunished, but a parking ticket is national news.

      This is a reminder of the way things are. People in this country are ‘owned’. If you have a special talent, you are ‘allowed’ to become part of the reward system, but they will keep an eye on you. Make sure you smile and bow to the owners in constant gratitude.

      Never forget this incident.

      • comrade24

        Viva la revolucion!

      • Chrmngblly

        And remember to vote. Vote, vote, vote—and not just on presidential years. The tea party votes in off year elections. Blacks don’t show up. Change that and change the world.

      • Chrmngblly

        And what about this sell-out chick he is hanging with? She lets this guy in her pants willingly? She is a slave. He owns her. It makes me ill.

        • Fed Up With Washington

          Slave?? You are a BIGOTED RACIST!!!!

          • mtnez

            And you’re an intentionally ignorant and angry person because you don’t understand hypothetical comparative statements. Also, look up the definition of racist.

          • Fed Up With Washington

            Bite me!!

          • Chrmngblly

            I don’t think I am. If so, I don’t mean to be. We all have some BS handed down from our childhoods we can’t erase.

            Meanwhile, if I was a black woman, I damn sure wouldn’t be giving it to Donald Sterling.

            I have always wondered about what happened in the heart of a pretty black girl that the master takes a fancy to? Does she let herself like it if the guy gets her off? How do the rest of her family and friends treat her after that? Slavery was a weird world.

      • Michael

        Please delete Clarence Thomas from your comments. He has no idea he’s Black. He was appointed by the first Bush administration to be a dissenting vote in Supreme Court cases–to be against every and any law that would/will benefit Black folk and anybody else whose discriminated against in this country.

  • purp& goldpride

    Well then… if I’m black or Latino I wouldn’t purchase another tix to a clippers game….I bet Chris is proud to wear that jersey.
    It’s no surprise , Donald owned apartment buildings in bad neighborhoods & refuse to renovate them and he refused to rent his building out to blacks and Mexicans.
    As if LA needed another reason to say.FUCK THE CLIPS

    • box5

      Somebody else knows the history of this prick, good shit purp and gold yell

    • Mark

      @Purp&Gold Pride….don’t forget the WHITE people! They shouldn’t buy tickets and support this jerk either.

  • F the FO

    Just disgusting to hear. This man is a prime example of trash. For starters, he owns the Clippers in a city where the population is made up largely of Blacks and Hispanics. Secondly, these people are making you money. This is just sad to hear, and what a distraction for the Clipper players who the majority of the roster + the majority of the coaching staff is Black. Smh

  • Sylvster

    Wow Sterling is saying shit like this living in LA near Compton and Watts yeah that boy must be on some dummy rocks…GTFO Sterling you POS jerk.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

      Street thugs don’t touch the rich.

      • Steve McGhee

        Sure they do. Ask Michael Jordan.

        • ra

          Michael gets a pass (by white majority) and is ‘allowed’ to participate in their games, as long as he STFU, keeps quiet.

          I’m sure he’s gotten ‘the call’ or ‘the sit down’ – the powers that be meet with him, and tell him to ‘not say anything’, and things will go smoothly. Same with Barack Obama, and Clarence Thomas. I’m sure they got the ‘sit down’.

          • Michael

            Jordan ain’t going to say anything. He’s still making money off of those expensive shoes young Black folk kill each other over. Clarence Thomas didn’t get the sit down. He’s just a straight, brainwashed, Step an Fetch It Uncle Tom. I think “O” will come out in awhile and say something. He’s a hoops fan. If not, then it means he’s concentrating on the Hitler, oops, Putin crisis trying to avert World War III so we’ll all hopefully still be on the planet this time next year.

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

          Jordan did not get touched.

          • ra

            Trust me, he did. He got the call. If he doesn’t comment about this, that’s proof enough. High profile people (like Michael) are not allowed to say certain things.

        • Geoff

          Yep, street thugs did “touch” Jordan’s father.

          • Deacon_Sam1

            They probably didn’t know who he was.

  • Daniel

    I think the clippers need out of the staple center! That place was built by magic!

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

      Well, magic did not play there…

      • ra

        Yes, but Magic was owner (part owner) of a team that played there (and still does), remember? And, Magic built Showtime, and the pocketbooks of the Buss’s so they could participate in the bankrolling of the Staples Center.

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup


        • Doc from the Valley

          The LA Kings and their owners built the arena with private funds, the Lakers are tenants in the building. Magic no longer owns any share of the Lakers. Check your facts RA.

          • Daryl Peek

            Tho somewhat flawed, I understand what ra is saying. I’d say Dr. Buss’s Showtime vision sparked the flame of the multi-sports/entertainment venue known as the Staples Center. Magic was the engine on the court that fueled Showtime therefore ra’s thinking is somewhat relevant.

          • ra

            Yes, I know Magic doesn’t have a share now, but he did back before the Staples Center was built, and up until a few years back. Those are the facts. He sold his shares before he bought the Dodgers, which is (again) just a few years back.

            Also, the Staples Center would have NEVER been built if the Lakers weren’t going to play there. The Kings (sorry) were never the ‘world franchise’ team that the Lakers were, and are. Yes, they’re good now, but … took a while.

            Again, Magic ‘made’ Showtime, which made the Lakers a ‘huge draw’ in LA LA Land. Have you ever seen Magic play? He did things that not even MJ did. His no look passes, assists, and scoring – not to mention his exciting level of play, were all groundbreaking, and we’ll be hard pressed to ever see something like that again.

    • Doc from the Valley

      You are misinformed there Daniel. Staples Center was built by AEG corp and the LA Kings. The Lakers and Clippers are tenants to Stapled, not owners. Magic owned 5% of the Lakers, and had to sell that interest to buy the Dodgers.
      As for Sterling, he is so self absorbed, he takes a full page add out in the LA times congratulating himself on his philanthropy weekly. He is a Douche and should be forced to sell the Clippers ASAP.

  • Jerome

    This is why i will always love the Lakers no matter how bad they are and how much worse they might get and this is why i never supported the Clippers because Donald Sterling is a racist idiot.

  • Luke Stanley

    This should be a big story on ESPN. It is not fair owners can get away with saying stuff like this, but players and coaches pay fines, lose careers, fans, endorsements and everything else. Players should also stand up for something and speak on this. All the millions have made the athletes soft and safe. In other words take no stands for anything. The man has the right to say whatever he wants. That is his right. Players and fans have the right to not support him due to what he chooses to say and practice (although his practices are odd: pay blacks millions so you can make billions).Magic’s response is nothing surprising to me. He rarely ever, if I can recall, speaks on anything controversial at all outside of basketball (although this is basketball and personnel since his NAME was included). I will include Michael Jordan on this too who does nothing public for anybody (I don’t know what he privately does..and who does). I guess that’s the lesson they show to new athletes. Keep your mouth shut and don’t respond and you’ll own a basketball team or baseball team and some movie theaters. Hmmm. Sign o the times. I won’t put this on the MJ’s anymore and keep it on the owner. He has the right to say what he feels and I’m glad he did. Now we can know who we support or don’t. ESPN should make a big deal out of this, since it is sports news.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

      The math says: ESPN=Jew+Clippers=Jew+NBA=Jew+NBA Commissh=Jew+media=Jew+economy=Jew/6M= Jewish conspiracy for world domination and racism.

      • Pam Wachtel

        You are no better than D Sterling

      • independentbynature

        Racist calling out a racist.We are all God’s children.Why can’t people see that?

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

          We heard the Jew’s racism, but please point out mine.

          • independentbynature

            I just did……Actually,you just did.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            If you think you did, then you must be an idiot.

          • independentbynature

            There is no bigger idiocy than bigotry.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            You are right, but you cannot point out my racism so bigotry is out of the window too.

          • independentbynature

            Your comment pointed it out.Anti-semitism is bigotry.All I’m saying is,if you hate something,don’t you do it too.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            I knew you had nothing. First, being anti-Jew is not bigotry, it just means I am not for them. Second, I did not write anything bigoted or hateful, I simply wrote the facts. You lose and you are trying to spin what the JEWISH owner of The Clippers said and WHY he thought that way, which is a part of his JEWISH culture, as he was about to explain…

          • independentbynature

            Wow !!! You are definitely a bigot.Anti semitism is bigotry.Any time you generalize about a whole group of people,whoever they are, in a negative light,you are displaying bigotry.It is a two way street.Whether you know it or not,you are a bigot.I hope you get help.We are all individuals and all equal.There are good and bad people in every group.There is really only one race.The human race.I hope you come to realize that one day.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            YOU are the racist and the bigot because you are trying to turn it around and talk about me and act like the tyrannical Jews are the victims (they never were), instead of dealing with the Jewish racist who said that it was a part of his culture/religion to HATE blacks!

            Explain what I wrote that was negative (we can critique Jews, right?) about them. Explain what was untrue, vs. negative. You keep lying and I will keep exposing.

          • independentbynature

            Wow…You made so many racist comments,this will take awhile.”Jewish conspiracy for world domination and racism.”These Jews are racist/white suprematist with a Jew hierarchy.””They are responsible for communism,socialism,capitalism,racism and every other ill.””All of the problems that Blacks face are from Jews.”You also call them bastards and deny the holocaust.I’ve never seen a more clear cut case of hatred and bigotry.
            As for your holocaust denial,Gen. Eisenhower warned us in April 1945 that people like you would one day deny it happened.That’s why he documented it all so meticulously.All the GIs saw it,including my own family who fought with the 101st Airborne.There were over 20,000 camps.I’m sensing a hate filled agenda inspired by a certain religious doctrine from you.But,I won’t blame a whole group of people for your bigotry.It’s yours.You own it.I’m not Jewish,either.So no need to hate me,too.Unless you hate those who speak the truth.You need help badly.Hating people is not a good way to go through life.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            Sir, you have not pointed out ANYTHING that was racist, only things that you did not like. Ike also warned us about the military industrial complex causing endless wars too! Which one seems more believable today – that or the holocaust? When JFK was killed, who was the only one seen killing a man? A Jew. Who were the first critics of the case? A Jew. They (you) play both sides and your lies are endless. YOU hate the truth, which is why you lie about my posting racism. Where are your posts for the Jew (TRUE) racist, Sterling at?

          • independentbynature

            The holocaust is fact.And so is your bigotry.You are seriously delusional.Get psychological help.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            Oh, so if one dare go against Jew propaganda, they need help? The holohoax is just that – BS. I used to think it was real too because I was brainwashed by the footage but I never asked myself important question about the footage and about the war itself. Once I asked those questions and found the answers, I realized that the Jews have put us on.

            Combine that with many who say that the holocaust was a lie and why Jews keep riding the holocaust no matter the subject, you get to thinking, then you get to asking, then you get to investigating, then you get to using common sense. Once you understand that you Jews run all media to promote your fascist propaganda, then you understand how your holocaust lies get promoted to appear authentic. That same Jew media uses propaganda to put down blacks in film (slave themed films for instance), TV (reality, Jew Maury, Jew Springer), news (Jew CNN, Jew other networks), porn (Jew run) and other outlets.

            That is the constant theme – hate on blacks at any cost, tell BS stories about Jewish victims that never existed – including bible stories about fake white Jews.

          • independentbynature

            You are brainwashed and you are mentally ill.Get help.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            Did that read like I am brainwashed or like a man who knows the Jewish game plan? Again, you propose that if someone disagrees with or exposes Jews, then they are sick. I propose that anyone trying to make people accept foreign rule is sick. You are also trying to brainwash others who might view our exchange because you need to shut down (you can’t) the powerful truths that I expressed. You Jews will have Mr. Sterling to thank for putting that proof of conspiracy out there.

          • independentbynature

            It reads like a racist rant.Just keep talking.

          • independentbynature

            And my criticism of Sterling is above you.I’ve been criticizing him for years on lots of blogs.It’s no secret that he is a racist.It’s no secret that you are,either.For you to call me a racist is pretty funny,too.All my friends of every race would find that amusing.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            Well, Sterling’s best ho is half black – but he is still a racist. Racism and white supremacy is a part of the Jewish culture (one they hijacked) and he said it, so stop trying to divert.

      • Anti-Racist

        You’re just as racist as Donald Sterling. If “Knowledge” is what’s up, then go get yourself some knowledge, you dumbshit!

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

          Please point out my ‘racism.’

          • Anti-Racist

            Your anti-Semitic remarks say it all. The fact that you’re so short-sighted as to miss the hate speech in your own comments is really quite pitiful.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            You cannot point out racism, you only play the race card. How can white Jews play the race card? You are the only group who are white AND a minority. Again, you do not even comment about that Jew’s filthy racism, but he is a Jew and you excuse it. Instead, you want to go in on me and lie about racism from me.

    • kurvz

      I agree with you wholeheartedly!!

      • guest

        Go kill yourself, and make the world a better place.

    • Nardo

      It just hit ESPN. This story is about to blow up!

  • Hawk Cheney

    Magic says… after banging dudes gf… smfh at you idgits.

  • Trolling

    If I was Chris Paul or any of the African-Americans or part African-Americans as soon as my contract was up, I would get the fuck out of there and stop playing for the Clippers who clearly have a racist owner.

    • ra

      Yes, maybe he can have a right to jump ship and head on over to the Lakers.

      • Trolling

        Lol man I hope, he would already be there if it wasn’t for David Stern…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Donald Sterling and Magic Johnson don’t belong in the same sentence.Magic is classy and the other poop head is classless.Lakers are by far the better Organization and Jim Buss is far smarter and more humble and respectful than this idiot Clippers garbage owner.They should force him out of the NBA.Come on Adam Silver address this major situation earn you’re damn pay check.;Kick him out.

    • Chrmngblly

      Wrong. Jim Buss is another spoiled rich kid who has never been successful at anything, including running the Lakers.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        At least Jim Buss is not a racist ignorant jerk like Donald Sterling.Also Jim Buss had a hand in at least a couple Lakers championships and yes once again Jim Buss is not using discrimination when he makes business decisions.Sterling is a discriminating racist according to many people including our very own Elgin Baylor and Magic Johnson.

        • Deacon_Sam1

          We don’t know what Jim Buss is. Time will tell.

  • Blah

    He owns tons of apartment complexes in the L.A. area and you can spot them right away because they all tall “yellow & blue” Flags. If you are a minority you should simply just boycott his buildings, given 80% of the demographic are minorities.

    • box5

      Boycott his buildings hell he don’t want us in them yell

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

    Typical cooned out comment. He does not want to upset the Jews that give him money, so he does not address what that Jew said and what he MEANT. He was talking about Jew culture/religion for hating on blacks and non-Jews. THAT is the reason blacks are kept down – by Jewish racism and white supremacy.

    • Art

      Your anti-semitic comments puts you in the same level of ignorance as David Sterling! What does his religion have to do with one’s ignorance?

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

        BS. I am not ignorant and Sterling is not either. He said being a racist and a hater is a part of his Jewish culture/religion. So that is not ignorance, that is how they want it to be. What did I write that was anti-Jew? Even if they were anti-Jew, hows is that hatred or ignorance? You are not dealing with some fool you can run the usual Jewish games on.

        • Anti-Racist

          He said he was raised that way. He NEVER said that his racism was part of the Jewish faith. YOU put those words in his mouth. Have you even listened to the tape? Do you know anything about the Jewish faith? It has nothing to do with hating blacks. Educate yourself, you moron!

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            You are lying. He said it was a part of his CULTURE, which is also his religion, which is white Judaism.

          • independentbynature

            What culture is it that makes you such a racist?

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            You are the racist as you are defending a racist Jew, while lying on me. You never addressed that Jew, but you call me a racist and you cannot even point out any racism from me. All you do is call my pointing out Jew racism racist.

          • independentbynature

            Get help.I pity you.You and Sterling are two sides of the same coin.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            Sterling’s racism is clear. If mine existed and were clear, then it should be easy for you to point it out. Since it does not exist, you just continue to practice from your Jewish handbook of lies.

          • independentbynature

            “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance,you don’t really have to do anything.You just let them talk.”
            President Obama..
            I’ll just let you talk.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            Obama is soft puppet of the Jewish powers structure who reads his commands from a script. His word has no meaning with me. He is an actor, not a president. JFK (the president the Jews murdered) was the real deal.

          • independentbynature

            Just keep talking…..

        • Anti-Racist

          oh, and you talk about Jews being behind white supremacy? News flash, white supremacists are the ones who murdered 6 million Jews. Do NOT even begin to try to say that Jews are white supremacists. You really do have your head up your ass. Once again, go educate yourself. And just stop talking/typing, because you have nothing of legitimate value to say

          • independentbynature

            He won’t believe you.He’s a holocaust denier.He’s so delusional he told me anti-semetism is not bigotry.He needs help bad…

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

            Jews ARE the white supremacists. They do not like mixing with others unless it is a part of a global strategy form them. They despise mixing so much (even though they are this and that) that they interbreed.

            White supremacists did not kill 6M so-called Jews. Hitler was a Jew and not ONCE did the NAZIS ever talk about WHITE people, they only spoke of a GERMAN people. The Anglo wing of the Germanic peoples always spoke about whites and white supremacy. Did they kill 6M so-called Jews?

            Lastly, the holohoax did not happen. There is no evidence of it – certainly not 6M, and why did it happen at the END of the war? Hitler was not going to survive and there would be no benefit to Germany killing 6M so-called Jews.


    The NBA should force that RACIST PIECE OF SHIT to sell the Clippers

  • Tyrone

    Donald Sterling is a scumbag and he should be ashamed of himself.

  • Tyrone

    I actually cried for his son and prayed for the whole Sterling family now i hear this news and i am just praying for Sterling to stop being so ignorant and racist.

  • Tyrone

    When his passed away i cried and prayed for them.Now this is just a slap at all black folks and i feel like he was wrong in what he said,it’s offensive and racist.

    • box5

      Now think about this, if you werefamous and said the same about him being jewish you would never be able to live it down, yet you feel sorry for him, you got a good heart my equal, me myself I refuse to give this cunt a pass, he’s been this way for most of his life, so fuck him, I hope they take his team from him yell

  • Michael

    I cant wait to see what the Clippers players and Doc Rivers have to say about this. They are in one hell of an strange position right about now. I know they are under contract but they should boycott the playoffs. This is much bigger than an NBA championship. This kind of behavior affects everybody, not just Blacks and Mexicans. The courts should make this guy live in one of his jacked-up rentals apartments for a year like they did to a few slumlords I LA back in the 80′s.

  • Smokey P. Haze

    Its his team man. He can say what the f** he want. You don’t like it stop watching them or stop buying tickets. And the players stop playing for him. If nobody willing to do anything then STFU.

  • independentbynature

    I have never been a fan of sports team owners.Arrogant,rich old men that use OUR sports teams as some kind of plaything to stroke their massive egos.These are dark days for L. A. sports fans.The Lakers have an imbecile in charge and the Clippers have a racist slum lord.At least the Dodgers have Magic.And the NFL doesn’t even think we’re worthy of a team.Too bad teams aren’t owned by the cities they claim to represent.

    • ra

      Yes, remember when Chris Rock said, ‘the basketball players are rich, but the dude that owns the team is wealthy’. The rich who own the basketball teams are the ‘new’ plantation owners. This just confirms it.

      Can you imagine? Even the word ‘owner’. Not just ‘owning’ a team, but ‘owning’ the players, in a way. Horrible.

      And I’m also disgusted by the media coming down on African American players ‘any chance they can’. So and so owns a gun, so and so got a parking ticket. They have to apologize, they’re suspended, they may even be fired from a team, which sucks after years of cultivating their talents so they could even play for professional sports. And the more gifted athletes are groomed for sports, and not necessarily for what happens after their careers. Then, they are targeted and watched like a hawk to make sure they don’t cross the street when the ‘don’t walk’ sign is blinking.

      • Geoff

        “The rich who own the basketball teams are the ‘new’ plantation owners,” are you serious?? Ridiculous comparison. NBA owners are rich, but the players aren’t poor, either. They make millions on endorsements and contracts.

        • independentbynature

          It’s millionaires vs billionaires.The former need talent.The latter just need a rich daddy.Even the self-made ones,don’t know much about sports.

      • independentbynature

        I pay to watch players play the game.Enough said.

      • Michael

        Ain’t that the truth! It’s as if White players never do anything wrong. Sure, once in awhile they’ll bust one or two of them, but they disproportionately single out, and dog out Black players. And please people, don’t come back at me with that response about it happens because there’s more Black players participating in sports crap. The singling out of Black players is still disproportionate.

  • box5

    Why is this being treated like it’s a first for this prick! He been doing this shit for years but again for the rich white man it has to be on tape, and even this doesn’t paint the whole story but I digress yell

  • http://www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/product-reviews/0870334336/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Joseph Wilson

    I just hope Donald Sterling doesn’t start wearing a klan outfit to Clippers games. That would be inappropriate behavior.

  • The Truth!

    We all know that old people (many young as well) when in the heat of the moment say what they feel in the moment, it doesn’t mean that they truly meant it, and if they did they regret it later. It happens with both African American, Hispanic, white, Asian and other cultures. Yes it sounds really bad how Sterling put it, but it also sounds bad when other leaders say it but they are never recorded. If they would put out for the public to hear all the different racial comments I’ve heard from different racial groups ( in the heat of the moment) We will all clash in hungers games type war. Sterling needs to clean up his words, smack himself on the head and think to himself ( Holy crap I need to learn to hold my words) Why! Because you are a NBA Basketball team owner.When people go to basketball games, they go to enjoy the clippers not their owner! The stupid media always makes it worse than it is, they just can’t wait to see people fighting to boost up their ratings.

    • box5

      You sound like you are on his payroll is that you Leon Isaac Kennedy? Yell

    • ra

      Wrong. This is a ‘recurring’ issue, this wasn’t just a ‘one time’ faux pas. There were ‘lawsuits’ incurred years ago because of Sterling’s racist attitudes. It wasn’t just a ‘slip of the tongue’. It was revealing that things are ‘still in a bad state’, and maybe even worse.

      He just got caught, that’s all, and now we know how things are. Thanks, Sterling, for reminding us all of very distressing things. This has really put a ‘bad taste’ in the NBA playoffs, and wrecked it for many other white owners.

  • box5

    If y’all believe donald is the only racist owner, y’all also believe it was only one rogue ref! Don’t be surprised to learn anything about the eagles owner. If d jackson had a connection with gangsta’s that wear white sheets he’d still be an eagle word to Riley Cooper yell

  • iBanonymous

    Blake (does Sterling know he’s half black?), Deandre and CP3 are always welcome to join the Lakers :D

  • Pope Chuck Paul

    The team should tank til all of their contracts expire

  • Jarvis

    Donald Sterling can now take his place with the racist sports figures like Marge Schott,Jimmy The Greek Snyder and John Rocker.Donald Sterling just had a player Deandre Jordan show his black pride by showing a pure black picture on twitter his post was epic.They should forfeit the game and make a stand against racism and Donald Sterling.Boycott by the players in protest of Sterling.

  • Kenny

    The owner of the Clippers made his fortune as a slum lord. He has a long history of racist comments.

  • Robert Jones

    Being a pro sports owner has , for many decades and for a lot of them, synonymous with owning a plantation. Privately, they revel in it.Regardless of free agency, contracts, and African American ownership of teams, they twist it in their little minds into thoughts of “ownership” of black men. Not all are this way, but several of the old school chums are. Hopefully, pulling the white sheet off this mf’r will wake some people up!

  • JayFabuloso

    Fuck the Clippers. Hes a shitty owner and as long as he is there, his team is never going to win anything.

  • Don Harris




  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfHTTRcxMHmiaS9dOg0rZQ Knowledgeiswhatsup

    A Jew being racist? Hard to believe? He called minorities ENEMIES.
    Non-whites and non-Jews feel that everyone are enemies to them, which
    is what he did not say. I have been telling you for years that these
    Jews are RACIST/white supremacist with a Jew hierarchy.

    I keep telling you that these Jews are white supremacists and THEY are the ones

    who are the NAZIS. THEY are the ones who brought Hitler to power to
    take over the world for them. When it failed, they made up the
    holocaust (victims) so they would not take the blame. They are
    responsible for communism, socailism, capitalism, racism and every other
    ill! These bastards took Palestine and acted like they are the victims
    when they stole the place – and they are not even real Jews! Anyone
    who calls them real Jews are their agents! These fake Jews have
    convinced themselves that they are Jews and shit. The Jews own most of
    the NBA team and the commissioners are Jews. All of the problems that
    blacks face are from JEWS!

    Any black Clippers employee who does not sit out of the next
    game/playoffs, are hereby declared Uncle Tom house niggas! You
    Jews/idiot niggas who comment about “get money” are ignorant. Jews
    literally own all of the money (it is their money and their economy)
    which is why they own everything! Once people come to terms with the
    fact that Jews are lying (the phantom menace) and they rule everything
    and set everything up for their rule, which is why people struggle from
    day to day, then you will be able to wake up to who the TRUE enemy of
    humanity is!

    are not ‘zionists,’ they are JEWS. They are not ‘bankers,’ they are
    JEWS. They (racists) are not SOME Jews, they are ALL Jews! We have to
    start poppin these Jews, then and only then will they get off of our
    backs! Idiot blacks (whites too) have to understand why Jews always
    stick next to you and might give some money – because they need to be
    near you to control you.

    On a side note, the girl clearly does
    not view herself as black, but so-called latino. That is her speaking
    perspective. Fuck these Jews. Black men, put your dicks
    back in your pants, don’t mess with these white women and get off of the
    drugs and get a college degree.

    • independentbynature

      What a racist rant……

  • mopour28

    who cares if u go or not,u guys are jelous about clippers team,lakers should move out of los angeles

    • Lakers Pride

      Jealous lol not all.You’re owner is a racist scumbag this has nothing to do with winning or losing,everything to do with society and racism.SMH

  • mopour28

    clippers are champion,lakers shoud move to seattle

    • Lakers Pride

      Clippers have zero championships 000000000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Lakers have 16 championships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Clippers should move to Seattle.Facts are facts sir.

      • mopour28

        new era.,lakers are finished

      • mopour28

        lakers are finished

        • Jim213

          Wrong, your team will likely end up on the down hill. Magic has made a comment about it which tells us he knows that’s Sterling’s voice.

          Your team’s owner will either be kicked out or players will likely request a trade. Although, Griffin will likely stick around as he’s aware of the type of owner that he represents. ($$$)

      • comrade24

        i would say move them to the high desert, or i wonder if Siberia is looking for an nba team.

    • independentbynature

      Champions of what?Where are your banners?

  • mopour28

    clippers fan ,dont want magic anyways,plz do not come to see clippers game

  • mopour28

    plz dont feel bad about clippers team,go take care of lakers who are finished

  • Anton Shurik

    C’mon I just heard the tape of him with his girlfriend he is what he is #LAKESHOW 4lyf FUCK THE CLIPPERS

  • lovetheplayers

    I wonder how it would look if the Clippers actually won the championship (and before this distraction, they had an excellent shot at it) and the commissioner and all the big wigs behind the NBA had to hand Sterling the trophy and shake his hand and congratulate him on a wonderful season. Just what would that scene actually be saying to the players and the city?
    It is sad to me that if I’m to take a stand against Sterling, in some way, I will most certainly be hurting the great players also.

    • ra

      Yes, Sterling just single handedly ruined it for the Clippers, no matter how you look at it. How do the players feel now? They all worked ‘so hard’ to get where they are now, which is not a bad place. Doc Rivers is an excellent coach, and this is Blake Griffin’s year for rising to the top (he’s prob. 3rd on the voting for MVP).

      What type of inner conflict do the players have now? If they play hard, they are supporting the Clippers franchise, and technically, the philosophy of the owners, which is a racist view of African Americans. If they don’t play well, they are letting the comments get the best of them, and that also says that they are affected negatively by these comments. This is awful for the Clippers players. (I’m sure the players will just say that they are there to play basketball, and the owners do what they do and that they don’t care — but we know they care).

      This is awful for their franchise. Maybe it’s a convoluted karma for David Stern stepping in and preventing the move from CP3 to the Lakers years back. The NBA supported the move to the Clippers, a franchise which has clearly demonstrated elements of racism toward African Americans. The NBA then invoked the CBA, which essentially put a cap on salaries so that players would start to be paid less, unlike in baseball (and football) where salaries can skyrocket. Notice that there are fewer African Americans in baseball compared with years ago. But the CBA also wrecked it for the Lakers.

      So, in supporting the Clippers the way the NBA has (by stopping the CP3 trade, etc.), it has come full circle and slapped them in the face like a pie made of stone. The NBA will be bleeding for this.

  • comrade24

    Is there any process the league can take to remove an owner or force a buyout when there are repeated offenses of this nature? this guy has no business owning an NBA team. While they’re at it, go ahead and move the team back San Diego.

  • ray

    Fuck the owner and who ever like him 2

  • comrade24

    It would be nice to see the Clippers players do something symbolic to stand against this. Obviously they’re not going to boycott a game and ruin their playoff chances because their owner is an ignorant tool, but they should organize against their owner, especially their high profile players. Chris Paul could have a huge effect on this if he stood up against thei ownership

    • Terrell

      If the Clippers players take a huge stand and do something to show they won’t stand for racism they will forever be remembered as strong men that stood up for their race and civil rights.This is far greater than winning any championship is being remembered for 100′s of years as the ones that stood up and fought for their equal rights in this day and age it is needed.These young black men must march to a belief they believe in.

      • comrade24

        couldn’t agree with you more, but i don’t know these players personally or how strong their convictions are. Personally, I would rather be remembered like Muhammed Ali than George Foreman (in reference to the former’s political stance against Vietnam). Unfortunately the NBA has all of these programs that are activist driven and many players participate but i don’t know how involved they really are. For example, i was very encouraged a few years back to see Kobe doing a commercial promoting ending the genocide in Darfur. It was encouraging until i saw the gaudy, conflict diamond in his ear. While diamonds aren’t mined in the Sudan, wearing the diamond that the continent has been raped for while promoting peace in the same region seemed a bit hypocritical to me.

  • John

    His players should not play anymore. Quit right now, how could they play for this man/

  • steve

    I guess he likes that saying am not racism everybody should own one .No body should go to the clipper games that would fix him

  • Corky Carroll

    AH MAN, I really wanted to root for the clips in these playoffs. But how can ANYBODY root for a team owned by this idiot? People have lost important jobs for less than this. This ignorant jerk needs some “we are living in the 21st century” reality check.

    • comrade24

      they should put him on celebrity wife swap and he should swap wives with Carmelo Anthony. that would be must see tv

    • Michael

      He probably has a touch of dementia based on his age and what he said. I’m not making excuses for him, and I hope he loses “his team”, but unfortunately a lot of people suffer from it when they get older. If you’re around older people, it’s one of the most revealing ways to find out what they really think about things :).

  • Geoff

    I had no idea Sterling was like that. What a low life.

  • Digs

    But his chick is black?? How can he be racist?

    • http://majornamebrand.com/ Bryon Williams

      He said it was OK for her to “sleep with them”, so maybe she’s just on his arm for show…

      • Michael

        Duh! For show for him, and money for her. Some women prostitute themselves that way. What would she otherwise want with a man that old?

  • Jonathan Carter

    Mostly everybody that follows sports in Los Angeles knew he was a racist. This is no shock to me. He was the single reason why I hated the Clippers. Trust me their is way more racist stories to go around about him. The NBA always knew he was a racist.

    • H Man

      If you look him up on wikipedia apparently their are MANY times he’s been involved with racism.

  • BJ

    I just feel sorry for the players and all of the people who have been supporting the Clippers. The thing about is I’m sure he is not only the one that thinks this way. Its just that they don’t care what is said and if you don’t like it too bad.

  • noagendafirst

    The funniest part is that his girlfriend is half black… what a kook!

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