Lakers News: Magic Johnson Reacts To Lakers Win Over Houston Reviewed by Momizat on . After the Lakers stunned the Houston Rockets in their first matchup against Dwight Howard, the Internet exploded! Steve Blake's game-winning three-pointer over After the Lakers stunned the Houston Rockets in their first matchup against Dwight Howard, the Internet exploded! Steve Blake's game-winning three-pointer over Rating:
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Lakers News: Magic Johnson Reacts To Lakers Win Over Houston

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After the Lakers stunned the Houston Rockets in their first matchup against Dwight Howard, the Internet exploded! Steve Blake’s game-winning three-pointer over Howard would prove to be the highlight of the Lakers season thus far, as it would put them at 3-3 without their superstar and franchise player in Kobe Bryant.

Lakers legend Magic Johnson took the opportunity to give his own take on the Lakers big win over the Rockets, and more importantly, against the former Laker Dwight Howard.

After enduring the harsh reality of the “Dwightmare”, this win has to be one that liberates fans from that horrible summer. Magic certainly agrees.

Hopefully an effort like tonight can inspire this team to go on a run, as they continue to shock the world with their amazing play without the Black Mamba.

Kobe Bryant NOT Returning Next Week On November 15 Vs Grizzlies


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  • Paytc

    Yeah it was more than just a message to Dwight Howard. It was a message to the entire media who have disrespected the Lakers and written them off. Granted we have not done much yet, but we are better than the haters and doubters wanted or thought we would be. One game at a time keep “STEPPING UP ” That’s two definite playoff bound teams beaten proving we can compete with the so call best.

    Go Lakers !

    • Daryl Peek

      Magic is one of those who have written this team off also. We all know he bleeds purple and gold but I must admit I was a little disappoint in his choice to take the ESPN first take stance against Jimmy.

      • Gregory Choa

        Yeah, I find Magic “social media” and national media antics pretty annoying – alternately cloying in one breath and then dissing the Lakers and their front office with the next…

      • ra

        Have to understand that Magic publicly mentioned that he was like a ‘son’ to Dr. Jerry Buss (i.e., since they first met, and over the years, Dr. Buss treated him in a ‘family’ sense, more than just a player on the Lakers). So that makes him on the order of a ‘sibling’ to Jimmy Buss, right?

        Magic is totally vested in the family ‘angle’ of the Lakers, so we can expect this. Remember that for a while, Magic had a ‘stake’ in the Lakers. Now, why would the Buss family (Jerry) have offered that in the first place, if Magic weren’t that close to them? I’m sure they wouldn’t have done the same for Kobe, and they certainly didn’t do the same for Kareem. Magic is closer to the inner circle of the Buss family than many realize.

        • Daryl Peek

          Magic is very close on a personal level but has been on the outside looking in for a few years business wise. Magic alluded to this while he was with the NBA sports center crew last season.

          Magic’s feelings are rooted in his affection for Phil just as many Lakers fans are. He can’t see past the triangle either. Has Jimmy made some mistakes? Yes. Will he make some going forward? Yes. Dr. Buss and Jerry West weren’t perfect either. As a fan base, Magic included, give Jimmy a chance to prove himself before rushing to public opinion judgement.

          • ra

            Magic ‘had to’ present himself as an outsider for a number of reasons: 1) conflict of interest, 2) to present himself as an ‘unbiased’ reporter. When he had a ‘business’ interest in the Lakers, it was difficult for him (on TNT & ESPN) to ‘not’ seem as someone rooting for the Lakers. He was the ‘face’ of the Lakers for years, and every time he was on camera, he had to ‘appear to make’ unbiased statements (so, at times he had to ‘put down’ the Lakers in some games).

            Also, there may have been business reasons why he could not just come out and ‘cheer’ for the Lakers.

            His distancing, I’m sure, was only in an outer sense, and while Jerry Buss was alive, I’m sure they were in contact.

            As for comparing Jimmy to both Jerrys: Dr. Buss ‘created’ the more recent NBA paradigm, popularized it over the 80s, and built the empire that his son only ‘inherited’. No comparison, mistakes or otherwise. It’s like Howard Hughes building the Spruce Goose, giving it to his son, and seeing if his son handles the ‘maintenance’ of the plane. Jimmy did not build the Lakers, nor can we compare him with any other of the owners who built their franchises.

            And Jerry West was a Laker long before Jimmy was a twitch in his daddy’s pants. Jerry West made some ‘landmark’ moves, and has basketball knowledge that Jimmy can only begin to understand. No comparison.

            It’s also like comparing Johann Sebastian Bach with his kids, who were also composers. Bach ‘redefined’ and ‘invented’ forms of music, that even his kids could not emulate with Bach himself as the teacher.

            What’s even more difficult – it will be impossible to judge Jimmy by the current team. Yes, the team has and had its moments (it’s quite early), but expectations are not high for this team. So, how can we ‘see’ how Jimmy does by the success of this team, when we are not expecting heroic ‘championships’ out of this team, and not even necessarily expecting playoff runs.

            We may have to wait a few years before even being able to make any comments about it. It certainly can’t happen the first year. A few 50 win seasons might indicate success. But I think what would indicate more success is the desires of top quality free agents expressing ‘eagerness’ to come to LA. Players came here because of Jerry Buss, no question. If not him as a person, the Lakers organization as a reputable franchise.

            So, Jimmy has 2 tasks: 1: help build a team (future) that is ‘championship-worthy’, and fabricate that as a legacy for the future: come to the Lakers, and you’ll get a ring (some time). 2: build a reputation that players and owners respect – if not the same as Jerry Buss’s legacy, then something new that helps maintain the Lakers as the World Class Franchise, and top brand.

            These are tough tasks for anyone. It will require a lot of growth, and unfortunately, down times for us as fans.

          • Daryl Peek

            All of that said you still need to give the son a chance to prove himself before casting stones. Who built it matter not at this point. Comparisons are being unfairly made and that’s the only reason I take it there.

          • ra

            Oh yes, still need time to see how it goes, no doubt. I think too many are jumping the gun. I’m saying it could take years before we know – hopefully we’ll have good things to look forward to. But you can’t discount who built the franchise (his dad).

            Tell Jimmy (if you speak with him) to try to be more ‘open’ like his dad. I’m sure he can play chess with players and coaches fine, but still needs to maintain the already great reputation the Lakers are (built by his dad).

          • Brian H

            I agree with you 100% I personally would not be disappointed if we didn’t win this season, I would rather see a team that wins the championship by pure skill instead of desperate luck.

    • Lakersgirl8


  • Super Girl


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Magic Johnson celebrating after White Mamba Steve Blake nailed the game winner!

  • lakerfan

    I have a Question, Why do they let Howard play in the 4th quarter and allow teams to do hack a dumbass?

    • This LadyLuvsLakers

      Howard cries like a little bitch if doesn’t get his way.

  • Elcid Martinez

    Very quietly Jodie Meeks I think has become the most improved laker this year. This guy needs more credit, he had 18 against the rockets! And played harden tough.

    • Daryl Peek

      51% FG and 50% 3pt. Small sample size but very encouraging!!

  • ra

    Just one game. The Lakers are winning ‘statement games’ (Clips, Rockettes), which is good for this year.

    They still have a long ….. long ….. long way to go to be a contender (if at all). So, like Magic, we can get excited about individual games now and then, but it will be a roller coaster ride all year long. This isn’t your Grandfather’s Lakers, troops.

    • Daryl Peek

      Agreed but its the journey that makes you stronger. Many of those that returned have much to prove given all from last season. Last night was just a small bit of karma’s pay back. None of them one will publicly say that tho.

      All of the injuries, bad team chemistry and turnover culminating into doubt is fuel enough to drive this bunch. I like the statement game resiliency were seeing so far. That speaks to the character and heart of these Kobe-less Lakers.

      • ra

        BTW, I don’t think it’s fair to say, on one hand, ‘give Jimmy a chance’, and on the other hand say, ‘oh, Pau isn’t working out – get rid of him’ or ‘trade Nash, he isn’t performing’ etc. etc.

        How can you give “Jimmy” a chance if you don’t give the players a chance? Doesn’t make sense in any universe.

        And besides, the players are the ones ‘playing’. Jimmy is just sitting in his office counting his change.

        It’s almost the same thinking that occurred when Jackee Joyner-Kersee won a track tournament, and her coach (and husband Bob Kersee), when asked about her victory, commented, “I couldn’t have done it without her”. REALLY?

        No Shi***.

        If there’s still time that’s ‘needed’ to see how ‘this team’ works out for Jimmy, there’s still time that’s ‘needed’ to see how the players work out, fit in, etc.

        If we need to wait to make statements about who works out, who doesn’t, etc. – best to wait until the end of the year. Let’s see how it works out for 82+ games (I hope +),

        • Daryl Peek

          Where have I ever said get rid of Pau?

          • ra

            I didn’t say that you said it, but I have heard those on this site come down on these players, as though they’re liabilities. They need to be given a chance before writing them off.

            I’m just commenting that if someone backs the FO decisions, and wants to give the FO a chance, then that specifically includes player choices. Otherwise, they are ‘not’ giving the FO a chance because they’re questioning the player. I’m not talking about ‘day to day’ performance – it is clear that we need more time to see how the team works out as was assembled by the FO.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’ll admit, I’m really disappointed with Pau this season. He showed so much promise at the end of last year but looks completely disintrested right now. I have always given him the benefit of the doubt and defended him when the Gasoft flowed from most Laker fans mouth’s. I’m having a hard time defending his clear cut lack luster performances.

          • ra

            Remember when Pau was with the Grizzlies, and the Lakers would face them? I recall that Pau was a force to be reckoned with, and basically a one man wrecking crew. Lakers had trouble with that team.

            The offense ran through Pau at that time, and that’s when he thrives most. I don’t know if the offense is running through Pau in this team.

            I still think Pau is playing a role in this offense. When Kobe is playing, Pau is involved in a different way. So I’m guessing that if he appears disinterested (geez, who could be un-interested in playing basketball for a living, especially the NBA!), maybe it’s because he still isn’t able to work his talents optimally – not sure what the reason is – but that seems to be the case.

          • This LadyLuvsLakers

            Pau didn’t play too poorly over 1st five games, but the last two, he has been a, total, no show. What’s up Pau?

          • Daryl Peek

            He’s effort on the defensive side of the ball has been lacking all season, hardly any blocked shots, couple that with low to no offensive rebounds. His overall effort and energy has been really bad. Even the TW cable media, comprised of former Laker greats are starting to call him on the lack of toughness in fighting for low post positioning.

  • Lakersgirl8

    Most people writing off the Lakers this season, can’t wait till they prove everyone wrong. #fuelforthefire

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    oh oh… trouble is brewing in NY…

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