Lakers News: Larry Brown Has No Interest In Being Lakers Head Coach

Lakers News: Larry Brown Has No Interest In Being Lakers Head Coach


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Another big-name can be crossed off the list of candidates for head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers with Larry Brown reportedly not interested in the position, according to Sam Amick of USA Today:

“I’ve always kept in touch with Mitch; I admire the hell out of him,” the 73-year-old Brown told USA TODAY Sports by phone on Tuesday. “I talk to Mitch all the time. … (But) we’re not talking about coaching the Lakers. I’ve read some of the names. They’ve got a long list of good people to choose from, and I’m here at SMU. I want to win a national championship.”

Apparently, Brown wants to be a success on the college level once again. Brown has been coaching ever since becoming an assistant at North Carolina back in 1965 and seemingly has no interest in returning to the NBA level at this time.

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Brown is a good friend of Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and hopes the best for the franchise saying the following via Amick:

“I’m just so thankful SMU gave me this chance,” Brown said. “We have made such progress. We’ve got a bunch of young kids already committed for the future and I’d love to finish it out here. … I’d love to see (the Lakers) get a great coach, because I love Mitch and I love that franchise. But I’m thrilled where I am. I feel so fortunate I’ve had this chance.”

With Brown off the list of candidates, the speculation continues swirl around Los Angeles about who will be the leader on the sidelines for the storied franchise next season and beyond. Byron Scott continues to get mentioned as possibly being atop the list of current candidates, but with the Lakers in no rush to hire Mike D’Antoni’s successor, it remains to be seen who’ll get the job.

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Derek Fisher has also been a name linked the Lakers head coach vacancy recently, but Fisher has yet to confirm his retirement as a player and interest in becoming a head coach.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    LOL no problem the media mistakenly thought Mitch was wanting Larry to coach the Lakers.Nope Larry id just friends with Mitch and recruiting little Kupchak.The Lakers have conversations with many people.

  • Laker Illuminati

    1st keep Rkelly from Duke I like him. @jeaniebuss take Linel Hollisen so we can move forwards. Come on man,

  • Jeanie Buss

    Hi Laker Illuminati this is Jeanie Buss from your Lakers and I will highly consider your opinion about Lyonel Hollins. This is a long process as you see my brother Jim made the wrong decision 2 times now and so we are taking this process slowly. Kobe wants input but we dont care about him, even though the team is going to run through him we dont care.

    • Dougoberto


  • purp& goldpride

    That’s good…larry Brown is a good coach but larry Brown is an old coach…I believe he is already 70+ …mitch needs to stop with his old college buddies

    • lukeknocks

      You believe? Fool it says that in the article

  • TrutHurts

    Obviously, dealing with AI was enough for this guy. He’s going to have a Kobe who right now is as hard to deal with given he still thinks he’s the same player he was and can still be THE man in a title team, which he can’t be anymore.

  • Tar Heels Thriller

    If Mitch wants to get real crazy with this coaching search he might as well interview the North Carolina legend himself 83 year old Coach Dean Smith.Oh he probably already did interview him secretly J/K ha ha ah ah ha ha.

  • Jim213

    At least he’s honest just like the masses not wanting him as coach. NO! to no defense Kelly and Hollins unless he intends to bring a faster pace than what he’s known for (slow ball). Defense wins championships.

  • kliff richard

    hire george karl or jeff van gundy and quin snyder and i consider also Lionel Hollins
    and Ettore Messina and Mike Krzyzewski and david blatt next head coach LA Lakers

  • Phil

    Good Lord.

  • Lakers4Life

    Good, an old Brown is off the list and hopefully Fisher will be too. Lakers also need to hurry and interview Van Gundy before he’s taken away.

  • RUDY T.

    The oldest coach in NBA history is Hubie Brown he was 71 years old back in 2005 when he coached the Grizzlies.If the Lakers hire Larry Brown he will be the oldest coach in NBA history at 74 years old by the time the season starts.Also the Lakers have the oldest player in the NBA currently Steve Nash.Hey oldest coach and oldest player all in one season sounds old to me.

  • Kobe Is The Best

    1 coaches i would love the Lakers to consider and interview is my favorite player Hakeem Olajuwon.Hakeem would make for a interesting hire.Can teach footwork and post moves that no other coach can teach.Yes Kobe gets his coach for the next 2 years and that is his mentor Hakeem Olajuwon they have spent a Summer together working out on moves and Hakeem coached him on moves.

    He can communicate with players since he has played in the NBA and won championships.Has a desire and passion to coach already as he has worked as a special coach with the Rockets for a few years now.It would be very similar to the Jeff Hornacek Suns hire because Jeff was a special assistant for the Jazz for a few years before he got hired by the Suns.

    Also Hakeem Olajuwon is a hell lot younger than Larry Brown and Hakeem is healthier.Hakeem speaks good enough English to get his words across to the players they will understand him just fine.No better time than now to hire Hakeem The Dream as a head coach the NBA needs his bigger than life personality.The perfect hire for the LA media is Hakeem they would love him.

  • Kobe Is The Best

    1 coach we need is Hakeem Olajuwon.Start the campaign Lakers Nation!

  • Godfrey Uche

    I recommend you to consider seriously in hiring Lionel Hollins because defense wins championship.