Lakers News: Lamar Odom Warming Up to Signing with the Lakers

Lakers News: Lamar Odom Warming Up to Signing with the Lakers


odomOnce Lamar Odom officially became a free agent earlier this month, the Los Angeles Lakers reached out to the two-time NBA champion to gauge his interest in returning to the team for a considerable discount. Odom sat down with GM Mitch Kupchak to smooth things over due to the ugly divorce a few years ago and the meeting reportedly went well.

Ever since Odom had the meeting with Kupchak, it’s been all quiet in terms of the veteran’s intentions in free agency. Odom doesn’t seem to be willing to sign with a team outside of Los Angeles narrowing down his options to the Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers.

After a few weeks of no news concerning Odom’s status, it appears that Odom is finally warming up to the idea of returning to the Lakers, but the team isn’t so sure what he’ll be bringing to the table according to Kevin Ding of the OC Register via Twitter:

Once Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks following the failed Chris Paul deal, the former Sixth Man of the Year was never the same player.

Before falling apart in Dallas, Odom was considered one of the best bench players in the league. Odom had the unique ability to play multiple positions while being able to bring the ball up the floor, be a force in the paint and stretch the defense with his shooting touch from outside.

After a dreadful season in Dallas and a somewhat disappointing showing with the Clippers last season, Odom is on the downside of his career without much left in the tank. A reunion with the Lakers might be exactly what’s needed to rejuvenate the veteran’s career in the league, but the team appears reluctant to make it happen.

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  • Ty

    If Odom’s is not near the proformance level he was before the vetoed cp3 trade
    It’s not worth it in my eyes
    Reguardless of our history together

    • Jim213

      Disagree, so management should settle for an inexperienced player that may likely require a few years of growth and experience. If Nash and others would like Gasol at center, Odom would be the best fit today given his size aside of the current FA market. But I don’t see any issues with him returning to old form given that Kobe and others will likely push him or drive him to top form.

      • Daryl Peek

        “might be coming around to joining Lakers, but Lakers not sold on what he can give them. So, still unlikely.”

        Didn’t we just go through a miserable season with a player that wasn’t sure about being a Laker? Couple that with personal life drama and questionable conditioning. I love LO but 100% agree with the FO thinking.

    • Matt Williams

      Chemistry is more important. He had that with Kobe, Gasol and Farmar. All he’s gotta do is get back in shape and we’re good to go.

      • Jim213

        Agree, it’s about wins and losses not about rebuilding and tanking.

      • Tony Wood

        Good to go where? The 7th seed and another first round playoff loss?

        • Tanjisaem

          who else would you pick up? kobe’s on his way out and we’re no where near being a finals team.

    • konartist

      I rather have Odom as a backup to gasol and kaman to hill

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Odom is still a plus considering his experience with the Lakers. He just needs fine tuning and motivations since he’s never been on a top shape for 2yrs. Kobe can do that and Lamar listen to him. If he is willing to take the mid min, it will be a good pick especially if he can leave the extra luggage to back to the Kardasians

  • lakers_824

    bring back chris mihm and devin geroge too!

  • Daryl Peek

    Love LO but it’s time to move on…

  • Jack

    Anybody that analyzes or likes this idea of him coming back simply does not understand that means the front office is basically settling this season. Settling, not tanking (dont know which is worse).They’re bringing back players they let go before who are now worse then they were before with the lakers, and now signing them to 1 year deals, it’s that black and white. Stop calling it a good or smart move please.

    • anthonymusiq

      What Other PF Is Available Right Now At The Vets Min? What Other Player Can Instantly Come In And Have OUr Core Players Respect? He’s The Best AvailablE FA Now At A Position We Need Help In. It Is A Smart Move.

      • Jack

        What does respect matter in a win or loss league? Stop.

    • Jim213

      lol… So you think that the younger inexperienced (proven?) players are more solid than the players who helped win us some rings and contributing to Kobe’s 81 points along with 61 points at MSG. At least we know how some of you feel about the Jordan Farmar acquisition. Although, clueless management has made bad decisions this past year… bringing in players who know their rolls aside of improving team chemistry than the past season improves and gives us more depth given the cap situation.

      Funny I never compared Lamar as a Dennis Rodman type of player as some seem to compare, yet if Phil was around and wanted Odom back no one would question his decision (somebody tweet Phil). This would be a solid acquisition instead of throwing R Kelly in the starting line up or WJ. If Pau is expected to move to Center some acquisitions will need to take place. Lamar has also mentioned to the K’s that he will no longer be taking part in their shows. He knows it has hurt his image… I’m still thinking of how MWP got some love from some of these fans. Although, it’s sad that MWP left maybe Lamar can pull a Pacers/Pistons scenario to get some of these people’s approval. SMH

      Yes, this deal will likely be for a year too but let’s be honest here are we 100% sure that management will get the job done in 2014 FA given the Lakers long TO DO LIST? IMO, Highly unlikely given some of the past moves as Kobe/Gasol deals will need to be negotiated while resigning and looking for more player depth plus looking for 2 other superstars to join just seems TOO MUCH WORK FOR MANAGEMENT WHICH MAY LIKELY INCLUDE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER COACH TO REPLACE DUMBTONI. Although, we should be optimistic it’s very unlikely that management will be able to deliver come 2014 off season especially given their track record. IMO

      • Josh

        Contributing to a teammate scoring every point for the team doesn’t exactly scream quality player.

        • Jim213

          = better depth and chemistry

          • CR

            not with his problems and everything and LO isnt the most strong minded individual I think he needs to get his outside life together then play ball or at least work out for the lakers to show he has something to offer…you dont wanna give up a roster spot to someone who isnt fully invested

          • Jim213

            Good perspective, but lets just hope that this Gonzaga player works out better than Adam Morrison.

      • Daryl Peek

        That’s the problem Jim213, too many people are stuck on the triangle era. Phil was the man as our HC with Kobe no doubt. This team is not that anymore. The FO has been trying to think beyond it since 2004. Every move the FO makes is met with is triangle scrutinization. We are what were are right now. D’antoni is the HC right now. We’ve got give him what he feels he needs to be successful whether we as fans agree or not. Anything less is not fair to all involved.

        • Jim213

          May need to move on from this scenario given Elias Harris acquisition though we still have to talk about the Lakers to do list for 2014. But who’s talking about the triangle? just a few pieces that would’ve improved our depth are being mentioned. Happy now Daryl!

        • ra

          It’s not really clear what type of team this will be. Is D’Antoni really like Pop? He can assemble a team of ex-grannies and have a championship run? (or, whatever MWP said before the season ended). It’s not clear that this is the case.

          But the issue is – as us fans know – how much time does Kobe ‘really’ have, and how long is the potential Championship window (with Kobe?). If it were 5 years ago, different story. But now, not sure. 1 year was already wasted on trying to keep DH as the next franchise player.

          So, we ‘as fans’ are in for the Lakers of the 90s (earlier). Not much of championship run here, or maybe in the next year.

          What we ‘as fans’ would like, is to have at least another championship while Kobe is around (i.e., someone who can still possibly get us there). We would like to have 2 more championships to pass the Celtics. 2 more so that Kobe passes MJ. 4 more years of Kobe so he passes Kareem in total points.

          That’s what we want, and we have a right to want that. We can’t wait if the window is really closing. We ‘as fans’ pay for the Lakers – even if many don’t go to games (or can’t afford to), we do watch the commercials on Time Warner that support the Lakers network. That’s money in ‘their’ pockets, not ours. We own the team – we pay for them. We have rights. We can’t agree if we can’t get things that the Lakers really deserve.

          • Jim213

            I just read a GSW article that mentioned that J West was pitching to get M Brown and before this could happen Jim Bust snatched him away. They ended up signing Mark Jackson!

            J West also wanted a minor role before the GSW job but looks like Jim Bust didn’t want this though Phil Jackson currently assumes this role?

            Doesn’t make sense?…

          • Daryl Peek

            The new CBA may have closed Kobe’s window, couple that with the injury. I would love nothing more than to see a last hurrah. I’m guessing you want Phil back too? I wasn’t against it in November but I understood the history and knew it wasn’t gonna happen. Dr. Buss set that precedent long ago.

            Timing is everything and unfortunately the triangle era has run it’s course in LA like it did in Chicago back in 98. Nothing last forever. Showtime ended like the Lakeshow has recently. Every move by the FO has been forward thinking. I as a fan appreciate that. Uncertainty always looms in the midst of change.

            We are spoiled by what Dr. Buss and West did but it was an unbelievable thirty plus year journey that yielded it’s share of bumps and bruises also. Jimmy and Mitch will have their ups and downs just like Dr. Buss and West did. It’s unrealistic to expect a seamless transition from the perfect storm of luck Dr. Buss had when he brought the Lakers in 1979.

            As a long time Lakers fan I have faith in the future regardless of who, what, when, where and why. I too take ownership and feel fully vested but I don’t know better than those inside. All I know is the Lakers will once again rise, and through the good and bad I’m gonna enjoy the journey…

  • Lakers Always

    We need Slava Medvedenko. C’mon! Do it!

    • chrisHelios

      And Chris Mihm too :)

  • lakersordie

    Bring back smush parker and mbenga

  • SGG159


  • LA

    What about cdr?

    • Jim213

      looks like the Lakers just signed Elias Harris?

  • 13RA Clay

    Smush Parker is next
    Lakers have becomea joke

    • Jim213

      Management seems to want to accommodate Dumbtoni too much… for what? He’ll only be around for a year but given management?…

      • Daryl Peek

        Not saying your wrong about a short tenure for MDA but that’s looking too much into the future. Just like the wait til 2014 is. There are no guarantees 2014 will fix all… we’ve still got to let 2013 play out.

        • Jim213

          Agreed, but this scenario that the media portrays which seems to be that 2014 will place us back on track is doubtful given the long to do list which seems as long as Octo moms Christmas list.

  • Jim213

    With the latest Elias Harris acquisition this puts Odom’s future into doubt with the Lakers. But Odom should’ve expressed interest sooner instead of waiting several weeks.

    • ra

      Yes, prob. too late now. Was Odom too busy with new Kardashian baby?

      • Jim213

        There may be a chance if management signed Lamar to a vet contract being that teams are allowed 15 players which has to be reduced to 13. If this miracle occurred management then should trade Blake/Hill to alleviate cap tax that Jim Bust has said they don’t intend on repeating. Although, a 20% possibility it can happen which would help DEPTH/CHEMISTRY WISE.

        LOL… Come on Bust and Kupcake do it make it happen!

        • ra

          You don’t think Hill fits in? I think Blake could go, esp. if they’re really trimming down and bringing in all new / young players.

          Oh, and you don’t think we’ll have to do a Post M-Odom on Odom?

          • Jim213

            IMO, Farmar will be backing up Nash so Blake would be the best choice to trim the tax. Hill may play a big role next season defensive wise though I don’t see management trading Meek’s given his option was picked up.

            Now I’d give Odom’s comeback with the Lakers a 20% chance given the latest pickups. But the game is still about wins and losses so just b/c they’re bring in athleticism doesn’t assure wins as much as having experience and chemistry within a team.

  • Ne0

    Odom is not gonna be good anymore, remember he action against paparazzi might land him in jail.

  • Lakers4Life

    Whatever the case, it’s time to fire Dumbtoni!

  • Islesteelr

    I would Love to see LO in Lakerland again. But not at the expense of not signing Landry or CDR…. I’m tired of seeing all these young promising players on other teams, and we get stuck with Morris and ebanks. I believe we have one more spot on the roster and I would use it to sign up Landry. Just my thoughts…

  • steamin Beamin

    How can some of yall say kobe is on his way out? I do recall him averaging 27 pts 6rbs 6ast last season. He will continue to play at a high level. Odom would be a great pick up for the lakers. Lakers are mixing veterans with young talent right now. Sounds like SA Spurs if u ask me.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      they are into something something

  • lorenzo stine

    Do It Mitch Kupchak! He brings chemistry and a road dog that went through the wars with Kobe and Pau! Do it ! He would replace world peace definitely

  • lorenzo stine

    hes worth it

  • topsarg

    I sure hope Odom returns to the Lakers. They never should have let him go

  • LakeshowTilIDie

    there’s no downside to signing him.. this season probably won’t bring a championship so why not lose w/players we like?

  • Go Em

    As long as Luke Walton doesn’t come back i’m coo with the reunion.

  • Coln Newton

    Lamar’s heart is with the Lakers so I think his return is warranted. If Lakers don’t know what he can bring I guess they were not watching their own team for several years. When your heart is in something you are a winner!

  • Hector Gallegos

    Everybody is saying kobes is done
    I really thought that
    I think his ganna be even better when he comeback
    And if he comes back strong the Lakers will be harder to beat
    So all you haters better pray he does not come back strong

  • Toria Williams

    Im sick of people saying Kobe is on way out he is not ready 2 give it up yet we will get another ring if u don’t have faith in the team ur not a true fan any thing is possible with Kobe on the team.we r getting some pieces u don’t always have 2 have a big name player after all its team sport not 1 man game a team wins rings not 1 player Lakers have been my team over 30 some yrs& I have faith GO GO Lakers LAkERS FAN 4 LIFE.

  • FR

    Odom should be a great addition to the Lakers. He fit in with the Lakers real well, and he probably would, again.

  • Aaron Ellington

    Fishers done Lamar is done, come on people, I know we are all fans here but you are only as good as your last production on a team. If you were to add in there age that’s to big of a gamble. Odum is not the same person and he would not fit in to Mike’s offense.

    Dereck FIsher has had his time with this organization now it’s time to retire, and before you say well what about Nash, Fisher is not Nash and dose’nt have the skill set Nash does. These former Lakers have had there day come and go.